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Multipurpose Table with Animated Collapsible Columns

HTML Artisan is: ✓ Light (1.2KB) ✓ Efficient (uses core DOM functionality) ✓ Structured, easy to read and maintainable ✓ Spaghetti-code-free, unlike other methods of creating complex structures on the (like vanilla or )

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de criticidad alta en : se ha identificado un fallo de seguridad en jQuery que podría permitir modificar el prototipo de un objeto JavaScript. Más detalles:

some people say is about to be obsolete due to , , and other frameworks. i like the simplicity of jQuery and think it does a great job for small and traditional projects. shouts out to and the awesome jQuery community – keep the game up!

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anonymous asked:

Not trying to be rude but I have a question for you (and somehow to that no jquery anon). Why try to not use jquery, when is very simple? Is that a new trend, or you guys hate jquery lol?? I'm just curious.

Hello. Don’t worry, you’re not being rude. 

I can only respond for myself. The thing with jquery is, I particularly don’t hate it. I found it very useful, easy to use and very fun. But, I heard somewhere the following thing:

If I need to fix a car problem, one problem only, wich i know what  problem it is, and I know I only need one tool only to fix it, why I’m going to carry all my tool box, if I can carry only that said tool?’ you know why I mean?

If you have a cool theme full of javascript effects, lots of scripts going on, that’s fine, have a jquery library there! But what if I want only to have a sticky on scroll element on my theme, nothing more? Why I would have a whole library just to have one script in my theme, a script I could do fine with vanilla javascript?

This is my personal opinion though. I don’t hate jquery and I’m fine if people prefer it over plain javascript. But this is a personal preference I have, as same as have a full reset css document if I will not use all selectors the document is resetting. you know what I mean?