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daze // jack gilinsky

a/n: basically i wrote this forever ago and i just found it in my drafts so i figured i’d tweak it a little and spice it up and add some more and then post it bc yolo so enjoy maybe

summary: basically gilinsky is party boy and doesn’t care about school at all and rarely show up. one day when he does show up, there’s a new girl and his whole look on school changes. 

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Being the new girl at school sucks, especially when it is your first time being the new girl. You were beyond nervous, not really being the one for making new friends or being social. So, starting a new school where you have to make new friends and be social wasn’t in your expertise. Yet, here you were standing in the middle of the hallway, where no one else seemed to be, clueless on where to go. As you spun around to look for any signs to indicate where you were, or anyone to help you, you were left with nothing and no one in sight. Sighing, you adjusted you bag and began to walk down the hallway, glancing around in hopes to find the main office. You came to an end and looked both ways, still seeing nothing. Trudging along, you took a right and walked down that hallway, then took a left, and still had come up with nothing.  

“This is horrible,” you grumbled to yourself. 

 "Hey,“ a voice said from behind you, making you turn around. Your eyes were met with a tall boy with brown hair pushed up a little, brown eyes, and tan skin. He was really cute. "You okay?” he questioned, his eye brows coming together as he looked at your state. 

“Uh, yeah. Well, sorta,” you said, looking down. “You new?” he smiled down at you. You nodded as he grinned. “Where do you need to go?" 

 "The office?” You weren’t exactly sure. 

“I can take you there,” he smiled. 

“Really? Thank you so much,” you grinned. 

 "You’re welcome,“ he smiled, beginning to walk in the opposite direction you were heading. "I’m Jack, by the way,” Jack added, glancing down next to you. 

“y/n,” you responded. 

 "Well it’s nice to meet you, y/n,“ he smiled widely. "You too, Jack,” you giggled. After some walking he stopped and said: “Here we are." 

 "Thank you so much, you saved me from like an hour of walking around." 

"Anything to help a pretty girl out,” he winked. Your eyes widened as your cheeks flushed. His grin only widened at your reaction. 

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Not In Your Heart (Jack Gilinsky)

I’m walking down the red carpet. After posing for about 4 minutes so the paps could get their pictures, I decide to walk towards the celebrity entrance of the stadium where the VMAS were being held. I’m no celebrity, but YouTube gets you a long way I guess. As I was walking away from the paps, denying any more pictures, the flashes seemed to get brighter which caused me to cover my eyes slightly turning my head away allowing my hair to cover my left eye slightly. Suddenly I bump into someone dropping my hand held purse. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry let me get that for you” the man exclaimed. Still trying to get inside as quick as possible I say “oh it’s fine I got it” this 2 second interaction caused us to both bend down trying to reach for the purse. Then as he grabs it before me, our heads collide on our way up. “Ouch!” We say simultaneously. “Geez I’m so sorry” he says. As I’m rubbing my head, yet to look up at who this man was. My questions were all answered by his next words. “Here’s your pur- Y/N?”. That voice, once he said my name that voice rekindled a flame of memories in my mind. I finally look up into his glistening brown eyes that were already laid on me. “Jack.” I said breathlessly. We stared at each other for what felt like hours but were merely seconds. I snap out, “um- my purse” I say slightly lifting my hand from my side pointing at it in his hand. He then steers his attention from my face down to his hand. “Oh, yeah” he chuckles a bit. I then slightly smile and try and grab it. He then grabs my arm gently stopping me from grabbing it. “Wait Y/N” he says staring at me once more. He continued to stare at me until I say “yes?”. “Oh um-uh, I just wanted to sa- um. You look beautiful Y/N, stunning.” He finishes. “Thank you Jack, can I go now?” I exclaim “no um- I mean yes but- I just haven’t seen you in so long, I- I miss you” he says “Jack- I have to go” I say leaving his grasp. “Y/N” he starts, “can we talk?”. “About what Jack? There’s nothing to talk about” I say. Johnson then comes from what seemed no where and said “ayo G we gotta go” Jack then turns his attention to Johnson, nods quickly and looks back at me. “Later? Please? I’ll text you” he says, I nod my head and he smiles and backs up eventually walking away. I then slightly shout “wait jack!” And he turns back around jogging towards me “yeah Y/N?” he says. “My purse” I say looking down at his hand. “Oh right” he says finally handing it back to me slightly smiling as he turns back around walking away once more. I then walk into the VMAS and find my seat, the show is about to start. I just can’t get that day off of my mind, that one day that altered my life in ways I didn’t even think were possible.


