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Damos la bienvenida🎊 al Colegio Cristo Rey, hoy en la capacitación de los docentes enseñando el sistema de aprendizaje Arukay.

D81/💯 & R2 Hi, devs 👋 Today, • Learned about classes of OOP. 😃 • I revised the lesson 2 "Shell Workshop" ( ) Should I write a blog on javaScript classes❓ Reply to me 👉

I just created script In this repository one script is created in Js if you put your username in that script then you can show your github activity means contribution (Activity) Page On Your Website/Portfolio repo link:- see snippets below🔽👋

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Day 5/100 : Created Sudoku Solver using JavaScript. Not able to work on pong which I started yesterday. You can try out the Sudoku Solver using below link : Your suggestions are appreciated.

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Live Website Debug on the Browser

Did you know you can use - document.designMode = ‘on’ - to live edit websites on almost every browser?