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Zach: And once again, Zach and Jack save the day.

Jonah: You didn’t do anything. It was all Corbyn.

Zach: We’re a package deal, everyone knows that.

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“You’re in.”

You couldn’t believe it. You were by far the least qualified person to walk in there. No powers, nor special skills. You saw the flyer and went for it, looking for something to do, to pass the time. They seemed nice, the rest of the team cool in their own unique ways, looked like a good opportunity, but you weren’t expecting to get in.

“Seriously? Me?” Wade smiled, sticking the picture brought alongside the others. “Why?” Even Wade could do things no one else could. Aside from the obvious, he was putting a team together, a good, genuine one, through flyers he stuck everywhere.

“Do you really think any of us are really qualified to do this?” Good point. You were glad it was this team. They had a sense of humor. It wasn’t all about the job. You could pick on each other like a family, like you’d known each other all your lives instead of just days before.

5 A.M.

Pairing: Jonah x (Fem)Reader

Warnings: Cursing, Jonah being Jonah, overall cuteness

Words: 799

Summary: Jonah sneaks into Y/n’s room at five in the morning. 

I was having one of those nights where I was sleeping, but I wasn’t comfortable. I kept tossing and turning. My bed was either to cold or not cold enough. My hair was sweaty. The train from outside my apartment was waking me up whenever it passed by. But I would rather be sleeping like this instead of awake. I need this sleep. After 12 hours of working, I was exhausted. Not just physically, but also mentally. I just wanted to sleep. I wanted Jonah here. 
Jonah is my best friend in the entire world. I wish I could say I’m not the usual stereotype of “girl meets boy, girl and boy become friends, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl and BOOM! Babies are made.” But sadly, I fell for Jonah. Again, wish I wasn’t a stereotype, but I doubt he feels the same. But on restless nights like these I like to imagine him cuddling me to sleep. It really helps. 
All of a sudden, I hear my front door rattling. I automatically think, ‘An intruder! Imma kill the son of a bitch!’ Then I hear the door open and close. Footsteps are getting louder as they get closer to my room. ‘This bitch is trying to kill me,’ I thought. I saw the door handle turn. The door opens to reveal Jonah.
“Fuck!” I yelled.
“Did I scare you?” Jonah said in the cutest voice ever, but I had to try to remain mad.
“Hell yeah, dipshit! Why the fuck are you sneaking into my house at-” I looked at the time, “5 in the morning?” 
“I wanted to see you.” He said quietly. Okay, now whole mad act is gone.
“Hey,” I grabbed his face in my hands, “I wanted to see you too.”
“You’re scary when you’re angry,” he chuckled. 
I giggled back. “Well, you’re cute when you’re scared.” 
I hugged him and we stayed like that for a while. I felt a kiss on my head. 
“I felt something was off,” Jonah spoke up after a bit.
“My best friend the psychic,” I laughed as I pulled away from the hug. “You were right, something was off. I can’t sleep.” 
“You want to go to the roof?” Jonah asked. There were so many nights that we would hang out until sunrise on the roof of my apartment building. It was our safe space, and since we were there at like one or two in the morning, we were usually alone. 
Once we were on the roof, we sat on the couches just talking, We talked about how I was turning 21 in a week. How he’s going back to Europe for tour. And then the scariest topic of our conversation: relationships. 
“You like anyone Y/n?” He asked. He sounded scared. 
“Yeah, actually,” I confessed. I want to confess that I like him and get it over with. 
“Who?” He said as if he was surprised. 
“Well,” I was thinking, “You might know him. He’s tall, brown hair and blue eyes. He’s sweet and kind-” I looked at Jonah. He seemed sad. I realized that I knew I was describing him, but I could have easily been describing Daniel as well. I decided to say something that he would catch on to. “He wakes me up at five in the morning just because he wants to see me.” Jonah’s eyes widened. “So yeah. I really like him but I don’t think he likes me back.” 
“He likes you back,” Jonah said really quickly. 
“Really?” I asked. All of a sudden, his lips were on mine. They were softer than i had imagined. Would I tell him that I imagined that? Never.
We pulled apart. “You’re lips are softer than I had imagined,” I breathed out. 
He laughed. “Yours too.” He kissed me again. This time, it wasn’t as soft at the last, but more passionate. At some point we were full on making out on the couch. He hovered over me, his arms on either side me for support. My hands were playing with the hair on the back of his neck, tugging and pulling. 
We finally pulled away to breathe. 
“Aren’t you glad I woke you up at five?” He smirked. 
“Even if this didn’t happen, I would still be happy,” I replied. 
“Does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?” He bit his lip. 
“Does Hermione end up with Ron at the end?” I answered back. His eyes lit up as he got off of me. He jumped around like a little kid screaming “Y/N IS MY GIRLFRIEND!”. I laughed at his silliness. He ran back at me and picked me up. He spun around kissing me. Little did I know that he would be the love of my life. 

(A/N sorry this is so short. but I wrote this this mornig because i couldn’t sleep. i hope you liked this)

Jack’s Nanny

Unknown Number // Z.Herron

PART FIVE (masterlist)

Zach x reader

Come Join the Clown, Eds (Part 1) - Eddie Kaspbrak (IT 2017)

Originally posted by edsgazebos

Prompts/Plot:  7 - “Oh, fuck. What’s that?” “It’s a shoe.” Anxious and equally neurotic Eddie Kaspbrak has a plan to ask Y/N on a date but a lost shoe, a colossal storm and a killer clown walk into a bar and cause nothing but trouble.

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: The flashback obsession isn’t ceasing any time soon so that time warp is acknowledged. Mentions the fact that Mike has a Dad (really not sorry) cause I like to allude to the book where I can. Everything in italics is a thought. Kenduskeag is pronounced KEN-DUH-SKEEG

Words: 4326

August 1989 - Eddie’s POV

The American Elms of the Barrens were bending and swaying violently in the warm August wind.

“Come on, Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie mocked from his place on the bank of the Kenduskeag. “You’re just working yourself up.”

I scoffed at him, disappointed. “I’m not working anything up, Richie. I just-”

Beverly placed her arm around my shoulders, pulling me into her side. “You’re just nervous.” I looked up at her, defeated. She smiled back at me. “We’ve all felt like this, Eddie.” She assured. Like an idiot? I thought. “Richie’s right. You’re just working yourself up.”

I scoffed again, pulling away from Bev. “But I-”

Stanley stepped into the discussion, promptly cutting me off. “Look, Eddie.” He began. “We’ve been through every possible scenario. If you stutter, you know what to do. If she faints, you know what to do. If a bird shits on your shoulder and you puke on her, you know what to do.”

Richie doubled over and cackled hard. “That one’s my favourite!” He roared “Can we do that one again?”

“Buh-b-beep beep, R-Richie.” Bill defended. The trashmouth fixed his glasses and resorted to snickering through his teeth. I was still terrified, and the six of them could see it, especially Bill. “Stan’s r-right.” He continued. “Wuh-we’ve been through e-everything. N-nuh-nothing can go wrong.”

I shook my head. “Plenty of things can go wrong, Bill.” My heart felt like a roaring steam engine and the more I thought about Y/N the closer it came to crashing off the tracks. “Murphy’s Law, Bill. Something always goes sideways.” I looked down at my shoes. My mother’s voice droned on in my head. Be careful, Eddie. She cooed coldly. You know how much bacteria builds up in that water, Eddie. I took a subconscious step away from the river and looked up. “How do I even begin to ask her out?”