“Jack baby I’m so excited!!! My best friend she’s moving back!!! You know how I told you she lived in LA but moved back home the same year I moved here??” I exclaim excitedly. “Yes baby I know, Isabella right?” He says making himself comfortable on the couch by slouching down and placing his arms behind his neck as he stared at the tv. “YESSSS” I squeal, I sit up from my previous position and start to straddle Jack. “I’m so excited baby we have to go get her from the airport and help her unpack her things at her new apartment” I say. “We will babygirl, just relax” he says placing his hands on my hips. “What I’m really worried about his how good your looking right now” he says wiggling his eyebrows. “Jack I have on a sports bra and sweatpants, I look hideous” I chuckle. “You look amazing baby,” he starts. He then leans us back on the couch and hovers over me. “And you’d look even sexier if you took this off” he finishes smirking. He begins to slide down my sweatpants exposing my black lace underwear. He starts to leave wet kisses on my body starting from my neck down slowly making his way down to my underwear line and back up. He then makes his way to my lips. We make out for a good 30 seconds when my phone dings. Not taking my lips off jacks I grab it from the nearby coffee table and look at the notification. I then jump up pushing jack off of me as I sit up on the couch and pull up my sweatpants “SHES ABOUT TO LAND LETS LEAVE NOW!!!” I say. “Ughhhh baby all I need is 20 minutes, 30 tops” he groans kissing the side of my neck as I text back Isabella. “Jack we have to leave, we can have sex when we get back home” I say not taking my eyes off my phone. “But babygirlllllll, I need youuuuu” he pleads rubbing my thigh slightly. “When we get home Jack” I say standing up walking towards my room since we were in my apartment. I start to hear footsteps following me as I begin to change out of my sweatpants and sports bra. I grab a pair of jeans and start to put them on. While putting them on I could feel eyes watching me. “Jack you can stop staring at me now” I say turning around to see Jack leaning on the doorway looking at me with seductive eyes. He then walks up to me as I grab a purple crop top and a normal bra. “Baby” he says putting his hands on my waist “yes” I respond “what am I supposed to do about this” he says signaling down to the growing bulge in his shorts. “That’s a you problem, you know where the bathroom is” I say blankly a small smirk appearing on my face as Jack’s jaw drops. “Woww Y/N—-“. I finish putting my shirt on as I’m walking out the door, “I’ll be waiting on the couch you better hurry up” I say

“JACKKKKKKKKK CMONNNN WERE GONNA BE LATE” I say knocking on the bathroom door. “Are you even ready?!” I yell still knocking on the door. He then immediately opens the bathroom door “of course I’m ready baby. He says smiling wearing a pair of black jeans ripped at the knees and a white t-shirt.

