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Are y'all ready for the Jumin Han Analysis? The animatic may be delayed, but it'll be accompanied by the analysis and a speedpaint for him. :)

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Practising. Jumin Han's favourite style? Very old school taste, but it's really elegant and graceful when MC dressed up like that.

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Han family 💜✨ -(MC) Ne, JJ, and Jenmin belong to me. If you want to use these characters DM me first 💕

Forgot to upload this here :o Jumin Han fanart collab of me and my friend Sam :o

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Elizabeth the 3rd wishing good luck on your first time journey through CEO-in-Line Jumin's turbulent. Have loads of fun, win the ice cold heart of Han Jumin with 🍷 & 💖! MEOW! 🐈

| 又是一個和海邊的小黑蟲親密接觸的拍攝# 終於拍了完整的服裝! 果然還是好喜歡古裝啊啊/// Jumin Han•Hanbok | Hakken 八犬 Photographer | Michi Wish , Taro [29.04.2017]

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I present to you Jumina Han. ( my name is actually Jimena so it roles good with me)

A wild doodled Jumin Han appears. Somehow I forgot to put my name on this so.....oh well ._.

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Do I have a type?


Black hair
Adventures of a catnapper - space_kitten_606 (labertasche58) - Mystic Messenger (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Mystic Messenger (Video Game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: 707 | Luciel Choi, Elizabeth 3rd (Mystic Messenger), Jumin Han
Additional Tags: Just seven being seven, wanting to be closer to his beloved, and ending up not leaving her space, poor kitty, Humor, Crossdressing, this one is actually much longer, i had lots of fun writing this one, even though it took me ages

There she was. Sprawled out on the couch, her white fur looking like a shining cloud of pure delight. Finally he could witness her undying beauty again. It had been so long. A tear of joy rolled over his cheek as he stepped towards her carefully. After all he didn’t want to scare her away. Blushing, he reached out to her and patted her soft little head.

The Eyes of a Hacker

Bubbly, easygoing, and entertaining

That sums him up, right?

No, that’s all but a mask he uses daily

Hiding the pain behind those eyes


He uses a defense mechanism

He wants them to believe this fake side of him

A side that’s broken

The pain hard to hold back in my presence


He believes me when I say I love him

He doesn’t say it back

Those eyes of his betray him

I know he does


He hides secrets from them

He managed to open up for my sake

Why only for me?

There are still secrets unknown


His hair is soft when I run my fingers through

He has a tired smile on his face

A long day’s workload being piled up

With more to soon come


He wants to hide this relationship

He believes it’s to protect us both from harm

I want to be able to protect him

Why won’t he allow him to aid beside him?


This man is the one I love

The pain he causes me

The eyes that speak for his emotions

Lets me know that he loves me
She belongs to me is ending soon!

I plan to keep writing long form mysme fics but I’ve dedicated so much time to my boy Saeran that I’ve become indecisive with who should be the focus of my next fic

So I ask all those who enjoy my work, and those who have no idea who I am and just want to play along, to vote for which of the mystic messenger cast will be next for me to… probably smother in angst cause that’s my thing I guess.

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How about a jelous jumin, V and zen when mc gives her attention to someone else other than them.


- For someone who aims to be the peak of calm and collected, jealousy gets to him much more easily than he would like. He always feels ridiculous for feeling that way and tries to hide it, but when it comes to you, he can’t help it. It was at a party (not RFA affiliated), when it happened. He had to leave you on your own for a few minutes to socialize with someone from an important company. All he wanted to do was be by your side the whole night, but he knew he had duties to attend to. As soon as he was done mingling he went to find you again, and he did. You were talking to a few people. Of course he didn’t expect you to just stand alone the whole night while he wasn’t with you, but something about this sight bothered him.

- Not enough to make him jump in though. He settles for standing near all you and listening in on the conversation, trying to determine the best way to retrieve you without making either of you look bad. Fortunately for him, you take notice of his sulking and politely excuse yourself from the conversation and hurry over to him to ask what’s wrong. With a bit of coaxing, he embarrassingly admits that he may have been a little jealous that others were being graced with your attention. You giggled at his confession, reaching up and placing a kiss on his cheek. A faint blush spread across his features and he brought you into a hug. You really are far too adorable for your own good.


