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Pajama mornings is a special time to play with Elizabeth before their busy workday begins.

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3. Han Jumin (24 Years Old) Nickname: Richy Kid, Trust Fund Kid Birth date: October 5th Blood Type: B Height: 184 cm Weight: 78 kg Religion: Christian Occupation: Executive Director of C&R Ent. #707

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The next one about and flowers is Han! The handsome man in a suit!~ Gladiolous means strength, character, victory, honor but also irresistible love and unbridled passion. I think it suits with our Daddy ~

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Mystic Messenger Comic! So proud of it for my first comic attempt. If you would like to repost my work, please ask and credit me for my work thank you UwU

Han Jumin in a Vampire costume! It's really fun to draw him! (*^ω^*) (Although, it's not that great.. Lololol (;ω;)) Btw, thanks for this event! ☆\(^ω^\)

"The jet is a gift from Chairman Han, unfortunately he is away on urgent business and can not be with you today".

So ... October 5th was yesterday and it was the birthday of Jumin Han. While I did not have time to draw something for him, then all I could do was to display the WIP from some of the illustrations I made for a particular purpose.

🍷~Happy birthday, Jumin Han!~🍷 Celebrate this gentleman's birthday with Seiz Cosplaypage! 🇹🇭 photo: Heyleydia 📸 Video game:

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…I see Jumin as an obsessive, polite and patient yandere…anyone else? Thoughts?

Day 2.

I’m sure some of you are sitting there thinking “not all of these guys wear glasses” and my response is “but what is they did?” *gestures wildly*

Also, toddler bumped my arm when making Jumin so I’ll need to fix that when I’m done.

If you can think of any stoic and aloof pretty boys you’d like to see here please don’t hesitate to drop a comment ^.^

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Oooh could I request saeyoung and mc who vape hcs? Like do they do vape tricks? What flavors do they prefer?

Saeyoung and MC Vaping Headcanons

  • for the most part I think it started with Seven juuling for the meme
  • but then it slowly developed into a mild nicotine addiction
  • he normally just uses a pen or a box pen
  • definitely goes for fruity sweet flavors
  • although he’ll definitely try whatever his MC tries, he’s open to it
  • Seven will literally show off at random ass times, like you and Yoosung are having a conversation and he’ll start fucking letting smoke out from his nose
  • he normally does it to look stupid, but when he doesn’t he just looks like a vape god that wears a weed pin on their sweater
  • his go to trick is smoke doughnuts, and if the both of you are smoking out he’ll casually do it
  • also if you smoke into his face he’ll get like really turned on, or blow hella smoke with stinky breath back at you there’s no in between
  • he does it because he’s stressed but honestly won’t smoke out everyday
  • he’ll join his MC if they smoke more often but he might not even smoke
  • it’s more like if he’s hacking with Vanderwood and he gets out a whole blunt he’ll hit it like twice and do his job

Masterlist is over here (x)

set of seven headcanons here (x)

Just a thought:

i wonder if i should start a little series of little notes and letters to members of the RFA.

it could be about anything! maybe you saw something that reminded you of them, or you miss them and want to say something.

we could call it… Little Love Notes.

what do you think?

I’m a bit confused what you mean by best slayer so I decided to write some ideas of what kind of slayers they would be :D I hope that’s alright! if this is not what you wanted feel free to come back 🧡

thank you for your question!

RFA: What type of Slayer they are

Zen would be a dragon slayer. they’re big, strong, dangerous, beautiful and eerie. what a better way to prove yourself than slaying down dangerous but magneficient beasts? he loves the songs the people are singing about his bravery and if he will ever be defetead he will go down heroic and with honor. we all know he’s a cheesy bastard

Yoosung would be a ghost slayer, more accurately a ghost banisher. his activity doesn’t involve much of psyhical training but he has a lot of knowledge in everything paranormal, banishing evil spirits or helping lost one to get to the other side. he’s loved among the spirits as well as among the living

Jaehee would be a demon slayer. these evil spawns have no right in tormenting the living and the undefended, and she takes the role of sending them back from where they came. her activity is mental but psyhical as well. she’s also the slayer of ungrateful husbands that treat their wives like slaves, 0 tolerance for those who abuse their powers. she’d be a wonderful queen

Jumin would be an undead slayer. he’s versed in everything fantasy and supernatural, we all know he loves it and most likely would defend the rights of these creatures, but those who died deserve and must stay dead for their own good and the good of those who still draw breath

Seven would be a vampire slayer. they’re smart and sneaky and he loves to outplay them, to make them lose at their own mindgames or to prove himself in battle with better agility and quicker reactions than most

Vanderwood would be a werewolf slayer, or hunter for a more accurate term. he loves how psyhical they are, and werewolves in their wild nature are very exciting to have as prey. then it comes the other side of them, their human form. Vandy is a very good one at his job being able to track down the malevolent werewolves before they even had the chance to transform

