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I'll leave you to figure out the words

अब तो बोर्ड भी लग गये, इन महिलाओं को रोजगार दिलाने के लिये धन्यवाद मोदीजी 😎😘😂😂😂

I went to a bar that only served beer in cans,and bottles. Seems the place had a draught excluder.

થોડુંક હસી લો વધુ જોક્સ વાંચવા માટે ક્લિક...

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What do Eskimos get when sitting on the ice for too long?


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imagine NOT tiktok dancing at any given moment, randomly, especially when alone in the kitchen at 2 am. imagine. i can’t. this is a cry for help, i am a trained dancer, i don’t even renegade right but that isn’t stopping me, please, somebody,