- He’s doesn’t get jealous in the traditional sense of the word, and it doesn’t happen easily either. If he isn’t in a certain mood, it won’t even happen. However, provided he’s in one of his low moods after an episode, he’ll feel a bitter sort of self loathing from seeing you seem happy with someone else. You would probably be happier with anyone other than him. So when he sees someone talking with you at the most recent RFA party, the person’s behavior teetering on that line where maybe they’re flirting or maybe just extremely friendly, he feels that pang of jealousy. You’re getting along with them so well. A small part of him reminds him that your role requires you to act this way towards the guest, but his jealousy over powers that thought.

- When he wanders off to sulk in a quiet corner of the banquet hall, you are able to catch the sight of him leaving out of the corner of your eye. Pardoning yourself as soon as you’re able, you chase after him. Having known him for as long as you have, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s wrong. You find him staring forlornly out a window and carefully reach out to him. After bringing him into a firm yet gentle hug, you remind him that he’s the only one you love. He lets out a weary sigh but returns your embrace. He understands that, but he can’t help feeling this way sometimes. You decide that the guests can take care of themselves for the time being, Jihyun needs your love and care right now.


- Good lord this boy can be jealousy incarnate sometimes. No matter how many times you have this talk with him, it’ll never go away. Thankfully he is harmless when jealous for the most part (provided no one goes too far), mostly he’s just very dramatic. He thought it would be fun to bring you to one of his after parties, given that he’d be able to show you off to all of his costars. You’re absolutely wonderful and e v e r y o n e need to know that! This kind of backfires on him when he realizes that maybe he’s shown off how amazing you are a little too well. Now some of his coworkers are getting too close for comfort and he is not happy about it. He leaves you alone for a minute to grab some drinks, and what does he come back to? Some guy leaning on you! LEANING!

- He wastes no time squeezing himself between the two of you and wrapping an arm around you while glaring daggers at the offender. He isn’t subtle about voicing his distaste towards the situation, loudly asking if his princess/prince was in danger. You shake your head and playfully slap his chest and inform him you are just fine and to settle down. He huffs and continues to side eye the hell out of the guy who just kinda chuckles at Zen’s behavior and leaves you two alone, at this point Zen’s jealousy is something of a running joke in the theater. When you’re alone, he hugs you closer and mumbles something about “men being wolves” and that he’s gotta protect you. He’s a little drunk.  

Hi, @bat-yo-us! Thank you so much for your request, and I’m sorry it took me so long.

You stared at the dark wall closest to your resting head. Your internal clock told you that it was probably one or two in the morning, however, you did not dare to disturb your husband by moving to check yourself. Even in an unkowning state, your husband was gentle, protective, and warm. So even though you couldn’t sleep, you were perfectly content nuzzling cozily into his side.

This calmness didn’t last long. Your once still pillow began to toss and turn in his sleep, his eyelids fluttering quickly. At first you confused this for him being awake.

“Jumin,” you spoke softly, “are you alright?”

The only response the black haired man returned was a whine, which is when you decided you had enough. You shook him gently while kissing his forehead, careful not to frighten him anymore. He flew up from his past position on the bed, practically hyperventilating before he saw you.

“Oh God,” the shaken man said. “Oh God MC, I thought…oh…” By this time Jumin was at the verge of tears, something incredibly rare for the usually cold man. His eyes traced every part of you, almost as if making sure you were still there. They seemed to be re-memorizing every inch of you, as if one day they’d be devoid of your warmth and shape.

Picking up on this, you moved to tangle your hand in the man’s hair while pulling him close to your chest. You didn’t ask him what was wrong, as you knew the gentleness of your actions would quickly draw the truth from him.

“MC, I…oh God, I thought I had lost you. I felt nothing but pain,it hurt so badly. I was ready to hunt down every deity in existence for revenge. For you,” he looked up at you, “I would do anything. Please, my love, please let my dreams stay that. Dreams.” One rogue tear fell down his face, falling into your palm.

“I promise, Jumin, if I get the choice, I will remain by your side. Always.”

Hi! Can I request a fic with an MC who had a slight crush on Jumin before joining the RFA? Not the billionaire playboy the media sold but the Jumin who made this funny cat projects which she always supported, the one who made huge donations to Charities, who had to deal with the press because of his father or some woman wanting his money (for what she felt sorry), who had so interesting ideas about ecology, economy and politics (and who is also drop dead gorgeous) thx! Good luck with the blog!