Stan let out a heavy sigh, Richie pretended to die of boredom, and the rest of the Losers shared wary looks before Ben spoke up. “How did you feel the first time you saw her?” Everyone turned to Haystack Hanscom, who was trying his best not to look at Beverly. The flurry of confused looks from the Losers cued him to explain. “When you talk to Y/N,” He spoke quickly, nervous that if Beverly looked at him for too long she would come to loathe his pudgy physique. “Just tell her how she made you feel the first time you saw her.”

Everyone agreed, nodding their heads and mumbling mmhmm. It was easy enough to remember that day. It was June. I was scared. She saved my life. It had always been that simple, but the more I thought about it the more the minute details came back. How the sun hit her jeans, how the wind caught her hair, how she made me question everything my mother had ever drilled into my head and how much I loved her for it.

June 1989 - Eddie’s POV

“Bill, you don’t want to go in there.” I grimaced. Bill, standing at the opening to one of the Derry Sewage runoff pipes, was more than happy to wander into the cesspool of bacteria. Bacteria leads to staph infections, Eddie, and what do infections lead to? “Death” I whispered out loud.

Bill cocked his head back towards me. “It’s just water, Eds. It can’t be that bad.”

I shook my head at him. “Grey water. Greywater.” He furrowed his eyebrows, confused. I scoffed. “All the piss of Derry has to collect somewhere right? Well, welcome to the circus, Bill.” I’m not sure what I was expecting from him. If I were standing in a river of bacteria I would scream, vomit and faint, probably simultaneously. Bill, however, was fearless. He simply scrunched his nose, hiked-up his jeans, and began to venture deeper, and he would have followed those shitty tunnels to China to find Georgie, if it weren’t for the roar from the Belch Huggins’ TransAm. Even from Kansas St—the dirt road that surfaced well above the Barrens—it was deafening, but it didn’t compare to the low, gut-wrenching growl of Henry’s voice.

Belch had stopped the car next to the guard rails, allowing Henry to lean out of the passenger window. “You’re lucky we don’t come down there and make you drink that piss water, fuckers!” He barked. Henry had managed to push himself so far out that I nearly laughed, picturing him falling out and eating shit as he tumbled down the steep hill. The only reason I didn’t have a chuckle was that Henry looked furious and—despite that being his default mood—if he chose to push himself out that grimy window, we really would be drinking piss water.

Bill quickly made his way out of the sewer, but tripped over a half-hidden root and tumbled into a puddle of thick mud, sending Henry and his gang into a howling fit of laughter. Victor flashed the bird and Henry pulled himself back in before Belch tore up dirt, flying down Kansas Street. Bill pushed himself up, letting out a sigh of disappointment as he surveyed his mud-caked outfit. I took a step towards him but a squeeze in my chest reminded me of my debilitating condition.

I know the signs. I’ve had so many attacks that they’ve become second nature, like an itch. Unlike when I was seven, I no longer have to react, I just scratch. I raised my aspirator up to my lips and pulled the trigger, awaiting the acidic pang and rush of fresh air, but there was nothing. I tried again, squeezing harder. Nothing.

Panic hit me like Belch’s TransAm. The itch was unscratchable. The empty aspirator rolled from my hand, making a small sploosh in the Kenduskeag before the current carried it away. My knees buckled as I doubled over, crashing to the mucky ground of the Barrens, choking. I tried to shift my weight and sit down, but at that point my limbs were nothing more than fleshy sandbags, weighing me down and wasting my fleeting breath. I felt Bill’s arm on my back, rubbing frantically as if he was trying to wash my asthma off. I’ve already tried that, Bill. I thought. It’s no use.

His voice sounded muffled and distant, way beyond the point of recognition, or more importantly, understanding. I forced my eyes open so that I could look around and make sure I wasn’t sitting at the bottom of the river, though my vision was so blurred with tears and my lungs were so desperate for oxygen that I don’t think it would make a difference if I was. Bill stepped in front of me and grabbed under my arms, softly yet urgently, helping me sit against a rock. I threw my head back, opening my airway as much as possible. Warm, June air rushed into my lungs, but my bronchi had closed to the size of pins so it wasn’t getting far. I squeezed my eyes together, forcing tears out. This must be how Richie feels, I thought. Poor kid needs fucking coke bottles to read his cereal boxes.

I looked up at Bill, who had knelt down so that his face was only a foot away from mine. He was trying to mouth something, but between the tears and his stutter I couldn’t figure out what he was saying, though I managed to make out the words “help” and “Keene’s”. Shit. I yelped in my head. Bill was going to Mr.Keene’s for another inhaler. Please, I begged silently. Fuck, Bill. Please don’t go. The thought of being alone in my state only made me hyper-aware of the growing pressure in my lungs. Please don’t leave me alone, Bill.

A twig snapped behind me and Bill’s head shot up. I looked over my shoulder, trying to ignore the thumps from my racing heart, and promised that if I saw Henry and his Gang standing behind me I’d drop dead without a second thought. Though it wasn’t Henry, or Belch, or Victor or Patrick. It was a girl, and she was beautiful. Her eyes kept darting in between Bill and I. Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion.

“What’s up with him?” She asked. Her concerned expression didn’t match her nonchalant posture. Her hands were stuffed in the back pockets of her jeans, which were coated at the bottom in Barrens mud. I noticed how clear her voice sounded, compared to the bleak murmur of Bill’s.

“A-a-Asthma attack.” He managed. My ears, which had been useless a mere minute ago, finally seemed to hear, Thank God, and Bill sounded scared. “I have to get him another aspirator but I don’t want to leave him alone.”

There was a sudden gust of wind. It flowed through the girl’s hair, pushing it over her eyes. She raised her hands, dragging them through her hair and tying it all back in a sloppy bun, revealing her face. “I’ll stay with him.” Though I still struggled to breathe, the tears no longer clouded my vision. I stared at Bill, waiting for his reaction. He began to speak but she cut him off. “Don’t worry,” She assured, offering half a smile. “I’ll keep him company. You better go get that inhaler.”

Bill looked at me regretfully but forced a smile in an effort to convince me that everything was going to be ok. Noted and appreciated, I thought. “Hhhhhhh.” I wheezed. Now go get my fucking inhaler, please. “Ghhhhh Hhhhh” I wheezed again.

Bill smiled for real this time and pushed himself up, uselessly wiping his hands on his mud-caked jeans. He took several quick steps down the bank. “I’ll be b-buh-back.” He looked at the girl and nodded his head in thanks before taking off in a sprint down the bank. He turned sharply, cutting up the hill towards Kansas street where Silver was tied to the guardrail.

As his footsteps faded, the girl stepped around me and took a seat on a rock. “Can you tell me your name?” She asked. I wheezed, cursing whatever God fucked me over with this pretty girl by giving me the World’s Shittiest LungsTM. “Know sign language?” I shook my head, causing her to chuckle. “Yeah, me neither.” She began taking her shoes off, which were covered in a thick coat of dark brown, half-dried mud. Next came her socks, which were just as dirty. She shuffled closer to the river, slipping her feet in. The wind picked up again, rippling through her shirt and tugging at the loose hairs that weren’t collected in her bun.

She looked at me and smiled softly. “How are those lungs doing?” My mind shifted back to my breathing. There was less strain on my chest now. Less stabbing pressure when I inhaled. The shock was gone, instead giving way to curiosity—as well as appreciation—for this beautiful yet mysterious stranger. I managed to shrug my shoulders. “Good,” She chuckled. “Nearly dead is still better than dead.” Her motto took me aback to the point where I found I was looking at her in a whole different light. I began to notice the small, wild details that I had otherwise ignored. The wisps of hair she didn’t bother to tuck in her bun, her mismatched, muddy socks, her unpredictable mannerisms. This girl embodied a sense of freedom that—with my mother looming over my shoulder—I’ve never known.

