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- don't over complicate things and don't talk in jargon. I find this really puts people off; talk to them on their level, before they start glazing over and you've lost them!

What is used for accessing information contained in a database and executing commands to change, delete or add to it? The answer is in the MXMG Website Glossary:

what on earth is a “Head of Consumer”? “Head of Consumer what”?

Is always the bad guy? We drill down into this flagpole idea, and action a blog by close of play [blog]:

Is always the bad guy? We drill down into this flagpole idea, and action a blog by close of play [blog]:

Whoa! 's Jobs campaign is either funniest or most depressing thing I've ever seen. They compiled useless from a million job ads, identifying worst offenders & most overused terms. Employers need a talking-to!

Die Don´ts im ersten eines medizinischen oder einer – was gar nicht geht: Beliebigkeit, Chronologie, Lehrbuch-, Unverständlichkeit via

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has a place - it just needs to be the right place, with the right people, and at the right time! How does it fit within your ? That, and great Commercial Lease Agreement from

Some thought leaders in business see as some kind of —and speak about it in . Let's be clear: rocket science it is not. By More on that in:

Some thought leaders in business see as some kind of —and speak about it in . Let's be clear: rocket science it is not. More on that in:

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Y'all,, ngl I have the stupidest mixed & overly blended jargon,,, I will literally say “hey y'all all are a toats fuckin rad m'dudes” whilst dabbing and wheezing like a dinosaur. Or I’ll look you dead in the fuckin eye and use my weirdest Australian accent and “oink yer wanna huckin’ go THE FUCKITY YOU SAY TO ME YER FUCKFACE WEEIN CUNTBAG” or “UwU *insert a blend of six different vines in less than 6 seconds* and that’s the tea sis”

The Jargon I Want

I look for you in all the letters that surround me. I hang onto the words and phrases that remind me of you and your touch. I miss you. I long for you. I crave your attention. Your warm morning smile that pierces my ever wakening soul. I want the words that cease to exist yet, so that I can paint a picture of you. I crave the daring look of oblivion in your eyes. It scares me see the gateway to the cavern of your heart. But I rest in complete content knowing its Me you long for more. 

Midnight acid

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My Linguistic Camouflage, or Masking

Wow, I think I’ve realized that my speech patterns become more formal and technical the more stressed I get as a visceral survival mechanism, which kinda short circuits when people like police or mental health workers who don’t know me think that I’m “putting on airs” or mocking them. 

If it’s too intense or goes on for too long, eventually I will become non-verbal.

Jargon and formal speech is just the first step along that process, which really makes me wonder about academic and specialized language in general honestly.

The more at ease I am the more informal and metaphorical my speech becomes, closer to my poor Scotian and Scouser origins.

Jargon Tourettes

Top 10 Overused Jargon 2018*

Overused Jargon (OJ) tells us what the media savvy think is relevant, useful, and popular. In some ways jargon is a gatekeeper, a cliquish code to separate those who get it from those who don’t. My selection is indicative of general trends with a bias towards the African arts and development worlds. These words are not sacred, and they need to be satirized and tested so that they don’t become enshrined, unconsidered, shallow symbols of in-group identification. Perhaps this can help to prevent the alienating and misleading effects jargon can have. Consider this a satirical vaccination against sophistry and let’s hope for a better tomorrow where cryptic condescension gives way to shared comprehension.


The elder states-person, the OG of OJ. ‘Innovation’ has somehow managed to remain atop the charts in spite of becoming a caricature of itself over the years. It also feels like we’ve been innovating for decades now, we might be due for some consolidation and refinement. Innovation’s longevity is a product of its flexibility (it can mean many things), its vapidity (it can mean nothing), and the novelty-chasing tech-centric culture du jour.

Eg. “The Innovation Initiative was initially based on the premise that all change is good. It later became The Department of Unexpected Consequences.”


Whether it’s measured in links clicked, or viewing time, engagement is usually a euphemism for 'keeping an audience’s attention more deeply for longer periods of time’. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this in itself, any creator wants their work to be engaging. Unfortunately, truly valuable engagement is about quality of experience, not just stats. It also turns out that trolling, click-bait, bot-baes, and other tricks work just as well, if not better than creating compelling, meaningful content - assuming that pure statistical engagement is the goal here. Even eliciting hate and outrage in the audience is preferred to eliciting the dreaded indifference.

Eg. “Once middle-aged super-users started gouging their own eyes out the e-ghetto slum lords sought to maintain high levels of user engagement by injecting digital crack directly into user’s blood streams via a fleet of nano-drones.”


It’s not mansplaining if you preface your long-winded speech with, “let me just unpack that before we move on…”  Poetic allusions to heavy baggage give this bit of OJ an ironic edge. Have you ever felt burdened by verbose unpacking? I have.

Eg. “As the morning’s first speaker, I unpacked the topic of discussion at such length the moderator had to stop me so we could break for lunch.”

Girl Child

A steady climber over the years. Indicative of gendered global SJW trends, the Girl Child™ is now the holy grail of target demographics and beneficiaries. The term is particularly popular in development circles where its feminist paternalistic slant strangely fits the industry-wide vestigial-colonial vibe. Besides, 'Starving African’ just feels so 1900s.

