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How abt this⬇️people?Its a 2 layer cream coated red velvet/zebra cake and a box of 12!!with chocolate sauce and berries toppings.wnt it be yummy 😋?Made by yours truly 's munch#jos cakes bakers#instacakes

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The of Stardom Reality is tomorrow which means ends by midnight today!!! Text STAR MORGAN to 33120 for MTN AiRTEL & GLO and 33121 for 9mobile. Let's bring this home 🏆🏆🏆

Meanwhile, Delta State Transport Service has been rebranded for an improved travel experience. Travel with DeltaLine to destination of your choice which includes, Visit us at DeltaLine Transport Warri-Sapele rd Deco.

Hello, We are now on Instagram Kindly follow us We would appreciate if you do Thanks

I will vote Atiku Abubakar but won't stop there, l will keep on sensitizing people to vote Atiku/Obi on 23rd. of February 2019.

3 claves imprescindibles para tu seguridad en Internet vía Webempresa

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Frankie’s Bikinis ❖ November 2017
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#LEVI Now in #cinemas #nationwide #levithemovie

#lagos #ph #abuja #asaba #enugu #jos #owerri #warri #lekki #akwaibom etc

Go and watch a good movie with your family this weekend.
I have seen it and it’s #spicy
Take my word for it.

Brought to you by @theoraclefilms
Distributed by @filmoneng
Directed by @okechukwuoku

Only the #great attract the #greatest
Be the greatest, go and watch #LEVI
Kingsley Obot (Sugar Nelson)

#movie #successmindset
#filmcrew #filmproduction #TrueAfricanStory #hollywoodreporter #premier #moviepremiere #hollywood #filmmaking #filmmaker #hollywoodnights #nollywoodglamour #filmmakers #nollywood #moviedirectors #filmmaking10 #Sugar_The_Future_Is_Bright #nollywoodmovies #VisionaryFilmMaker
Sugar Nelson K. Obot
Visionary Film Maker

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we sat at the bus stop, late, you didnt say i was bad at singing or you did, i was too happy to hear it even if you did say it
its a 9 min song. not the longest. but the bus was at least 20 mins. i played it at least twice. i was not unhappy. whatever the fuck that even means 

Benjamin Kwashi, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Jos, Nigeria, on the Gospel's Endurance Through Intense Persecution and Casual Indifference

Benjamin Kwashi, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Jos, Nigeria, on the Gospel’s Endurance Through Intense Persecution and Casual Indifference

External image

External image

In June Benjamin Kwashi, Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Jos, Nigeria, was elected as general secretary of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON). Only a few days later, his home in Jos was attacked by Fulani raiders, resulting in the death of his neighbor Adamu Dung. “He was shot through the head because he flashed his light when he heard footsteps of cattle being rustled,” Kwashi…

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Stop Joy of Satan!

Joy of Satan is a sect that adheres to Nazi philosophy, antisemitism, and culture robbing.

One of their goals is to initiate the “Fourth Reich”.

They claim that Jewish people control all governments.

And they steal from other cultures to make a mishmashed batch of occultic misinformation.

This is not Satanism. They are not Satanists.

Satanism stands for all people, regardless of one’s gender, race, or sexual indentity.

Don’t let these people take that away!

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the Joy of Satan organization?

Oh, they are deplorable.

Regardless of what they claim, they are not Satanists, nor are they welcome to identify as such, as they uphold horrid ideals that are contrary to the teachings of Satan. Satanists are defenders of free will and value coexistence and respect above all else. Any friends of JOS are welcome to see themselves off of my Tumblr.

My blog is a safe place for people of all identities to coexist and collaborate. Always.