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My pops told me, ain't no fun partying on a budget... what that meant was, reach your goals and get your money right, then celebrate your wins...

Brain is fried from stress for this week but doodled out some jewels for practice!

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La pietra Lapislazzuli con le sue proprietà è famoso per abbassare la febbre ed agevolare la guarigione.

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Darling Jewel

My shine isn’t ordinary.

Things lurk behind it.

When you look through me,

Can you really see them?

The various hidden specks and glints of



danger; trailer movie - d&e

anonymous asked:

How many tiara events do royals do a year?

It really depends on the royal family.  Using the British Royal Family as an example these are the yearly tiara events

  • Spring Incoming State Banquet - everyone
    • Guildhall Banquet - this usually but not always takes place on the second evening of the state visit and is attended by a lower ranking royal couple like the Gloucesters
  • State Opening of Parliament - this used to include more royals but now it is restricted to QEII, Philip, Charles, and Camilla
  • Fall Incoming State Banquet - everyone
    • Guildhall Banquet - usually the Gloucesters
  • Democratic Corps Reception - this is restricted to QEII, Philip, Charles, Camilla, William, and Kate

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t really make outgoing state visits anymore.  The last one was in 2015 to Germany and when Charles becomes the monarch hopefully those will resume.  There’s also the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting which happens every two years and includes a gala dinner with tiaras which is attend either by QEII and Philip or by Charles and Camilla

Then there are events that don’t happen every year like the Duchess of Cornwall has worn a tiara to the Royal Academy of Arts Dinner and a banquet hosted by the Duke of Wellington to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  

And of course there are tiara events hosted by other royal families like weddings, milestone birthdays, jubilees, wedding anniversaries that are usually attended by the Earl and Countess of Wessex.

So I’d say six with the possibility of more.

lanelacy  asked:

That snake tiara doesn't even compliment the stone. This is the first time I've seen a tiara that is truly ugly.

Yes!  No matter how you feel about snakes being incorporated in a tiara, in this case the design does nothing for the stone which is a shame because it’s one of the largest cut tanzanites in the world.  In case you missed the the discussion of the snake tiara on Friday here it is.

anonymous asked:

Are the british high society still wear tiara on non royal events?

I think there are still private formal events where they would wear tiaras but since I’m not a member of British High Society I don’t really know.  A more public event is the Royal Caledonian Ball which happens every year in London and is in aid of Scottish charities.

riffraffrouge  asked:

What are your favorite books about tiaras/ royal jewels? Sorry if you’ve answered this before!

I’ve mentioned some here or there but I’ve never made a post so thanks for asking!

Tiaras: A History of Splendour by Geoffrey C. Munn -  I mean this is the book on tiaras.  It was my first jewel book of any kind and it sparked my obsession with tiaras.  It truly is a complete history of tiaras and goes through the whole journey of what they mean, how they were worn, how they evolved, etc.  Munn stated that he wasn’t trying to make an encyclopedia of tiaras and that’s not what this is but there are still so many details about individual tiaras tucked away in it.  He also got just about every royal, noble, and tiara owner in existence to loan him their tiaras to be photographed and answer all sorts of questions about them.  The acknowledgements page where he thanks everyone makes me laugh because it is literally everyone.  The photographs and information are both stunning.  I just can not recommend this book enough.

The Queen’s Diamonds by Hugh Roberts - This book was published to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Roberts is the former director of the Royal Collection so he had unprecedented access to the jewels and the archives.  This was a big deal because when Buckingham Palace had agreed to help with books in the past they weren’t really much help.  Leslie Field said that when she wrote The Queen’s Jewels in the 1980s she would send the manuscript in and they would just write no in the blah but wouldn’t tell her what was wrong.  The information is extensive, correct, and it even features bits from Queen Mary’s jewelry inventory which she kept herself.  The photos are huge and plentiful.  I especially love the organization of the book because each piece is taken one at a time with all of the detail and photos like an encyclopedia entry.  I dream of there being a follow up called The Queen’s Gemstones with all of the emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc.

Cartier by Hans Nadelhoffer - Cartier is my favorite jeweler and this is by far the best book written about them.  A big thing that I like about it is that since Cartier had clients all over the world this book covers a wide variety of people.  There are lots of great pictures but it’s also a bit more of a scholarly text then the typical jewelry coffee table book.  I don’t have many jeweler specific books and the others have a more promotional feeling, which is fine it’s just not what I’m looking for.  I don’t have Vincent Meylan’s books on Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels yet but I hope they will be more like this one.  

Spectacular: Gems and Jewelry from the Merriweather Post Collection by Liana Paredes - I have an ongoing quest to find out more about tiaras owned by Americans because so many people think that tiaras are just for royalty but that’s not true.  All of those famous Gilded Age New York Society families like Astor, Carnegie, Drexel, Mellon, Morgan, Rockefeller, Whitney, Vanderbilt, etc. would have owned tiaras but there is so little evidence of it available to the public.  Marjorie Merriweather Post was later than that time period but she was still a great collector of jewelry and she and her daughters donated most of her collection to various museums so a great deal is known about her jewels.  This is a bit lighter coffee table type book than the others but I’ve really enjoyed it. 

I have a lot of books on jewels but there are so many more that I want.  I’ve bought most of mine used since some of them are out of print but even used they can be expensive.  Also, my collection is very focused on the British royals which makes sense because they are all in English but I wish I had more books about other royal families.  There are a few out there but they are in the language of that country so I haven’t been able to bring myself to spend so much money on them when I won’t even be able to read them.  I think the only English language book out there that’s not about the British or the Russians is Jewellery of the House of Savoy by Princess Maria Gabriella and Stefano Papi and the cheapest used copy on Amazon is $350!  I wish there were more royal jewelry books being written and I’d especially love a book about the jewels in the Bernadotte Family Foundation with the set up and pictures like The Queen’s Diamonds.  I would learn Swedish for a book like that.
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