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ELEVEN interviews this week and one turned down position


To other Aspies/Autistics

What is your ideal job? Any recommendations? 

I’m currently on 100% sick leave from my job. I work in a grocery store, and it’s not going as well as I hoped it would. Whenever I was at work I would panic whenever I saw my boss, scared that he would yell at me for something. At first, I pushed this feeling aside because it’s not that often I even saw him when I was at work. But it didn’t take me long until all of those feelings came back again even stronger and took way too much of my energy. I lost my will to do anything. 

So I need to find a new job, and I have no clue what I want to (or could) do next. I do not want to work in another grocery store. I am open to suggestions. To make things maybe a little easier for anyone willing to help, I’ll tell you shortly about myself. I am a from Norway, and I’m 20 years old. The highest education I have is high school, and I don’t really plan on studying more. I don’t handle the stress from tests and exams so very well. I don’t do well socially, so working somewhere where I don’t have to talk to (many) strangers every day would be ideal for me.

My interests include watching crime-solving mysteries (usually TV-series), I like writing but I rarely find the focus to do so, I like reading YA books (and buying them), and I also have a special interest in art. Specifically drawing. I’d love to learn more about it, and I’d also love to learn more about painting. Recently I found out that I apparently, I have a talent. I am a newbie artist and I don’t know if I want to draw Disney characters for the rest of my life for a living. So far, I don’t think I could get a steady income of my artwork, mainly because I don’t have any original work (yet), which means It wouldn’t really be mine to sell (because of copyrights and plagiarism and stuff like that. Basically, I could get sued by the owner of the original artwork if I tried selling mine).