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アイドルJSセクシーダンス FULL HD高画質 … … …    

🎉 New version of the Visual Studio Code plugin vscode-file-extra 🎉 📝 New feature for copy only the file name ✅ more unit test 🗜bundle size is still 229KB

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i just got 4 intro to meteorology DVDs and 1 booklet that goes with it from like 1952 and i’m so excitedddd!!

is it just me or is existence kind of weird? we’re all just here… together… doing our own thing…. no real direction…. kinda cool

I’m 8 days sober today

I’m really happy about that. Worried about how I’ll do once I’m back at college, but taking it one day at a time. I want to be better, I’m going to be better.

S.O.L.I.D principles explained

Object-Oriented type of programming brought a new design to software development. There are still some things that software development find very confusing. But we have something to help you. There are five principles that will make it easy for developers to create readable and maintainable…