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Fanart #10: Here is my Vintage Cartoons fanart!

Thanks for making our childhood a memorable one. You will be always in our hearts as Shane... The wind ranger.

Recommended French-Japanese Anime Series: Oban Star Racers Genre: scifi, sport, racing, drama, mecha, adventure

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Настроение бросить все и взглянуть вокруг, оглянуться назад, духи со мной связаться хотят, мир не таков каким кажется он...

На улицах Монреаля внезапно обнаружили Бобби:

Спустя 9 лет после закрытия Джетикса

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This is accurate, The Buzz on Maggie (June 17, 2005-May 27, 2006)

Does anyone remember Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! (?


I did a Liltle redraw of Chiro… because… god he was my crush when I was little XD

Normal version

Ma Version

Young Chiro

Older Chiro~

There it is! Im sorry for not posting, kind of bored and with no inspiration

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“Galactik Football” logic.

In the show, there is a magical energy called Flux that is so powerful that it is forbidden to be used except for soccer games so it won’t be used for war.

You  think gun violence could be solved by only allowing the use of guns in football matches? Or how about only allowing the use of nukes in basketball?


Just for Fun, this is Toon Disney’s Schedule from August 28-September 3, 2006. That week had their action programming block Jetix air about 14 Hours on Weekdays (6 PM-8 AM & 7 PM-6 AM) and 20 Hours on Weekends (6 AM-12 PM & 4 PM-6 AM). That’s about 110 Hours of Jetix programming a week while Toon Disney only had 58 Hours of programming a week. 

Toon Disney had their “Big Movie Show” airing Weekdays at 5 PM, and their “Play it Again Jam” where they showed different back-to-back episodes of different shows every weekday morning.

If you remember these Toon Disney and Jetix shows, I would love to hear it. 

As of 12 AM Eastern, on this day, 10 Years Ago at the time of this post, Toon Disney and Jetix officially rebranded to Disney XD on February 13, 2009, and just like that, the Toon Disney and Jetix brands were officially dead in the United States. 

Here’s hoping for a another Ten Years, though I’m not holding my breath on that :)
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