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•You And Jack Have Your First Son•

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daze // jack gilinsky

a/n: basically i wrote this forever ago and i just found it in my drafts so i figured i’d tweak it a little and spice it up and add some more and then post it bc yolo so enjoy maybe

summary: basically gilinsky is party boy and doesn’t care about school at all and rarely show up. one day when he does show up, there’s a new girl and his whole look on school changes. 

Originally posted by jacksdoll

Being the new girl at school sucks, especially when it is your first time being the new girl. You were beyond nervous, not really being the one for making new friends or being social. So, starting a new school where you have to make new friends and be social wasn’t in your expertise. Yet, here you were standing in the middle of the hallway, where no one else seemed to be, clueless on where to go. As you spun around to look for any signs to indicate where you were, or anyone to help you, you were left with nothing and no one in sight. Sighing, you adjusted you bag and began to walk down the hallway, glancing around in hopes to find the main office. You came to an end and looked both ways, still seeing nothing. Trudging along, you took a right and walked down that hallway, then took a left, and still had come up with nothing.  

“This is horrible,” you grumbled to yourself. 

 "Hey,“ a voice said from behind you, making you turn around. Your eyes were met with a tall boy with brown hair pushed up a little, brown eyes, and tan skin. He was really cute. "You okay?” he questioned, his eye brows coming together as he looked at your state. 

“Uh, yeah. Well, sorta,” you said, looking down. “You new?” he smiled down at you. You nodded as he grinned. “Where do you need to go?" 

 "The office?” You weren’t exactly sure. 

“I can take you there,” he smiled. 

“Really? Thank you so much,” you grinned. 

 "You’re welcome,“ he smiled, beginning to walk in the opposite direction you were heading. "I’m Jack, by the way,” Jack added, glancing down next to you. 

“y/n,” you responded. 

 "Well it’s nice to meet you, y/n,“ he smiled widely. "You too, Jack,” you giggled. After some walking he stopped and said: “Here we are." 

 "Thank you so much, you saved me from like an hour of walking around." 

"Anything to help a pretty girl out,” he winked. Your eyes widened as your cheeks flushed. His grin only widened at your reaction. 

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I hate this kid 😍😭

Dating Jake Miller Would Include…

  • Wearing his oversized jean jackets. The guy has quite a few so when he’s not wearing either of them, you’ll steal one.
  • Traveling with him and the crew. You mainly go for support but also tag along just to explore the grand cities you’ve heard so much about, especially New York. Jake’s happy for your support but also happy to see you’re enjoying the sights
  • Him asking for your opinion on his songs. Before you came along, he was fine. But now that he’s dating, he likes to get your opinion on lyrics so the song doesn’t come off too cheesy for his fans.
  • That Jess and Nick relationship when you’re out in public. You’re both not that big on PDA. Maybe a peck on the forehead or cheek and hand holding to make others comfortable. Other than that, you guys are like Jess and Nick from New Girl.
  • That Chandler and Monica relationship behind closed doors. When it’s just you and Jake, you guys can’t keep your hands to yourselves. Of course, when his friends are around, you like to keep that sort of PDA to a minimum.
  • Helping Chris cook meals. Since this guy is basically the chef of the house, you pitch in to take some of the weight off of him. Jake often films you and his best friend bonding over food in the kitchen.
  • Having that strong bond with his family. Jake‘s the type of boyfriend that isn’t the least bit butthurt when his family spends a lot of time with you. After all, you’re his girlfriend so they want to know EVERYTHING about you. Especially Jenny because she and Jake are like two peas in a pod. Together, you two bond pulling pranks on her big brother.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You guys are the type to workout together but not all the time. If you’re in the same room, it’s more so of bouncing tips off of one another. When you’re apart, you’re in messaging each other back and forth on your progress. If you’re not that big of a fan for working out, Jake would offer you some alternatives to staying in shape because, you know, he doesn’t like pressuring people to doing things that make them uncomfortable but he also wants his baby to stay in shape.
  • Moral support on whatever you choose to do. Whether it be your job or what you need to wear for a special occasion, Jake will always be there to support you just like you do for him with his music.
  • Watching a lot of chick flicks together. He adores action films with the guys but when he gets with you, it’s all about chick flicks. However, he doesn’t cry because that’s for you. When you do shed some tears, he’ll wrap you up in his arms and assure you that everything will be alright… mainly because you’ve seen the movie tons of times.

I feel like I’m forgetting some but if you want more of this smole bean, let me know.

I’m also going to tag @amylillian22 in this because I read a fanfic of hers on Wattpad… she’s a Jake Miller fan guys.