Hi there, anon!! Thank you so much for your wishes! Here ya go~ hope you like this!!

~ ~~ ~

Just A Crush

~ ~~ ~

It was like an unprecedented fairytale, a fairytale you didn’t ask for.

You, the unwitting protagonist, joined a private yet relatively well-known group known for its charitable donations and auctioning of photographs.

Did you ask to be a part of the group? No. You could have incriminated yourself and said you hacked your way into the RFA chatroom, even though you hadn’t hacked a thing in your life. You could have been rude to the people who talked to you; a suspicious business woman, a flirty actor, a perky college student, a reclusive hacker…

And him.

It would have been easiest to be rude to him. He was rude to you first, but no. You just had to be the bigger person.

It took you some time to memorize the other members’ names. But you already knew his.

Jumin Han.

You remembered clearly; before you tumbled into the RFA, escaping him and his influence was near impossible. He was all over the place; magazines, television screens, newspapers, books; you couldn’t escape his gray, lifeless eyes staring at you and millions of other people.

While you didn’t share the hype that surrounded him… you did like him. A little. You may have saved the magazines with his interviews and headshots in your coffee-table drawer, and you may have decided to study business administration because of him.

But being so close to him, closer than even his business partners, made you… feel things. Dangerous things. The spark of admiration you had for him kept growing, with every phone call he made and with every message he sent.

He was… definitely different from how you thought he was. While he kept that adorably stupid poker face on at all times, and while he was certainly one of the most successful men in his field… Jumin Han was a massive dork.

He was obsessed with his cat…

“MC?” Jumin stood from his desk and moved toward you, “what do you think of these patterns?”

“What are they for?” You set your book down and moved closer to Jumin, a gentle smile on your lips.

“It’s for the current cat project I’m working on,” Jumin smiled. “I’d like to know your opinion.”

He tried to hide his excitement, but you knew how he truly felt. Your smile widened as you closely observed the patterns. “Polka dots or stripes, huh?”

“See,” Jumin eagerly moved closer to you, “I was thinking of placing Elizabeth the Third on a nice, plain backdrop, but that’s just what it is. Plain. Elizabeth the Third deserves better.”

You nodded. “Obviously.”

Exactly,” the excitement in Jumin’s voice climbed and he sank into the space beside you. “So, I produced these two patterns. If I go with the stripes, it will naturally look classic, and Elizabeth the Third’s beautiful fur will make a perfect contrast to the pattern.”

You frowned. “Mm… the stripes make it look like she’s guarding a cage. Polka dots look playful yet elegant, and that description alone fits Elizabeth the Third more than anything.”

Jumin’s eyes sparkled. “Yes… yes, I like that idea. MC, I truly appreciate your help. Please excuse me.”

… and he ranted to you about weird things.

“MC, I have a question for you. Do you think lying is bad?”

You set your cup of tea down. “Lying? Well… I mean, it depends on the circumstance.”

“You can agree that you can’t give me a black or white answer about this, am I right?”

You pursed your lips. “It’d be difficult to. Why?”

“I’ll get to that in a minute.” Jumin leaned back and fixed his tie pin. “Say, did you know that Borfes magazine said that I was a good person due to the money I donated last Christmas?”

Your face flushed; of course you knew that. You saved the magazine article. But it wasn’t like he would find out about that, so you feigned your ignorance. “What, really? Jumin, that’s amazing!”

“Yes, it was a huge success for C&R. But, the article insisted I was a good person when really, I’m not.”

You sat up straight. “… What? Where did that come from?”

“Hm. You must have noticed as soon as you heard me say it, but that was a lie. Of course, I’m a great person.”

Your brows furrowed as you processed his words. “What?”

“Okay,” Jumin sat on the edge of his seat, “going back to my original point. It is widely believed that Santa Claus does not give presents to children who are naughty. A lie is considered naughty, therefore a child who lies does not deserve a present from Santa.”

You blinked.

“What will happen to me this Christmas, MC? Am I already on the naughty list for next year because I just lied? Or am I on the naughty list for this year since Christmas is still far ahead of us? Who is this Santa Claus to dictate whether something is good or bad? What if a lie needs to be told to save someone’s life? Christmas is just so irrational. Are all your good deeds canceled if you do something bad?”

