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I dont think I’ve ever personally met another person who accidentally fell into a job in a medical field.

When I applied for the job I have I knew it was a specialty shoe store, but a shoe store is a shoe store, even if it is intended for diabetics.

I had been working with shoes for roughly 5 years at that point and I had been diabetic for nearly 20, so said fuck it.

I got the job thinking I was going to do retail and secretary work, and I was right. Kind of.

I got trained to fit orthopedic shoes and orthotic. I got a certification. I got letters put after my name (not something I expected having dropped out of college after a year).

Now I see PATIENTS on a daily basis, not just customers.

I look at their feet and make a plan based on the doctor’s diagnosis.

I write up medical notes.

Shit is wild.

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I love film and would like to be a director. I am looking for a job (or somewhere I can volunteer) where I am surrounded by filmmakers that requires little to no experience. I live near LA & even though there may be lots of places, I don't know where to look for a job like that or how to get a job like that. Any advice?

Hi Anon,

I’m actually in the process of applying to internships in LA! I’ve been gathering information about production companies that make films and television shows that I enjoy watching and sending query letters to those places. It doesn’t hurt to apply for jobs at the big name places, but chances of getting those jobs are much less likely. Instead, apply to smaller or up-and-coming companies. There are higher chances they will be willing to take you on as an intern.

You probably won’t get more than an internship from this cold-calling method, but internships open the door to full-time paid jobs. If you’re looking for paid jobs straight out of the gate, I’d check places like or LinkedIn. Companies will sometimes post job listings there. These are much harder to come by, though, so I recommend the internship route.



So I applied to Barnes and Noble…

They work with the government so they are forced to hire disabled people. I’m hoping I could get a job ringing people up and sit the whole time? That’d be great.

Idk, I’m really sad about school and I’m trying to feel productive and not useless (stupid internalized ableism and capitalism) so. I’m trying.