Late Night Games

{Jack Gilisnky}

About// a late night with the boys and somehow Gilinsky says that he loves you…

{Let’s start!!!}


k e l s e y  

         “Kels… you okay? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost or something…,” My brother, Jack Johnson, said to me while I was just staring at the mirror looking suprised. It’s not even a question that I look surprised, I just saw a video of my crush hanging out with my bestfriend on Instagram. I don’t know but I think I have no rights to be jealous.

“huh?… I’m okay….,” I say.

“oh okay… well me and the boys are going to the arcade. Wanna join?” Johnson asked.

“meh…” I said ignoringly.

“Gilinsky said he really wanted you to come…,”

“and that made more reasons to stay here,”

“you know he’s just trying to be good friend, right?” Johnson said.

For an answer…, I just sighed.

“Kelsey Johnson! Come’on give him a chance…,” Johnson shout.

“urghhh fine! And stop acting like your mom…,” I said sighing and grabbing my phone so we can leave.

“finally…,” Johnson act like he was waiting for me 1000 years.

-Uber Ride-

         Nice… I’m stuck sitting with Gilinsky in the back. As always he lays his head on my shoulder will playing with his phone. I never mind tho…but this time, I do. He was playing with his Instagram like girl’s pic…, another reason to ask the uber driver to crash this car.

“isn’t she pretty?” Gilinsky said while putting his phone infront of my face while making me jump.

I saw a girl that flirts with Gilinsky all the time, “I don’t know… but I love her the dress tho…”, I said lyingly.

“uhmm okay?” Gilinsky looked confused and pulling his phone again to his face…boy he is like almost kissing his phone…honesty gross.


“JJohnson…, can you leave me and Kelsey alone?” Gilinsky said.

JackJ just nodded and left me alone with Gilinsky.

         As soon as Johnson left…Gilinsky got closer to me.

“uhmmm hi… what are you doing?” I ask.

“I know you were a bit jealous… but please don’t… I was only kidding…,” he said holding my hands.


“uh okay…” I said confusingly.

“I loved you… and I always do” Gilinsky said.

And then I knew…this is the end of my life. Just kidding. Of course I said I love him too.


KelseyJohnson and he said he loves me while we’re playing late night games together


jackgilinsky, kyliejenner and 1.1280.002 people liked.

JackGilinsky : hi beautiful ;)

Kyliejenner : ^ wait… explain this…

KelseyJohnson: @jackgilinsky hello handsome…;)

KelseyJohnson: @Kyliejenner what if I don’t want to? And send me a hello to stormi<3

LoveyKelsey: wait… are u and G dating?

DelseyJJ: explain this please????

Shawnmendes: s h 0 0 k e d

a/n please calm down… I love madison to death but… I just love Gilinsky too… so don’t judge me please… I just want a good imagine. And I just had a heart attack after seeing kylie’s baby…lol

Happy Birthday G ☺️❤️
21 years of age 🤙
He’s been through a lot this year 🐸☕️ But he made it through thanks to his fans and friends
I hope he continues making some fire songs 🔥
Happy birthdayyyyyy!!!
(I would’ve done a better post but my laptops broken)

Send Me Prompts

I know I low key abandoned this blog and I’m sorry but send me prompts I want to write or ask me questions 😂😂😂

Fan Fiction

If you know of any accounts that write really good imagines, inbox me!

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Request: Can I have one where ur Jack’s little sis (not that young tho) and u were swimming or something with everyone somewhere and u hit ur head or something and they have to carry you out and u get stitches !!

Word Count: 604

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys played basketball obnoxiously loud, “what are we gonna do with them Zan?” I asked leaning my face down by the dog, he licked my cheek making me laugh. I watched my brother get the ball from Johnson, only to end falling on his ass, good one. 

I smiled, sliding into the pool, instantly feeling cooler since I was no longer having the sun beating down on me. I dipped my head back in the water, making my hair get wet and stay slicked back. “Be careful.” Jack called, making me roll my eyes and my face warm up. “I’m fourteen, I can swim perfectly fine on my own.” I responded, laughing under my breath as he grew annoyed with my response. 

I went underneath the water, easily swimming to the other side of the pool, popping up I saw Zan watching me excitedly, crazy dog, but I love him. I continued doing this for a while, enjoying the feeling of the water rushing passed me.

I let out a sigh of content as I popped up out of the water, catching up on my air since I was under for a while. “Zan!” I shrieked as he jumped in, practically landing on top of me, making me move to the side, resulting in me smacking the side of my head on the pool edge. 

