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Yellow Brain - Tremella mesenterica

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Jiggle Watts, from our friends over at , is an arcade game with over 90 levels of brain-busting puzzles. Play with cute jelly jigglers in a world and earn for daily challenges!

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We are testing jelly brains for Halloween, and my brain seems to have a leak, and is also a bit sloppy.. In the fridge now, and fingers crossed!!

My first trinket of the year is a miniature jelly that's pull string actuated. its brain board comes in tomorrow :D

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Love your I πŸ’› With no brain, made of 90% water & a group called a smack, what's not to

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anonymous asked:

i feel bad for liking td sometimes bc it’s just so problematic in so many ways, but like, idk i feel like most ppl should be mature enough know to take it at face value. bc the concept is fun and the characters are interesting and i think it invokes nostalgia in a lot of ppl. i feel like the writers just got ahead of themselves lol. idk if you feel that, or if you have a similar take on it?

See i have a huge nostalgia factor for td cause as a kid i didnt rlly look at every problematic thing fresh wrote in that i can notice as an adult. I feel if u take in ur media critically u should feel free to watch it. There’s a whole lot of a trainwreck w td involving racism, ableism, homophobia, sexualizing teenagers, god the list goes on so yeah its sad that a show with an idea SO UNIQUE AND GREAT has to suffer from the writer’s lack of care regarding these issues.

However if you’re able to recognize that there are issues w the show i dont think you should feel bad for watching it. You know the show isnt flawless and it takes a real fan of the show to know and understand that. I think you should consume it critically. Most of us here can at least enjoy it for the potential it had rather than what the writers did to the series and the characters. It’s best to like take something and be like “u did bad so this is my show now” dghsdh like there’s great fan content and season rewrites that do much better justice to the characters than fresh couldve done so like. The fandom part of it is fun and good in that aspect if you’d rather associate td with that to feel better!

not to kin yuugi  but i relate so spiritually to ‘idk how to process my feelings so im gonna scream words that dont mean anything and aren’t necessarily appropriate to this conversation’

They always ask ‘wyd’ but never ‘hyd’

this moment when just finished your Spanish writing homework, talked to your father in Croatian, texted your brother in English, work on your German homework and listen to Japanese music, while you think of your English presentation that you still haven’t started….

reigen: *insults the only person he has a genuine connection with, not out of spite but rather by immature projection, damaging their relationship and leaving him alone with his unsolved problems and no healthy coping mechanism which eventually drives him deeper into the hole that will inevitably shame him on live television*