We make it to the airport, waiting at the terminal for Isabella. My body filled with excitement to the point where I couldn’t even sit down. “Baby sit down and stop pacing” Jack says as he’s sitting on one of the benches. “No what if we can’t see her? What if we’re at the wrong terminal? Omg omg WHAT IF WERE AT THE WRONG AIRPORT” I worry as I continue to pace frantically. “Well I don’t think we’re at the wrong airport that’s for sure” he says chuckling quickly. “We’re fine babe just relax she’ll be here in no time” he finishes. “Yea yea whatev—-BELLA!!!!!!” I stop and scream as I see my best friend walking out way. I run towards her and engulf her in a huge hug. “Heyyy Y/N I missed you!!!!” She says as we’re still hugging. “C’mon you have to meet my boyfriend Jack” I say dragging her towards him as she drags her suitcases behind her. “Jack? I thought his name was James?” She says laughing a bit “haha no his name is Jack, Jack Gilinsky” I say. Before she could respond we were in front of the bench jack was sitting on. He was on his phone texting. “Jack, this is Isabella, Bella this is Jack” I say smiling introducing them. “Jack…” Isabella says. He then looks up from his phone immediately after she says that “Bella??” He says standing up. “Wait, you guys know each other??” I say. “Um yea we uh, we used to date but we broke up when I moved back home” Isabella says twiddling her fingers looking at the ground. “ ‘Broke up’??? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BROKE UP?? You left with no explanation!!!” Jack says raising his voice a bit. “Woah woah what’s this about??” I say “Your boyfriend is my EX boyfriend. And that’s that. No big deal, let’s move on” Isabella says “No big deal?? Bella I fucking loved you!!! And you just left me!!” Jack says intensively staring at Isabella. “Jack I had to, go back home. You would’ve been heartbroken if I had to explain that to you, so I just left” Isabella says “I WOULD’VE BEEN HEARTBROKEN EITHER WAY!!! WE COULD’VE FIGURED SOMETHING OUT!!! I STILL LOVE YOU GODDAMNIT!! IF I WOULD’VE KNOWN IT WAS YOU WHO WAS Y/N’s FRIEND—“ I then cut Jack off and say “wait what?? You- you love her?” Jack then flashes his eyes to me and they start to fill with regret. “Baby no, I didn’t mean that- I’m just so overwhelmed and I-“ he starts but I cut him off “save it. Jack-“ I start to tear up as I continue “I knew I wasn’t in your heart Jack but I had no idea that Bella was. You guys can find your own way home. I’m leaving” I say as I sprint towards the exit. “Y/N wait!!!! Comeback it’s not like that at all!!” “Baby waittt!!!”I hear Bella and Jack yell as I keep running.

I finally make it to my car before they could catch up to me. I start frantically driving home, holding in my tears.

I make it to my apartment and run to the couch. Once I sit down on the couch I start crying hysterically. ‘Was I just the rebound?? Did he ever really love me?’ all these thoughts start racing through my head. I sit up and walk to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. As I’m walking back to the couch I notice this picture that’s on the coffee table in the living room. Jack and I were in Hawaii in this picture for our anniversary. At the beach, without a care in our worlds. ‘We were so happy. Or was it all a lie? Was he even happy with me? Did he wish that was Bella??’ I throw the picture on the ground shattering the glass frame.


I’m snapped out of my thoughts as the show is being wrapped up, people starting to leave left and right. ‘I missed the whole show???’ I thought as I stood up making my way to the exit. I look down at my phone and see a text from an unknown number

I sigh as I read the message.

Unknown: Hey, it’s Jack. Can we meet at Urth Caffé??

Me: Be there in 10

****Y’all want a part 2???? LMK!!!!!!****

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We Meet Again Pt. 3


A/N: The wait is finally over! Thank you to all my readers who waited patiently! I love you all dearly. I started this blog my junior year of high school and now I’m a junior in college! Crazy how fast time flies. I promise to update more since I’m moving into my own apartment so I’ll def have more time to write in peace. DM your thoughts/ideas about future posts! I’m also thinking about expanding more than just writing about Omaha boys (e.g. Riverdale boys *coughreggiecough*) Lmk what you guys think/want. Enjoy the tea that will be spilled my loves. xx


My heart dropped to my stomach.

Why was he here? Sammy had never invited him here in our home, that is when I was home.

For a second, just a second his brown eyes felt comforting. All that changed when I remembered the hurt he caused.

“Y/N” he spoke my name like he struggled to catch his breath. Seeing your ex would do that to you.

“I didn’t know you’d be here, hey,” I pulled a fake smile. His jaw dropped, not expecting that I would even say be so civil much less give him a hug. The last time I spoke to him was when I left him and it wasn’t the fondest memory we’ve had of each other. But it was definitely one neither one of us would ever forget.

“Johnson dragged me out of bed, so here I am,” he hugged me back burying his face into my neck. “It’s good to see you, Y/N,” he whispered so that I would be the only one to hear him.

His cologne smelled too familiar and once again I was swept away with memories and just like that they faded away once again. It’s been a year and I still wasn’t over it.