I gripped the edge of the pool as I felt light headed for a moment, “Jesus, Y/N!” Jack practically jumped in the pool, along with Hayes who was getting Zan out of the way. “Are you okay?” Jack asked, grabbing my arms as I let go of the pool edge, I gripped onto him and winced. “Shit, you’re bleeding.” He mumbled and I widened my eyes, trying to reach up to touch my head. “No.” He pulled my hand back down, gently tugging me along with him to get out of the pool. 

“I can get out on my own.” I pulled myself out of his grip, trying to walk up the steps but I almost fell over, Johnson grabbed my arms, steadying me as I got out of the water. Aside from my brother, he was the one I trusted the most here. “It doesn’t look too bad.” Johnson mumbled, trying to make me feel better as Sammy put a towel over my shoulders. “Ha-ha.” I remarked to the blonde who was still holding onto me as Jack dried himself off quickly. 

“Come on.” Jack mumbled, lifting me up as we went to the car, “am I going to need stitches?” I asked nervously, surprised I haven’t cried yet, considering my head hurt like a mother effer. “Probably.” He answered honestly, tightening his hold on me when I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter. “I’m scared.” I admitted quietly, so no one else would hear. 

“It’s gonna be fine.” He assured me, setting me down so I could get in the car. 


I squeezed the hell out of Jack’s hand every time the doctor started putting in another stitch, “almost done.” The nurse smiled, and I just stayed still, obviously not being able to move my head. I widened my eyes at Jack as they started putting in the last one, he mimicked my face, trying to entertain me, but it didn’t work very well. 

“Told you it would be fine.” Jack smiled, and for once I didn’t mind him babying me, it was the closest thing to comfort I was gonna get right now. I sighed as he kissed my forehead quickly, “you scared me so god damn bad.”

They’re Twisting My Words


a/n; I just had this idea pop into my head and I really wanted to write it so here it is

Prompt: an interviewer catches you off guard with a question and they twist your words in their article 

Word Count: 1,519

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Y/N, do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” Some guy from an online tabloid asked me as I was pushing a cart of groceries out of the store. “Sure.” I answered, not wanting to be rude. “Got a lot of shopping done I see.” He started off, trying to lighten the mood, which was fine with me. “Well, when you live with two guys who almost always have their friends over, you need a lot of food.” I laughed. 

He laughed shortly before turning to a serious look, which no one will be able to see since he’s behind the camera. “So what is it like dating Jack? How do you deal with him becoming more and more popular everyday?” He asked, I kind of grew stiff, this is a difficult question to answer, one wrong thing and all hell will break loose.

“Honestly, when I had first met Jack, I was just this young girl who was like oh, I’m dating a very well known guy, what do I have to worry about, you know?” I paused gathering my words. “But then I realized the kind of emotional toll it takes on you, I mean their were times way back in the beginning of our relationship where I would sit there and think to myself, it doesn’t feel like we’re dating.” I took a breath, “it’s definitely gotten easier, we’re both more mature and we understand that things won’t always be like some fairy tale you read in a book. But we make it work, we love each other and we’re always there for one another and I couldn’t ask for anything more.” I smiled, thinking I handled the situation well. 


“Babe!” I called into the house, tugging two hand fulls of groceries into the kitchen. I heard footsteps and I turned assuming it would be Jack, “hey- oh hi Johnson.” I laughed when I saw him instead of Gilinsky. “He’s in his room, he said he had something on his laptop to show you.” Johnson explained, helping me set the bags down, I furrowed my eyebrows as I saw Jack’s laptop sitting in the living room. 

“Could you?” I asked referring to the groceries still in my car, “yeah sure.” He answered, cheery like usual. I walked over to the laptop, moving the mouse around so the screen would light up. Once it did I was shocked to see my face on their, a picture from the interview I just did. 

“Jack Gilinsky’s Girlfriend Says It Doesn’t Feel Like They’re Dating.” I gasped and scrolled down clicking play on the video. The first thing you heard was the guy asking me the question, I sat there watching it intently, gasping when it went straight to me saying things that I didn’t start with. “It doesn’t feel like we’re dating, but we make it work.” I grew angry as they played it again, I quickly closed out of the video before stomping my way upstairs to Jack and I’s room. 

“Can you believe what they’re saying about me?” I remarked as I swung his door open, he didn’t say anything just shrugged. I scoffed, before realizing he didn’t care. “You don’t actually think I’d say that do you?” I asked him, he just glanced at me before sitting up. “Maybe.” He sounded angry. 