“… Jumin, we are in the middle of June. What are you talking about?”

The press only managed to show how glamorous he was. But they didn’t show everything.

They didn’t show how vulnerable he could be…


Jumin lifted his head from his hands and quickly adjusted himself as you quietly approached him. “MC, what are you doing? You should be asleep.”

“I couldn’t sleep… hey, is everything all right?”

Jumin adjusted his sleeves and sighed. “No. No, my… my father is truly under Glam Choi’s spell, it seems.”


“I’m sorry, MC,” Jumin’s heavy-hearted eyes were a sight you had not seen before, and did not wish to see again. “I shouldn’t be burdening you with anything, you already have a lot to think about.”

“Jumin Han,” you scolded lightly, your hands latched onto his, “talk to me. You’ll feel better, trust me.”

An amused smile tugged at his lips. “MC, you may not get to sleep tonight if I talk to you.”

“It’s okay,” you squeezed his hands, “I want to hear what you’re thinking.”

He pulled your hands close to his chest and, as if they were delicate pieces of silk, he cradled them as he spoke. “My father… how could he behave this way? How could he treat the company this way, and his employees… MC, how could he treat me this way?”

You didn’t say anything. You didn’t know what to say. But you did scoot closer to him, your thumbs running over the back of Jumin’s hands.

“I know I should be used to this. I know I should know how to deal with this, but I don’t. I still don’t.” Jumin’s eyes met yours. “He’s behaving so irrationally… and now he wants to go against my wishes and have me marry a woman I don’t want.”

“Jumin…” you reached over and rubbed his arm. “… you shouldn’t always expect yourself to know what to do. You shouldn’t have to be so guarded all the time… this is very unfair to you.”

“Unfair…” Jumin allowed himself to slouch a little. “… is that what this feeling is? It’s unpleasant… I don’t like it.”

He was like a child discovering new emotions. It was completely unconscious on your part, but you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him in for an awkward hug.


“You deserve so much more than this, Jumin. And I know it may not feel like it right now, but it’s going to be okay,” you whispered. “You shouldn’t hide what you’re feeling, though. It’s not good for you.”

You didn’t know what you were doing. That’s why it surprised you as Jumin wrapped his arms around you, enforcing the awkwardness of the hug.

“It will be okay,” Jumin repeated, his voice reverberated through your body. “With you by my side, I believe that.”

… and they didn’t show how open-minded he was.

“MC, try this wine. It’s absolutely exquisite.”

The allure red liquid had as it danced against his lips made you reach over and pour yourself a glass. As soon as you took a sip, your eyes widened.

“Wow… I’ve never had anything so fancy before!”

“Everyone should have access to the best resources,” Jumin swiveled his wine glass, “regardless of wealth or stature.”

“Yeah well…” you set your glass down. “… in an ideal world, that’s how it would be, but it isn’t that simple. Most people have to work harder, and even then, they may never be able to even lay their eyes on this type of wine in their life.”

“I see…” Jumin pursed his lips. “… there are many trials in life that I may never be exposed to. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn.”

“That’s very mature of you to say,” you smiled, “not many people in your position really seem to care.”

“It’s easy not to care when you’re blinded by what you have,” Jumin said gently, as if acknowledging himself. “I believe that, the more I’m around you, the more I can learn.”

“What are you saying,” you teased, “are you saying I’m poor, huh?”

“Huh? No, MC, that’s not what I —“

“I’m joking!” You laughed. “Think of it as commoner humor.”

“Common…” he stopped himself and laughed. “… maybe you can teach me more of this type of humor.”

You scoffed and took another sip of wine. “You’re too posh for it, I don’t think you can deal.”

“I know some slang words. Open your ears and listen.” Jumin sat up straight and cleared his throat. “Fetch me dem cookies. The feels train be chugging along. And dem onion ninjas… yo.”

You snorted your wine and coughed. “What…?! What was that, Jumin?!”

“What, did I not use them correctly?” Jumin jumped up and grabbed napkins.

“You’re so cute…!” You took the napkins from him and covered your face. “A for effort! Haha!”

