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oye paren con los comerciales q queremos saber quién se lleva el capítulo... Porque el ya no fue Estoy neuraaaaa!!!

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Oh gawd.. don’t fall for it.. is not for you.. Damn you for pushing them back together

We better be working on .. I’m tired of PC🙄.. it’s horrible that the most dynamic couple in PC is not together.. & we’re left with this crew boring the living snot out of us. has the most successful bar & is killing it legally. Fix this now!!

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Why is in bar.. hope he doesn’t plan on staying.. come get and bounce..

Seguimos presentando a nuestro nuevo equipo. Hoy le toca el turno a y a , ellos tienen una historia que contarte. Para conocerlos mejor acercate a la de la PB del Polideportivo o en la tienda on line del clublanus

I love that spends most her time in bar.. A successful bar of & with her successful law profession.. when is going to focus on .. cause focusing on the other couple hasn’t helped rating .. come on FOCUS ON

Seguimos presentando a nuestro nuevo equipo. Hoy le toca el turno a y a , ellos tienen una historia que contarte. Para conocerlos mejor acercate a la de la PB del Polideportivo o en la tienda on line del

Happy new year . Happy new year . Happy . January 14 of the Gregorian calendar .

I've made soooo many decisions with this revision already. Any chance I can ? Let's get a schedule together so I can know who to call on next. #

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Maere + Julian - bath scene

Yep, I wrote the entire bath scene with Maere and Julian, under the cut because it turned out kinda long. I hope it isn’t too boring - a lot of it, especially dialogue, is from the game but I also improvised quite a bit, too. You can really insert any female Apprentice in here, if you can ignore the use of the name Maere! Enjoy~

The splendor of Nadia’s bathroom amazes Maere from the moment she and Julian enter it. Exquisite, tall arches curve over doors and windows, elegant designs hand carved into the marble that catch the candlelight and that of the moon, hovering outside the large open balcony overlooking the city. Sheer drapes flutter delicately in the night breeze, as if waving a gentle hello to the glittering stars above. It’s fairly quiet, muffled cheers and laughs floating up through the window from the Masquerade below, but distant enough to fade out of mind. 

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I really want to work on combining Asra’s, Julian’s, and Nadia’s routes–not as a polyamorous route, but having every important thing outside of the relationships occur despite the route taken. MC finding out they have the Fool’s body in Nadia’s route, even while romancing Asra, for example. Or MC finding out they were Julian’s apprentice, even when not romancing Julian. 

Would anybody be interested in seeing the result if I actually manage to make it work? I’d be fine with people using it in their own stories, so long as I was given credit for the effort put into coming up with an alternate timeline.

proudchocolateaddict  asked:

Okay since our greatest showman talk I've been thinking. I love musicals to death so I was wondering what musical they each would be? I think Julian would be phantom of the opera for the drama and the aesthetic, and maybe Nadia would be Chicago? Because strong badass ladies who hate men. As for the rest idk

Honestly Julian reminds me of the Count of Monte Cristo, it’s a musical about an innocent man in love who gets accused of a crime he never committed and who’s sent to jail for fourteen years for it and when he comes back he’s this mysterious Count who’s basically settling the score. If you listen to the show or even the prologue you’ll see how dramatic it is and honestly?? Yeah it’s Julian in my mind

Asra would be Hadestown, this musical about a jazzy bluesy retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice‘s tragic love story (I cried. Multiple times during it. Help. I can’t overstate how amazing this show is.)

Nadia, I don’t know why, but all I can think is Wicked. Like strong female protagonist who comes off one way but is completely different who’s so impossibly strong willed but kind and caring?? And tbh badass with such amazing vocals. Pls devs I beg of you if you make them dress up as musical characters make her Elphaba

Muriel is a tough one but Phantom of the Opera would fit oddly enough with him?? Brooding mystery man who doesn’t know how to talk to people but is extremely intimidating and also has done some not so good things in his past because of people/society? Capes? Masks? Figuratively and literally? Mhmm yes I think so v much

Now for Portia I’m also going for Wicked but imagine her as Glinda. Need I say more? Bubbly but strong, much more to her character than simply comic relief? Grows because of friendship? Just a warm person who deserves the world and everything in it? Yes I think so

Lucio would be Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just. Just try and change my mind. Please I would love to see him as anything else.

Ouf, I hope you are the same anon? But I am glad you liked them and thanks for coming back and specifying! (I don’t like writing one sentence bullets, but I think it’s such a massive wall of text if I make all 6 chars into one post so I had to split it, also I need posts to keep the queue running if I am low on requests. Sorry for the confusion, but that’s also how I’ll do it in the future fyi!)


