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||| Intel Xeon X3440 x3440 cpu, 2.53GHz LGA1156 8MB Quad-Core I5 650 i5 750 i5-760 (working 100% Free Shipping)in stock

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Blue Dots on Black Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant on 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain

Bangle Bracelet. Rhinestone Bracelet. Jewel Tones. Bangle. Pink. Blue. Green. Silver. Gray. Orange. waalaa.

Sarah Coventry. Earrings. Large Clip Earrings. Water Nymph Earrings. Silver Clip On Earrings. Vintage Earrings. waalaa.

From Thursday until today I’ve been on duty. Now I’m taking a fortnight off for a particular reason... Any ideas what’s in the box? Thanks to for its contents 😊

A jewellery box with the name Mike Gell in gold across it

Waterfall Photograph, Bulcamatta Falls, Burralow Camping Site, Near Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia, 9X6 Photograph

Chipmunk Pumpkin Brooch. Fall Pin. Autumn. Halloween. Thanksgiving Brooch. American Greetings. waalaa.

Read 150 subj till climax site opines: In debates accuse of not restraining their gaze at women (desiring them). Well it is like asking not to at the and desire them.

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Here are some off my favorite accessories!!

The first picture is my gloves and custom bag from my inspiration, they are off great use to most outfits!!

The second picture is all my pins that I usually have on my jacket!!

Third picture is a mix off stuff, a viking necklace/pin, pearls from my grandmother, my gold birth necklace and the star made out off 5000 year old black wood.

Last picture is my pin/necklace from my inspiration and a necklace i got from one off my best friend as a birthday gift

Ancient Egyptian gold finger-ring depicting the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Akhenaten (r. ca. 1353-1336 BCE) and his wife Nefertiti as the deities Shu and Tefnut.  Now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Beautiful Bulgari diamond bangle bracelet with matching diamond ring!!! 💎👌🏻💎💙💍💙💎👌🏻💎 xxx. Repost with @Repostlyapp @moda_fashion_beauty_1
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Fashion Fix trend blends are five stylized sets put together by Paparazzi Accessories designed to beautifully compliment each other for just $20.
Each piece is $5‼️
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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your blog. And I just want to ask your opinion about the Portland Sapphire Tiara. I hope you will answer.

Thanks, I’m afraid I don’t have a very high opinion of the Portland Sapphire Tiara.  I have this thing about colored gemstones and pearls being used together.  It takes a really amazing design for me to overlook that and this one doesn’t have it.  It’s simultaneously too open and too heavy.

My other issue is the size of the thing, the circumference is huge.  Look at at how big it is on the Christie’s employees head from when it was auctioned in 2010.  If she had tried to wear it properly so that it was facing forward, it would slide right of her head and be a necklace.

The Portland Diamond Tiara on the other hand is stunning and one of my favorites.

So while I was rifling through my gem drawers last week to find cool amethysts I also discovered some old projects from when I was in school. Not sure if these are of interest to anybody but I enjoy the nostalgia.

Projects include: laminating stones into patterns, steel printing plates that didn’t etch fully, my “brilliant totally original idea” to chase copper pipes into a copper plate 🙄, various attempts to carve stones before I fully grasped how to do the basics, failed enamelling attempts and super heavy water castings, a cool but somewhat useless agate triceratops, and my tiger eye zebra wood brush project. What was I thinking?!

I had decided to cast screws in sterling silver and loop them through huge tiger eye beads (I had never made beads before-or since) the idea was to screw the soft silver into the zebra wood without splitting the wood or damaging the silver while making sure the beads were secure… 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I think I had also decided to make the brush part itself from scratch as well? Getting the brush fibres to line up in the profile I wanted and stay securely together in a silver cone was a headache and a half. Though I remember the other sets I made did work out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

my r.ook book - 25 may 2019

four earrings decorate my ears: stainless steel septum barbells in the lobes and silver buds just above. flexing my silver rings on my right hand, a brand new casio digital watch sits on the left wrist. a chain on my right hip, hovering over the soft black of my jeans.

a white and blue printed tank top, tucked into my jeans, pulled down just enough to accentuate my top curve. a black bomber jacket covers my cold shoulders, preventing me from getting the shivers every two seconds.

fishnet socks print their pattern into my calves, and black leather platform converse finish the look by making it just a little more rugged.

my makeup is simple, almost nothing. sunscreen protecting my sunlit skin, while a thin line of eyeliner expands to a little wing near the end. with the eyebrows straighter than usual and a soft peach liptint, i feel like i can take on the world.

and today, i just know i can.


Em breve… nova campanha! 💜✨🌙

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#temdqueter #musthave #instapratas #gypsygirls (em Campos do Jordão, Brazil)

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