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The Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns

Por fin ya han llegado los stickers de son sencillamente geniales, gracias y os animo a pillar unos.

Have a client who hasn’t paid? Send a message with this that decreases the opacity of their each day until it fades completely. by 👍

marketplace design session. A place where VSF developers and partners can share their themes, modules, look for talents or sell services. I'm really excited about it! Expect launch soon!

If you're looking for a Junior role based in where you can develop and build skills around with guidance from the best in the business, get in touch!

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Comparison of state management solutions for React — (via @takethefake)

constructor function and intialising object

function CarRacer (name, age, driversLicense, finishedRaces) { = name;

this.age = age;

this.drivesLicense = driversLicense;

this.finishedRaces = finishedRaces; 


var carRacer1 = new CarRacer(”Alex”, 31, true, [”Daytonna”, “Grand Prix”, “Mumba Rumba”]);  

Even less if you count commute (14 hrs/week), and getting ready (7 hrs/week), grocery shopping & meal prepping (4 hrs/week), so really only 30 free hours, or 4 free in a day.