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This took for-fucking-ever cause I was NOT happy with the blending (which is what I am practicing getting better at) and I don't even know what to call it!! used pallets & lashes with .

Jawbreaker was just released on BluRay to celebrate its 20th anniversary, I still think made the coolest teen film ever and that gave us the fiercest evil bitch ever. 💘😈😜

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STAR don't forget to subscribe ♡ kung may gusto kayong ipagawa sakin para sa next vlog ko comment down below, thank u for watching guys xoxo

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Last week's Free For All look was Palette Bingo! 's Jawbreaker palette was a popular one to pick! Check out these 3 looks!

I know this look is about to flop here and on insta both :( Used ‘s palette for this complete look 💖 Brows and eye primer Eye liner Concealer in Fair 00 to cut crease Highlighter in skinny dip

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Jawbreaker is THAT 👏🏼 BITCH 👏🏼 - what better way to entertain yourself when you’re in bed with flu?

This film about murderous high school girls is a beloved cult classic and just turned 20. #SatanInHeels#wronganswersonly

ようやく着弾しました。 サイトには『エクスプレス配送』は3〜4日で到着とあったのに、結局10日かかりました。   

Makeup look for today’s new video 💕 using the palette from my new fave palette until I get the !!

Played with the palette last night!! Boy do I love the JSC formula! 😍 patiently waiting for my conspiracy bundle to get here!! ❤️

Wiggleで半額になっていたので、サングラス新調しました。 カッコいい(´- `*)

Another gorgeous 90’s track that was discovered in a classic movie from the 90’s is Transister’s song Flow. What a beautiful ballad. It’s Elizabeth Purr, the very picture of teenage perfection, obliterated by perversion.

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Jawbreaker (1999) - Dir. Darren Stein


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“Jawbreaker” (1999)

A trio of uber-popular, uber-bitchy high school “mean girls” (led by Rose McGowan, captured at her absolute peak of hotness) accidentally kill one of their friends during a prank that goes wrong - and then go to ridiculous lengths to cover it up.

The first half of this dark high school comedy had a mean streak that rivaled “Heathers,” but unfortunately the second half fell into typical ‘90s teen rom-com B.S. for far too long before the evil McGowan character finally got what she deserved at (where else?) the prom.

Not terrible but not a must-see, either.


Original en anglès de Jawbreaker

Vaig enfonsar els dits en la terra
i et vaig fer dibuixos del meu dolor.
Eren tan bonics
I tan banals

Posa les mans dins de l'aigua
deixa que et toqui per tot arreu.
Barca del meu pare
tallada de la meva…

Estic sol
Només hi sóc jo

Vaig aprendre a donar-me aires,
els necessitava per respirar.
Avui em desperto
em dic que aquest sóc jo.

Estic sol
Només hi sóc jo

Ara això és casa meva
encara l’estic pagant
Costa molt deixar anar
Agafo el telèfon.



You’re the reason I cannot forget this season, or the letter when you first referred to eight 🌸

At least I look better than my day was