“What do you mean ‘maybe’?” I deadpanned, he’s believing some stupid paparazzi over me, his girlfriend of almost two years. “I mean, maybe you would say that, for all I know you could’ve never loved me.” He spat, making me not upset, but angry- furious to be more specific. “If I didn’t love you why would I be with you?” I snapped, he stood up with his arms crossed. 

“So people would know who you are.” He offered up, as if I would do that. “Jack, you know me! I loved being an average small town girl. I came to California for you!” I defended myself, but clearly he was to pissed to even think about what I said. 

“Maybe it was for Johnson! I don’t know Y/N!” He shouted, making me flinch but he didn’t care. “He’s your best friend, mine too! I wouldn’t do that. What the hell has gotten into you!?” I shrieked, my voice cracking as I yelled. “I don’t want to do this right now.” He said calmly, although you could tell, smoke was about to come out of his ears. 

“Oh, no, no, no! You started this, damn it!” I told him, following him down the stairs, not even caring how stupid we looked as we walked into the living room now full of friends. “Y/N! I swear to god! Leave me alone!” Jack snapped turning on his heel making me freeze, our bodies inches apart, not in the oh, why are we fighting we should make out and get over it kind of way, but in the I trust him but he’s so angry and I’m scared type of way. “I’m going out, I need to get out of here.” He mumbled grabbing his keys. 

“Maybe I just won’t be here when you get back then!” I shouted after him, he stopped for a second before continuing on with his angry stride. I turned around wiping the angry tears off of my cheeks, just to see all the guys looking at me. “Say one freaking word and I’ll lose it.” I sighed as I walked out of the room, going upstairs and slamming the door. 


It’s been a little over an hour since Jack stormed out, and now I’m starting to feel guilty. I know I didn’t say those things the way they made it look like I did, I shouldn’t have gotten so angry at Jack. But he also should’ve had more faith in me, accusing me of using him for fame, wanting to be with his best friend, all of that is nothing like me.

My breathing hitched as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, our room being just a couple feet away from them. I checked myself in my phones camera quickly before the door opened revealing a sweaty Jack. I didn’t dare say a word, not knowing how he was feeling now, “I’m gonna take a shower.” He said, calmly, as if nothing ever happened. It sparked an anger in me, but not enough to say anything, he looked back at me before walking into the bathroom, shutting the door. I let out a deep breath, not realizing I had been holding it in. 

About twenty minutes later, Jack emerged his hair still wet but towel dried, a pair of basketball shorts hanging lowly on his hips, the band of his underwear visible like it almost always is. I watched as he walked around to the other side of the bed, getting onto it but moving all the way over to me. Normally I would cuddle into his side, but this time I just tensed, which he noticed as he let out a sigh. 

“I would never do anything that you accused me of, that made me the most angry.” I told him, looking straight ahead at the muted TV, some stupid cartoon playing on it, I couldn’t be bothered to change it so I just left it. “That was wrong of me to say.” He admitted, sounding disappointed in himself. I nodded, “I was angry because it made me look like I don’t treat you right.” He added, even though I was supposed to hold my own and not give into him, I felt my heart break at his words, knowing he always goes out of his way to do anything for me. 

“Jack-” “I let them get into my head, I should’ve trusted you more, to know that you wouldn’t say those things.” I looked at him, just to find that he had an upset look on his face. “You know, the last thing I told the interviewer when he asked that question was that I couldn’t ask for anything more.” I told him, making his gaze land on me. It felt as if someone tore my heart out of my chest and ripped it into millions of pieces when I saw the distraught and exhausted look on his face. 

“I’m sorry.” He said after a minute of us just staring at each other. “It’s okay.” I assured him, cupping his cheek with one of my hands, realizing that he only got so angry because it wasn’t just that. It was everything, the pressure about the new album, the comments he gets, himself getting inside his own head, just life in general. “When you said you might not be here when I get back, it terrified me, I was afraid I would come home and you wouldn’t be here.” He sighed, allowing me to comfort him like he does for me. 

I ran my fingers through the longest parts of his hair, his head resting in my lap as I consoled him. “Baby, I would never do that, I was just caught up in the moment.” I assured him, he nodded, watching me as I continued to play with his hair. “I love you.” I murmured, leaning down to kiss him. He smiled sitting up just enough so our lips would meet. “I love you.” He repeated, his head landing back on my legs as his eyes grew heavy. I didn’t say anything else, just continued what I was doing in hopes of getting him to fall asleep. 


