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It's ! What do you like with your ?

My first trinket of the year is a miniature jelly that's pull string actuated. its brain board comes in tomorrow :D

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Love your I 💛 With no brain, made of 90% water & a group called a smack, what's not to

Making jelly in the shape of a human brain, as you do.

: Finally, we dissected a brain to remove some foreign objects.just for fun!!!

No brain, no heart, no lungs, no appendages and still beautiful.

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  • me: looking at black keyboard
  • brain: gelatin colour. Eat
  • me: ???????

So I just finished Reply 1997 and omg how lucky was Nam Ji Hyun to have gone from Shopping King Louie to Suspicious Partner. Or should I say, from Seo In Guk to Ji Chang Wook, who have to be my most favourite actors by a million miles. Please let the rumours be true that Seo In Guk is going to be the lead in 100 Million Stars From The Sky! 

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How the lords beat the heat

BIG HC incoming! first time writing all the lords hopefully they’re in character

format borrowed from @otome–gokoro‘s headcanons to try a different style for headcanons

Nobunaga puts his iron war fan to good use when the heat wave hits Kiyosu Castle. Anmitsu becomes his new favourite dessert. Frequently takes the retainers down to the river to learn how to fight in muddy conditions (read: have a good time in the water). 

Mitsuhide learns quickly that hot weather kills his appetite when the sight of his laden lunch tray makes his stomach churn. He explains the situation to the kitchen maids, and they arrange to switch his main meals to smaller, frequent ones. Snacks on pickles and umeboshi as he works. Occasionally finds unadon outside his door courtesy of Lord Katsuie.

Yukimura changes the training schedule so his men can avoid the scorching sun. They now train early in the day before the sun is up and resume when the sun goes down. Keeps himself hydrated in small, frequent sips to prevent heatstroke.

Saizo gives up sleeping in trees/on the roof in the day as that is suicidal. Hot air rises. He locates all the shady areas that are nap-worthy and stocks them with stores of water. Encourages Sasuke to nap in the day when the sun is high - training will resume when night falls so save your energy for then.

Masamune sheds his haori whenever possible. In the privacy of his room, he applies cool towels to his wrists, neck, ankles and over his eyes. Strongly encourages Kojuro to join him at sword’s point when the other looks ready to drop from the heat.

Kojuro gives up smoking his kiseru as even that simple pleasure takes too much effort, effort he is unwilling to spare. His fringe is now up at all times as he drips with sweat when it comes down. Sleeps spread-eagle at night and kicks the sheets off.

Hideyoshi keeps his doors and windows open all day long. He reminds everyone at the residence to take things easy in the heat of the day unless there is urgent business to be done. Strips off the top half of his kimono when the heat gets too stifling.

Inuchiyo dips his feet in a basin of cool water. It’s refreshing and reminds him of hot days in Kyoto when he used to wade in the river to cool off. Wishes he doesn’t have to keep changing the water every so often.

Ieyasu gets absolutely cranky from the heat. Hurling insults at Tadakatsu is tiring after a while so he shuts himself in his room with various herbal teas and strict orders for no one to come near his room. Leaves a pot of chrysanthemum tea outside Tadatsugu’s door as he can’t have the old man collapsing from the heat and shirking all his responsibilities.

Mitsunari would like to open his windows too but he’s terrified of six-legged creatures. Hideyoshi and Mitsunari hang a wet sheet (securing it loosely so bugs don’t fly in) at the windows so he can keep them open without fear. He makes sure to thank them because he’s not a barbarian.

Contrary to popular belief, Shingen does not go around in the buff during the dog days of summer. Everyone gets used to seeing him in his sleeping robes, a fashion that is quickly taken up as they are much cooler than daily wear. Tells the kitchen staff to take it easy on the cooking as it’s boiling in there - their health comes first. 

Kenshin believes that ‘a calm heart keeps you cool’. This has the unfortunate effect of sending Kanetsugu’s temperature and temper through the roof as he skips out on even more work than usual. On the other hand, he doesn’t go traipsing outside the castle as it’s too hot to go far so it’s easier to catch him.

After barging in on one of his cousin’s cooldown sessions, Shigezane adopted it to use alongside meditation. Lying atop a bamboo mat with cool towels placed at pulse points while he thinks of something or nothing is the ultimate luxury. Hiromasa discreetly confiscates all his shuunga as the last thing he needs is elevated body temperature.

it’s boiling hot even at night here and I’m pretty terrible with heat awah 😭 I may or may not have fantasized about digging into a new pint of ice cream lately 🍨

stay cool everyone!

Working night shift has made my brain completely jelly. I work from a dead sleep, answered my phone, did a hour long phone interview, hung up the phone and then went on to sleep a few more hours waking up with a vague memory of the phone interview but I seriously can’t remember anything about it. I did it completely on autopilot. Ah, well. I hope I did a impressive interview lol.