  • Asra is in a good mood through and through. You can hear him hum a merry tune as he takes off his jacket and/or scarf, hanging them up before disappearing in the bathroom real quick. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that you are watching him in confusion as he even cleans up your home a bit, before flopping down onto the bed and sighing blissfully

  • Keeping him company, you’ll ask what he thought of the visit and if he likes your family. Asra will turn over, latching on you from his position while humming out thoughtfully. He’ll admit to you while nuzzling his face into your lap, that he really expected them to not like him. Though he adds immediately that he likes them very much and he loved hearing your childhood stories too. Giving you some puppy eyes, he’ll ask if he can bring them some herbs next time and if you go visit them again soon, so he can tag along


  • You still have the image of your family saying goodbye to Julian and kissing him cheek to cheek before you left, and it sends good vibes through your body, knowing they accept him. Other than you however, is your boyfriend, sprawled out on the bed in Mazelinka’s home, whining like a child for you to finally come over and hug him

  • Don’t worry though, he’s okay. Maybe a little exhausted and in desperate need of your attention and affection. After all, he somehow managed to swallow all his nervosity and then play the funny guy all evening long, Julian just wants to cuddle you now and hear that he’s done a good job. But once you two are settled in, he’ll admit, in the darkness of the night, that it was a lot of fun and he’s glad he got to meet them, thanking you for bringing him into your family and life


  • It’s not like he’s talking much all the way home, but you can figure by the way he holds your hand tenderly, and how his expression seems less wrinkly than normally, that Muriel is actually in a good mood and not to overwhelmed by the evening. He certainly did his best to fit in with your family and your parents grew quite fond of him too, even letting him show them how to whittle

  • However, he’s still a little tense, even when he gets back to the hut with you. Muriel will simply shrug off everything he’s wearing and go to great Inanna, telling her a bit about what happened at your families home. You can only grasp some of the words he’s saying, his voice getting very quiet when you are passing by, but you could swear that you heard words like “fun” and “not so bad people” fall from his lips. That’s really all you need to hear too, finally taking a deep breath and letting your own nervousness disappear from your muscles before settling down next to him and reach for his hand to hold

Yes, I was too lazy to draw feet and hands. Do not judge me. If you find any of my answers weird or don’t see how they relate to the story, I’ve changed some of the details (Julian’s route) to fit the background story I’ve written.

But I found an apprentice ask, yay✨

Name: Queenie

Age: 24

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: heterosexual

1. Full name✨

Queenie Maura Alden

Queenie - Queen

Maura - Beloved or great

2. Familiar✨

A crow or raven, which represents death and change. And no, I did not choice this because of Malak

3. What type/s of magic does she specialize in?✨

Mostly elemental magic, in which she specializes in earth, sun and moon magic.

She also dabbles in healing magic.

4. Which of the major arcana best represents them?✨

The Fool, as the apprentice is the protagonist and has her entire journey ahead of her.

Also The Moon, for her creativity and big dreams, but also for her strength with overcoming madness and fear.

5. What animal best represents her?✨

The alpha wolf, for her natural leadership skills The owl, for her wit, curiosity and intellect The eagle, for her powerful and magestic nature

6. What is their Mayers-Briggs type?✨


Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging + Assertive

7. Natural alignment✨

Neutral/chaotic good

8. What hogwarts house would they be?✨


9. Which of the nine intelligences are their strengths/weaknesses?✨

Strength - Interpersonal

Weakness - Intrapersonal

10. What was her opinion on Asra leaving? And his gift?✨

She was crushed when he left, and she felt betrayed since he once again refused to take her with him. As she had a crush on him at the time, it also broke her heart.

Queenie was grateful that he left her his arcana, and it is now one of her most prized possessions.

11. What did she think of Nadia’s request for her to live at the palace?✨

Queenie did not like the idea of staying at the palace, she prefers living in the city. Whenever she’s in the palace, she feels uncomfortable and watched. The only room she likes is Julian’s study, mostly because of the rows of books and the large window there.

12. What are her options on the different animals she encounters at the palace?✨

Mercedes & Melchior - she thinks the dogs are beautiful and elegant, but she fears them because of their loyalty towards Lucio.

The eels - the eels fascinate her, and she’s spent many nights just watching them

13. What is her style? Day to day and when she dresses for formal events?✨

Day to day

She wears comfortable clothes that allow her to move swiftly, such as her blouse and her loose pants. She does, however, wear some accessories. Her golden chocker with stunning details, something she picked up at a market she went to with Asra. And also the ring attached to a chain we has around her neck. Julian gave it to her before she died, and it’s very important to her, even though she cannot remember who gave it to her or why.


At the masquerade she wore a navy and gold dress, along with golden heels and a gold mask with vine and flower details. She had for once styled her hair by braiding her bangs around her head and brushing the rest, making it wavy instead of a curly mess.

14. Favorite type of weather/environment?✨


She loves when it rains, especially during twilight. The streets of Vesuvia are empty, and so she can run outside and do whatever she wants without fighting the crowd.


She loves the forest, the shop, the beach, south end, Julian’s study and nature. As long as it’s not stuffy or sterile she can manage.

15. Prized possessions✨

The ring Julian gave her. She does not know why she cares so much for it.

Asra’s arcana, mostly because he entrusted her with it, even if it’s very important to him.

16. Does she collect anything?✨

She collect Julian’s scribbles and doodles, partly so she can tease him about them and partly because she actually thinks he’s good at drawing.

She also collect weather in tiny bottles. So far she has a rain cloud, a thunderstorm and a giant wave.

17. What first impression does she make?✨

She appears to be very stubborn-which she is. She also seems kind and shy. Once you get to know her she opens up more, but she does not say much to strangers. Many view her as powerful, as if her magic radiates off her.

18. How does she deal with conflict?✨

At first she seems almost unbothered. She does whatever’s necessary without hesitation. Then, in the aftermath, she breaks down and allows herself to react, often when she’s unaccompanied.