Twitter au// Madison being shady//

Did they catch him? J.G

Disclaimer: This involves someone being shot so if you are not comfortable then do not read!


“FBI, Open the door” I shouted banging on the closed door, located in a small apartment.  I was working on a case, that has been ongoing for a while now, my team and I have been trying to track down this certain drug dealer that had disappeared from us but has suddenly appeared back on the radar.  We found a lead on him and we certainly weren’t going to pass it up.  No one opened up the door, and there was no movement inside. My partner standing on the other side looked over at me, with a nod he suddenly kicked down the door, falling off the hinges.

I walked inside first holding my gun in front me, encase someone decided to pop out.  I walked passed the living room into the  one bedroom looking behind the door as well as the closet only to find no one. “clear!” I shout back to my team, letting them know that no one was in this room.  I walked back out to see that my team was standing there too.

“Damnit he is not here!” my partner said looking frustrated.

“There is two more level, I want this building searched, until we find him or any evidence of him.” the team dispersed up the stairs.  My partner and I followed stopping at this one door, we knocked, except no one answered, I twisted the knob, making the door open. “Who would leave their door open, I walked in first again, and walked into the living room, while my partner took the bedroom, I noticed the one window was wide open, walking over to it I looked out the window, to see no one was there, when I suddenly heard a 'Click.‘ 

Slowly turning around I looked into the suspects eyes, there he was pointing a gun straight at me. I didn’t even get to move before I heard the 'bang’ noise, I didn’t even need to look down to know what happened, the pain in my chest gave it away.

"Riley!” I heard my partner yell.“  it was like in slow motion, I felt frozen in place when suddenly I could feel my legs give out, hitting the floor, as watched him run out the door, not even turning back. 

"Riley, Riley can you hear me?” I looked up to see my partner’s eyes staring into mine.  “He’s getting away.” I croaked out.

“Shhh I came calling for help."  I could hear him speak on the phone asking for an ambulance to come.  "Hey Riley look at me ok?  Don’t close your eyes."  I could feel the live being pulled out of me, tried to keep them open, but I felt like every second they were getting heavier and heavier, to the point were I just let darkness take over.


I woke up immediately moving my hand to cover my eyes, to block out the light.

"Riley” Jack whispered. I turned over squinting to see Jack seated in the chair right next to me.

“Jack.” I attempted to say instead my voice came out more raspier then expected.

“I am so glad your ok, you scared me so much, I thought you weren’t going to make it.” he said his eyes starting to water. 

“Hey I’m ok, I’m here.” I smiled.

“I don’t understand, you were just shot and here you are smiling.” Jack laughed.  “I’ll go get the doctor.” he said.

The doctor came in and asked me a few questions as well as a few test before leaving.

“Well at least I can go home in a week.”

-Week later-

“Easy, Easy” Jack said as he was helping me into the door of our home.

“Jack I’m fine, I can walk.” I laughed.

“I know I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.  The doctor said you need to rest, so I have our whole week planed out.”

“Oh really? and what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“We are going to stay in bed, cuddle and watch movies all day.” he smiled. “so go get changed.” he point to the Pj’s he left out before I came home and walked out the door.  I took off my shirt only to notice a scar, right in the middle of my chest. I walked over to the mirror to take a better look, I didn’t realise how long I was standing there before I heard Jack walk in.

“Riley are you ok?” he asked. “it doesn’t look that bad if that’s what your thinking, if anything it looks badass.” he said causing me to laugh.

“Badass?"I questioned.

"Yeah” he said. “so how about that movie?”

we were in the middle of watching the movie when suddenly I remembered that no one what had happened after the man that shot me got away.


“Yeah?” he asked pausing the movie.

“Did they catch him?” I asked.

“Catch who?”

“The guy, who shot me, did they catch him?”

“Riley…” he paused sitting up.


“Riley the man that shot you is still out there.”

A/N: I had so much fun writing this, please let me know what you thought and should I do a part two? 


Instagram: Family | this is a very old imagine but I kinda wanted to post today so ?¿

Jack Gilinsky Smut:


My girls had finally convinced me to go out tonight, I haven’t been out in so long after the break up with my ex boyfriend. The whole thing was just terrible, all the fighting, all of the drinking. Tonight was the night I could get out and dance, get drunk, have some fun, and maybe meet someone new.

Jack’s POV

Sometimes I just can’t take Madison, she can be such a bitch. She has pissed me off to the max. She tried to say I go out and party too much, I don’t know who thinks she is. Her and I got into a huge argument and I need to drink. The guys and I all decided to go to this party downtown and I’m gonna have a good ass time.

