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Job of the Week: # UIkit

v2 is now available! With some very exiting news on the new Abstract Designer system 😃 BANano is a library that transpiles B4J source code to and Progressive Web Apps (). No needed, generates vanilla

UI Developer (MKT049) Umhlanga R35 – R45 000 per month neg Please email CV to and MKT049 in the subject line OR for full spec and to apply online at

UI Developer (MKT049) Umhlanga R35 – R45 000 per month neg Please email CV to and MKT049 in the subject line OR for full spec and to apply online at

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If and When

If and when you want to do something first and then do something else, how can you write it with jQuery?

As you know, using the “when and done” method(.when().done()) or the “then” method(.then()), you can express it as follows:



I imagined that doing something after clicking a button with a work doing something else. I mean:

$.when($.on(“click”, function(){doSomethingElse}).done(doSomething));

Actually, “Something” is done before doing “SomethingElse” if and when you write properly the programme above.

How come?

The “click” method means “getting ready” to do something. In other words, $.when is not when doing “Something” but when being ready to click a button.

I do not know how I can realise my fancy above. Besides, what I really want to do is that the order to click some buttons is meaningful.


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Run Anywhere

My first programming language was maybe HTML. But I threw it away so soon because it was too difficult for me at that time.

Many years later, I chose Java to learn and to make something. The most interesting and important reason was that the slogan “Write Once, Run Anywhere” beckoned me. If you have the JRE, you can run any programme written in Java on any platform. That was/is fascinating to me. Now I wonder if Java is not free to use.

The concept of a web application is just “Write Once, Run Anywhere.” The responsive design is however required these days and it destroys the beautiful flag, you know. I have learned how difficult it is, I mean “Run Anywhere.” So many programmers threw it away and they flew the flags like “Write Less, Do More” and/or “Don’t Repeat Yourself” instead of it.

Well, I was really confused by a teeny, tiny, small problem today. It took five hours to solve. The picture is (a part of)the reason. 

As you know, the animate method(.animate()) is invalid for a static img. I did not notice to specify the position “relative” and thus the img would not say anything. I wonder why CSS is mean to me, whilst HTML and jQuery are kind.

Flash and HTML5

I think Steve Jobs was great, maybe than I thought. I read “Thoughts on Flash.” He chose or liked something “open”, so I think Mac is “open” too.

I was really confused by RIA technologies like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. My computer crashed a lot due to Adobe Flash and I could not imagine the future of Silverlight. The era before the appearance of HTML5.

Thoughts of Google are always “open,” I think. But every platform is always “closed.” A web browser is “open” but the existence of plural browsers and choosing one of them make “open” “closed.” The ONLY “open” thing is still Adobe PDF.

I have made a programme using Java a few years ago. Of course, you know, it was stand-alone, more specifically, a console application. Now I rewrite it with JQuery. The programme changes to be more “open,” light-weight and MODERN.

Learning JQuery

I have started learning JQuery this year. It is very powerful and easy to learn. I use “Brackets” as an editer, which is also very powerful and useful.

As you know, JavaScript is a de facto standard script language for web applications, with HTML and CSS. However, development of web technologies is very fast, in particular with Google Chrome, iPhone(iPad), Android and Ajax.

The next generation is Single Page Applications(SPA) which are realised by libraries like Angular.js, React, Vue.js, Backbone.js and so on. More specifically or technologically, web programmers or engineers probably focus on JSX(and/or maybe more on “virtual DOM”). They will write HTML code IN JavaScript code. It sounds so fabulous. It means however that they exchange JQuery for them.

What I wanted to say is, “was it correct to choose JQuery as a newbie of web programming?” I like JQuery, of course. But I wonder what web “pro”grammers think.


In this tutorial, I show how you can display existing files on the server on the Dropzone container with jQuery and PHP.