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Happy 2nd Day of Spring (I missed the 1st day?) You know those moments when you recognize you’re acting exactly like your mom (or dad)? 🀭 Yet you continue on... better or worse πŸ˜‚ (me, taking pics of flowers) We are who we are🌷🌸🌻

I might have taught him the basics of eating with utensils and putting on his shoes, but this old soul taught me . Pure and intentional joy. I’ll let you decide who’s the better teacher...

The sorrow/misery which we talk of can be of three kinds 1. Adhyatmik 2. Adhibhautik 3. Adhidaivik 🌸

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RT tip #2- When you arise in the morning feel 5 things or people you are for. Take a few minutes to get centered for your day and create an attitude that will allow you to express your !

Thankyou to the honest person who returned my AirPod case. I believed in the kindness of strangers and was rewarded.

What are you happy about today? πŸ˜ƒ 1) Spring weather? 2) It's almost Friday? 3) Tax returns? 4) ...? We are happy about the fact that we get to help you reach your financial goals. It is always wonderful to see the progress our members make each and every day.

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Believe me, comparison sucks the creativity and joy right out of life.
—  Brené Brown, Rising Strong
Scampering dogs

Running through the leaves and grasses,

Bowling down the unwary to their asses,

Frolicking the day away,

Teaching us the times to play.

The times to shout and have some fun,

So much to see it’s never done,

And what on earth could be that smell,

It’s fascinating, oh please tell!

Bright balls of fluff and joy,

The world they see is a brilliant toy.

Perhaps one day I’ll see again

A world where laughter is not insane.

“I really think the best gift is happiness. Making people laugh, giving them comfort, creating joy. I love to tell jokes, to wrap people up in big ol’ hugs, to present them with big helpings of sweets…I want to be the best clown in the world. Not because of money, or fame, but because I love innocently and beyond measure. I think that’s what makes a great clown. The ability to create joy.”

Pumpkin Jack the Magic Clown


Write your existence, others will Erase their Destiny!!!
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Joy on the set of “Get It Beauty”, Asia’s most popular and trustworthy beauty source. Joy will now be the main host alongside Jang Yoonju, with her first episode airing April 5th.

Lee Eunjoo’s Instagram Post: “Joy has appeared on Get It Beauty. I was shocked because she looks so much like a doll. Thanks to Joy, Get It Beauty’s ratings will go up up up.“