We all get there and the smell of weed automatically hits me. Surprisingly it isn’t from Nate. We get inside and Johnson, Nate, and Sammy immediately all go down to the basement where everyone is smoking. Leaving me by myself I walk into the kitchen and help myself to a beer. As I’m about to grab my third one, I bump into somebody “ oh my god I’m so sorry ” the most beautiful girl looked up at me with a slight smile and chuckled a little “ it’s okay ” she said. “ I’m Jack ”, “ Y/N ” she shyly said back. I didn’t know what to say next I was so star struck I finally said after a moment of awkward silence “ would you like a drink ” she smiled and said “ sure ”


I just bumped into the hottest guy ever and holy shit holy shit he’s so good looking that jawline could kill me. He offered me a drink and of course I said sure, there was no way I was saying no. I took the cup out of his hand and took a sip he looked at me and said “ you here with any friends ” “ yeah, you?” “ yeah ”. We talked for a good two hours and I was already hammered. I wanted him so bad, he’s so hot. I finally got the courage to kiss him, it took him a minute to respond but he kissed back, I sat on his lap and we started a deep make out session. He lifted me up and took me upstairs and found a bedroom. He laid me on the bed and kissed me more roughly. Dominant much I thought to myself, he moved down to my neck and started leaving hickeys all down my neck to my collarbone. He took my shirt off and I could hear him quietly whisper “ damn ” I chuckled and brought his face down to mine again to kiss him. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra, kissed down my body again, he went to my left breast and kissed it, which caused a slight moan. He then started sucking on my nipple while massaging my right breast, god this feels so good, I moan again and I can feel him smile on me. He kissed down my stomach, got to the top of my skirt and looked at me for permission, I nodded. He took of my skirt and panties and started to kiss me again. He moved his hand in between my legs and I could feel his finger coming close to my heat. I started breathing heavily, he slipped his finger inside of me, he came up to my ear and whispered “ so wet ” he started pumping his finger slowly and gradually sped up. I was a moaning mess, his fingers worked magic “ jack ” I moaned “ shh ” he said and put his hand over my mouth the pleasure was so amazing “ I’m close ” I said into his hand and he immediately took his finger out “ hey ” I said and he just laughed at me before putting his dick inside of me “ oh my god ” I moaned. He started thrusting at an incredible fast pace, I couldn’t stop moaning, and neither could he. “ you are so tight Y/N ” he said as he kept thrusting into me “ I’m close Jack ” “ me too ” he started thrusting faster and deeper. My vision got fuzzy and I came. After about three thrusts, I could feel him shoot his load into me. I grabbed my phone and looked over seeing I had five missed calls from my friend I called her back and got dressed. She came into the room to help me to the car considering I was so drunk I could barely walk. I smiled at Jack and walked away.

Jack’s POV

Holy shit. I just cheated on Madison.


Originally posted by skatexgilinsky

a/n;  that gif ohmygosh, he’s so cute I can’t deal with it

Word Count: 669

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I let out a sigh as I sat down to start folding laundry, the simple little task adding to my stress tremendously. My stomach let out a small noise reminding me that I never ate lunch because I still haven’t gone grocery shopping. I would ask Jack to stop and pick up some stuff but he never gets the right stuff. 

My phone buzzed with a reminder to set my alarm for tomorrow morning, not wanting to be late to work again. I jumped when my phone started ringing, awaking me from my almost asleep state. “Hello.” I said into the phone, “Hey, baby.” Jack replied, I smiled softly. “What are you doing?” I asked confused, he should still be at the studio. 

“We finished early so I’m on my way home.” He answered, “Okay, I’m about to go grocery shopping so I probably won’t be here when you get home.” I told him as I finished folding the last of the clean clothes. He hummed in return, “Okay.” He said, “I’ll see you later, bye babe.” I said trying to end the phone call so I could get going. “Bye babe.” He replied before hanging up. 

I  rushed upstairs with the basket of folded clothes, I set them down and grabbed something replacing my lounge clothes with it. I went downstairs grabbing my purse and putting some shoes on before walking out the door. 

“Have a good day.” I smiled to the cashier, pushing the full cart towards my car to put the groceries in there. Finishing quickly I put the cart in it’s spot and got in my car starting the short drive home. 

I let out a breath of relief seeing Jack’s car in the driveway. I went to the front door opening it, “Babe, can you help me bring these inside?” I called into the house, I heard his footsteps moments later, “Hi babe.” He greeted me with a kiss. “Hi.” I mumbled in return before going to grab stuff out of the trunk. He gave me a weird look before coming to help. 