She stood up, rolled her jeans halfway up her shins, and stepped into the river. “I really shouldn’t be taking my shoes off.” She remarked, and as if she could feel my confusion, she began to explain why. “The reason I’m here is that I lost a shoe.” Her voice took on a tone of fear that was not only sudden, but—given her other careless nature—completely out of place. I looked up at her with uncertainty. “It was about a month ago,” She continued. “I can’t even remember why I was here.” She trailed off, looking down at her feet. Bluish-greyish water from the Kenduskeag flowed past her calves, lapping at her skin. She looked back up at me, smiling now. “Guess it’s a good thing I came down today, huh?”

I could feel myself smiling for the first time in forever. I was so encapsulated in trying to figure her out that I had forgotten that I couldn’t breathe. She continued on, and suddenly I saw what she was doing. While scanning the riverbed, she had distracted me with her anecdote. Calming me down. Allowing me to breathe.

“Yeah,” She endured. “I don’t remember much from that day. But I remember being scared.” She turned to face me, slipping her hands back into her jean pockets. “You’re scared, aren’t you?” I closed my eyes in embarrassment, but there was something about this girl that I could trust, so I nodded my head. “Can’t blame you.” She encouraged sullenly, before switching her tone and chirping out, “I’m just glad I was here.”

I continued to watch her as she scanned the river bed. She swept her feet along the muddy bank in small arks as she told me stories. Sometimes she would thrust her hands in the water, though she only ever pulled up rocks and mud. Her final plunge, soaking her arms well past her elbows, brought up a dead fish. We both gagged. She tossed the fish back in the river, shook her wet arms, and wadded over to my side of the Kenduskeag.

She wiped her hands on her jeans and sat down beside me. “How’s the breathing?” She checked.

I smiled, easily. She took in my calm demeanor and smiled back at me. It was a proud smile. You should be proud, I thought. Before today, nothing but my aspirator could calm me. It was my only lifeline, until she came along.

I realized suddenly that something was missing. I glanced at her neck, hoping to find a necklace that would give me the answer, but there was nothing. I had to use my Shit LungsTM.

“What’s your name?”

Her eyes widened slightly, surprised to hear me talk, and then she chuckled. “Yeah, I guess we never exchanged names, did we?” I laughed with her and shook my head. “In my defense,” She continued. “You were dying.”

We laughed with each other, hard.

“It wasn’t that bad.” I managed in between cackles.

“‘Wasn’t that bad’ my ass!” She howled back. “I was scared for you!” Tears brimmed her eyes as she bent over and laughed, clutching her stomach.

Suddenly, Bill threw himself through the bushes fourteen feet down the river. He was trying to yell as he ran over, but between his stutter and the state of his lungs—which, ironically, seemed worse off than mine—we couldn’t understand a word.

He skidded to a halt beside the bank, his sneakers leaving trenches in the mud behind him. He bent over to breathe and with his hands on his knees, he raised his head to stare at me. The longer he looked, the more confused he got.

He drew in a long, painful breath and spoke in airy breaks. “I gu-“ Wheeze. “got your-“ Wheeze. “muh-“ Wheeze. “hedication.”

He pulled a full aspirator out of his back pocket and tossed it in my direction, though his aim was off by a foot or two. Instead, the girl caught it at waist level. She walked over, popped the cap off and handed it to me. “Here,” She smiled. “One for luck.”

I put the inhaler in my mouth, squeezed the trigger, and pulled a breath in. The metallic pang was comforting in its familiarity, though this time it seemed different. This time, the salbutamol sulfate didn’t provide the same sort of sanctuary—of comfort. The girl standing in front of me did that perfectly well enough. She was looking at her hands, inspecting her fingernails and the dirt that resided under them. I wondered what she was thinking. She looked up at me and smiled.

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks in a wave of heat as I looked into her eyes. I felt as if I had climbed to the top of a mountain and could now sit and bask in the expanse of the view; the blues and greens and yellows sprawling outwards forever.

She turned towards Bill and spoke with relief. “Now that Wheezy over here has his meds,” She turned to me, grinning. “Wanna grab some ice cream?”

I became aware of the sweat on my back. I pinched my t-shirt, pulling it off my skin, and stood up. For a moment, the world went black as the blood in my head rushed to my feet. I almost fell over.

The girl was at my side instantly. One of her hands held mine, the other laid across the sticky t-shirt on my back. “You alright?” She asked.

I told myself to nod my head. The girl chuckled and let go of my hand, pulling herself away. I figured it was the wind, but a lack of heat—of heat and comfort—grew as she pulled away.

I dove my hand into my back pocket and pulled out three dollars. “If we get ice cream,” I managed. “At least let me pay for yours.”

She chuckled and nodded simultaneously. “I’d be honoured.”

Another wave of heat; more blood rushing to my face. I pictured the way the wind would catch her hair as we walked up Kansas towards Costello’s and- oh shit, I interrupted myself as images of a blue TransAm flashed through my head. I spoke out, “What if we see Bowers?”

Bill’s face became grey. I could tell he was imagining what Bower’s and his gang would do to us if they caught us on a backstreet. Three kids, alone. He looked up towards the road where Silver had churned up gravel less than ten minutes ago. You never assume the gang’ll be trouble when you’re speeding down the street at Mach 4 on your bike, but at walking speed there were a million opportunities to be antagonized. I began to picture opportunities one through seventeen when the girl let out a startling cackle.

Bill and I stared as she laughed. “Fuck Bowers” She wrinkled her nose. “I’m not worried about him.” Bill and I exchanged nervous looks, but she continued. “He’s a paper kid, a phony. If you stand your ground, a light breeze’ll make the poor thing crumble.”

Her audacity took us both by surprise. She and her thoughts were so genuine that her mentality seemed tangible, as if one could hold it in their hands. I felt myself staring at her. My eyes darted around her figure, trying to find physical proof that she was real. This mysterious girl—the one who had so promptly stayed with a stranger in order to save his feeble life, who held more courage in her entire body than I in my left hand, who was unafraid of Henry Bowers and the danger his gang possesses—could not be real.

She moved. For a second I felt a sense of relief—as if my eyes had finally proved that she was angelic; above a physical form—until she took another solid step down the bank. “Come on, you two.” She began. “I think it’s best to get you to Costello’s.” She turned her back and continued to walk. Bill and I followed promptly, though it wasn’t until we reached the market that I finally learned her name. The name.

August 1989 - Eddie’s POV

“Y/N,” I began “will see right through this bullshit plan.”

The Losers scoffed collectively. “Eddie,” Beverly pleaded. “We’ve planned this for days. There’s no way this won’t work. There’s no-” The crackling of bike tires on gravel sounded from above. We all looked up in anticipation, and there, smiling from behind the guardrail, was Y/N.

“Hey!” She yelled down. “It’s been two days. I almost forgot what you dorks looked like!”

All eight of us let out a laugh, under which Ben whispered, “Ok. We all know the plan. Play your roles for Eddie’s sake.” The Loser’s gave a quick nod before dispersing throughout the small stretch of Kenduskeag bank, doing our best imitation of ‘nonchalant’. Ben and Stan made their way up the hill towards the road.

We all knew what they were going to say, even before Y/N asked where they were going. “Ben found an amazing book on the indigenous birds of central Maine.” Stan cooed.

“We need to pick it up before anyone else does,” Ben concluded before they turned and continued up the hill.