It was an unprecedented fairytale. One you knew had to end sometime. Once the party was over, you would return to your life, and Jumin would return to his. Jumin would settle things with his father, meet someone who made his heart race, and he’d marry them.

And you? You’d go back to your apartment, and enroll in classes that were on campus. Maybe you’d reach out to him, just to see how he was doing every now and again. But then life would get busy, and you’d forget to text or call him until the next party came around the following year.

You sat up in Jumin’s king-sized bed and watched him as he snoozed soundly on his couch, his papers scattered around him forming some makeshift blanket.

The feelings you felt… it was better to keep them to yourself.

It was just a crush, after all.

~ ~~ ~

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Can I have a frustrated RFA+saeran headcanon. Nsfw possibly?

i’m guessing you meant sexually frustrated since you mentioned nsfw so….i tried doing this, i hope this is what you wanted ;x

..this isn’t VERY nsfw bc im not v good at nsfw things sjjs but i tried ok,  this is mostly mc pleasing them( this took me so long to write why is nsfw things so hard to write sjjs)

RFA+Saeran feeling sexually frustrated + MC helps them


  • he’d be very busy lately working at the vet clinic and it’d be a while since you two were…intimate with each other so he’d rlly miss you..
  • ‘MC..come visit me at the clinic, i’m lonely!’ he’d call you sounding very innocent meanwhile he’d be dying to see you, he’d feel very frustrated
  • luckily for him, he wouldn’t have other animals that needed treatment so he’d be free for some time
  • ‘Haha..yoosung? Why did you call me here, do you need help? You usually tell me to come here when you’re busy but i don’t see anyone-’ 
  • ‘Who, me? I just…..m-missed you, that is all..’ he’d approach you wrapping his arms around your waist, yoosung would press you against the examination table behind you
  • ‘Yoosung! W-e can’t do this here!’ you’d notice his very needy..behavior so you’d understand what he had in mind
  • before you had the time to protest again, you’d be on the examination table while yoosung smashed his lips with yours very eagerly
  • you’d hook your legs around his waist while you’d be kissing fiercely, feeling each others tongue massage each other, you could feel yoosung moaning while kissing you, he’d do this everytime you kissed 
  • you’d notice how desperate he was so you’d help him take off his lab coat, but he’d want to keep it on(lol), on the other hand he’d want to take off your clothes, when you were completely naked in front of him, you could see him blush a little
  • ‘I…i’m still not used to seeing you naked everytime, i’m ver-y lucky..’ yoosung would finally decide to bury himself into you, in a very desperate pace, he’d nuzzle his face into your neck crying out your name every 10 seconds
  • you’d feel too embarrassed to let out any noises since you were at his clinic but you couldn’t hide them for long, ‘Y-yoosung!’
  • yoosung’s pace would be slowing down since he was close, he’d be very noisy as usual until he came undone
  • ‘M-MC! I love yo-u..’ he’d give you a peck on the lips, then putting his clothes on again, after catching his breath
  • ‘Yoosung! Don’t ever do this again, what if a client was outside and heard us!!’ you’d scold him after this lol but of course you’d also enjoy this in the end..
  • (yes i made yoosung be more dom hhere bc after ending! yoosung seems like he’d be more dom than a sub ok sjsj)


