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짐살라빔 전멤 티저 다 떴으니까 알티 추첨 2분께 아크릴키링 1개씩 보내드릴게요🥰 ▫️100알티 넘으면 추첨할게요 ▫️팔로워 한정이에요 ▫️일회성 팔로우는 삼가주세요

* Spread over approx. 2.84 acres. * 4 side open plot * G+9 Floors with 3 levels of basement plus surface parking * Ground and First Floor- High Street Retail Know More:-

When you watch too much master chef, things like this happen for Sunday lunch. Great fun and tasted great

Father is the real superhero of every child. So this thank him for all that he has done by gifting him this absolute of . Buy him the super classy at great only with .

Linda Poindexter said it best, “When my didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” 😊A Happy Father’s day to all the out there👴🖖

Tonight, I pre-ordered the five ReVe Festival albums I will be giving away! They were purchased from a local store where they will count towards Hanteo/Gaon charts! Please check out my pinned post if you want to participate! Ends 6/19!

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When joy is a habit, love is a reflex.
—  Bob Goff

Hey its your Gurl Je’Jae, just jay, a blue Jay free from boxes.

My bittersweet New Yorker accent forms my whole; my home is a place my mind & souls are aligned.

They call me a “Resilient Queen” one whose lively, fabulous & insightful!”

My spirit of an empath, sweet & sensitive with the needs of lots & lots of affection.

Stuff my belly with fries, fruits and atll that is art. I distaste the ignorant, tomatoes & surely toxic masculinity.

Find me one with Nature, running free in the fields of crafts, graced with the sounds of birds chirping. Chilled by the hands of my elders sculpting their history by their veins.

My skeleton departs & soul freezes to stone when met with rejection, stigmatization, failure; and society only salts me with apathy.

I am a artist, activist, with a claw of a cancer, nonbinary, of Mizrachi heritage, fashionista, spiritual traveler & thinker.







We got it in today… mad fun… these ladies were on point…
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On this day, we celebrate the power of the smile! How many times were you feeling down right until you saw someone smile at you? A kid at the bus, or a friend who’s happy to see you? Or (probably most often!) your dog when you come home after a long day at work? How did it make you feel? Much better, right?

So let’s honor National Smile-Power Day by trying to smile a little bit more and make our lives more beautiful!

saturday morning ritual


Another successful Saturday morning run with the weekend group on mild windy conditions.  By successful, I mean another hearty post-run beer-fest on the grassy parkway after the solid 12 mile group run.  Walking by, a lost woman asked if we were the Piyo group she was looking for.  We held up our beers and pointed her towards the right group up the parkway.