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El perfil de jumin han

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Mystic Messenger Comic! So proud of it for my first comic attempt. If you would like to repost my work, please ask and credit me for my work thank you UwU

Han Jumin in a Vampire costume! It's really fun to draw him! (*^ω^*) (Although, it's not that great.. Lololol (;ω;)) Btw, thanks for this event! ☆\(^ω^\)

"The jet is a gift from Chairman Han, unfortunately he is away on urgent business and can not be with you today".

So ... October 5th was yesterday and it was the birthday of Jumin Han. While I did not have time to draw something for him, then all I could do was to display the WIP from some of the illustrations I made for a particular purpose.

🍷~Happy birthday, Jumin Han!~🍷 Celebrate this gentleman's birthday with Seiz Cosplaypage! 🇹🇭 photo: Heyleydia 📸 Video game:

happy birthday Jumin !!! I try to do a less serious Jumin: D

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAN JUMIN 💕 My ULTIMATE favorite character of all time. Thank you for bringing my peak otaku culture. If only you’re real, I’d probably could never fall in love with anyone else lol.

I just realised that Young Joon is basically Han Jimin irl😱 - Executive Director - Has/had a pet with a long name - People thought he was gay at first - The jealous type - Can be a narcissist

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hiii! i lovvve your blog.. <3 could i request rfa+ minor trio being clingy and touchy with mc, and trying to get her attention?.. thank youu <3

RFA + Minor Trio being clingy and touchy to MC


  • It was a hard month, you were trying to learn as much as possible to fit in Jumin’s life. 
  • Jumin didn‘t understand your nervous behavior, for him you were just perfect. 
  • But still, you were daily working so hard that your now husband didn’t even get a glimpse of you. 
  • That’s why one morning he didn’t let you get up, he stroked your body, kissed your neck and hugged you. 
  • When you told him to please get off, he just hugged you stronger and digged his head into your chest, mumbling that he loved the way you were. 


  • ,,Mc…’’ Zen mumbled and tried to stroke you. 
  • ,,Mhh?’’ you asked him and typed something on your laptop. 
  • ,,Answer meeeee’’ he whined and kissed your hand. 
  • ,,Mhhh, I’m writing!’’ you snapped. 
  • Of course, your boyfriend wasn’t happy with your reaction and began to hug your hip, trying to get you to look at him. 
  • ,,Zenny?!’’ you snapped a bit annoyed. 
  • ,,I love you…’’ Zen whispered. 
  • He was that cute that you just had to kiss him….


  • ,,Aweee, Lisa, I love you so much!’’ you chuckled and hugged your cat. 
  • Yoosung observed you, he was jealous and you knew but you just didn’t want to take care of it. 
  • ,,Mc…’’ he called you. 
  • ,,Mc…?’’ he touched your arm, trying to get your attention. 
  • Afterwards he tapped your head, your leg and kissed you on your front. 
  • Until you looked up. 
  • ,,Pay more attention to me!’’ your sweet husband pocked. 
  • You let the cat escape and hugged him. 
  • ,,Yeah, big baby!’’ you laughed. 


  • This was a really hard week, a lot of people came to visit the shop this week. 
  • That’s why the two of you didn’t have much time. 
  • In the evening you worked until 0 pm and in the morning you got up at 7 am. 
  • There was no time for the two of you. 
  • But today was the day. Jaehee wanted to feel your love. 
  • She entered the bathroom while you were showering, walking always by your side until you finally asked her what was wrong since she was really clingy like a dog. 
  • ,,I just miss you!’’ she mumbled.  


  • This man is always clingy.
  • You couldn’t even sleep without him hugging you. 
  • He was afraid, that you could escape. 
  • He didn’t let you cook on your own, he always hugged you, afraid that you could hurt yourself. 
  • One day you decided to ignore him. 
  • He tried his best to make you notice that he was by your side. 
  • He never left your side, always talked with you or tried to kiss you. 
  • Until one day you slapped him, and told him, that you were madly in love with him but needed your space. 


