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Another gorgeous first worn for her brother's wedding in 2014 but repeated for the Argentinian State Visit. Look at those too! I wonder if we'll get a new gown or a repeat?? 📷Telegraph & Express

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Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Compact and Pill Box by Van Cleef & Arpels

Single-cut diamonds, calibré-cut rubies, gold (French marks), mirror in the compact which measures 8.2x5.2x1.2 cm, pill box measures 3.0x1.8x0.7 cm. Compact is signed “Van Cleef & Arpels”, pill box has maker’s mark. Includes the brown slip case.

Christie’s London Important Jewels Sale 06/13/2018

Common Gem Stone Jewellery Craftsmanship in Australia

Gemstone and semi-precious stone jewellery look versatile, and it is one of the most beautiful things you can add to your Bijoux box. Jewellers in Canberra craft beautiful jewellery which plays an evident role in creating your personality.

Common types of stones widely used in the process of jewellery designing:

Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones are rocks that are not minerals. They are finely cut and designed in different shapes to be embedded in rings, earrings, bangles, armlets and other stylish pieces of jewellery. Some of the widely used semi-precious stones are amethyst, agate, aquamarine, aventurine, citrine, coral, etc.

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia stones are basically similar to diamonds. These stones are synthesized and crystal clear to look at. They are affordable and cost far less than diamonds. These stones are hard; they do not break nor chip and are robust just like real diamonds. They are used in designing rings, pendants, and bracelets. They are usually set in gold, sterling silver, and platinum metals.

Stone settings performed in the jewellery designing process:

Jewellery designing is an art. There are three most common types of stone settings used in the designing process.  

·         Claw-like setting: This setting is the most common one for solitaire or engagement rings. There are mainly four to six claws which are attached to the ring’s band, which rises just above the ring and holds the stone in place. Single stone rings are mostly designed in this manner and they tend to leave a fabulous impression.

·         Flush setting: In this type of setting, the craftsman drills a hole in the band and makes the stone sit exactly at the level on the band. This gypsy setting is used while designing engagement rings for men. The diamond sits securely, and there are nil chances of it to chip or fall out.


·         Bezel Setting: This type of setting is mainly followed when it comes to placing larger sized gemstones. This design is safe for any ring that you wish to wear on a regular basis. In this type of partial or full setting, it basically encircles the center stone with a thin lining of metal which holds the stone perfectly in place.

Jewellers in Canberra are well-known in jewellery designing. You can go for diamond or semi-precious jewellery, both would add a unique style statement to your overall personality.