“Babe, Linds is blowing up my phone, she’s outside waiting for you,” Sammy said panicking at her impatience.

“Oh crap,” I looked down at my phone to see 5 texts and two missed calls. “I now have a death note, bye guys” I left quickly knowing that Linds would probably have my head if I wasn’t in the car within the next millisecond.

I walked out to the driveway only to see her sticking her head out of the window about to yell at me.

“I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes! What took you so long? We have reservations!” she yelled. Lindsey was the type of person that was always nervous about time. Time was her biggest enemy, but she could never stay mad at me for more than 3 minutes.

“I’m sorry! Sammy invited the guys over and Jack came,” I protested, clearly knowing it wasn’t my fault. I sat in the passenger’s seat, putting my seat belt on.

Summer had just started and LA was beautiful, almost a dream. The sun was setting and the skies were pink, orange, and yellow, if you wanted to get specific. My house was always had the most stunning view and going out with Linds every now and then made me appreciate it.

“Johnson’s car is outside, I could’ve told you that,” Linds snapped me out of my thoughts.

“No, not that Jack.”

“Gilinsky? Jack Gilinsky. You mean he’s in there right now?” She looked just as surprised as Jack did when he saw me.

“Unfortunately,” I was already exhausted from the events in the last minute that I didn’t even want to go out to eat anymore.

“Hold on, I’ll be right back,” Linds unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door about to hop out when I grabbed her arm.

“Don’t make a scene, we’re already late and it’s not worth it,” I pleaded knowing very well that she would give him a black eye in a hot second. She never got to give him a piece of her mind when we broke up.

Linds and Jack were really good friends when we dated. It was the first time that my friends got along with my boyfriend in awhile and I was so happy that I could have two people I love in the same place at the same time without worrying that they would try to kill each other. But when Jack cheated on me with Madison, it broke not only my heart, but it broke her trust. I wasn’t the only one hurt. She had liked him a lot and valued his opinion. He was one of the only guys that I’ve ever dated that she had liked. And because he broke her trust, it made things difficult when I told her that Sammy and I started dating because she was scared he’d do the same. She was also scared that Sammy was a rebound and I would only realize that when it was too late. But over time, she came around, she always did. Jack on the other hand, would probably never see daylight again if she ever got a hold of him.

“Y/N, this might be my only opportunity. Why did Sammy even let him come over in the first place? Is he crazy? Especially when you’re home? I swear he doesn’t think sometimes,” she continued to rant, and I could’ve sworn I saw steam blowing out of her ears.

“Lindsey, it’s fine. It’s been a year. I’m over it. I was civil, I even gave him a hug and said hello. He said Johnson brought him and if I’m okay with him at this point, I think you should be too,” I knew fighting with Jack wouldn’t solve anything right now.

“It’s one thing to lie to yourself but don’t lie to me Y/N.”

This day was just full of jabs to my heart.

“That was a low blow, don’t you think Linds? Let’s not forget that I’m in a better place and Jack doesn’t define me or my life. Not now and not ever. I’ll say it again and I’ll never repeat myself again: If I’m over it, you should be too,” I was disappointed.

Today was our day, our girl’s day and once again, everything had turned out to be about Jack Gilinsky. Too bad he wasn’t here to gloat. And to think that I really woke up this morning having such a great day. I thought that I was in control, but it seemed that I was nowhere near being in control. If I didn’t believe it, then why would it ever matter?

“I’m sorry Y/N, that was a low blow. You’re right, I should be over it and as much as I want to knock sense into him I won’t. It’s our night and I’m sorry,” she pulled me into a hug and I felt reassurance that I could handle this.

“Alright we’re probably an hour late to our reservations at this point, so let’s go!” I laughed away my tears, excited for the adventure before us.

Lindsey started the car and pulled out of our villa. We made our way to one of the fanciest restaurants in LA where we got to treat ourselves to the fancy desserts. Honestly, the food is good but the desserts is all we cared about.

“We’ll have the chocolate drizzled strawberries, the lava cake, and two caramel lattes please,” I spoke to the waiter while smiling cheekily at Lindsey.