I set down the last of the bags that happened to have all the glass items and went to turn around when I froze as the bag fell to the floor. That’s when I lost it, I let out a sob as I looked at another mess I have to clean. “Y/N! Baby!” Jack said rushing in, he looked at the broken glass jars and came over to me carefully, “Are you okay? Did you get cut?” He asked looking me over. 

I shook my head covering my mouth with my hands in attempts to muffle my sobs. He moved me out of the kitchen and away from the glass before speaking again. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He asked me gently moving my hands off of my mouth. 

“I’m so tired! My boss is such a jerk, all I ever do is clean this house and I hardly see you anymore! I’m just so stressed.” I let out as I held onto him like my life depended on it. He wrapped his arms around me instantly. He ran his fingers through my hair with one hand well the other rubbed my back, “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy, I hate your boss if he’s a jerk and I’m sorry you always have to do everything.” He said quietly.

I nodded into his chest, still crying softly. “Don’t cry please, you know I hate when you’re sad.” He murmured moving back to look at my face, his thumbs wiping away any stray tears. “It’s okay, everything’s going to get better, I promise, baby girl.” He told me as I looked at him, I nodded closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. “Better?” He asked smiling softly at me, “Better.” I confirmed. 

“I love you, Jack.” I told him, he gave me a big smile, teeth and all. “I love you more, princess.” He replied kissing my forehead. 

✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 15 Pt. 1: Jack Attack✨


The fairy lights around my bedroom twinkle softly and Justin’s breaths seem to be timed with their shining pattern.

The lights offer a soothing ambiance, but I’ve yet to go to sleep. Justin and I are laying side by side and I have a hand on his slowly rising and falling chest as he sleeps peacefully.

My pet seahorse, Sebastian, floats around in his kingdom themed aquarium and Phillip, who is quite huge now rests soundly in his spacious crate.

The house is silent. This is a rare thing, usually by now Zara would be screaming for a bottle or change of clothes, but the only thing to be heard was the low whirring of Sebastian’s aquarium.

Just as I’m about to doze off Justin lets out the longest and loudest snore known to mankind and all thoughts of sleep are pushed out of my head. If I don’t get to sleep why should he?

I roll on top of him, but he doesn’t even twitch. Placing both hands on his chest I lean forward and trace my tongue over his pierced earlobe.

He twitches and moans before snoring again. With a huff I lean back up and sit on his crotch trying to get comfortable.

I almost scream when his hands grip my hips.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Since you started to molest me”

“Shut up.”

“Don’t be salty,” here he pauses and yawns, and pulls my hair a bit so I’ll lean down and kiss him.

“Why are you up Nonnie?” I let out a huge sigh.

“ I want to go on vacation. After we deal with the Cameron bullshit, of course.”

“ I can take you out, I can’t take it slow, I can take you anywhere you wanna go” he sings sleepily and I rest my body against him.

“Puerto Vallarta”

“ so specific”

“I modeled there for a few days when we weren’t together… I just remember wanting you to be there with me.” He rubs soothing circles up and down my back and I can feel my eyes starting to droop.

“If you liked it  then Im sure I will too. Get some sleep baby. We’ve got a big day tomorrow” he rubs my back slower and soon we’re both drifting off.

-The Next Morning- Selena-

“They just leave their door unlocked like this?” Jack asks as we enter Rhiannon’s home her security is AWOL and her front door completely vulnerable.

“Yeah. Famous people are stupid right?” I look behind me and Jack, though he’d been pretty depressed on the way over, gives me a smile that isn’t totally ugly.

“Make yourself at home" 

"you don’t even live here…”

“Well. As you now know I’ve fucked two out the eight that live here so I think that gives me some authority.” Jack takes a seat on one of the couches and I go to the kitchen to pour us some orange juice. Well, I was going to pour some orange juice but I saw some champagne and they became mimosas.

“It’s literally only 10 AM” Jack scolds but I place the mimosa at his lips anyway and he takes a long gulp before his face twists in pleasure.

“Fine. You win. This is really good” He says after taking a huge gulp of his own. I sit right next to him and sip at mine to.

“thanks. I’m pretty good at being a mixologist” this makes him laugh and the sound is cute as hell.

“So um… When will your friends wak-” he’s interrupted when a loud scream pierces through the early morning silence of the Squad Goals household.

“Jesus what is that?” I ask before clapping my hands over my ears. A disheveled and shirtless, baby toting Zayn Malik takes a step at a time down the large marble staircase and gives a tired wave.

