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heart infusers on a chain

Currently working on some jewellery for a ballet company, creating knitted and beaded pieces for all ages. These fun crystal heart woven bracelets will be making their way to this month. . . #…

In this picture you see a woman and a Peacock who is fascinated by her jewellery, 1795-1805, Indian miniatures. Pieces by Hewaida Ramly , ........ &

Today is National Tea Day and us Brits drink 165 million cups a day. I’m more of a coffee lover, but always enjoy a cup of tea first thing in the morning. What’s your favourite brew?

For over a century, has been committed to a tradition of excellence, crafting exquisite watches and fine jewellery along with well-thought-out accessories. Visit us in-store to view our range of Chopard today.

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How To Make an Earring Holder/ DIY Jewellery Organiser (Super Easy)

Biggest little Spring Market

I had decided not to do another craft show, but the vendors at this one are pretty darn excellent. So I’ve been prepping some of my ‘wares’.

It’s located at the Middleville Community Centre which is 4203 Wolf Grove Rd, Lanark, ON K0G 1K0, according to Google Maps.

I’ll be closing my store for the day, but everything will be reopening on Monday, 23rd April.

See you there on Sunday 22nd April!

[image description: a clear acrylic charm shaped like a rainbow descending into clouds, attached to a silver-coloured chain through a hole at the top of the rainbow. The charm contains a five-coloured rainbow in aro flag pride colours–dark green, light green, white, grey, black–that is finished with white clouds. The word “pride” is printed in black sans-serif type over the rainbow. The pendant sits atop a background formed of three pieces of colored paper laid over each other at varying angles: pastel yellow, pastel blue and rainbow.]

Rainbow Pride Necklace by @riotcakes

Price: $20.52 AUD.

Please check links for regional pricing, as Etsy only shows prices for me in AUD. Items ship from Germany with far more affordable shipping rates than US-based sellers (so I recommend non-North-American aros check this out).


Catholic Guilt

Our testament to god. 

Dramatic palaces, architectural feats in your memoriam. 

Stained glass murals of your divine saints dyeing the daylight technicolor hues, as it glazes over our sin doused skin. 

Large and ever present, the painful reminder of sacrifice looming above head. 

Scattered golden ornaments, bread and red wine in abundance.

Autistic marvels bedecked by large  humming brass pipe organs - vibrating holy praises so high. High enough that they may pierce through the clouds, through to your court of angels and fall on your agog ear. 

Hopes and doubts all mixed together with disgruntlement and submission, as your miracles fall to their knees in awe of your incomprehensible majesty.

How we long to see you.

Rather you than the rich violet and deep blue textiles draped over the shoulders of those who stand on platforms and preach your gospel. Servants with rubies and emeralds jammed into their gold frosted embellishments - their necks and fingers flooded in opulence while they, more often than not, discredit your name. While the poorest of the parishes being forced to the back of your cathedrals and still follow every teaching to a fault, in desperate attempt to feel your light. These are the ones who have been sentenced to starve and struggle. Condemned to die and battle to prove their loyalty, these, your most devout.

Sorry, but I long to see your glory over a testimony.

- Marang Motswai