As the waiter walked away I noticed a familiar pair of eyes that instantly met with mine. It was the no other than Madison Beer. God, today was just full of surprises. She let out a weary smile, almost embarrassed that she even made eye contact with me in the first place. I flashed her a fake smile not wanting to ruin my mood with seeing both her and Gilinsky tonight.

“What are you staring at?” Lindsey tried to meet my gaze failing to see what I had.

“Madison Beer. We just made eye contact and I smiled at her,” I said still minding her business trying to figure out who she came here with. “Jack is with the guys, so what is she doing here?”

“Girls night? I don’t know. Stop staring! She’s gonna think we care about her or something!” Lindsey scolded. “Besides, she’s probably home-wrecking another relationship.”

I turned back around and nodded in agreement. She was definitely right about that. Madison had known Jack and I were together and still pursued a relationship with him. They were both equally to blame.

“Here are your desserts ladies,” the waiter brought over our sweet treats.

“Thank you,” I smiled while also dying in chocolate heaven.

“James, I have a personal request,” Lindsey looked up from the dessert to our waiter.

“What can I do for you?” James asked politely.

“We’re best friends with Madison Beer, and we were supposed to have a girls night out but she ended up cancelling on us due to illness. The thing is, she just walked in here with someone else. Could you please find out who that was? But don’t tell her we’re here, I’m sure she’ll fess up eventually. Could you do that tiniest favor for us please?” Lindsey put on her best pouty lips and puppy eyes for show.

James seemed hesitant knowing that he could get in trouble for pestering a customer with questions but he nodded and went off anyways.

“I can’t believe you sent our waiter to do our dirty work for us!” I rolled my eyes laughing at her ways.

“Did you want to go up to Madison and ask her? I don’t think so. And I want to know because I could have some fun with this information especially if her and Jack are still together.” She popped a strawberry into her mouth. “What do you think the guys are up to?”

“Probably the same thing they always do, video games, music, probably basketball. I just hope they’re not drinking, especially Nate.” I almost choke on my latte remembering the lipstick incident.

Lindsey shook her head, “I don’t understand that boy at all.”

Just as we were finished, James popped on over just in time.

“I couldn’t ask her straight up because she looked on edge just placing an order. However, I did find out from the hostess that she asked to be placed in a private corner. Apparently she’s on a date and doesn’t want to be seen. But everyone I work with thinks she’s hiding from you,” he stops, pointing in my direction.

I look at him in confusion, “Why would she be hiding from me?”

“This may be very informal and I apologize but isn’t she the one that Jack Gilinsky cheated on you with?”

Once again, I looked at him in disbelief but Lindsey beat me to answering his question.

“She thinks that if you see her with someone else, that you would tell Jack as revenge or something. But you haven’t talked to him in over a year. I guess she doesn’t want to risk anything. Thank you for your service James, we’d like the bill now please.” James apologized once more and left to retrieve out bill.

“You have been at a loss of words all day, Y/N. This isn’t like you.” Lindsey checked my forehead for a fever.

I smiled at her silliness, “I’m fine, just a bit shocked at everything that has happened in the past 2 hours. I need a drink.”

I pulled out my mirror and touched up my makeup.

“You look beautiful Y/N. But there’s one thing.” Lindsey grabbed my purse and pulled out my red lipstick and handed it to me. “If you’re gonna fake being fine, you might as well look like it.”

8 pm

The night was still young and we continued our adventure at our favorite bar downtown. It reminded us of the Golden Hollywood days. Old movie stars, musicians, and models had their pictures hung up on every inch of the walls. When I say that they were covered, I even meant the tables and stools. It was unlike anything we’ve ever seen and we loved coming here even if it was on a Tuesday. But to be completely honest, it’s the only bar that would let me karaoke to Lana Del Rey.

After a couple of drinks we decided to Uber to a nightclub on the other side of LA hoping not to run into anyone. By “anyone” I clearly meant Sammy, Nate, and the rest of the gang. If we could avoid them and especially avoid Gilinsky, the night would be a success.


The doors opened only to expose strobe lights and smoke. If it weren’t for the beaming lights the entire club would be pitch black. Hot bodies of all kinds brushed past Linds and I, threatening to separate us if we didn’t hold onto one another. It wasn’t always packed like this but summer meant vacation everyday. But who was I kidding? This was L.A.

