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REBEL NEWS: Legend passed away at the young age of 50, surprising fans and the world alike. However, next month UMG will be releasing a lost album of his work –– adding to the already amazing collection of jazz from the late musician.

祝ヴァイナル・イシュー Ondrej Stveracek Quartet / Sketches

GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL | Els flamants Scaramouche acomiadaran, aquest dissabte a , dos mesos intensos de concerts preciosos 😍 No us el perdeu! +info:

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Art Themen. Art is an incredible musician who gave up jazz as a career to pursue becoming an Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon but still plays jazz to the highest standard in his spare time. Find out why soon!

We're very pleased to announce that we'll be supporting Imperial Triumphant on their debut leg of UK club shows, as part of 'The Greater Good' European tour. 📅 03/11 📍 The Exchange, Bristol 📅 04/11 📍 Albert's, Nottingham 📅 05/11 📍 The Dome, London

A wonderful evening of music with Sara Dowling & the Chris Ingham Trio last night. The superb Sara achieves the perfect balance of mixing her own style with that of Judy Garland. At times it was like a Sunday night at the Palladium with Judy. An excellent show.

Heb jij al een kaartje voor de voorpremière van Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool gekocht via Filmhuis Lumen? Doen! Daarna op het Doelenplein een concert van Teus Nobel Liberty Group 'Journey of Men'. Kom zomers genieten! 🎷😉🍺

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Lee Morgan and Jackie McLean at Morgan’s Infinity recording session, Englewood Cliffs NJ, November 16 1965 (photo by Francis Wolff)

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Living Strings, Living Voices, Living Marimbas, Living Brass & Living Jazz

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Now that Jazz and Prowl are married, where do you think they went for their honeymoon? :D

I imagine they got bonded almost right after the war, so with things being so busy, they didn’t have time to have a honeymoon until a couple of years later! Prowl and jazz planned secretly and they both sprung the dates at the same time asdfghjkk it worked out though! Prowl brought jazz to a music festival and they enjoyed some disgusting street food together before cooling off in a private pool, then when it was nice and dark jazz took prowl to an old crystal cavern and he and the crystals played prowl some tender music before they headed home. All in all it was agreat day for them…. then optimus, ratchet and Soundwave butted in and sent them off to an actual vacation spot on another planet to give everyone some fucking peace asdcfgbhjk


Start !

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I'm just... So in love with the thought of jazz and Prowl having a trillion babies 😭😭 do you have more? I LOVED Lyric❤️❤️❤️


Their babies!!! Lyric is the final “oldest child” of the first bunch, then prowl took a break from having sparklings before starscream took over some parts of the justice division so he could have more time to raise his babies and it was back to the board!

Motor rail is the first ever sparkling and he takes after jazz in the worst ways - hes special ops, laidback to the point of almost being apathetic, and very heavy handed when his special people are in danger, but hes also got a soft heart and he visits prowl and jazz as much as possible to see his new little siblings

Moon pool and Shiner are twin combiners! Theyre missing one arm each where theyre supposed to attach. They only combine to form a vehicle, and the vehicle isnt even bigger than other vehicles, but since theres so much left of them to subspace, they are near indestructable and as dense as a diamond when together! It makes them perfect to act as stunt doubles in films or do crazy derby crashes for big crowds

Lyric is from the first batch is sparklings, and is the only “older” child still in the house. After motor rail, Moon pool and Shiner, jazz and prowl were a Lot more careful with Lyric, to the point where he developed a very cautious and shy demeanor to match the way they brought him up! Hes not very daring and he gets embarassed at even the tiniest mistake, but he’s fair at playing jazz’ electro synth and will perform a little song on family night for everyone

Spotlight is the first sparkling of the second batch, and is an adventerous leader for all the younger ones in the group! Hes a trouble maker and enjoys listening to street music. When he grows up he wants to be an acclaimed pop dancer, and is already very good at moving to a beat

Line up is jazz and prowls first femm (though maybe not their last) and she decided to be a femm after seeing and admiring prowl’s friend, arcee. Line up likes to practice swordplay with arcee and windblade, so she has a lot of strong femms she can look up to! She is also a trouble maker like spotlight, and they are almost always together plotting things and thinking up pranks

Cordon, Playback and Fast track are a trine! In praxian terms anyways. Theyre not split-spark like many other twins/triplets so they can decide to go their separate ways when they get older, but they so far have no interest in leaving each other! Cordon is the first born and the grumpiest of the group. The only thing he likes are sweets and his brothers! Play back is the second born, and hes a goody-two shoe who likes being in teachers’ favors. He wants to be an enforcer when he grows up! Fast track is the third born, and is very laid back, he likes napping on slow days and sunning himself outside!

Synth is the second youngest of the bunch and hes very excitable. Like most of his other brothers he likes music and being in fast vehicles. He likes to be carried, even by the trine, as long as hes being held hes happy!

Auto-adjust is the youngest of them all! Hes very young, so no one is quite sure what his personality is going to be like, but they love him all the same! Auto-adjust loves Motor rail the most out of his brothers, and will roll into Motor rail’s pede to get his attention!


A clip from my Latin Fusion Class tonight at @basementofnoho …. ••••••••••••
Artist: @robinthicke
Song: Everything I Cant Have
Class Every TUESDAY 8pm💃🕺🏽💃🕺🏽#lyrikcruz #lyrikcruzchoreo #latinfusion #mambo #hiphop #jazz #latinjazz #losangeles #hollywood #dance (at The Basement/Penthouse of Noho)

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Thanks for the ask @jimhuttons! Jazz is one of my favorite albums, it’s just so good and underrated!

1. Jealousy

2. Don’t Stop Me Now

3. Dreamer’s Ball

4. In Only Seven Days

5. Fat Bottomed Girls

6. Fun It

7. Leaving Home Ain’t Easy

8. Dead On Time

9. If You Can’t Beat Them

10. Let Me Entertain You

11. Mustapha

12. More Of That Jazz

13. Bicycle Race

“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 20 August

1. Bossa Nostra - Life  
2. Black & Brown - Tribal Boogaloo
3. Jestofunk - Fluid
4. Helio Matheus - Mais Kriola
5. Benny Latimore - Somethin’ About Cha’
6. Funky Destination - Little Darling
7. Young Pulse - Strong Survive
8. Ze Roberto - Lotus
9. Emilio Santiago - Bananeira
10. Marcos Valle - Nao Tem Nada Nao
11. Edson Frederico - Bobeira
12. Os Originais Do Samba - Tenha Fe Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer
13. Wilson Simonal - Pais Tropical
14. Staple Singers - Let’s Do It Again
15. Terry Callier - Lazarus Man

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

August 20, 1959

Nigerian percussionist Babatunde Olatunji begins recording his debut album Drums of Passion in New York for Columbia. The album is often credited with being among the first to popularize African music in the West, and sold well.


Olatunji had already earned headlines for his musical evangelizing — as a doctoral candidate at NYU studying public administration (he’d previously studied at Morehouse), he’d performed at Radio City Music Hall, as well as alongside jazz musicians at the Lenox School of Jazz. Below is a New York Times profile on him from 1958, just before his Radio City performance:


Below is Billboard’s (racist) review:


It’s not every day a severe thunderstorm rolls in while you’re filming a cover. 
Although the thunder was quiet, there’s a nice flash of lightning a minute or so into the video. Hope you enjoy…. <3 


it takes me a ZILLION years to decide i want to upload anything, ever, but here’s a song i wrote and recorded last winter that i dont hate yet! we’re calling this one Follow. its a little simple and the recording is far from perfect, but its something, and i feel good about it 😊