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真的喜欢韩主旻!进笼子达成(=^・ェ・^=) 虽然画的不太好但是我也要加油!

I just realised that Young Joon is basically Han Jimin irl😱 - Executive Director - Has/had a pet with a long name - People thought he was gay at first - The jealous type - Can be a narcissist

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Han Hopefully this looks good haha. Also hopefully I did the tags right

Are y'all ready for the Jumin Han Analysis? The animatic may be delayed, but it'll be accompanied by the analysis and a speedpaint for him. :)

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Practising. Jumin Han's favourite style? Very old school taste, but it's really elegant and graceful when MC dressed up like that.

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Han family 💜✨ -(MC) Ne, JJ, and Jenmin belong to me. If you want to use these characters DM me first 💕

Forgot to upload this here :o Jumin Han fanart collab of me and my friend Sam :o

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Elizabeth the 3rd wishing good luck on your first time journey through CEO-in-Line Jumin's turbulent. Have loads of fun, win the ice cold heart of Han Jumin with 🍷 & 💖! MEOW! 🐈

| 又是一個和海邊的小黑蟲親密接觸的拍攝# 終於拍了完整的服裝! 果然還是好喜歡古裝啊啊/// Jumin Han•Hanbok | Hakken 八犬 Photographer | Michi Wish , Taro [29.04.2017]

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  • Yoosung: I can't do this homework, its too hard!
  • Jumin: You believed in Santa until you were 18, you can believe in yourself for 10 seconds
  • Yoosung: *ugly sobbing*

Mysme superpower / quirks AU


Powers/quirks: Probability manipulation + Pain resistance  

  • He has the ability to see threads around people which represent probabilities and he can manipulate them, making unlikely things happen or the most probable things to not happen.
  • He is very calculating, so this skill helps him a lot in his work in the business world. (Although most of the time he’s very calm) 
  • He has a high resistance to physical pain of any kind, allowing him to think clearly and keep moving despite having a serious injury. 
  • Although he has pain resistance as a second ability, nobody knows about it. Not because he tries to hide it, but he just “does not use it”. (However, this quirk has saved his life a couple of times, when he has ventured to drive on his own, crashing and shattering his car)


  • He needs to have perfect control of his emotions and a lot of concentration to modify events, so that he does not cause catastrophic consequences in a person’s life or their surroundings.
  • He is not so powerful as to modify world events or the environment, so it’s limited to people only.
  • He can only manipulate the probabilities of one person at a time.
  •  Although he has a high resistance to pain, he’s not invulnerable to physical injuries, so if he doesn’t pay enough attention to the physical factors that affect his body, he could be seriously injured.  

Hey! This is the result of a game with my friends, where I was given an AU randomly (superpowers). I’ll be posting all the characters profiles!! 

(note that there may be illogical things, since I am not an expert in superheroes, so please do not take it so seriously haha)
Thank you to @monotonemanday for helping me correct my text! LUV U!!!

*Please do not repost without permission and credits. Thank you! <3

Pet names

Yoosung: Uses sweet names, like honey, sweetie, sweetheart, ect. Sometimes embarrassed to use nicknames in public or around others but he lowkey feels proud when he does. 

Zen: His go-to is babe, of course, but he’ll often use darling or cutie as well! Also likes using “My Beauty” and things like gorgeous and beautiful. 

Jaehee: Doesn’t often use nicknames, and usually just calls you by your name. Although occasionally she will use things like angel. 

Jumin: Would also most likely call you by your name, although sometimes he’ll call you love, or dear. Sometimes kitten if he’s being um.. ‘intimate’.

Saeyoung: He uses a bunch of his own little nicknames, 606 being his most prominent. Probably calls you weird things as an inside joke that no one else gets.

GE Saeran: Will occasionally call you things like “My Angel” or “My Paradise”, however he also likes to mostly use your name. If he’s being particularly affectionate though he likes darling and honey. 

juliettesengoku  asked:

14,16, and 18 for Jumin x MC3

hi, thank you for the ask! i’d just like to mention that i’m not as well-versed with jumin yet, so the headcanons for these will be a little short ^^; i’ll definitely write longer HCs for jumin next time!!

14. Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own? (i don’t fully understand this prompt so i’ll be changing it slightly)

  • Jumin
  • it started when he first mentioned to Jaehee that he has intentions to marry MC3
  • from then, he probably got so excited that he couldn’t stop thinking about it, and their future together. he enjoys thinking and planning how their married life would be like, how he would be introducing her as “Mrs. Han” in the future
  • it first happened during a business meeting. Jumin and MC3 have had a few collaborations by this point, so she was no stranger to the company, but for formality sake, she has to be formally reintroduced at the first meeting of every project
  • C&R was planning to release another line of facial care products, with MC3 as their professional advisor (MC3′s job will be posted soon). So, at the first project meeting, he accidentally introduced her using his last name
  • he got some questionable looks from his team, and Jaehee.
  • MC3 also gave him a look, before chuckling to herself, thinking about how cute Jumin was
  • Jumin did not notice until Jaehee politely interrupted him to tell him
  • “why? can’t wait to marry me?” MC3 would tease.
  • “perhaps that is so,” he’d reply. cue MC3 blushing furiously at Jumin’s straightforward reply

