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they have no heart, no brain

My first trinket of the year is a miniature jelly that's pull string actuated. its brain board comes in tomorrow :D

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Love your I πŸ’› With no brain, made of 90% water & a group called a smack, what's not to

Making jelly in the shape of a human brain, as you do.

: Finally, we dissected a brain to remove some foreign objects.just for fun!!!

No brain, no heart, no lungs, no appendages and still beautiful.

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guess who spent more than twelve hours writing a paper and didn’t finish it yet? this guy here.


@tyleroakley “DIRTY NAUGHTY BRAIN” 😈🎺🎺💚💚😅💛💛😝💖💖

[Self Examination is Important!]

[Stay Healthy!]

[See Your Doctors!]

[Get Exams!]

[Get Tests!]

[Get Checked!]

[I’m a woman!!!!!!!] 💖

Hi it is I

My depressive state: 

Basically, my brain goes into this thick jelly state when I push it to not go into a maladaptive daydream mode, and I get physically drained to do anything because of it. Usually, this lasts for about four-five hours. I feel like everything is jelly, the air, the food, my atmosphere like I’m slowly doing a running-in-dream sequence but in real life. I got off melatonin but my sleep routine is going to shit again so I guess I’ll be back on it soon.

This time my jelly state has lasted for nearly two-and-a-half days. My doc said we’d try to curb meds. But that doesn’t seem to be happening. But s’all cool.

 Brain bby, fuq u and your lump ass behaviour.