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At dahil birth month ko na... its to add up something I cant leave my house without.. lolz Onti palang sila so sa mga nagiisip ng gift.. at least me idea na hmm?? Bwahaha char char lab lab. Welcome to my mini collection

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Sterling Spoon Ring Wild Rose, June birthday gift, Watson Mechanics 1905

For just $104.99
I made this Spoon Ring from Watson’s 1905 Sterling Wild Rose pattern. This pattern was available in a full set and has almost the exact same shape as Watson’s early 1900’s floral multi motif series. This pattern is quite rare as it was only made for one year. Wild Rose Features a beautiful Art Nouveau wild rose front and center with 3 buds and leaves. The inside of this ring says Sterling , and has a pennant with an H in it standing for Mechanics Sterling co which was the flatware division of Watson, Newell and Co. I made this Ring from a 5 and 3/8’’ 5 O’ clock teaspoon. The smallest part of this ring is .16 inches and the widest part is .69 inches. The widest part of the ring as a whole is .88 inches. This ring weighs a hefty 12.1 grams of solid Sterling Silver. This ring is in size 8 for now. I can also adjust the size of this ring from size 6-12. You can Find all currently available Dank Artistry solid sterling spoon rings here: