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The Spirit of JFK lives on.

Some of the displays on the 7th floor of the Texas Book Depositary which is now the ping

The camera of Dallas Times Herald Photographer used to capture the shooting of Oswald by Ruby. Ruby’s hand-written note to his Lawyer & Oswald’s wedding ring

Today's Cape Cod Daily Deal is Buy One, Get One FREE Admission to the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum on Main Street in Hyannis

Selamat Sahur dan menunaikan ibadah puasa Ramadhan buat teman2 😇 warm regard from

Quick stop at the White House on this President's Day

wait presidents are allowed to accept responsibility for failures and vow to change? shiiiiit

The bridesmaid dress is so pretty, I would totally wear that, even in 2017

The wonderful in Hyannis, MA. Just opened May 2017. The Kennedy oasis retreat home. Great to be here.

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What you’ll find —at JFK’s desk

Rowland Scherman, Civil Rights & Peace Corps Photographer

HI Hyannis

Rowland Scherman is an iconic photographer that took the first photos of the Peace Corps after President John F. Kennedy introduced the program in 1961.  He took photography of the Civil Rights movement thereafter, capturing some of the most well-known images of the era.  Rowland’s photography has captured the spirit and the energy of the 1960s, demonstrating how visual depictions of social movements can have powerful effects across diverse communities.

Rowland, now a Cape Cod resident, partnered with the Hyannis Hostel and the JFK Museum of Hyannis to deliver a presentation about his photography at the museum.  He discussed the inspiration for his work and what it’s meant to him, especially in the context of the International Day of Peace.  Hearing JFK’s call to service and action left him inspired, and he felt compelled to photograph these amazing changes that were transforming the United States.

At the end of the evening, Rowland actually offered to sign the flag that was being taken around to the many hostels of the Northeast.  When asked what he wrote, he simply said “I choose peace.”  We hope that he gets the chance to stay in other hostels soon and share his photography and his experiences with other travelers looking for inspiration.