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I present to you Jumina Han. ( my name is actually Jimena so it roles good with me)

A wild doodled Jumin Han appears. Somehow I forgot to put my name on this so.....oh well ._.

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To , thank you so much for this Jumin Han wooden pin from your giveaway months ago. I just got it today from the post office. Thanks again for this! ♡

"I don't need anyone else. I just need one person to understand me." -- Jumin Han

Limited print run in beautiful pearl linen paper: Jumin Han Mystic Messenger Art Print

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Jumin there’s no need to be jealous. I love you too. We are all in love with each other.

alwaysbejeweled  asked:

Since you want to write another character, may i ask a sickfic of juminxmc? I think it's very rare to see jumin being the one who's sick. Wonder will he be stubborn (wanting to go to work for example) or be clingy af hahaha Thank you!! I love all of your works i'm a big fan 💓💓💓

god yes i mcfuckin love jumin

and thank you <333333333

A call of your name brought you to the bedside, though you didn’t expect to find Jumin so pale, so weak. He was crumpled into a ball underneath the sheets, which was odd for the man who seemed to splay himself much like a cat in his own environment. It seemed at though he was mustering all his strength just to speak with you.

“Could you phone Assistant Kang and inform her I won’t be in today?” You sighed, checking his tempature with a palm to the forehead. It was odd enough that he was calling into work, but he was even going so far as to inform Jaehee before she started waiting in the messenger so she could pry out his wherabouts. This wasn’t like him.

“You’re sick, aren’t you?” The look of worry on your face shattered his heart. He never wanted to be the cause of your pain. 

“I’m sorry,” He grumbled into his pillow. You took an extra blanket from the nearby closet and draped it over him, ensuring he wouldn’t get too cold.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, it’s not your fault that you got sick,” Taking a seat beside him on the bed, you brought the sheets to his neck, tucking him in.

“You look upset though,”

“Because I’m worried about you, and about Jaehee’s workload…” You trailed off.

“There isn’t any point in me going to work today, I wouldn’t be able to focus and I’d only be spreading my illness to the employees. If I don’t take the time to rest now, it’ll only take me longer to recover if I push myself. It’s in the best interest of the company if I remain here,” You were a little shocked at Jumin’s concern for the employees who would potentially have to deal with him. But it was words like those that made you remember why you admired Jumin so much. He was a businessman, but he had a heart somewhere under all that paperwork. “In fact, you should probably keep your distance for a few days, I don’t want you to get ill as well,” A coughing fit began to wrack his body. You gently rubbed his back, trying to soothe him.

“I’m not going to leave you alone Jumin, I’d rather get sick than not be able to care for you,” You knew he’d do the same thing for you, and it hurt to see him suffering like this. You wanted to do anything in your power for him. 

“Please, I don’t think I could live with myself if I was responsible for you being unwell,” You could hear the pain in his voice. As much as he was suffering, he worried only for you, and didn’t want you to face the same sickness. You grasped his hand, feeling how the usually warm fingers were now chilled. 

“I’ll be worried sick if I’m not with you,” Weakly, Jumin’s palm squeezed yours. 

“Thank you, I truly don’t deserve you,” He seemed to relax a little, as if he was dozing off.

“You do more than enough to deserve me. Now, would you maybe like some tea?” 

“I think a chamomile would be best to ease my symptoms,” Even in his sickness, he was a wealth of knowledge. 

“Alright, you rest here with Elizabeth, I’ll be back shortly,”

“Thank you, truly, thank you,”

anonymous asked:

Alejandro (Gaga), how to be a heartbreaker (marina), and bad at love (Halsey) work well with reset theory

aghdfaghsaf i took so long to reply bc i was making this

but YES these songs a perfect for the reset theory, especially Alejandro omg

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What about Jumin?

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Mc, but mostly LOVE

brotp: V!

general opinions: Haven’t played his route yettt but have seen a lot! and he’s me in a lot of ways lol. Like what is slang? what????? ALso Elizabeth the 3rd!! KITTY! Jumin Han needs and deserves lots of love too!!!!

Zen’s Brother

Okay, so this is my second time playing Zen’s route through, and I’ve always kind of thought that he disliked Jumin because Jumin reminded him of his brother, but…

After this line of dialogue, there were two options. Basically, you could say that there were at least three J’s in that sentence, or you could ask who the “other jerk” was. Last time I played Zen’s route, I chose the first option, but this time I chose the latter.

And I’m pretty sure I was right about my theory, though I know a lot of the MysMes fandom agrees with me on this.

This makes me kind of sad tbh. Sibling problems, I know how he feels. By the way, I’m gonna try to get the Cinderella call on day 10 (I think) and post it for y'all, see y'all later.

cheebsrtd  asked:

wipppppmaster may I ask (for when you get your requests on please take all the time and don't rush) a JuZen mermaid AU?? I barely seen the two of them as mermans and I would love to see how you draw the mermans colors. you're so amazing! stay healthy and never forget to smile!!! thank youu <3

Thank you so much for the fun request!  Hope you like it!  ^^  Have a wonderful weekend!

anonymous asked:

Ok this is gon sound weird but would you rather be in a Choi sandwich or jumin and v sandwich?

This is literally the hardest decision of my life tbh

I’ve thought about it long a hard (heh) thought, and ultimately I’d go for V and Jumin. Theyre so tall and probably smell really good, and I will stop the fantasies right here lmao

Think again, ZEN, yes I can. >:0

Okay but
Imagine a scenario where MC presses a spaceship button while messing around on the Messenger and all of a sudden she HEARS soneone’s thoughts and then she keeps doing that because she gets so entertained.