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🎈🎂🎇10yr memory time! Let's look at this Guide outling how can help & capitalize on the 🇪🇺EU's booming & tourism industry. This, in turn, ⬆️boosts diversification & the local 👉

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Sad record on the eve of : More than 70 million women and men forced to flee This is twice as many people as 20 years ago 2.3 million more than the previous year Let's work together to give & displaced people decent opportunities and hope👷🏾‍♂️👩🏾‍🏭🏘️👩🏿‍🎓

Dringend gesucht! Nachhaltige Mobilität ist Dein Thema. Dann haben wir den richtigen Job für Dich.

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My job is so weird sometimes and oddly enough it isn’t as bad as it was previously

Listen pal

can someone please explain why companies want senior level experience for entry level pay?

when you get asked what your expectations are and as an informed professional you give them a reasonable number they look like you just spat at them

“well this position maxes at >abysmal payrate <”

Young people get chastised by older generations “well you can expect to make 200,000 a year right away”

No fucking shit, nobody is asking that. But you literally are offering an unlivable wage like it’s a silver platter.

Like in a city you have to fucking consider higher base cost of living and higher commuting costs + city wage taxes.

Fuck man. I’m losing my mind here.

Here’s a tip for all you young ones thinking about college

unless you can get it for free or really cheap, don’t fucking go. it is a legitimate scam. nobody gives a fuck that you have a degree.

I’ve said it before, if I can’t land something in 6 months. fuck the degree I’m getting my CDL and driving a truck.

Interview update

I passed the height test etc, did a role play & group assessment exercise, then we got split into two groups. One had 20 people one had 10, and we went into different rooms. I was in the smaller one.

We passed!

So, we got to stage 2, the 2 on 1 interview. It went really well and I think I was well received/liked 😊

So I’ve been at the new job around two months now. It’s going pretty well. I’m enjoying the work and handful of people I’ve worked with.

They’re talking about promoting me to lead carpenter and having me run jobs in my city and the surrounding area.

I should be getting outfitted with more tools in the next few days and a company vehicle in the next few months. Which is hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m quickly running out of room in my car.

I was hoping to be with the company a bit longer before running my own jobs but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It was just nice not having the responsibility.


Here are my top three must dos for graduates:

  1. Get your resume in tip top shape. The resume is not going to “get you a job”, but a necessity to apply.  Make sure it properly reflects what you want. Don’t get hung up on fancy formatting, but make it look attractive enough for the viewer to be interested in reading it.
  2. Set up a Linked In profile that demonstrates your personal brand.  Please pick a picture that represents you professionally, but also with personality. Linked In is your personal network that will bring you tons of value now and in the future. Make sure it represents you in a way that recruiters will want to find out more about you. Don’t copy and paste your resume.
  3. Start connecting now. Every connection you make brings you closer to your goal both in job seeking and within your career. Connect with teachers, internship managers, and employers. Let them know you just graduated and tell them about your future pursuits.

Start with these to give yourself a foundation for success.

Commencement means beginning.  You are about to embark on the most exciting journey of your life.  Make it count.  Be proactive.

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Work issue. I was treated unfairly they noticed my change of mood and wanted to know what was up so i told them. They felt bad and told me they wish all the workers were like me and i do no wrong. They want me happy. Other people get paid more than me but i do more and have save their butts with lots of things. I was told to try and ask for a raise or if i should leave all together but get paid less and treated better. Thoughts ??

To be honest, that’s your call to make. Sometimes getting paid a little bit more isn’t worth the amount of work you have to do and the amount of drama you have to put up with. For myself, sometimes I settle with a slightly lesser hourly wage because my work would’ve been more fun. Of course, I’m not trying to raise a family so to me cutting back my grocery budget isn’t a big deal but if you’re someone who is highly dependent on those extra couple of bucks or whatever the salary difference is then perhaps it would be a better option. I work three part time jobs and I can tell you in all three jobs I do significantly more work than my coworkers but we get paid the same amount hourly. Do I resent that sometimes? Sure but at the same time I do enjoy my jobs so it’s tolerable. 

You really should sit down with yourself or a few trusted coworkers and think about the pros and cons of it. Think about the money. Think about the work load. Think about the benefits and the deficits. Then make your choice. I can’t tell you to do one thing or another. The choice is yours. 

Always by your side,


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I screwed a bunch of things up at work today/did some things wrong and now I'm freaking out 😩

Hey it’s going to be okay. Sometimes things happen. Tomorrow is a different day and things will go different. For now just try to relax about it, distract yourself if you can.

Does anyone else have advice?

—Mod Anna