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows in confusion but continued to make her way down to the bank. Beverly gave her a welcoming hug before conveniently looking at her watch. “Oh no,” She faked. “It’s three o’clock.” She looked up at Mike and Richie. “We better go help your dad before he comes looking for us.”

Mike nodded harshly. “You’re right.” He turned to Y/N and managed a reassuring smile. “Those cobs won’t husk themselves.”

Richie turned to Y/N, who became more confused—to the point of frustration—and apologized. “Sorry that we have to leave so early, Y/N.” He lamented. You could tell from the tension in his neck that he was trying to hold back his classic Tozier grin. “Mike, Bev, and I agreed to help Mike’s dad with the corn and if we’re late we’ll only get paid two cents per cob.” Mike and Beverly nodded mechanically. “And besides,” Richie continued. “Who wants to-”

Beverly grabbed his arm. “Come on, Tozier.” She demanded. “You can stay and chat or you can get paid.” Richie turned one corner of his mouth up in defeat and made his way up the hill. Y/N’s head followed the three as they trudged upwards.

Once their figures had been shrouded by the brush above, Y/N turned around to face Bill and I. “So,” She chirped optimistically. “Guess it’s just the three of us.”

Bill glanced at me, but fix his seemingly regretful eyes on Y/N. “Just the tuh-two of y-yuh-you, actually.” Bill held up his black-banded watch. “Spuh-heech therapy in an hour.”

I expected Y/N to shrug her shoulders and let Bill go, but instead, she furrowed her eyebrows; unconvinced. A knot conjured itself in my stomach. “I thought you had speech therapy Tuesday nights.” Y/N questioned. She then looked at me, waiting for confirmation of the obvious.

The knot twisted itself into a tight wad of anxiety. My jaw locked, forcing me to shrug my shoulders and look to Bill for guidance as I so often found myself doing. Bill could lie much easier than I could, even with the stutter. “Wuh-we can’t m-muh-make it this Tuesday,” He fibbed. “Huh-had to r-ruh-reschedule.”

Y/N loosened her expression, shrugged her shoulders, and let him go with a breathy “If you say so, Bill,” who spared no time making his way up to Kansas street. Have fun at Costello’s, I bleated in my head. The market was the meeting spot. The Losers would be collecting there soon, to share ice cream and How-Will-Eddie-Fuck-This-Up theories, no doubt.

“You know, Eddie,” Y/N chuckled. “You’re all terrible liars.” The knotted wad of anxiety in my gut exploded in a mess of fiery terror. I could still hear Bill’s feet shuffling over the loose gravel above. Ok, Bill, I screamed internally. Time to come back now.

“Where are they meeting?” She interrogated.

It felt as if my brain had been disconnected from my body, rendering all functions useless. “Costello’s.” I blurted.

Y/N chuckled under her breath. “If you wanted to spend some time with me,” We made eye contact. My heart exploded. “You could’ve just asked.” I was completely frozen. I took on the facade of a mouse playing dead, hoping and praying that she would get bored and leave, allowing me to slip away and read my comics under the safety of my covers.

Y/N bent down and picked up a smooth, grey rock. It was half the size of her palm. She dusted it off briskly, then turned her hip towards the Kenduskeag. Like an expert, she bent her knees, cocked her elbow back, and launched the rock over the surface of the water. I counted four skips.

The plain astonishment that filled my chest seemed to bring the feeling back to my limbs. My eyes scanned the bank around my feet for a rock like Y/N’s, but could only manage to find one that was much less flat. Rather than facing Y/N and her captivating yet quizzitive eyes, I bent over and picked up the rock. I did my best imitation of her stance and whipped the rock towards the water. It hit—and sank—with a single sploosh.

Y/N let out a whole-hearted cackle. Surprisingly, I joined in and laughed freely at my own defeat. The anxiety in my gut had diffused into a weightless thought in the back of my head until I looked up. A new worry tugged at the back of my head as I stared up at the darkened mass of Derry sky. The greys churned and writhed like a vicious blanket of black and white undertow. My eyes swept from the sky to the brush of the barrens. The wind had begun to pull and rip at the elms, bending them at angles that made me nauseous. The grey wash from the clouds had turned the water of the Kenduskeag inkpot black.

I turned to Y/N, whose face had adopted a tone of concern. She was mimicking my actions; looking around, taking in the red flags. The storm was just beginning—it hadn’t even begun to rain—but the onset of omens had been so sudden, we knew the worst of it was coming fast. It was going to swallow Derry whole.

I posted this ages ago ad only now realized that something failed in the posting process so here we are.

Part 2: 

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PrettyMuch & WDW Imagines

Do you want me to start a PrettyMuch and Why Don’t We imagines book on Wattpad? Do you guys use that? Lemme know

Eye of the Kraken.

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men’s Chest.

Characters: Captain Jack Sparrow x Reader


Originally posted by ayyuz

Elizabeth brushes past me but I ignore her and help carry down as many things as we can possibly hold. Will stands right beside me, on the edge of the longboat that is supposed to hold us all over the cold, cursed water.

“Where’s Jack.” I hiss under my breath, another gun shoved in my hand.

“And Elizabeth-” Williams sentence feels unfinished. I glance over to make sure he is alright as he suddenly freezes. I follow his gaze. I should’t have. Elizabeth and Jack were kissing, quite passionately. I exhale deeply and push Will, pointing down at the boat.

“Go, we have to hurry.” I get out. He does. When I sit, I feel all the weight on my shoulders, quietly creeping up my neck and pounding in my head. I stare into the water, Elizabeth’s boots coming into my sight. She shuffles next to me and squeezes herself onto the bench.

I don’t look at her. I don’t move. She knew the feeling I had for that certain captain- yet she ignored it, selfishly. I glance up at the Pearl, looking for Jack.

“Where’s Jack?” Elizabeth glances at us all, her eyes landing on me last. I clench my jaw, holding back any comments.

“He elected to stay behind. To give us a chance.” Her eyes are clouded with an emotion that I didn’t wish to see. They well up with tears, one of her hands holding my shoulder closest to her. “I’m sorry.” She whispers painfully. I slap her hand away and stand up, ready to climb back up.

“Wait, what’re you doing?” Gibbs tries to hold me back but I fight it.

“I won’t leave without him- he’s our Captain for Pirate’s sake!” I yell and struggle at his grasp.

“Go!” Elizabeth yells desperately, my eyes glaring at her now, my own tears forming in my eyes.

“Don’t you dare- you have no right to-” The boat pushes off. The ship so close but yet out of reach.

“No- no, let me go! If your fingers are any worth to you- stop!” William pushes me to sit down and holds one of my arms. I focus only on the Pearl as it shakes, Jack’s figure growing smaller.

“Jack, Jack!” I yell and his eyes meet mine for a brief moment. I wish to yell that I loved him. But something holds me back. That if I would say it, the goodbye would only hurt more. More than it already did.

The Kraken pulls itself out of the water, his tentacles enclosing around the ship- his many teeth visible to all of us.

I gasp silently, forgetting to fight against the hands holding me in place. My vision blurrs as the beast roars. And the ships starts to sink.

With Jack on it.

“No, no, no, no-” I mumble, my chin quivering while I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to get rid of that image. My tears fall freely, I glance up at Will, Gibbs, Pintel. No one seemed fazed.

“Are you all heartless? Did he not mean anything to you?” I get out.

“He was a great Captain.” Gibbs says.

“He was a good man.” Elizabeth adds and I feel the anger bubble inside me, ready to burst out and cover her in it. Yet- I leave it there, cooking- brewing in me.