  • Saeran had one of these Phases where he really needed your love. 
  • The time when he always called you, kissed you, hugged you, stroked you, poked you, laughed at you, summed with you, looked at you came. 
  • You never had time for yourself. 
  • You always found new floweres around you with little notes, saying that he loved you. 
  • Even through this was sweet, you felt bad. 
  • He wanted to make sure, that you loved him or, that he made you feel loved. 
  • ,,Saeran, you are the love of my life’’ you told him and kissed him. 
  • ,,but stop with the presents.’’ you told him with the big smile of yours. 


  • ,,Ugh’’ you mumbled when you hid yourself in the toilet. 
  • Jihyun was following you with the camera right now, trying to get a picture of you. 
  • This was his way to be clingy, he always made pictures of you. 
  • He tried to kiss you, tell you how much ore he loved a´you than Rika and so on. 
  • The truth however as, that you didn’t need this all. 
  • You wanted him to feel secure…. 
  • ,,Mc…! Please come to me!’’ you heard him sobbing. 
  • ,,What’s wrong?’’ you asked him scared since you heard him crying. 
  • ,,I thought that I was making you tired with my love….please stay by my side!’’ he confessed. 


  • Vanderwood and clingy? 
  • You wished! 
  • But it was the time around your birthday and he- forgot. 
  • You were angry for a long time, you just ignored him and had fun with Saeyoung. 
  • That’s why he tried to get your attention. 
  • Always calling you, hugging you and kissing you, calling you, kissing you, calling you…. 
  • It was so tiresome, since you didn’t know him that way. 
  • And it really worked…freedom


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Okay I was thinking, all of the routes have someone suffering whether it be because we didn’t fix it or we tried to help someone but ended up making another suffer. But… I was thinking that there should be a route where everyone is happy but you have to sacrifice not getting with anyone for all of their happiness. And it would be called the “FINAL STORY” when Cheritz raps up all the lore and theories of the game while providing a happy ending for all. If they don’t do this I will just make a comic… huhu


It’s almost time for Heir Exclusive’s pre-order period to begin! In the meantime, take a look at these content previews and make sure to check back with us on December 15th for a full rundown of Heir Exclusive, its merch bundles, and how to go about obtaining your own copy of this Jumin Fanzine!


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RIGHT: @imaginarydaydreams, @mc-amps, @reifromrfa

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Can I get a Marvel & Mystic Messenger matchup? I'm 5"4, I wear glasses and I'm a bit chubby. I dye my hair dark colors, I have a cat and I love photography! I write, too. I was described as funny and highly intellectual before. I speak 2 languages, learning another one currently. I'm an introvert but I don't have problems with holding presentations and being the leader of a group. I'm a hypochondriac and it's bad, I get panic attacks like daily. I need a lot of attention & love. Thanks love you!

Marvel: Scott!

-He’d be really impressed with your talent for photography! Hes always been more science based, so your photography would really interest him and give him a new way to look at things.

-For a relationship Scott, you’d need some sort of humorous side since he uses his all the time. It seems like you would be perfect in that regard.

-He’d love that you’re smart too! He’s a very intelligent person, so having a partner that could match him would be perfect!

Mystic Messenger: Jumin!

-He’d be very impressed with your linguistic skills. There’s not much that truly impresses him, but he’s always had trouble with learning different languages, so that definitely would.

- He’d also like that you’re outgoing enough to speak out in front of others, as you’d pretty much have to if you were in a relationship with him.

-He might be a busy person, but absolutely nothing would get in his way when he wanted to be near to you and give you support.


*crawls out of my trash can*
haha hey guys, long time no see! XD Have a process video!
I Love You (With Every Single Part Of Me). - VeganAmyRose - Mystic Messenger [Archive of Our Own]
Jumin Han's monologue to the MC (in relation to the Reset Theory).
By Organization for Transformative Works

“There is an idea of a Jumin Han; some kind of abstraction. But there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable… I simply am not there.”

–Jumin’s thoughts on those high-class parties before meeting MC.

It seems that My Bae cancelled our Christmas date.(ToT)

I was so excited to celebrate Christmas with Zen but it’s seems there will NO New DLC for this Christmas (T^T) Why?? @cheritzteam Why?? The Christmas DLC you guys made before is so amazing <3 I know you guys are working very hard but please release new DLC soon..All My Christmas excitement died..i want more calls of Zen i want to hear him more (ToT) ( Jumin and others too) i haven’t heard anything new in their voice i Miss Them </3