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Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential. 🙏 St. George′s Church / Crkva svetog Đorđa 🌄

INZO's "Overthinker" is a journey if we ever heard one. It takes the famous words of Allan Watts and drives home the true meaning of introspective thoughts that echo in the brain endlessly.

Journey ~"Don't Be Down On Me Baby" 🔥 🎶Don't be down on me baby Down on me girl I get lost sometimes In my crazy world..🎶

To provide great , you need to know what customers are looking for. A map helps you decode the potential needs of your customers.

🎵...”Hold on to that feelin’...”🎶 Hope this you have a spring in your step and a great song in your head! 😉Enjoy the rest of the week!

Out From Nothingness by Kay Knop (Author) Would you like to see what life can be once memories of abuse are gone?   Available in Spanish Version too! , , , ,

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All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Martin Buber


Jangan masuk!

kuperingatkan padamu sekali lagi jangan melangkahi batas garis itu, jangan juga masuk melewati gerbang gapuranya. Kamu takkan tahu jalanan di dalam gangnya. Terlihat lurus, tapi percayalah banyak tikungan menyudut di sebelahnya. Pun demikian yang sepertinya landai dan mulus, permukaannya licin. Belom lagi nantinya kau dapati jalanan berkelok sebelum masuk ke lorong gelap. Kau bisa tersesat.

Tak pernah tahu kan apa yang ada di ujungnya? Jadi, saranku… jangan masuk!


Aku suka tantangan. Peringatanmu takkan menggetarkanku. Aku penasaran. Makin penasaran setelah mendengar laranganmu. Meski sulit, telah kubulatkan tekadku. Kukumpulkan keberanianku untuk mengayunkan langkah. Seperti apapun jalanan yang akan kulalui akan kunikmati setiap incinya. Tak peduli apa yang ada di ujungnya.

Karena bagiku, sesuatu yang didapat tidak dengan mudah pastilah sangat berarti.


Jadi, kamu memutuskan masuk hanya untuk menuruti rasa penasaranmu? Setelah terpuaskan hasratmu, lalu kau pergi dan kembali pada titik awal?

Bisa jadi ya…

Kalo begitu aku akan berkata TIDAK lebih keras!

Aku tak mau jejak langkahmu membekas nodai jalanannya…

Bisa jadi tidak…

Kenapa tidak?!

Bisa jadi di ujung lorong setelah kulewati jalanan licin, tikungan menukik dan kelokan gelap itu kutemukan surga. Atau bisa jadi tenagaku habis, terlalu lelah meniti langkah menuju ujung lorong gelap itu. Hingga kuputuskan untuk berdiam saja di ujung, menikmati lelahku hingga penghujung waktu. Tak peduli apapun itu yang ada di ujung lorongmu…

Hahha… Aku sudah peringatkan! Aku tidak memaksamu. Semoga tenagamu cukup untuk mencapai ujungnya, jadi tak mati sia-sia. Dan kalaupun kamu sanggup mencapai ujungnya, saranku sisakan sedikit tenaga untuk menikmati keberhasilanmu. Selamat Jalan!


Sepertinya, aku telah tersesat menuju hatimu, atau ujung hatimu telah tertutup karena sudah ada yang menempati.

Beri aku arah jalan kembali…


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Stop waiting for magical pills or for some profound deep thoughtful Person to come and hypnotize you into getting healthy and fit. It all starts the moment you get out of bed. Think about all the choices that you are about to make and Be present in movement of the body and stop the mindless eating. Set rules and boundaries for yourself and give it your all. Don’t just stop at the very first moment of failure. Failure will always lead you to strength. A stronger mind, stronger body and an amazing you. AND STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK OR HOW OTHERS SEE YOU. LOVE WHO YOU ARE AND THE SKIN YOU LIVE IN. You are more than perfect just in need of a touch up 😉❤️

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feeling weird

Sometimes I feel so ridiculed for my choices. I’ve never felt understood by people, even my own family. I don’t feel like sharing things with anyone because instead of being excited about it, people end up questioning me.

It’s like being unloved in your own body. I’m trying to figure things out and find myself but instead all I get is comments and people laughing at the cost of my thoughts and feelings.

I hate feeling this way.


gentle karate training in the bushes - Nambucca Heads

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Your journey is essentially and exclusively yours. Don’t expect any to comprehend it nor anyone to accompany you in it. If you’re lucky enough, you’d get some back up support from the ones that truly loves you but never be carried away by the thought that they’ll be always there. Most of the times, it’s a lone walk down the lane. So be not surprised when at times you feel stranded. This is essentially YOUR journey and you have to carry it out all on your own. Expect no mercy from the ones on earth.

Random Xpressions

Journal entry #22📝

Date: 1/22/20

Today’s mood: 😬

Amount of water (cups): 4

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅❎



Today’s talk: today was alright. Public speaking was off for me especially after my disaster speech on Friday. My teacher didn’t have office hours today so I decided to go to the gym. Not feeling great about my body for the second day in a row and period bloating is not helping. So I went to the gym for the third day in a row and I’ve been eating good all day.

Afterwards, I showered, went to the library, got some quizzes done, sat through an awful Zoom conference for a class, had volunteering (went by pretty slow), got healthy options from Chick-fil-a for dinner, and then had a club meeting for Chompics. I’m excited to work on set this weekend for the web series.

When I got back to the dorm, I chilled in the kitchen with Sarah while she cooked and we are looking at both of us going to bed kinda early today. I’m already hella tired and have to be up at 6 for work so I need all the sleep I can get tonight.

Journal entry #21📝

Date: 1/21/20

Today’s mood: 😶

Amount of water (cups): 9

Skincare routine: ✅✅

Dental hygiene:❎✅



Today’s talk: today was a busy day. Had a doctor’s appointment at 9 for my birth control shot. I got it during my period so it’s lovey dovey time comes Valentine’s Day. Have had this planned for a while now and neither of us can wait.

After my appointment,I got pretty down especially about my body and period bloating. So I did a workout in my room then got dressed to get lunch. Was planning to go to the library but my friend Giselle said she was going to the gym soon so I joined her for that workout. Her roommate also joined so it was a lot of fun.

Went back to the dorm, showered, changed, ate again, then went to class. Class was interesting like always and went by kinda quickly. Wasn’t hungry but knew I should eat so I got a salad wrap and an apple from the market downstairs. Still feeling really down right now and Sarah is trying to get me to talk about my feelings. Not going very well.


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