We decided to travel to Tia. The journey was cold and the wind only made it worse. But my mind was too focused on Jack.

The sea pitch black, only lighting our path by men and women holding candles. They follow the boat, showing us the way to the old shack.

I follow after my friends, Tia already pouring glasses with a liquor. I couldn’t care less about what it was and gulp it down as soon as she offers me one. I keep my eyes down as I sit close to the fire.

She stalks closer to Will. I glance up at them. “It’s a shame. I know you be thinking, with the Pearl, you could have caught the Devil and wrestled free your father’s soul.”

“It doesn’t matter. The pearl is gone.” He answers, eyes glancing down.

“-with it’s captain.” I add and Tia’s eyes land on me. A glint in her eyes. I force my own down to the ground again, holding back more of the tears.

“Aye, and already the world seems a bit less bright without him. Tricked us all, right to the end, but that streak of honesty finally won out.” Gibbs says, giving me a small smile that I can’t return. Instead I glance at Elizabeth, to see if she has anything to add. Instead she winces at Gibbs words, drinking another gulp of her liquor.

“To Jack Sparrow!” Gibbs says, holding up his glass, I can’t stand sitting here. I walk outside, closing the door behind me. I look at the water and lean my arms on the fenced porch. I look down, my tears hitting the water. Then my eyes go up to the sky. I hold my glass out.

“To you, Jack.” I whisper and take another painful gulp before pouring the rest of the liquor into the ocean. I break down then, not ready to let go yet. Why would the world take him. Take him away from me.

I decide to pull myself together, the crew never did anything to me. Nothing except being there for my when my family wasn’t.

“-Would you sail to the end of the earth and beyond, to fetch back Witty Jack and his precious pearl?” Tia finishes, eyes on me. My breath stuck in my throat as I glance around the crew.




Gibbs, Pintel and Ragetti agree, my eyes turn to Elizabeth. She hesitates. “Yes.” She finally says and Will nods at her.

All eyes are on me now, my breath deep and heavy. I blink a fee times, my tears away mainly. “Aye.” I answer, biting my lower lip after. Her eyes linger on me a moment longer.

“You all have to really want it. From deep within.” I furrow my eyes at her. She taps her chest, where her heart is and her dark eyes bore into mine.

“I want him back.” I finally admit quietly. She seems satisfied, her smiling gaze not leaving me just yet.

“Very well. But if you are to brave the weird and haunted shoals at worlds end, then you be needin’ a captain what knows those waters.” Then she turns towards the stairs that lead up. A rustling sound vibrates through the shack. Glasses shake, everyone’s eyes glued to the door as it opens, only revealing dark boots to us. They stop at the top, moving down slowly now.

His dirty fingers grab an apple and he comes out of the shadows, Barbossa.

I thought he-

“Now, Tell me, what’s become of my ship?”

Jonah: Guys, hot chocolate is ready!

Daniel: Jonah have you ever thought that just maybe hot chocolate would like to be called beautiful chocolate sometimes?

Zach: You don’t even like chocolate. Stop being philosophical.

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Prompt 2&6, Jack Maynard Love your writing ❤️

Awe thanks Anon, I’ve read a lot of these about Jack and I thought I’d go with the flow even though I really don’t think he’s that type of person. So I put my twist on it. Anyway, enjoy the angst and minimal fluff and also feel free to send me any requests.

  • 2. “Dating? Is that what you think?!”
  • 6. “Put a sock in it!”

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Ever since they met, Y/N hated him. She never likes to use that word but when it comes to Jack Maynard, it rolls off her tongue, “I hate him!” She’d always say to anyone who asks about Jack.

She met him through her best friend, Lucy who use to babysit Anna back in the day. Especially since those two Maynard boys were never home. But unlike Jack, Conor was constantly working, having music lessons or studying at the library and therefore couldn’t look after his little sister.

She become quite good friends with Conor and that’s what brings her to Joe’s house, a Buttercream Gang hang out. “Hey babe.” The wise words of the cocky Maynard brother says from behind Y/N.

Put a sock in it Maynard!” Y/N replies after turning to face the blonde man.

“Oh feisty!” Jack says. Y/N moves away from the man and sits between Joe and Byron, both men glare at Jack who raises his arms in surrender.

Nobody knows why Jack acts that way around Y/N. No one understands his logic. Everyone thinks it’s him acting like a teenage boy pining over his crush. “Jack, knock it off.” Conor says to his brother.

“Knock what off?” Jack asks clearly pretending to be oblivious. Conor just gives him the ‘you know what’ look.


A few weeks later Jack finally admits why he’s been acting like a cocky asshole for years. He knocked upon Y/N’s apartment door, anxiously waiting for her to open it. Sure enough she opened the door, she had re-pierced her nose and had uncovered her wrist tattoo that she normally covered with bracelets or long sleeves. “You look beautiful.” Jack says taking Y/N aback. He clamps a hand over his mouth in shock. “I’m so sorry.”

“What are you doing here Jack?” Y/N says impatiently.

“Can I come in?” She moves aside and let’s him in. “Look, I came here to tell you that I like you.” He awaits Y/N’s response.

“This better not be a joke.”

“It’s not.”

“How long?”

“Since I first laid my eyes on you.” Y/N looks down as if her feet are the most interesting things in the world.

“I like you too Jack just don’t make me regret this.”

“Regret what?”

“You picking me up at 8 tonight and taking me on a picnic.” Jack lights up.

“You won’t, I promise. Also, I like that you’re showing her tattoo again.” Y/N blushed and shut the door behind the younger Maynard boy.


Much to Y/N annoyance, Jack was an utter romantic. Like promised, he picks her up in his fancy ass sports car and heads out to a secluded location. He helps her out of the car and carries all of the picnic things to the grass area that Y/N has picked to sit. “This is beautiful.” Y/N says to Jack, gesturing to the lights of the city.

“I’m gonna be cheesy, but you’re even more beautiful, in fact, drop dead gorgeous.” Y/N blushes.

“Stop. You’re making me blush.” She hides her face in her hands

“That’s the point. You’re cute when you blush.” Y/N looks up to Jack in absolute awe.

“Now, what did you make because I am starving.”

“First of all, Joe cooked since I can’t cook for shit.” She laughs at his honesty. “And this is stir fry I do believe.”


Although it didn’t take him long to fuck everything up. Jack got jealous of every guy that ever came in contact with Y/N, that meant he removed himself from the Buttercream Gang and clubs. It killed him but he refused to let her go anywhere that another male was going to approach the couple and hit on his girlfriend.

“Jack! I’m leaving.” Y/N says finally snapping.

“Babe, why?” Jack says.

“Jack, we’re in your apartment again! Why can’t we go to a bar, a restaurant or something?”

“Because of other guys.” Y/N scoffs and crosses her arms in annoyance.

“Jack! This is ridiculous. We haven’t been on a date in ages!”

“We are on a date we are dating!”

Dating? Is that what you think?

“This isn’t dating!” With that Y/N leaves after removing his apartment key from her key ring. It pained her but it was for the best, if he couldn’t handle jealousy then he wasn’t ready for a relationship. She fell in love with him and she didn’t even get to tell him because Jack Maynard is in fact an asshole and ended up with her breaking her own heart.


The last time the Buttercream Gang heard from her was when they found out she was moving to LA and didn’t want Jack to know.

5 years since she broke contact. 5 years since she spoke to Jack. 4 years since she had moved on and found a man worthy enough as a husband.

But it was all for the best.