16. Which one gives the other their jacket?

  • MC3
  • Jumin would work late from time to time, and though rarely, he would fall asleep while working
  • MC3 would visit him on days where he worked late. seeing him asleep on his chair, she would walk over to him and placed her jacket over him
  • the first time this happened, Jumin woke up
  • “this must be a dream,” he mumbled, seeing MC3 in front of him. she smiled and gave him a kiss on his nose.
  • “i apologise, i was not supposed to fall asleep. have you been waiting for a long time?”
  • “nope, i just arrived. come on, you should head home soon too. you’ll be able to sleep better at home.”
  • “i’d probably sleep the best when you’re with me.” and he pulls her in for a hug

18. Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

  • MC3
  • MC3 started noticing her feelings for Jumin after getting to know him on a deeper level, through the RFA
  • at first, she was pretty neutral when it came to working with him at first, since she did not want to be seen as another woman fawning over Jumin, but after joining the RFA, she got to know him more and realised that they share many similar views. she also started to find him and his personality “cute”
  • she kept denying it at first, but everyone in the group chat (except Jumin) could see that she had feelings for him
  • one night, she was having a conversation with Zen, and the topic of Jumin was raised. though Zen did not favour Jumin so much, he told MC3 to follow her heart, and to think and feel deeply, about what she really wanted, and whether or not she really had feelings for Jumin
  • she eventually admitted it after another late night chat with Jaehee

anonymous asked:

Juman Han yandere headcanons please!

Love this man
-I’m going off the good ending
-I need this man to be happy
-obsessive and possessive
-Jumin loves you
-adores you
-you were the light in his dark world
-you saved him,
-Jumins life was only half of what you showed was possible
-he’s possessive, keeping you next to him 24/7 being incredibly touchy and clingy
-the whole world knows your his by now
-totally has a account just dedicated to showing you off
-pictures of the two of you or what you two are doing
-it’s adorable
-zen wondered across it one day
-he doesn’t know wether to find it cute or disgusting
-Jumin wants you to be happy, he’s not going to chain you away from friends and family
-unless they prove to be a threat
-a threat to you or the relationship with him
-Jumins logical, trying not to rely on emotions for everything which leads him to talking to you about it
-if he feels uncomfortable with one of your friends he’ll tell you
-explain why and have a clear conversation with you
-Jumin won’t just rip them out of your life
-understand that he doesn’t like them and be respectful towards the reasons why
-then it’s up to you to be friends with the person but just not around Jumin
-it’ll all be fine
-Jumin treasures everything you do for him
-every time you greet him when he comes back from work
-when you ask how his day was
-sending him silly pictures of Elizabeth during work
-introducing him to new and amazing things
-he just loves you
-please show him affection
-doesn’t matter how big or small just enough to let him know you love him
-even though Jumin is more logical that emotional he still sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him
-not to mention it’s the first time he’s finally allowing himself to feel emotions
-Jumin will try to tell you how he’s feeling but at times it proves to be too much
-doesn’t feel like he should bother you with it even if he does love you with all his heart
-it weighs him down, noticeably
-please be there for him, dedicate a moment to take him away from it all and just talk
-it’ll deepen your relationship
-loves to learn about new things with you, study something with him!
-learn a new language or study science and the universe surrounding you!
-also introduce him to the shows and books you enjoy
-loves to learn about you, whether it’s your personality or what you like to do in your spare time
-I love this man
-he will get jealous if you show more affection towards someone else other than him
-if you were to invite over a old bestie and show them way more affection than you showed Jumin that day expect them to be leaving early
-Jumins face is dead serious as he makes up a excuse, asking them politely to leave while rushing them out
-and your just like
-Jumins arms wrap around you tightly and securely holding you against him, his face shoved into your neck while he mumbles out words you can’t understand
-play with his hair and draw little circles on his back with your fingertips
-wait patiently
-he’ll explain everything to you
-after hours of affection of course
-if you don’t show him a vast amount of love that day and then direct love at someone else
-you don’t understand the knot that forms in his stomach
-he doesn’t know what it is but a mix of emotions always floods over him
-trying to hold back and sudden urges for your sake
-will take you away from the source and just, love you
-please show him a overflowing amount of love and affection
-you’ll get a blushy Jumin at the end and it’s adorable
-praise him!
-god he loves it
-lead him in the right direction he’ll never go against you
-say you’re proud of him for getting through work today
-that he’s amazing for knowing all that he does
-he’s such a sweetheart
-say that you love him completely
-you’ll see him come undone within two complements
-getting all blushy and overwhelmed it’s so cute
-oh and!! Like
-he’s totally a cuddler
-wants you against him at all times
-you can feel his arms around you holding you close and keeping you warm throughout the night
-you’ll feel protected
-may or may not make the room cold on purpose to make you snuggle against him for warmth
-kisses galore
-every second of every day
-god there must be like a thousand pictures of you two kissing online now
-he can’t help it you just make him so happy
-Jumin wishes he knows of more ways to show you the love he feels towards you
-so to show you he spoils you
-keeping you comfortable at all times
-try not to reject the gifts too much
-it’ll feel like you’re rejecting him instead