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Watch & Download England Is Mine (2017) in HD Quality & High Speed Server from {sitename} Gill Lawrence Hawley Lowden Brown Findlay Comer Pearce Kynaston McDonald Kirby Bell #2017

韓国7月公開映画『England Is Mine』ポスター ザ・スミス結成に至るまでの伝記映画 モリッシーを演じるのは『ダンケルク』ジャック・ロウデン 日本公開未定 7월 개봉 "잉글랜드 이즈 마인" 포스터 Lowden

오빠가 왜 거기서 나와? 거기서 오빠가 왜 나와? 왜 오빠가 거기서 나와? 오빠가 거기서 왜 나와? lowden

左←ジャック・ロウデン, 右→本物の若きモリッシーとジョニマ is mine Morrissey Smith Lowden

로우드니때매 덕질 자주하네ㅎ 's honour lowden

'shonour awesome meeting Lowden. Great young actor, even better young man! He absolutely nails Young Tom Morris. Must see movie!

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i just fucking miss dunkirk

yeah i have the movie and whatnot

but i miss everyone blogging about it

I miss the interviews

I miss the art

I miss the memes

I miss the videos

I miss the cast being all together


Who are you?

Summary: Jack thinks you are cute so he pretends to know you.

Pairing: Jack Lowden x female reader

Warnings: light drinking but fluff pretty much

Words: 593

Originally posted by zzzyao76

You took a sip of your drink after a long day at work. Thinking you deserved a little “end of the week” reward, you had stopped at a bar a few blocks from where you worked. Now you were sitting at the bar, glancing at the couples and friends while listening to the upbeat music. You weren’t feeling well and decided that it wasn’t your best idea, but you felt like you needed some alcohol at the moment.

Jack walked in and immediately noticed you, slumped over your drink and eyebrows creased. You were very pretty, with your dirty blonde hair pulled into a messy ponytail, strands of hair falling into your round face. Your hazel eyes looked around the room slowly, white teeth biting into pink lips. Jack sat a few stools away from you at the bar and ordered a beer, thinking of ways to get to know your name.

You finished your drink and called the bartender for another. “Sure thing, Y/N,” he replied, knowing you by name after your many drinks. You weren’t drunk, just slightly tipsy. You didn’t want to get piss drunk and go home with anybody, that’s for sure. You felt a pair of eyes on you and looked to your right, seeing an attractive man with tousled blond hair and bright blue eyes. His head was tilted and his eyebrows raised, staring at you intently.

“Y/N, is it?” he asked.

“Uh yes, do I know you?” you questioned.

“Yeah, it’s me, Jack, from California,” he responded. Jack was full on lying by this point but you had no clue.

“Sorry, I don’t remember you,” you said sheepishly.

“Oh that’s ok, it was a long time ago.”

“But I don’t know anyone from California. I’ve never even been.”

“I met you here, in New York.”

“I still have never met anyone from California.”

Jack knew he wasn’t going to convince you. He quickly thought of all the possibilities. He could just walk out of the bar right now and never see you again, could pretend he must’ve gotten the wrong person, or he could admit he’d been lying. He chose the second.

“I’m sorry, I must have the wrong person then. I could have sworn I met a girl named Y/N in New York a few years back,” he said.

“That’s ok,” you responded, “now you’ve met another one.”

Jack smiled at you, and before you knew it, you were getting to know each other, asking the simplest of questions, like favorite colors, to the hardest of questions, like aspirations and dreams.


(A few months later)

You felt breath on your ear and lips attached to your neck. It was a nice thing to wake up to, especially since you knew that Jack wasn’t leaving anytime soon. “Happy 4 month anniversary, babe,” Jack said in a raspy morning voice. You rolled over and looked into his beautiful eyes for a few seconds before pressing your smiling lips to his.

“Did you know that when we met, I was completely lying?” he asked. You pulled away and sat up slightly.


“Yeah. I didn’t know anyone from New York named Y/N until I met you. I heard the bartender say your name so I decided I should pretend I knew you. I just had to get to know you as soon as I walked through the door.”

“Jack!” you sat up fully and smacked him on the chest.


“You lied?! What the heck?”

“It worked though, right? Now look where we are.”

“Oh my god, Jack.”


They say sufferings are misfortunes. But if I was asked, would I stay as I was before I was taken prisoner, or go through it all again? I would say for God’s sake, let me be a prisoner again.

war & peace (2016)

Complementary (Collins x OC) Chapter 35: Birthday

Summary: Genevieve’s first with Jack, and as his wife, is a compilation of everything she loves… and furniture organisation. 

AN: I’m on hiatus at the moment, minimal writing for my mental health. But, since Article 13 is likely going to be voted into action in January, I wanna get these finished for you guys If You Would Have Me… as well.

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Measure for Measure Tickets for Sale!

Hi loves! So a friend of mine has two tickets for Measure for Measure on September 29th at 7:30 and unfortunately cannot go anymore. I told her I would help and see if any of you lovely’s might want to buy the tickets from her. See below for ticket info.

  • 2 Second Row ‘Stall’ Tickets (B24 & B25)
  • September 29th
  • 7:30pm
  • £75 together

These are amazing seats, like Jack Lowden eye contact guaranteed seats. So, shoot me a DM if you are interested and I will hook you up with my friend.

Love you all!

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anonymous asked:

Is Saoirse dating Jack or his brother?

Saoirse likes to keep her private life private. We all well know. I have a great  respect that if it is true, they are not willing to confirm it for the sake of the press and everyone else.