Eg. “Emergency! The ship is sinking! All women, girl children, and gender-non-binary-human-meat-sacks may board the life rafts first! The rest of you can fuck off.”


An up and coming term with the potential to rise even further in the charts. Its ceiling depends mostly on whether or not it remains a trophy word spoken in seminars and galleries. If it matures into active programs that directly enact de-colonial agendas the word may have to share the stage with other relevant but unsexy terms like 'supply chains’, 'resource redistribution’, 'local staff’, etc. It also has immense potential as a linguistic camouflage for bad art. Those who criticize 'de-colonial art’ may easily be shamed and dismissed as colonists, apologists, or sympathizers. The thoughtful critical landscape is pretty thin so similar strategies may be applied with other identity-centric words to shield questionable work from honest criticism.

Eg. “The former farm invader liberator had diversified his portfolio to include decolonizing luxury resorts, one free vacation at a time.”


This once exciting term is at risk of becoming nostalgic dross due to how much it’s been bandied about in African arts circles. It’s a victim of its own success. A tell-tale marker of when a term becomes OJ is that it inspires satire of a higher quality and awareness than sincere works.

Eg. “Afro-futurism enables us to imagine a future where our collective conscious, aka Wakanda, has morphed into a touch screen cell phone that purifies drinking water, and cures HIV.”


If a heroine feeds a starving village and no one sees it, did they all just starve instead? There can be no benefactors without beneficiaries and they must be documented, preferably smiling in situ despite the squalor that surrounds them. As a citizen of a country where most adults are unemployed I’d argue that employed development professionals should also be counted among the so-called beneficiaries. There’s no shame in getting paid if you do a good job.

Eg. “As I saw the tears of unrestrained joy flow from the beneficiaries’ eyes I knew my genocidal ancestors’ crimes had been forgiven in full. If anything, I’d earned some extra credit for future generations.”

Toxic Masculinity

The shortest way to describe a Tarantino movie. Some people seem to believe that all masculinity is toxic, but we unfortunately don’t have a popular catch phrase for them yet. Many men try to camouflage themselves by borrowing the props, costumes, and behaviors of their perceived superiors, essentially flaunting their overseer’s whip. You know it when you see it.

Eg. “The game show host gave Chloe a choice between experiencing an unspecified act of toxic masculinity and ingesting mercury; Chloe chose mercury.”


Curating used to happen in museums and galleries, ideal environments for  showing others you have better taste and ideas than the unwashed masses. Now it’s everywhere. Seemingly overnight the jargoneers stopped simply 'choosing things to sell in their shops’ and started 'curating bespoke collections for their boutiques’. It’s the same thing, but with bougie overtones.

Eg. “The fuel station manager curated a collection of limited edition off-white sequined jerrycans for his most discerning customers.”


I know what this word means to me, but after being assaulted by many misuses, and making many concessions for the sake of conversation and civility, I no longer have a clue what it means to the general public. I do know that in digital art circles it signifies 'cool’, 'cutting edge’, and 'dynamic’. At worst I’ve seen it used to describe a fixed work that people looked at without influencing in any way.

Eg. “The curator  of ’The Bricks are Present’ was puzzled when the audience didn’t transform into pro-bono builders despite the presence of the interactive bricks in the space.”


Habitually misused by talking heads who would have you believe their one-sided monologues somehow constitute a conversation.

Eg. “Popular Instagrammer @Philosothot69 had an ongoing conversation with her thirsty horde of male fans wherein she mused about being more than just her looks while they sent her flaming eggplant emojis and tagged their friends.”


Increasingly just a trendy way to add an air of faux-academic objectivity to ones’ personal opinions and preferences. A newb might say, 'I didn’t like District 9’, but a true OJ guzzler will declare that it was problematic. Like many such words its rise began sincerely within relevant contexts, but it has since been taken up cynically in other contexts. In a few years it may just be something glib people say about petty things in the ceaseless quest to sound woke.

Eg. “When eventually Phil voiced his critical opinions about the concept sketches for the mural, Kuda quickly shushed him, reminding him that, generous funding aside, his uppity whiteness was problematic. Thus Kuda attained her black belt in the dark arts of juggling feminism and racial politics.”


Triggered once referred to panic attacks that traumatized war veterans suffered after hearing loud noises or other shocking stimuli. Originally rooted in early studies of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or shell-shock as it was known then, triggered can now be trotted out to describe how you feel when someone is wearing the same outfit as you at the grocery shop.

Eg. Overzealous auto-correct and my aversion for proof-reading ruined my broadcasted Annual Christmas Party invitation message. I got so triggered I like literally died.

* by 10 I meant 13.


What if we always used the word ‘challenge’ instead of ‘problem’

First six of a Twenty-five frame panoramic, 360 degree view taken from northeast of the Lunar module LM looking west at panel and Flag, then to southwest at LM and counterclockwise to south and west looking into Surveyor Crater. Then panoramic looks northwest at TV and back to panel to complete 360 ciruits. The images were taken during the first extravehicular activity EVA-1 of the Apollo 12 mission,on Nov. 19,1969. Original film magazine was labeled V,film type was HCEX SO-168 - Ektachrome EF,high-speed color reversal,ASA 160 taken with an 60mm lens. Sun angle was low. Approximate camera tilt was Medium oblique.