Internet friends | 2 | ; Jack Avery

Jack Avery x Reader

An: enjoy this second chapter I’m sorry it took really long! Get ready guys I have more lit imagines :)))

Warnings: kissing



The plane ride was long. A few hours couped up next to a stranger who kept looking at you. The window seat was cool. You couldn’t post anything about being on a plane incase Jack saw it. Which he would considering you following eachother on everything. Including your tinders. Zach texted you the whole time. Making sure you were doing okay. He made sure it was okay that he was bringing another person from the band. Who you know as Daniel. When Zach called you before your flight Daniel seemed nice saying “He hoped to meet you really soon.”

Jack had texted you that morning. Saying good morning and asking what you were doing today. You obviously had to lie. “I have so many errands to run. My life is kinda hectic. Sorry if I don’t reply a lot.” In which he responded talking about how Jonah and Corbyn were taking him out the whole day for some reason. He didn’t want to go, but you know that it was all in the plan. You just replied saying you hoped he had fun anyway. You stared out of your window. Seeing the ground come into your sight. LA looked huge. It only made you become even more excited.

You and Jack had talked about meeting for some time now. He had tour and you were still in college. The world was to messy for you two to meet at the moments. Although, when Zach brought up the idea to meet later that week. It felt perfect. The perfect opportunity to meet the boy you had been dreaming of the last few nights. To you he was the best person in your life. Always there for you. He was sweet and adorable. He could just start the call with a simple “Hey Beauitiful,” or a “How is the most amazing girl in the world doing this fine day?” Jack Avery was a fan of dramatics and that only made you fall for him even more. You didn’t know if he liked you back or was just overly flirty. No matter what happened, you didn’t want to lose the relationship you and Jack had as friends.

You walked on the blue carpet. Texting Zach to meet you at the baggage claim. You grabbed your black bag. Bumping into a few people. Looking for the seventeen year old and his blue eyed friend. The more you looked around, the more nervous you got. What if they didn’t like you? They were famous and you were a nobody. Some random girl that grew to like a boy in there band. You twisted the ring on your finger. Anxiously staring at your feet. “Y/n!” You snapped your head up. Looking around before landing on the two boys.

Zach stood there in black ripped jeans and a black t shirt. A smile platered to his lips. Waving at you. You walked over. Silently looking over the other boy. He was taller in person. His brown hair and blue eyes coaxing you in. Once you made it to Zach he opened up his arms. You gladly excepted. “Its so nice to meet you.” You broke apart. Looking over to the other boy. Opening your arms to the bright boy. He grabbed your shoulders and hugged you tightly for a few moments before letting go. “Are you nervous?” Daniel took your suitcase. Zach started to lead you towards the car.

“Would you believe me if I said yes?” Zach laughed opening up the passenger side door for you. You rolled your eyes. He got into the back while Daniel stuffed your things into the trunk and got into the drivers side. “Don’t worry this will be great.” You couldn’t help but smile at Daniels comment. The ride was uneventful. You guys talked mostly about Jack and how he was in real life compared over texting. Which wasn’t very different.

“He flirts with you? And hes good at it?” Zach was shocked. Jack couldnt flirt for his life. The amount of times hes brought Jack to meet a few girls it was always awkward conversations. Daniel laughed at Zach, knowing exactly what he meant. “Yes he is! Why do you say it like that?” Daniel was giggling at this point. Not being able to say a word. While Zach was trying to find the right sentence to explain the situation. “He usually sucks at it. No offense, but he can not be smooth.“  Daniel took one hand off the wheel to cover his mouth from his giggles. Your rolled your eyes more. "Well hes very cute when he does it.” After that, all of you went on to getting to know eachother a bit more.

“Jack and the other boys will be here in one minute.” You shook out your hands. Leaning back into the couch. Moving your hair out of your eyes. You had already got a tour of the house. Zach, Daniel and you acted as if you’ve been friends for years now. Yet, you were scared to meet the one boy you’ve known the longest. “Are you sure he’ll want to see me?” Daniel rolled his eyes. It was the third time in the last five minutes that you’ve asked. Zach sat next to you. You peaked over your shoulder. Biting your lip. “He will absolutely be over the moon about seeing you.” You let out a breath after being reassured.

You heard the car pull up. Sounds of laughter was outside the front door. Zach grinned. Clearly excited about you and Jack meeting. He grabbed your wrist. Pulling you up off the couch and to stand in the middle of the living room. Daniel put his hands in the praying motion; covering his mouth. Unable to hide his smile as well. Then the door opened. Then you heard his voice. “Dude, why the hell are you covering my eyes?” You breathed out the breath you didn’t know you were holding. Covering your mouth with your hand to stop from giggling.

“Okay, you need to keep your eyes shut until I tell you to open them.” A blond walked into the living room. You saw him. He nodded. His shirt was slightly wrinkled and his curls were more messy in real life. You were starstruck and he hadn’t even seen you yet. A buff, tall ,dark haired boy looked frantic. Not knowing what to do next. The blond walked away from Jack. He stood there unknowing. “Open them.” He spoke up. Then it happened. Something you’ve dreamed of happening since you talked to the boy.

Jack stood there. Searching the room for half a second. His eyes falling falling on you. You had leggings and a t shirt on. Your hair straighted and tucked behind your ears. Jacks jaw hit the ground. Almost not believing it was you. He looked around at the other boys. Before looking back over to you. “No way, That is not you. Im dreaming.” Jacks voice was music to your ears. You giggled clearly showing your smile. “Come on Noodles, you know your dreams aren’t this elaborate." The biggest and sweetest smile came over his face. Utterly amazed at you.

In the next two seconds, Jack took two long steps. Wrapping his arms around your waist. Your arms snaking around his neck. Pulling him against you. His head was tucked into your shoulder. Squeezing you tightly. He lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist. Putting your head into the crook of his neck. You both were close enough to whisper without the others hearing. "Im going to cry, I cant believe your here.” He pulled back a bit. Lifting you up and putting his arms under your thighs. Forgetting that the rest of the boys were even in the room. He put his head back into your shoulder. You continued to hug him back. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to meet you.” The words tumbled out of his mouth. Not even thinking about it.

You pulled back. Looking into his chocolate eyes. He looked down to your lips. You pulled your bottom one in between your teeth. He smiled. You watched him. He searched your face for any sign of discomfort. There was none. The boys stood in the furthest corner of the room. Not wanting to disturb your staring session. Zach took out his phone. Pressing the play button on his camera. Knowing it would come in handy soon.

You leaned in first. Understanding that Jack would never take the first step. He was to shy and awkward for that. Your faces were close. You breath mixed in with each others. Then he did it. Not second guessing himself. Jack smashed his lips onto yours. You both moved against each other. Sharing every emotion you both were keeping. Putting in as much effort you could. You held onto his face. Lacing your fingers into his curls. He gripped your thighs hard. You both smiled into the kiss. Not wanting to pull away from the other. Still wanting to feel the softness of his lips, you both kissed until you had no more air to use. He pulled away first. Breathing heavy into your neck. While you did the same to him.

“Is it safe to say that I want to continue doing that for the rest of my life?” Jack breath slowed first. Dropping your legs to the floor. Enough to let you pull your head back so he could see your reaction. You nodded. Leaving a peck on his lips. “Is it safe to say that I want you ,Jack Avery, to continue doing that for the rest of your life?” He laughed. Knowing you both were on the same page. He took your hands in his. Intertwining your small fingers in his. Watching you smile at your hands. Loving the way they fit around yours. “So can I please ask you to go out with me?"  You laughed. Scrunching up your nose. Nodding. Blush made its way to your cheeks. He leant forward kissing your cheek. Slowly, but surely remembering the other boys in the room.

