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An app catering to the needs of 1500+ doctors & 2.5 million patients. Now you can be a part of helping doctors deliver a 10x better patient experience! DocOn is looking out for brilliant individuals like you & would love to make you a part of its amazing team.

'Millions Of Jobs Have Been Lost To . Economists Weigh In On What To Do About It' via

🆕📢 Neues Stellenangebot Du besitzt bereits Berufserfahrung und willst als Teil unseres Teams die Erfolgsgeschichte eines Great Place to Work® weiterschreiben und aktiv digitale Zukunftsthemen begleiten? ..

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Y’all I am sick and sure fucking tired of Winn Dixie. I don’t wanna work in retail anymore. I rly don’t. What do you guys do for jobs? God id die to work for a magazine and write or something but. Idk I’m so stuck.


While often considered one of the most soul sucking jobs out there, there can still be good experiences in call centers