  • zen would be at a rehearsal feeling very lonely and frustrated., he wouldn’t be able to focus, he’d be thinking of you all day
  • so he couldn’t help himself and call you, ‘B-babe it’s me, Zen, what are you doing right now?’
  • you’d be very surprised by his sudden call and question..’Zen..are you feeling alright? Weren’t you supposed to be at the rehearsal right now?’
  • he’d be in the changing room locked up in there on his own, ‘Hm..not yet, i told them i needed a break because i couldn’t focus, i-i was…thinking about you..’
  • you’d just chuckle to his words noticing how desperate he sounded, ‘Ha. That’s a shame, if only i was there..’
  • zen could feel himself get hard a little, thinking about all the things you could do together if you were there with him, he’d be very tempted to start…touching himself
  • ‘MC! Don’t say things like that, it’s dangerous…’ you’d just laugh to his words again thinking of something to relieve him..
  • You’re dying to touch yourself, aren’t you Zenny-’ you’d tell him to provoke him, ‘Ugh..i c-can’t take this anymore seriously, MC!!’
  • zen would finally decide to take his pants off along with his boxers, he’d start pumping his already erected member while still being on the phone with you
  • ‘Ah-! MC! Tell me.! w-hat…..are you doing right no-w??’ he managed to tell you
  • ‘I-m playing with my breasts ju-st like you would play with them, fondling them with your lar-ge hands..Zen!’ you’d also strip down, being fully naked sitting on the bed, groping your breasts softly then going lower
  • ‘D-dammit…y-your bbeautiful breasts, yes!!’ he’d still be stroking his member in a very rough pace, feeling very dazed just by thinking about you in bed touching yourself
  • zen could hear your soft moans over the phone, he’d realize that you were stimulating yourself, feeling even closer to climaxing
  • ‘Ahng…Z-zen! I wish y-you…were here..touching m-me..instea..d..’ you managed to tell him while you were thrusting two fingers into your entrance..
  • ‘I-i…MC! i’M c-lose..!’ zen could feel himself thrust against his own hand while stimulating his member, finally coming undone releasing all over the floor, ‘Damn, i made a mess…’
  • ‘B-babe, we will continue this when i return, you better be ready to face the consequences!’ he’d tell you very eagerly before hanging up, then headed to prepare for his rehearsal, his whole face would still be very flushed..


  • jaehee usually doesn’t feel this way but lately she’d be feeling very frustrated, needing to be intimate with you..
  • you’d both be busy working for the shop so you wouldn’t have much time together, jaehee decided to try and relief herself on her own..
  • while you were away for a while, she’d be at home, on her own…relieving herself, while sitting on the couch naked, she’d be stimulating herself while fondling her breasts at the same time
  • she could feel herself being close until you arrived, ruining the moment, ‘O-oh..Jaehee? I’m sorry…you were close, weren’t you?’ you’d tell her very teasingly not being surprised by the sight of her pleasuring herself
  • Wha-’ Jaehee felt so embarrassed until you came and sat down next to her, ‘Let’s continue this together!’
  • you’d straddle her sitting on her lap, heading to tease her breasts with your mouth first, swirling your tongue around her nipples and then sucking on them to leave marks
  • ‘M-MC! You…’ jaehee would be sensitive from before so she’d be crying out your name already
  • you’d go lower burying your face to her core, sucking on her already sensitive clit, you could already feel her wetness from before
  • jaehee would feel close to her orgasm feeling sensitive from her stimulation before, she’d start grinding slowly on your face
  • ‘Oh de-ar! M-MC! I..’ jaehee usually tends to not be so noisy but she’d feel very frustrated lately, she’d cry out your name feeling very dazed
  • Ha! We should do this more often!’ you’d tease jaehee once she came to her senses


  • jumin would be at his office feeling very frustrated and annoyed, he just finished a meeting with some bothersome clients so he’d feel the need to be with you instead..
  • ‘MC, my love..would you be so kind to come and visit me here? I know it is a strange request, however i..’ you’d be wondering why he was telling you to visit him at his office but you’d still go anyway out of curiosity
  • ‘So glad that you came, i’ve been feeling very strange today, you see..’
  • ‘Perhaps, you need some relief, Jumin?’  you’d tell him while approaching him very innocently
  • ‘R-relief, you say? Yes, maybe…maybe you could help..’ jumin would suddenly notice you sinking down to your knees in front of him
  • unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants, lowering them down to his knees, you’d notice his very visible bulge on his boxers, ‘You poor thing, Jumin..were you like this all day?’
  • jumin would feel very ashamed of himself to admit that he’s been like this all day but he’d nod, ‘Y-yes, i’m afraid, you my thoughts a lot, today..’
  • you’d finally take off his boxers only to meet with his erected member, you almost gasped, ‘J-Jumin!’
  • jumin was about to say something when he felt your gentle hands touching his member very slowly stroking him for some seconds, then starting to use your mouth
  • you started licking his head slowly to tease him until you finally decided to suck on his head
  • jumin could see his member disappearing into your mouth every second and it made him twich everytime, just the sight of you taking him into your mouth so eagerly made him feel even better
  • he could feel your tongue swirling while you were still sucking on his head very desperately, ‘Y-you’re taking me so well, MC. Please excuse this..’
  • he’d gently grab your head and would start thrusting his member into your mouth, trying not to get too rough on you, seeing your hollowed cheeks..
  • he could feel you moaning while having him into your mouth and that would help him come undone easier, ‘M-MC..!’
  • he’d release all over inside your mouth, some of his cum would be dripping out of your mouth, ‘I’m sorry, my dear MC. Come here i’ll help you wipe it off, it seems that i couldn’t control it this time..’
  • you’d sit on his lap while he’d have a cloth on your face to wipe you off, you wouldn’t be surprised that jumin felt no shame for this, on the other hand you’d feel very embarrassed that you actually did this to him while he was at work..


