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| Power Transformers in , is seeking applicants for: Operator, Maintenance Technician, Environmental Health & Safety Training Manager, EHS Supervisor, Quotation/Project Engineers, & Transformer Technology Engineer.

seeking Machine Learning Engineer - Exciting marketing tech company - Based in London, UK - New greenfield project. Perm role offering great salary. Interested? Email

Obviously, as a senior member of an existing company, they probably enjoy a number of financial benefits and privileges that come with the position - so how can your company compete?

We're Recruiting! Our next Support Worker Open Day is on Saturday 9th February at Roccoco in Leyland. Everybody is welcome, no need to make an appointment, just call in and speak to our team! 😀

Looking to a multitude of management and control best practices soon. Then “Profitable Inventory Management and Control” would be a great course for you.

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I dont think I’ve ever personally met another person who accidentally fell into a job in a medical field.

When I applied for the job I have I knew it was a specialty shoe store, but a shoe store is a shoe store, even if it is intended for diabetics.

I had been working with shoes for roughly 5 years at that point and I had been diabetic for nearly 20, so said fuck it.

I got the job thinking I was going to do retail and secretary work, and I was right. Kind of.

I got trained to fit orthopedic shoes and orthotic. I got a certification. I got letters put after my name (not something I expected having dropped out of college after a year).

Now I see PATIENTS on a daily basis, not just customers.

I look at their feet and make a plan based on the doctor’s diagnosis.

I write up medical notes.

Shit is wild.