You glanced over to where Jack was looking. There stood four boys. Pretending to wipe tears from there eyes. Holding onto one another. You saw the camera Zach was holding. Jack looked at the four boys. "Did we do good?” Zach spoke up first. You looked back over to Jack who licked his lips. Looking at you adoringly before nodding his head. “Yeah, I couldn’t have wished for anything better.” Jack put his head back into your hair. Hugging you to him. You could hear the cheers of the boys behind you. You smiled. Letting your self thank god for the day you just had. Knowing it was going to be one to remember for the rest of your life.


An: hey somebody just talked to me about the ships between the boys so if any of you would like to read an imagine for one of the boys ships I would do them just message me :))

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‘Female Problems’

Characteres: Jack Kline x Sister!Reader

Summary: Jack helps the Reader with her 'female problems’.

Wrote by: @anotherweirdhunterfromspn

~ SPNmasterlist ❤ ~

'It’s hurt so much…’

You didn’t stop to cry in the whole day. Now it’s 3AM and you’re trying to get some sleep, you usually dont need a lot of sleep because you and your brother are Nephilims but you re tired to feel pain. Your brother jack was confused and worried about what you’re feeling, Sam spoke to him about that 'Female problem’ but he couldn’t understand it.

The only thing he also understand about it whats the fact you’ll be in pain for a few days and you’ll losing some blood.

’(Y/N), what are you feeling?’

You’re laying on his bed, hugging a pillow. ’ I- I feel like someone is broken me from inside, like if I had a knife inside of my body and some is trying to taking it out.’

Jack take sit next to you and try to use his powers, he put his hand on your stomach and made the pain go away. You blinked and looked at him, confuse at firts but when you realised what he did you smiled at your brother. ’ Is gone! Thank you, brother.’ His hand still on your down stomach, his grace made you giggle.

'Jack, I love you.’

’ I love you too, I always going to be here to make the pain go away.’ He said, smiling proud of himself. You smiled at him, taking him by his shirt to made him fall on his bed, next to you. 'Sammy says I’ll have this for days, so do you want to stay with me and watching cartoons and eating nougat?’ You give him your most pretty smile and your most cute puppy eyes, he smiled at you back.

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'I’ll like it, I like nougat.’ You giggle when you feel his arms around you. 'And I’ll love it more if you’re with me.’

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He kisses your forehead before put his head on top of yours. ’ I love you sister, I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose you (Y/N)’

’ I’m not going anywhere Jack.’ You smiled at him, starting to feel yourself sleepy. ’ I never… will leave you Jack…’ He feels your calm breathe agains his neck and he smiled, 'Neither I do, sister’ He whisper. ’ I’ll never leave you.’


A/n: First Daniel imagine! I normally do Shawn, but thought it would be fun to start expanding to more fandoms. I’m still trying to overcome a few months of writing block. Hopefully, writing about new people will help. If my writing style seems different, it is because I’ve spent some time over on Wattpad writing a TV show based story. I hope you guys enjoy this one. It is based off of the song “Hard” by Why Don’t We. Also I changed some lyrics of the song to the perspective of a girl because I haven’t read anything based on Hard coming from a girls pov. Enjoy!

Warnings: A few cuss words maybe? Angst a little, but turns to fluff

Words: 3,112

Pairing: Daniel Seavey x Reader

“Where’s Daniel?” Christina asked, her arm loosely embraced my lower back as she searched the side of my face for an answer. My mouth continued to contain a prominent sulk as no words were able to construct in my head a response. Instead of shaking or nodding my head, I gave her a halfhearted shrug and continued to stare blankly ahead to the bowling lane gutters.

Christina dropped her arm from my back and walked to be in my line of vision. She crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at me. “Why isn’t he here for your birthday party that was his idea to throw?”

I exhaled heavily before matching her stance, “I guess he’s with Rachel.”

“You’re kidding me, right? He’s ditching his best friend on her birthday to go hang out with some random girl?” She exclaimed, throwing her arms up to match her level of confusion. I let a shaky laugh escape my lips as I looked away from her to where the other four band members of Why Don’t We stood. Corbyn held a green bowling ball in his hands while trying to align it with the pins from between his legs. Zach, Jack, and Jonah stood watching him as they chewed on my birthday cake. 

I was beyond thankful that the boys were able to join me on my birthday, but I would have been more thankful if Daniel could have come—even if it was for a few minutes.

“Christina, she’s his girlfriend. You act like you have the jurisdiction to make him attend this party. I’m just happy that I could have you, Anna, and the boys here,” I genuinely smiled for the first time tonight as I placed my hands on her shoulders, returning my gaze to meet her eyes.

She shook her head and brought me into a hug. “You would be even happier if he was here, though.”

“I guess even when it’s your birthday you can’t get everything you wish for,” my smile dropped into a more saddened one. My teeth were no longer visible as I barely held onto the grin. I let go of Christina as Corbyn came over and wrapped an arm around her back.

“Why does the birthday girl look so glum?” He furrowed his eyebrows at Christina and nodded his head in my direction. I let out a breathy chuckle and rolled my eyes.

“Take a look around, Corbs,” Christina whispered up at him. His face fell into curiosity as his eyes took a gander over the bowling alley. His eyes finally landed on my figure again as he glanced over at his band-mates. 

“This is a joke,” Corbyn forced a chuckle and let his head fall back, “Jerk can’t even show up for the party he’s been talking about for weeks? That’s really low of him.”

“Hey, he’s not a jerk. He’s just spending time with Rachel,” I said, wrapping my arms around my midsection.

“I still can’t believe how blind he is not to see the amazing girl he has in front of him,” Corbyn scoffed as he pointed to me. I frowned, “Because he already has an amazing girl by his side.”

I truthfully spoke. Rachel was an amazing girl. Never made me feel left out.

“Why are you so supportive of her dating Daniel? She always seems to break him. He should be dating you,” Christina spoke, tucking herself under Corbyn’s arm.

“Because…Because this isn’t my longtime dream where I’m with him and living the happy ever after I want to experience. This is reality…and in reality, she gets to have the happy ever after I want and so that narrows my dream in reality down to just him having eternal happiness, even if I can’t be the source of it, she is. His happiness comes first,” I explain to them. 

“Y/n,” Corbyn started, “You will never see it, will you? You are his happiness. Every time you enter the room, every weight seems to be lifted off his shoulders and a smile somehow always manages to become present on his face when you speak to him.”

I let out a huff and forced a smile at Corbyn, “And yet, he can’t even make an appearance at my birthday.”

It’s hard to act like I don’t think about you sometimes. I should win an Oscar.

Something in my head was hoping that I could be stood corrected, that Daniel would walk right into the bowling alley with a bright smile on his face and open arms ready to be accepted by me.

I sat down at one of the benches and roughly undid my shoes. I heavily sighed as one shoe dangled in my hand after hearing my phone ping from beside me.

iMessage from Dani:)

Can I stop by? I just really to talk to somebody…

I sighed again and typed, “of course.”

I told everybody goodbye and thank you for the gifts before driving back to my apartment.

I walked down the hall to my apartment to find Daniel sitting in front of my door with his head in his hands. My footsteps grew louder to him as I came closer.

He retracted his head from his hands and looked up to me to see a few birthday bags in one hand and my car keys in the other.

A quaint gasp escaped passed my lips as I took note of Daniel’s reddened aqua hue orbs and the unbroken stream of tears cascading from them.

His lips quivered as his eyes trailed up from the birthday gifts to my eyes.