“Sorry, she’s hungry” he announces as he leads his wailing daughter into the kitchen.

“Damn Zara back at it again with the-” Kylie stops mid monologue and eyes Jack and I with a suspicious expression.

“What are you two doing here?” She prods, waltzing down the stairs in a long satin nightie.

“Sabotage Jenner” I announce in a terrible French accent, but Kylie looks unamused and heads to the kitchen to coo at the baby. A few more moments pass and their elevator dings, opening up to reveal Justin and Rhiannon. Making out. Jack shifts uncomfortably.

“Hey lovebirds”

“Hi Sel” they chorus coming to take a seat on the couch opposite Jack and I.

“This is my new friend Jack Gilinsky” I introduce, and Jack looks incredibly shy.

“We’ve met” Rhiannon says and Jack nods in agreement before reaching to shake Justin’s hand,

“nice to meet you man. Wish the circumstances didn’t suck” Justin sympathizes and Jack gives a small, side smile.

“Everything happens for a reason right?”

“You aren’t wrong dude.” Jack nods solemnly before he perks up, seemingly remembering something.

“Hey Rhiannon, I just wanted to let you know that we didn’t know that Cam, I mean Cameron. Was going to do all that terrible stuff to you. I just. I don’t want you to think all the guys are like that.”

“What about Nash?”

“Either Cameron has something over him or he’s just a bitch” Rhiannon cracks a smile and reaches for Jack’s hand,

“thanks Jack Gilinsky”

“You’re welcome Rhiannon St. John.”


Jack relays to us that every Friday night Madison heads to the studio. He looks hella sad when he realizes that she probably heads there with Cameron.

“So what tomorrow we catch them doing it in the studio then post it?” Selena wonders and I shake my head.

“That would put us on their level, and we could get
In trouble” Our little group nods.

“I could ask Cameron to hang out tomorrow” Jack suggests.

“He’ll say yes because he wants to keep things as normal as possible…” Justin mumbles and I can see the cogs turning.

“So we’ll hang at my place, I’ll snatch his phone take out the SIM card-”

“I’ll happen to go to the studio the same night as Madison… Take her phone while she’s in the booth”

“then we send both phones to our trace team and voilá we-”

“Buy Vine using his own money. I love irony” Selena says reaching for the half full mimosa in Jack’s hand. He looks at her as she downs it and a red blush graces his tanned cheeks.

“Buy Vine?” Jack asks, a hint of worry in his voice. Selena comforts him,

“Perhaps just a stock in the company” he seems satisfied enough with the answer.

making love


- him being shy and very lowkey, letting you take control

- loud moans

- letting you touch him everywhere

- squeezing your ass  

- ‘i’m so in love with you’ jack said shyly as his eyes landed on yours. his cheeks turned reddish as soon as words left his mouth. as your hands gently wrapped around his neck, jack scrolled down your body, lowering himself a bit. he gave u one more look before you felt all of him inside of you. you both moaned slightly, linking your lips together.


- him being quite confident as you often make love instead of just fucking

- silent moans

- stripping you slowly

- french kisses while he’s inside of you

- both of your bodies rested on the bed, your muscles slowly relaxing. you rested your head on jacks’ chest, as his hand moved onto the back of your tight. your eyes linked, making you feel slightly intimidated. it was just the love he had for you; the way he knew how to show it. 'i will never let you go, you know that, right?’ he said. u never realised how much this boy meant to you until those kind moments. you couldn’t believe someone was holding so much passion and love towards you. 


- him letting out his other, sensitive side which surprises you

- throwing head to the back, eyes shut

- wanting your hands all over him

- wet kisses all over your neck

- 'you’re my fucking everything. u always will be.’ sam mumbled, kissing the top of your nose right before his chocolate eyes locked with yours. it felt like forever. the slightly intimidating stare, that was a reminder of sam’s love. his naked body on top of yours, as he slowly dived into you. you let out a loud moan, experiencing the slow thrusts filled with passion.


- him being speechless and just observing u as it feels weird for him to pour out his emotions while having sex

- lip biting

- watching you as you strip

- biting the tip of your ear

- nate’s hand gently moved your body on the top of his. his eyes were lost on on your frame, his hands carelessly cruising on your skin. you looked at his face, slipping your hand into his hair. nate looked at you. you have never seen him like this. vulnerable, innocent. you knew he loved you, yes. but you never seen this side of him. 'i love you.’ you whispered, locking your eyes with his. 'promise me you will never stop.’ his voice was almost unable to hear. but you did.