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Hot Strings feat. Fred Böhler - St. Louis Blues

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毎週火曜18:20〜は 橋本 祥先生のJAZZクラス 今日はGIFTの新しい振付! このナンバーは本当にヤバイです😆✨ 全部繋がると一体どうなるの〜🤩 ひろみちゃんの手作りチョコもらいました💕女子力😍 StudioGAMBA本公演「GIFT」 9/1(日) 全2回 @ムーブ町屋

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Forest of Warped Fruits (STBB 624) by Granny David

Nubiyan Twist - Jungle Run (Strut Records)

Strut proudly present the brand new studio album from Nubiyan Twist, ‘Jungle Run’.

Now one of the leading lights in the UK’s new generation of soulful, genre-fluid artists, the Leeds-born and now London-based 10-piece collective have created their finest recordings to date, effortlessly weaving together elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, African styles, Latin, dub, hip hop and electronics in a flow of thought-provoking and life-affirming music. Recorded at the band’s own self-built Henwood Studio in rural Oxfordshire, the album effortlessly moves through different voices from the band’s circle.


Take Five - Banjo Cover 

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“Dark Dance” by Tomonao Hara

February 16, 2019 at Cafe Beulmans - Seijo, Setagaya, Tokyo

Tomonao Hara/tp(原朋直)Takuma Asada/g(朝田拓馬)Dennis Frehse/ds(デニス・フレーゼ)

Let Saba Abraha Tell You A Story of Vulnerability [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]

Listening to Saba Abraha’s music can only be described as ceremonial. Bound by no genre, Saba Abraha picks and chooses the most compelling elements of R&B, jazz, hip-hop, electronic and alternative to create her self-described style, “The Saba Sound.” Utilizing a narrative approach to her music has resulted in a limited discography filled with vulnerable lyrics delivered in a holistic way.

Raised in Senegal, West Africa, Saba Abraha moved to the States when she was six years old. Unable to speak English at the time she found solace in her high school library where her love for literature began to flourish. Inspired by Lois Lowry’s “The Giver,” Abraha was determined to chase her creativity out of high school and through college, aspiring to become a journalist. Unaware at the time, Abraha’s future plans would never come to fruition, at least, not in the sense she envisioned it.

College wasn’t panning out the way Saba expected. Growing more unaware of what she wanted out of life brought her academic career to a standstill. She was nudged by the lucky few of her peers who had heard her sing and insisted she pursue music. Only a few minutes of being in a studio was enough for Saba to become overwhelmed with her newfound passion, deciding anything other than becoming an artist would not do. She would release her seven-track debut EP, How Things Fly, in early Aug. 2016.

Saba Abraha would take the next two years to hone-in on her craft. Sporadically surfacing for the occasional feature, Abraha would only release a pair of singles in 2017, “Wicked Ways” and “Intensify My Being.” Pivotal moments in her career came that same year when she was asked to perform for Sofar Sounds and In Studio Live. The two D.C. based performance entities would play a major role in growing her notoriety to the surrounding DMV community. Before long, everyone in the DMV knew of or at least heard of “The Saba Sound.”

Rumblings of a new Saba Abraha project wouldn’t surface until the release of her single, “Pathway,” in April 2018. The ethereal single highlighted a new facet of Saba’s artistry and a clear sign of her growth from her 2016 debut. The following single, “Do’s & Dont’s,” would be the last glimpse into her forthcoming EP.

Saba Abraha would release her latest EP, Sweet Mirage, in August of 2018. The EP is immersive to say the least, progressing more like the reading of a novel than an album. Saba embodied her love for music and literature to create an EP that told a story. Production by De’Jour Thomas lays the soundtrack for Saba’s vulnerable storytelling and immersive experience.  

Saba Abraha is paving her way into the hearts and minds of listeners around the world. Focusing on lyrics and substance, Abraha is taking a mindful path to notoriety that few are tough enough to withstand. We are only two EP’s and a handful of singles into Saba Abraha’s discography and yet are already certain a full-length debut will leave us in awe. Saba Abraha isn’t an artist you should look away from anytime soon. 


TONIGHT Pre-#ValentinesDay Special with @RK_TRIO ♥️$85 dinner for two♥️

-Choice between a bottle of champagne or white/red wine.

-Choice between 4 different appetizers, and Soup or Salad.