  • after everything was alright with his brother and you started being together again, it’d be a while since you two were..intimate with each other so seven would be feeling very frustrated..on his own..
  • he’d be very straightforward on such matters, since he couldn’t take it anymore he’d just tell you about it one day..
  • ‘Hey! MC…….don’t you feel as frustrated as i am? I can sense it..’ luckily for him, you’d be feeling the same way..
  • ‘Do whatever you want with me, if it pleases you!’ you’d tell him feeling excited 
  • in the end you’d end up in his room, seven would be facing with your ass taking you from behind, he’d be unable to stop moving his hips
  • you could feel his thrusts get rougher everytime, feeling him taking you deeply, digging his fingers into your hips
  • ‘D-does it ffeel good, MC?!’ he’d manage to say while his pace was slowing down, you’d realize he was close
  • ‘Damn…i’m going to..!’ you’d wait for him to come undone and he’d release all over your behind
  • ‘Mmn..’ you’d feel too exhausted to reply properly so you’d just nod, letting him collapse next to you after he was done
  • ‘ i feel tired not frustrated, ha ha..’ he’d pull you into his embrace so you could cuddle, you’d end up falling asleep in each others arms after a while though..


  • while you’d be on your own hiding on the island, you’d become closer with each other, it’d be a while since you two were intimate with each other so saeran would start feeling strange..
  • for some days now he’d be observing you, watching you, thinking about you all the time 
  • he’d be sitting on the couch daydreaming about you when you’d interrupt his thoughts, ‘Is there something wrong, Saeran? You’ve been acting weird these days you know..’
  • ‘I’m f-fine, i just feel…..a little..strange..’ you wouldn’t understand at first until he mentioned the word frustrated, ‘You know..f-ftrustrated..?’
  • you’d understand what he was trying to say and would think to help him..
  • ‘Let me help you then..!’ before he had the chance to say anything, you’d straddle him sitting on his lap, nuzzling your face into his neck, leaving soft kisses on his neck to tease him, saeran would be squirming under your touch
  • ‘MC..ple-ase..’ you’d position yourself on his crotch, starting to grind on his slightly erected member, while connecting your lips with his
  • while you were brushing your lips together very gently, you could feel saeran getting more excited, also thrusting his hips against yours
  • Mmmn MC!’ he’d moan your name while still kissing you hard, his hands would be roaming all over your body
  • saeran felt embarrassed that he was feeling close to his orgasm even though you were both still wearing clothes, was he really going to come undone while still wearing his clothes?
  • saeran could see you bounce on him, deciding to bury his face into your chest, also trying to stimulate you by groping your breasts
  • you both were feeling too good to stop this and take your clothes off so you’d both come undone in a short while while grinding your hips against each other, next time of course you’d decide to take off your clothes..
  • ‘This is….very strange, i..can’t believe we did this, MC..’ you could see him blush a little while you were still on his lap trying to calm down
  • But you feel less frustrated now right!?’

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Idk if request are open but ..... Rfa + rfa who mc is a forensics pathologist

RFA with a Forensics Pathologist MC

Luckily I watch a lot of detective series….I hope I did it alright. So, please enjoy! Ps. I just noticed you misspelled and wrote RFA + RFA so, please request again if you want to add anybody….


  • ,,Ah….’’ you groaned as your phone went on. 
  • ,,What now?’’ Jumin asked half asleep as you got up. 
  • ,,Someone died and I need to do my work.’’ you explained and changed your clothes. 
  • Of course, Jumin Han couldn’t let go his wife alone at this hour. 
  • ,,But you need to stay back….’’ you told him. 
  • It was scary to see how his lovely wife examined a dead person but he was kind of proud. 
  • Without you they wouldn’t be able to catch the murder. 