Saeran is a witch slayer. hexes, curses, potions, he tolerates none of them. he loves how different, imprevisible and intelligent the witches are, how exciting the witch hunt is. some might say he’s coping with a dark secret from his past by destroying any witch that wishes harm upon his town or that tricks little kids to adventure into the forest

V is a siren slayer. one of the very few to be able to withstand the powerful song of a melancholic siren. no one knows much about him, but it is said he didn’t lose only his eye when he fell in love with a siren, but also his heart, making him immune to the devious songs of her kin. his way to deal with them is also unknown, but when he answers to the pleas of the townsfolk no other siren disturbs them again for a long long while

He couldn’t really comprehend emotions.

He couldn’t really comprehend the necessary to use emotions in every single thing you do, either. In some matters, including business – most specifically business – emotions will simply get in the way.

He also couldn’t really fathom just how emotions work. Was it a necessary thing for a human to have, when it only complicates things? And most of the time, feeling emotion means feeling pain, and he’d rather not experience that, no matter what.

Humans work and function more efficiently without emotions. It was not an opinion; it was a statement,  the one and true cold hard truth.

(There was a shuffle. In no more than a flash, a bundle of fur rubbed against his leg, and there was a loud, “meow!” followed by a purr.)

In spite of everything, Jumin Han allowed himself to smile and laugh and smile as he picked up and snuggled against Elizabeth the Third.

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How do you think Jumin feels about the fact that Rika a girl that he considered his friend did all the things that she did to Saeran (the guy he’s in love with 💕)?

It would be something he struggled with. You can be hurt horribly by someone, or know they hurt someone dear to horribly, but still have moments where you miss them.

It’s something he and Saeran have in common. She was such a large part of both of their lives, and not something that they can just throw a blanket over it and ignore it.

Originally, Jumin drinks to cover it up. He doesn’t want to think about it, so he follows his problem drinker tendencies.

Then Saeran figures out what he’s doing and they just… sit and talk. Get it out there. Begin to heal. They don’t need to forgive her, but they can’t let her rot their souls.

There were a lot of little things that Jumin remembered about Saeran. He remembered the way Saeran liked his coffee, he remembered the way Saeran preferred to sleep on the right side of the bed, among other things. However, one of the things he found out, was that he’d apparently forgotten what color Saeran’s eyes are.

He’d come home from work to find Saeran asleep on the couch. He smiled softly, took a blurry picture, before doing some small tasks before settling down next to Saeran on the couch. 

Not long after, Saeran’s eyes slowly slid open, waking from his nap. He blinked,  eyes blurry, and out of the corner of Jumin’s eye, he saw Saeran quickly reach up to jab himself in the eye. 

Without thought, Jumin reached out and grabbed Saeran’s wrist. To his surprise, Saeran grabbed his wrist in return, digging his nails into Jumin’s skin.

“Don’t touch me.” Saeran hissed out. Jumin’s eyes grew wide in surprise, but then saw the way that Saeran was looking straight through him and the way his breathing became ragged. 

Jumin immediately let go, and ignored the way his wrist stung and began to talk to him, trying to pull Saeran back to him. It took a while before Saeran released his wrist, and even longer for his breathing to even back out. 

There was a moment of silence as Saeran softly took Jumin’s hand in his own, turning it to examine it. Without another word, Saeran stood up, and left the room. Jumin didn’t go after him, trying to decide how to move forward. 

Saeran was suddenly taking his wrist again, band-aids and antibacterial cream in his hand. Saeran began to retreat into his shell, and Jumin couldn’t let that happen.

“I’m sorry for startling you.” Jumin said softly, and Saeran looked at him in disbelief.

“I literally left gouges in your skin.” Saeran said, and Jumin shrugged.

“I can only blame myself.” It was clear that Saeran didn’t believe him, but he didn’t say anything else as he continued to clan Jumin’s wounds. There was silence as Saeran finished up, and Jumin spoke up again. “When you woke up, I saw you go to jab yourself in the eye. It scared me.”

“My contact dried out.” Saeran said, eyebrow raised.

“Your contact?” Jumin asked, confusion in his tone.

“Yeah. My contact.” Saeran said, reaching up and taking out a contact, reveling a golden hued eye. 

“Oh.” Jumin said dumbly. It made sense. Saeyoung had golden eyes, so his twin should have too, but Saeran had always had those blue green eyes the entire time Jumin had known him.

Saeran snorted, and opened up his arms hesitantly. Jumin smiled softly, pulling Saeran into his arms. They sat there in silence, both thinking of the events that had just transpired. 

It was something new, and something that eventually they would have to work through together. But for now? For now they would just enjoy each other’s company.