-Choice of Kobe Steak or Sea Bass with a choice between 5 different sides

-With a special lovers dessert to finish

Our Pre-Valentine’s Day entertainment on Wednesday is live #blues and #jazz band RK Trio.

Don’t forget to make reservations!!! (at Huntington Beach, California)

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“Che Jazz!”

In questo istante sento il Jazz.

La radio è spenta,

i dischi sono fermi,

tu quasi non parli,

ma sento il Jazz!

Mi hai stravolta, sconvolta.

Il tuo respiro che si unisce al mio,

mi desideri,

forse ti stai abbandonando a me.

Che Jazz!

Giochi a fare l’audace,

lo vedo che hai paura,

non sembri a tuo agio,

hai paura ad affidarti.

Ma Cristo se sei Jazz!

Sto provando ad essere un po’ te e un po’ me.

Abbiamo bevuto, tesoro

e non capisco se vuoi più me o più te.

Nasconditi, che ti prendo.

Quanto mi diverto con te e il Jazz.


Thee Holy Trinity (dance remix) – DJ Megatrip, Maggie and Satan’s Grandson.

Matt King & James Edward Clark

back-up stories by Rian Miller, Tony Sedani, Bill Biron Couture, Dave Gordon, Johan Pedersen, Aitzuga Kun, Andrew Buck, MC Wolfman, Michael Ogilvie, Doc Zab, Phil Bratukhin and James Phillip Schmitt!!

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Relationship hcs of tfa jazz, tfa blitzwing, tfa starscream and tfa skywarp with a fem!human s/o who’s a relationship virgin?


- Jazz may have had a few flings, but when you admit that you haven’t been in a relationship before, he’s very careful

- He’s honored that you would want him to be your first boyfriend, and does his best to prove you made a good choice

- Whenever he gets some time away from Sentinel he offers to take you places in his alt-mode

- His favorite is to go to a club or restaurants where they have live music or karaoke

- Sometimes he’ll even go join in because he loves music and gets to show off to you, win/win!

- He loves when you get dressed up, but also knows it takes effort so he understands why you wouldn’t go all out all the time

- He’s very sweet and understanding, getting you gifts sometimes because he can

- Whenever he can’t come for a while, he still calls you for at least a few minutes to keep you posted

- He calls you by all sorts of nicknames if you allow him to, like ‘babe’


- Blitzwing may not be the best mech for your first relationship…

- Icy even admits as much before agreeing to the relationship. “Are you certain that you want me to be your first?”

- When you agree, Random pops up and just starts laughing, most likely making a comment about how you must be crazy like him then.

- He is violently protective of you, and will do whatever he has to to ensure you’re safe and happy

- If you ever get sad, Random will try to cheer you up by encouraging you to dance and sing with him, letting you hold one of his digits as he twirls you

- If that doesn’t work after a minute or two, Icy takes over to figure out what’s wrong while fighting down Hothead who threatens to destroy whoever made you spring a leak

- He really does care, I promise. He just doesn’t know how to people

- Don’t ask him for gifts unless you are very specific. If you say ‘Can you give me a hand’, Random will most likely offer you an actual servo from some dead bot….


- He’s also skeptical about if you’re serious, but he’s worried you’re trying to get past his armor to be able to stab him in the back or to spy on him for the Autobots or something.

- Once sure that you wouldn’t do that he puffs up with pride “Of course you’d fall for me! I’m powerful, I’m good looking, it’s only natural!”

- He’d catch himself trying to take advantage of you for his own gain like to spy on the Autobots or to use your size to steal energon from Megatron

- Once he realizes what he’s doing he swears he’d never let you get in harm’s way because he doesn’t want to end up losing the one person who genuinely likes him.

- Don’t tell him about how short human life spans are or he might try to find a way to make you immortal like he is by seeing what an allspark fragment would do to you.


- Similar to Starscream, he’s terrified that you will only hurt him in the end

- It takes a lot more work to convince him it’s not going to happen

- But he gets scared again as soon as you say he’s your first romantic partner. What if he does something wrong??

- He has no clue how to do relationships either so this is most likely going to end up as a disaster

- He can’t ask the other clones for help either because he’s too scared to try and he tries to keep you a secret so no one can take you from him

- He tries to get you gifts, but has no clue if you’d actually have any use of them

- It is nice though, for him to have someone who genuinely cares about what happens to him


Cherish The Day-SADE (Guitar Cover) 

by Justice Der