  • He got a new role, a forensics pathologist. 
  • He often watched detective series but now that he got this role….
  • he just didn’t know what to do. 
  • ,,Why don’t you come with me today? You can see how I do things…I’m sure it’s okay!’’ you smiled at him and took his hand. 
  • Even if the scene wasn’t pleasant, he was amazed how good you actually were. 
  • So professional, he was almost jealous that you touched so many people… 
  • But he decided to stay serious. 


  • You came home a bit later. 
  • A headache was tormenting you and bad memories followed you. 
  • ,,Hot tea?’’ Yoosung asked you and came back with a hot tea. 
  • ,,Want to tell me about?’’ he asked you. 
  • You knew, this job wasn’t supposed to make you that puzzled. 
  • ,,A little girl drowned and I had to run tests on her….it was so horrible…’’ you mumbled. 
  • Yoosung just wanted to hug you, he knew this job wasn’t easy but he also knew that you were strong…


  • You actually gave up this job to be with Jaehee. 
  • She didn’t knew that you had a stable job before but you told her how horrible it could be sometimes. 
  • ,,My mom was a forensics pathologist too. Now that I think about it, I just wanted to follow her dream, to be like her…’’ you smiled at her. 
  • ,,It’s okay for me to give up on it. I’m tired of the nightmares.’’ 
  • She smiled at you and looked at old pictures of you. 
  • She was actually happy about it ,,Are you allowed to tell me of some stories?’’ 


  • ,,Mc, you look sexy with that!’’ Saeyoung told you as soon as he saw you. 
  • ,,Saeran is out, let’s play, Doctor!’’ 
  • ,,I use this uniform to run tests on dead people and you want to play?’’ you chuckled. 
  • ,,Oh, I forgot, take it off, it’s also okay!’’ 
  • You sat on his lap and whispered ,,I had to examined an old man, the whole day because the detectives needed the results as soon as possible, I’m the perfect murderer, I know every tricks…’’ 
  • Okay, it was true that you weren’t in the mood but that’s why Saeyoung always tried to help you
  •  he knew how important you job was. 



Summary: Jumin Han thought he had protected her, but he got protected instead.

Word Count: 418

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Requested by: @bat-yo-us

TW: Accidents, Near death experience

A/N: This was overdue. I went overboard with this one. This one was a thousand words plus so I divided into four parts?? I hope this meets your expectation.

Part 1

This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was his responsibility to protect her, yet here she was, being reeled towards the emergency room. At this point, he feels helpless.

He tried to follow her inside. He really did, but he was stopped saying he was not allowed to go in. Rather, he was not licensed to do so. He tried again; arguing for the umpteenth time, that his wife needs her, but what can he do? He’s only her husband. For the first time, he feels useless.

After a while, he regained a little of his composure. He called Jaehee to tell her that he was taking time away from work. She kept arguing that he can’t do that, but knowing the stubborn nature of his boss, she gradually accepted it. However, she felt something wrong. It feels ominous. She feels that there is something he doesn’t want her to know, but she should. So she decided to pry.

“Mr. Han, what’s wrong?”

He wasn’t planning on letting the others know. “I can do this myself.” He tells himself. “I MUST do it. What good I am of a husband if I can’t protect her myself?”

He doesn’t want to say it out loud. He fears that he did, it would make everything come true; not that it was less any. However, when he heard those two words asking him what was wrong, he broke down.

“Assistant Kang, I-She-”

“Mr. Han, take a deep breath.”

Took a deep breath, he did.

“Are you calm?” She asked. “Now, can you tell me what happened?”

“Assistant Kang, She- We got into a car accident.” He began to explain.”

“Wha-?” She began to say but was cut off with Jumin speaking again. “She- Ms. Kang, she saved me. I was supposed to have the impact of that incoming truck. I was supposed to be the one lying on that bed, but she decided to be a hero and switched positions with me, and now she is the one suffering.”

“Where are you?” Jaehee asked after a few moments of silence.

“We’re at Seoul National University Hospital.”

She was about to say “I’m coming” but held her tongue and chose to say “We’re coming.”

When the phone call ended, Jaehee stood completely still. To say that she was shocked is an understatement. She was aghast. She felt like crying but she felt that she needed to be strong for both MC and Jumin. She called the others and informed them of the situation.