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So You Want to be a Film Photographer

Próximamente... ¡Highcharts JS desde Cero! Nuevo curso para aprender a generar gráficos profesionales, dinámicos y animados con un plugin de Jquery. Suscribite en el Canal de YouTube:

In this step-by-step guide, learn how you can create a Trello-like project management app quickly and easily using Kendo UI:

Excited to be kicking off another beginners course this evening, we’ll be taking the students through an 8 week course on the basics in 🎉😎

In cloud-based environments, testing has grown into Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) because of the many benefits it offers.

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Wow, I’m actually about to build a website for a Sushi Restaurant (Suehiro Resturant) here in SLC! I’m so excited! They will be using it as their website once it’s done, I’m so happy about this wtf 😭

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How do you make a stuck sidebar? Which tutorial you use? I don't know if I'm dumb or what, But I seem to never got to understand those github codes at all. Can you link me to a tutorial? pls

I feel you. Sometimes github codes are a puzzle.

That sidebar thing I just use the add and remove class basic jquery code.

First you set up your sidebar like this:

float:left; /* or right */

Add the jquery to your page, if you don’t have yet. This is the one I use (there are a lot of opitions):

<script src=""></script>

before </body> paste:

$(document).scroll(function() {
  var y = $(this).scrollTop();
  if (y > 200) {
  } else {

200 is how much the screen will scroll that you want to make the sticky work. 

now, to make the sidebar stuck at the top (or bottom) of your screen, in your css add:

top:10px; /* change this */

You can also, apply effects when it fixes, addying in the initial div code a transition:

transition: all ease-in-out .3s;

If you want, like me, wants to apply effects or styles for the boxes, menu, links.. everything inside the sidebar, after it fixes just do like this:

.sticky .anotherdiv{
blah-bottom:20px; /* to separate boxes, for example, you can change this to make a nice transition */
background:pink; /* to change background for example*/
width:300px; /* to change its widht, for example*/

while you are using .sticky div, you can make everything change after the sidebar fixes. Just play with it.

Let me know if everything didn’t work for you. We’ll figured out together.

Even less if you count commute (14 hrs/week), and getting ready (7 hrs/week), grocery shopping & meal prepping (4 hrs/week), so really only 30 free hours, or 4 free in a day.

59. Don’t Stop Till It’s Done!

After Friday’s happy hour, I looked at my tasks, my calendar ahead and took the energy from the anxiety to start and knock it all out and engaged in one of the most productive study sessions I have had.  Minimal music, no people, just me and laptop and thoughts just STREAMING.  I am EXHAUSTED during the day but get so much determination to get things done after 9PM :/ . I said to myself, This is pretty feasible, it’s all at the end of brain, fresh.  I need to get this down as it comes.  I felt something like a poet, writer or rapper.  I had to take advantage of that spirit I was feeling to finish…and I accomplished a ton! I:

  • finished my weekly assessment (something that typically takes me 2 - 3 days to complete)
  • sent a job post to a friend I know is looking for work
  • created the first draft of my Trello board to map out my project for the next 4 weeks
  • updated my journal
  • updated this blog

I also got cranking at school, so I did not leave…I stayed until 4 in the morning.  I know, a little nuts, but I look forward to working on my project this weekend and praying it’s in God’s plans that I do.  Crawling home this early in the morning doesn’t feel totally great, but it will tomorrow when I realize I have my weekend back a bit!… :)

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On the agenda for today: meeting with a friend from the UK I met a year back who now works at Facebook as a PM…she’s a new friend, yes, but you better believe I will turn this into a networking opportunity.  Holla!

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It was great catching up with her.  I met her at an event at my old job and LOVED the sound of her British accent! LOL.  Black Brits are so interesting to me.  When I was in London and would run into a Black person, I would expect one voice and get the British accent instead and it would make me flip out.  Similar experience as when I went to NY and saw so many Black people speaking Spanish.  Of course Black people are EVERYWHERE because of colonialism and I know Black people speak so many different languages and dialects in so many different accents, it’s just cool to see your folk but hearing them differently.  I didn’t explain that well, but you catch my drift…

Lunch was great, and she paid!  Better than most dates I’ve been on with men out here in the Bay HELLLLOOO.  Anyway :), she was out here for a month in a Project Management Prep program sponsored by Facebook.  Getting in tech in the Bay Area was one of her aspirations when I met her in 2017.  It was so great to see that she had not only got it but completed it and was returning back to her hometown of London to work for them.

The other woman she invited is a 10-year tenured Sr. Product Designer on the Monetization team at Upwork who has aspirations of running a fit business.  It was inspiring to be at the table with both of them talking politics, traveling, and Black culture.  We parted ways with promises of seeing each other soon.  They gave me their support and offered to refer me for roles to their companies.  I’m very grateful for my community in the Bay and abroad.

I also helped with my friend’s company I have been putting 2nd to this program.  I reached out to some influencers to promote the product and made some social media posts for it.  

I even got a workout in today.

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When I returned home, I was met with a text from my friend from the program.  She asked if I could help her troubleshoot a problem for her.  I felt bad redirecting her to someone else by saying, “I am not in front of my cpu right now.  Reach out to the #questions channel I made on Slack.  I am sure someone would be more than happy to help,” because I want to be able to help, but also know that I need to take a little brain break from coding before I burn out.  I wanted to relax today and I am glad I kinda chose that.  I coded a lot, I did some promotion for the business, networked with some friends, worked out, cooked a little and was starting laundry.  I have to learn the power of “No” and test that out.  Plus, there are about 30 other women she can tap into for help that are actually working on it.  I felt a bit more comfortable telling her no considering this.

I have been apprehensive to change my status on Facebook, just because I thought my title Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Operations Analyst at [company I used to work for] sounded great and would help me in recruiting, for Ops and Engineering roles, just in case I can get an Ops role faster.  I realized however that I was still getting contacted only for Ops roles and that if I wanted to live this life, I had to live it without fear.  I had to commit, otherwise no one would believe me.  Fake it till I make it.  So I updated my header and status and made it public: Software Engineering Fellow at [my school], Prev. Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Operations Analyst.  I am happy with that.  From this, I received an outpour of likes and “Congrats!” and messages from old colleagues, managers, and engineers I reached out to before embarking on this journey.  It made me feel great and made me feel like I was changing.

I bought Vade’s protein pods last week and they finally arrived…and they taste GREAT!  It was such a clever idea that I had before I saw their debut on Shark Tank.  It was also one of the catalysts to doing this program.  When I saw that they were getting paid from a similar idea I had, I told myself to stop wasting time and get to making my dreams a reality.  Time’s a wasting…I am also about 10 pounds heavier than where I was in high school and it’s starting to freak me out 0.0.  I’m losing weight, but hopefully it’s excess weight…