We stopped at the bar doing rounds of shots and skipping the fruity drinks. Tonight meant only hard liquor for the both of us. We weren’t drinking away problems, just enjoying each other’s company. Music pounded through the floors. Travis Scott blared and that was all it took for me to drag Linds to dance. We screamed the lyrics to “Wonderful” and laughed at how obnoxious we were being but no one seemed to care.

Linds and I were too busy to even notice that the guys were sitting at the V.I.P section across from us. But of course, they always had to meet us up despite us begging them not too. And the one and only Jack Gilinsky was there as well.

“Looks like you just can’t stay away,” Sammy said to me as I walked over to his section.

“Speak for yourself. I know Lindsey left her location on SC because how else would you guys find us,” I laughed looking over to Nate and seeing him try to flirt with Lindsey.

“They’ll never fess up their feelings for one another, huh?” Jack J giggled. That’s right he actually giggled.

“Where’s Gilinsky?” I questioned Sammy, not wanting to be anywhere near him.

“Probably grabbing more shots for us, something you should do. Don’t worry, he won’t bother you if anything I think he’s scared of you.”

Was I the only one worried? Everyone else seemed calm around him, but here I was not even knowing how to act. I took a deep breath remembering that they didn’t date him, only I did. I even debated on telling him that we saw Madison on a date but I figured that it was none of my business. I didn’t even know if they were still together.

I spotted him walking back with shots and used that as the perfect excuse to walk over to the bar to buy my own shot. I swayed with the music, practically dancing my way to the bar. I felt fine once I pushed the image of him at the bottom of the staircase out of my mind. I sat down ordering two shots of vodka acting like it was for me and Linds, but really I needed to get drunk. As the bartender turned away I sensed someone sitting down next to me.

“Getting more shots?” Gilinsky asked. He was wearing a black t-shirt with black jeans slightly ripped. His jet black hair was smoothly combed back. He was A LOT more muscular than when we were together. If I didn’t hate him so much, I’d actually say he was really fucking hot. But that’s never going to happen.

“Just for me,” I faked a smile and turned to the bartender pouring my two vodka shots.

“Put hers on my tab, and can I get another 2 shots of whatever she’s having? Thanks.” I raised an eyebrow and he laughed. “I can’t let you do two shots by yourself.”

I didn’t know if it was the alcohol but I actually laughed, “Thanks I guess.” The bartender poured his two shots of vodka.

“Vodka, you haven’t changed a bit,” he looked like he was going to yak. I laughed again but this time, at him.

“And you still hate vodka I see. You could’ve asked for whiskey, you know that right?” Whiskey was his favorite, Jack Daniels to be specific and also how ironic.

He smiled flashing his pearly teeth. If I didn’t hate him so much, I’d say that he was still cute. Now I feel like I’m repeating myself.

“I figured it be fun for you to see my face after taking it. So are you ready?” I nodded and we cheered our shots and took them right after the other. I laughed at him making sour faces and he looked puzzled when I didn’t.

“Just wait till they taste like water, that’s when you’re in trouble,” I patted his shoulder and walked away to the dance floor. The best way to enjoy the liquor is dancing. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Looking at Jack made me wonder what things would’ve been like if we were still together. As much as it hurt, I still couldn’t help myself from the “what if.” I mean we were together for a long time and I was so in love with him. I thought it would’ve been forever. But sulking in the past isn’t what I was about to do tonight. Sammy was with the guys probably outside smoking and Linds was finally dancing with Nate. I looked back over to Jack G. at the bar but he was nowhere to be found. “God is a Woman” started playing and I danced with the girls around me.

At this time, those shots were starting to hit heavy. I was screaming “You, you love it how I move you You love it how I touch you My one, when all I said and done You’ll believe God is a woman.” That’s when I felt someone behind me. His strong arms snaked around my waist singing “And I, feel it after midnight A feelin’ that you can’t fight My one, it lingers when we’re done You’ll believe God is a woman.” I could feel his warm breath gently landing on my ear. His raspy voice continued to sing and I didn’t want it to stop.



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