Jumin’s Route in a Nutshell


Jumin: *talks about how upset he is*


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How about v and mc gettin’ it on after not seeing each other in a while? ❤

Jihyun x Mc gettin’ it after not seeing a long time (SMUTTY)

Part two of Jihyun’s love confession, I hope you guys don’t mind, this one is smutty 
I thought this could be a good reason for the two of them doing it although I don’t know if I misunderstood, lmao. 
Please tell me your opinion!  
Go here to part one 

,,Let’s go home right away…’’ he whispered into your ear as you agreed on your marriage with him. 
,,And the party….?’’ you asked him. 
,,There’s no party today, Mc. We lured you and Saeyoung here for this surprise.’’ 
,,What?!’’ Saeoyung and you asked at the same time as the rest of the RFA began to laugh loudly. 
,,Hurry up and tell me afterwards….’’ Jaehee whispered as she hugged you. You immediately blushed, making the other members wonder what your best friend has told you. 

Jihyun took your hand and immediately entered the car. The two of you finally arrived at your house, the house he left into your care two years ago. 
You didn’t even have time to open the door when your fiancé began to kiss you wildly, making your heart stop to beat for a moment. 
He quickly opened the door and pushed you inside, slamming the door behind him. 
You began to shiver in excitement. You were so excited to finally be able to feel him and touch him…. 
While the two of you were still deeply in your kiss, he opened your dress with his free hands and you opened the pants he was wearing. 
,,Woah, you want to go quickly to the issue?’’ he asked you with a sexy smirk on his lips. 
,,Boy, I’ve been waiting for two years.’’ you snapped and kissed him again. 
He let your dress fall and noticed that you were only wearing a bra. 
Jiyhun stopped the kiss and looked at your body. 
,,Where are your panties?’’ he asked a bit amused and curious at the same time. 
,,I don’t wear panties when I wear a dress…’’ you mumbled and freed your breast from the bra which was squishing them. 
Your breast were now free bouncing there. 
Jihyun softly touched them, making you moan. 
You felt how wet you became. Just by his touch…,,amazing’’, you thought. 

You tried to get rid of his shirt but because of the necklaces it was way more difficult than you imagined. 
Jihyun helped you and got rid of the T-Shirt and his necklaces. The two of you looked at each other, your eyes seemed to fall in a deep abyss.
,,You have to… your little boy down there…’’ you mumbled, licking your lips. 
,,Really…?’’ he whispered and kissed you again, punching your ass and making you moan into his mouth while your tongues where dancing. 
You removed his boxer shorts and touched his throbbing dick. Now it was his turn to moan into your mouth. 

Jihyun took you into his arms, your legs crossed behind his back and your wet pussy rubbing on his stomach. His dick was hard like a rock underneath your ass. 
Jihyun pressed you against the wall and continued to kiss you wildly. 
,,Put it in, hurry up!’’ you groaned and waited for his dick to enter your wet pussy. 
,,AHGHHNN!’’ you screamed when he finally entered you. 
,,Ughnnnn’’ he moaned as he felt you slippy walls around his dick. 
,,You feel so good…’’ he mumbled and began to move inside you, hitting against your G-spot several times. 
,,AH AH AH AH!’’ you didn’t stop to scream. 
Jihyun began to nipple at your breast while you scratched his back. This beautiful feeling made you feel like a goddess. 
Your fiancé felt your walls getting tighter around his cock, he was sure that you would cum soon - and, he was right. 

Because in the next moment you screamed his name and the both of you came together. Your juices mixed and your kiss never ended. 
,,Round two in our bedroom?’’ you asked him breathless. 
,,Our…our bedroom….sounds like melody in my ears.’’ he told you and licked your neck while he massaged your asshole, making you hot once again. 
He carried you into the room and continued his game over there. 

This time he however licked first your ass before entering the next hole. 
You could already feel your wetness dripping down on the sheets. 
,,Hurry up and don’t make me wait aga-ghnnnnn!’’ you gnashed your teeth as he entered from behind. 
,,Uh, mhhh…ahhh!!’’ the two of you moaned, moving on the bed as if the day afterwards would never come. 
The two of you didn’t rest that night…..

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Following on this horror theme what about MC showing the RFA the horror classic The Thing? Maybe when they went on that vacation, she sit all of them together to watch her favorite movie, what would be their reaction? I feel like Jumin would understand the end of the movie but what about the rest? 😂 Thanks! Is great to get to know another horror fan!

hi hi hi!! it’s so nice when other people combine fandoms through me (mysme + horror in this case) and I’m honored 🧡

usually I am faster with HCs but I had to rewatch the movie and my weekdays are hella tiring, but here we are!

thank you for your request and I hope you’ll enjoy! o/ this turned out in a drabble with bullet points lol, sorry it’s a tiny bit long (1200 words!)

RFA Watching John Carpenter’s The Thing

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