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Placing ribbons on a rope as some tradition? Each ribbon awards a donation to who’s so helpful to me....I hung 10 ribbons for the recent loves we’ve lost. Thank you – at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

I’m so proud of my little kadomatsu for a happy New Years! Did it all by myself too.

【kanji study】井 well The shape of a well became the kanji "井".

部屋 - へや - Room とけい いす つくえ テレビ ほんだな まど カーテン げんかん ドア...etc

Congratulations, Martin さん! よくできましたね 🙌 Ready to have some fun with learning ? Ready to level up and become a true Nihongo Master? Then click the link below to SIGN UP for FREE❣️😉 ➡️

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The Knight of the Sky refers to the Straw Hats using the plural ‘you’ pronoun おぬしら/onushira. It stands out due to being decently respectful- almost everyone in this series uses either omae or anta (both of which are extremely casual) as their standard ‘you.’ 

The second thing that’s interesting is that nobody talks like this anymore- it’s antiquated language. There are a lot of Japanese pronouns that have fallen out of use/become more modernized over the years, and this is one of them. He likewise uses 我輩/wagahai, a similarly antiquated and unusual ‘I’ pronoun, when introducing himself. 

So basically, from the first line that the first Skypiean character we meet says, we know this guy is way out of the loop.


Uyumsuz evet… kimseyle konuş'muyor sadece sessiz'liği tercih ediyorum… anlatınca herkesin sağır olduğunu farkettiğimden… acı'larını kendine sakla, anlatmak sadece başkasına koz vermekten başka bir şey değil… bırak anlatınca geçer'leri… anlatmadan anlayan birini bulduğunda konuşmalı…


5歳になりました 5 years old 誕生日ケーキ Birthday Cake 総一Movie