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I’m more comfortable in public with my face covered.

Today only, you are able to get this Paneled Corduroy Thumper at a fraction of the original price.

We might have to talk about these, sneaker twitter 🤔 CLLLLEEEEAAAAAAANNNNN !!! 👟

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ジョンエリオット×ブラックミーンズ発売してもうたか・・・ 案の定高くて手が出せないなあ

STAG alumni, Steven, returned for a visit! He attended Catholic Central as a youth, and is currently married with 2 children living in Houston, TX as a Real Estate Agent. 😄

YOUTH IN ACTION CLUB!! Everyone received their 1st sash (gold level 1) plus $1 in Coalition Cash with more to earn with good deeds. All to be spent in our monthly commissary of toys and goodies!

They all did awesome with the G1 license test last week! Brought to our youth by yours truly and 🚗

YOUTH IN ACTION CLUB OPENING DAY YESTERDAY! THIS WILL TAKE PLACE EVERY FRIDAY FOR OUR REGISTERED YOUTH! Dinner, music, and fun activities! Just look at all the shades of beautiful! Thank you Councilman our CJUE team!

What A Beautiful Day it was! Alpha Kappa Alpha came out to support the city by dedicating a bench in their name at the Queens Dock Park (Mill St.) Councilman , the Port Authority, along with community friends were in attendance. Well done !

肌寒くなってきましたね!! という事で送料無料だよ!! ぜひご確認ください。 雨降らせ過ぎだね!!!

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Setting up for the John Elliot FW15 Show #johnelliot

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