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Jiggle Watts, from our friends over at , is an arcade game with over 90 levels of brain-busting puzzles. Play with cute jelly jigglers in a world and earn for daily challenges!

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We are testing jelly brains for Halloween, and my brain seems to have a leak, and is also a bit sloppy.. In the fridge now, and fingers crossed!!

My first trinket of the year is a miniature jelly that's pull string actuated. its brain board comes in tomorrow :D

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Love your I πŸ’› With no brain, made of 90% water & a group called a smack, what's not to

Making jelly in the shape of a human brain, as you do.

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Just a personal heads up

I might disappear from here for a few weeks. My current work is hellish right now, and I have no energy left for personal involvment in anything. Plus I might get involved as a witness in a case of battery so that’s like… yeah.

Sorry if I don’t reply, if I ignore you, etc.

Also: I might still lurk and reblog things and even post stuff to just get steam off, but I am in no state of reciprocity. Sorry about that. This will get better soon.

Take care people. I will try to hold the line until the 21th of december.

@fleursouverain said:

that leak sounds strange imo. a week before release sounds weird unless it was done before. and it’s supposed to be at other places too iirc

       Hmm, now that you mention that it is a bit far fetched! It was just a leak and could very well just be a rumor