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Jan 2019, I helped a client to pass his PCI scan (customers enter card numbers) =>

Not quite sure what I was expecting from today's sketch, but I'm kinda liking the inky results.

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RT @CodeWisdom: “The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything. The weakness is that you will.” - Reg Braithwaite

Working on the story manager when suddenly…is that a hot dog vendor in the detectives’ offices? 😂🌭

This week I’ve been working on what I call the “story manager.” Essentially, it keeps track of your main mission and other side stories that you may have found. Whenever an action is performed, it checks to see if it applies to any of the missions. If it does, it triggers an action, such as begin a conversation, add an NPC to a map, or begin playing music. The visual representation of this is the Notes app, where Erik can check on the progress of each story.

Here is a list of truthy and falsy values in #javascript.
You can always check if a value is truthy or falsy by placing a “!!” sign in front of it in a console.log, since it will convert your data to a boolean.
When would you need to use a check for truthy or falsy values? 📗

RT @codesandboxapp: The @reactjs team announced React Hooks exactly a week ago.

Since then we’ve seen a huge amount of new sandboxes created with React Hooks, 21,052 sandboxes to be precise!

In this thread we will highlight the most popular sandboxes created in the past week using Hooks. ✨🔥