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It’s still the same price as the Hilton lol I am staying at next year for at the £600 and it has a and the for the show will be there it has windows

A Teaser for our 2019/20 ! Mrs Twankey will be rinsing out her tights & dusting off her dresses in time for Tickets have been selling since - / 01492 577888 photo credit

Back in we looked at our Compliance Guide Part 1 - All Things Electrical. Today we thought we'd look at our Guide part 2. We look at and so much more! Take a look here for more information

Purchases and sales of homes reached 40,388 transactions in January, a slight year-on-year increase of 0.3%, according to the General Council of Notaries... -

"" was named after the lord "Janus". Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. He has two faces since he looks to the future and to the past.

My 2019 starting on a good note; : Amandi Open Champs🏆 : U19 Ladies National team 🏅 : Gayaza- Wakiso champs 🏆🥇 : - will be making 10yrs

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Awesome Cells at Work cosplay by @vann_weian.
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Road to Winter “Fell” by vinco camm


Päike sirutab end
Olin pilvi kujutlen’d
Kuid toas vangis ma
Välja hetkel ei saa

Kurvalt toas varje näen
Pime on, kui õue läen
Hämar on siis taevapind
Lumi valgustab mind

Päike sirutab end
Päev on pikenen’d
Kuis ma nautida saan
Kuis särab see laan

Küll ma vaatan veel sind
Sinu sära lummab mind
Oota mind natuke
Oota mind, küll sa näed


This Latin month name means “Seven” which is funny because it is the ninth month, but originally in the Roman calendar it was indeed the seventh month.

In Old English it was spelt Septembre, which is a cute and unique variation.

Time related names are quite in vogue at the minute, with other month names like January, April, June, August and May being frequently used, as well as day names such as Sunday, Wednesday and Tuesday.


When talking about myself
I still say
    quote depressive episode quote
and somehow can’t come
to terms with this
Depression being
a part of me, as if

I’m dissecting myself
after my death—certainly not by
suicide—and conducting
an autopsy, turning over
a tumor of Depression, still warm
in my cold hand.



New Beginnings 🎆 (January - March Vlog)

love, yobel 🌼