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This afternoon in our workshop we discuss: how you will know if a job offer is the right one for you? Check out my blog post for some helpful tips:

JOB ALERT: Searching for sales engineers! If you or anyone you know is interested in this opportunity, contact Dominic Sartino for more information.

Job hunting, in general, is hard. Looking for a new job is an unpaid second job on top of your actual work.... via

You thrive on the energy of a crowd, and the activity of a bustling restaurant around you... Job: Managing Partner

We're for Recruitment Consultants and Senior's for our London office! If you have existing IT Technology Recruitment experience in any capacity we would like to speak to you today! £25,000 - £50,000 pa.

Recruitment Careers at Vertex

Is a thing?🤔 Either way, it's still the new year, and strategies still apply! Check out our New Year, New Professionalism Tactics .🎧🎙️

Upcoming event: Make Yourself Marketable in the Boston Job Market: Recruiter Panel on February 21 at 6.00pm. Info & registration here

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