He choked on multiple held back sobs. “Please don’t tell me I screwed up for the second time tonight.”

Guilt covered his face as his eyes pleaded for forgiveness. His whole body language seemed as if he wanted to hide under a blanket and fade away.
“Dani…” I sighed as I ushered him inside my apartment. He sat on the couch as I rushed to get changed into some more comfortable clothes. 

“What happened?” I questioned as I walked into the living room. I took a seat next to him on the couch and brought him into my embrace. 

It was my birthday, right at the end of the night. It was that first time, she hurt you bad and you cried. Right in my arms, fell to a million pieces, held you together, boy, I know all your secrets.

“She told me she didn’t see our relationship being a long-term like I did,” he coughed and laid his head down into my lap. I took his beanie off of his head and began running my hands through his hair—the only way I had ever managed to relax him.

“I mean you know how much I have thrived for a good, long-standing relationship. Something that I would never do…she did with no hesitation,” he squinted up me. I nodded my head along to his words, my heart twisting with every syllable spurred from his lips.

“I never understood the crazy concept of love. I thought I did. I swear I did. Every lyric I’ve sung, every note I’ve played I thought all came from what I believed to be this crazy feeling of love. Yet, I still believe that I know the feeling of it,” he mumbled, finally locking eyes with me as I stared down at him.

“I am sorry. For forgetting your birthday, Y/n,” Daniel sincerely said.
I smile down at him and cupped the side of his face. “It’s okay. You had much more going on.” 

Daniel sat up and pulled me into a bear hug.

“I wish I could easily fix my relationship with Rachel like how I can with you,” he mumbled into my hair.

Do you know what is to, be the one to fix you? And all you do is run back to the one who breaks your heart.

Daniel had got picked up by Rachel later that night. Somehow I always walk into the trap of rebuilding Daniel just to have him go running back to be knocked back down.

You’re makin’ this too hard.

“Hey, why does Daniel look so lost?” I asked Jonah after fiddling my way through the crowd of people at the boy’s house party—a week to be exact after my birthday. Jonah narrowed his eyes at me and shrugged.

“Take a guess,” he sipped on his Sprite.

“Where is she at?” I frown, referring to Rachel.

“She stood him up,” Jonah matched my frown and carefully watched as Daniel leaned against the wall with his phone screen illuminating his face. 

I watched him take a deep sigh and look up from his phone, immediately making eye contact with me. He forced a smile and nodded for me to come over.

“Looks like Prince Charming is looking for his true Cinderella,” Jonah chuckled at me, taking my soda and nudging me in Daniel’s direction.

I know I said I’ll be your friend, but it’s too hard. Hard, it’s just too hard. I said I’ll be there to the end, but it’s too hard. Hard, it’s just too hard. You keep runnin’ back to her, I know it’s hard. Hard, it’s just too hard.

“Hey, Y/n, are you having fun?” Daniel asked, bear hugging me, slightly cracking my back while at it.

I coughed slightly and hugged him back. “For the most part.”

“So I’m guessing you and Rachel are back together?” I cock my head at him.

“Well, not technically. She is willing to try out the long-term thing for me,” he beamed, his blue eyes shining with admiration as he spoke about her. I could see it in his eyes, he did know what love was. He knew the feeling of giving it. But sadly, something told me he didn’t know the feeling of receiving it.

“Also thank you, for cheering me up that one night,” Daniel quirked, pulling me into another hug, “It’s good to know I have a friend like you!”

Rachel finally showed up to the party. Jonah stood corrected. 

I watched in misery at Daniel and her slow-danced in the middle of the house as Christina and Corbyn swung in unison beside them. I focused down on my cup and kept swirling it around in my hand. 

My eyes came back to match up with Daniel’s figure twirling Rachel around as if she was truly a princess. I felt my heart drop. 

I saw a hand being held out in front of me, my eyes traveled up the arm to find Jonah grinning down at me. “You want to dance?”

“Sure,” I replied, taking his hand and joined him on the dance floor. Jonah tucked his hands on the middle of my back as I rested mine on his chest. He led us around the dance floor to where we swayed next to Daniel and Rachel. 

Daniel slowly took his eyes away from Rachel to lock eyes with me. An unreadable emotion flashed in them as he took notice of how close my body was with Jonah’s. I quickly glanced away at the floor and turned from the couple, swaying more with Jonah.

“You need to tell him,” Jonah sighed down at me, bringing me closer. I shook my head and relocated my hands to on top of his shoulders, “No, I don’t. I’m avoiding them.”

Jonah quickly peered over my head and nodded to someone behind me. 

“Not for long,” he whispered and quickly twirled me around until I was in a different set of arms. 

“Hi stranger,” I heard Daniel whisper from above me. I look up to be met with his glistening blue eyes.

I took a deep breath and exhaled heavily, “Hi.”

Daniel chuckled at the monotone of my voice and pulled me closer to him. His scent lured my head in to rest on his chest. The strong earthy smell he wore always brought a feeling of security to me.

“Smooth move you did there, Dani,” I complimented as I referred to the sly switch up him and Jonah had achieved. He beamed down at me and moved his right hand from my waist to clasp mine. 

“Well, of course! Anything to secure a dance with the best girl here,” he gently twirled me. As I came back from the twirl, Daniel’s eyes sparkled with esteem and wonder. He studied my face before displaying his teeth to me. Daniel kept a secure hold on me as he drew me back in. He rested his forehead against my shoulder causing me to feel his hot breath on my cheek.

“Has anyone ever told how stunning you look?” Daniel mumbled into my ear so I was the only one who could hear it. I shook my head at him with my pink tinted cheeks.

“Tonight? No,” I tighten my grip on his hand. “Personal” by The Vamps started to hum through the room.

Daniel brought his head up to normal where he could look down at me. He sent me a dazzling smile before casting a glance to another couple next to us. His eyes locked with mine again before replying, “I didn’t specify tonight. You always look stunning, Y/l/n.”

“Give me a break,” I chuckle as he just continues to stare at me. 

“I would never lie to you,” Daniel shook his head at me.

My eyes wandered to meet with Jack’s figure, which was leaned against a wall, an evident smirk plastered across his face. He nodded to Daniel and gave me a thumbs up.

“Tell him,” he mouthed to me. Once again, another heavy sigh fell past my lips. I looked up at Daniel who was already focused on me. 

“Hey…I have something to tell you,” I stammered as I awaited his reaction. 

The turquoise hues glistening around his irises flashed with an emotion of worry. “Everything okay?”

“Totally…but—“ “Hey, Y/n, do you mind if I cut in? A girl can only stay away for so long from her soon-to-boyfriend-again,” Rachel cut me off by sweetly tapping me on the shoulder.

“Just a minute. Y/n has to tell me—“ “Forget it,” I faked a grin as I cut Daniel off and retracted my arms from behind his neck.

“Are you sure?” He took a step near me causing me to step back.
“I’m fine.”

“But Y/n—“ “Enjoy the party!” I say in a rush as I quickly dashed out of the house.

I felt hot tears running down my cheeks as I turned to look through a tall window that harshly displayed the scene I had just left. I watched as Rachel attempted to wrap her arms around Daniel, just to have him say a few words to her and start walking to Jack.

I shook my head and drove home until I saw a text from Jack.

iMessage from Jack

He broke up with her…

I groaned and continued driving.

Hard, it’s just too hard.

“Why did you leave the party so early last night?” Daniel questioned as he burst through my apartment door. I turned to him from my place on the couch to see him still in last nights clothes. The dark bags under his eyes communicated that he got no sleep last night.

“I wasn’t feeling well,” I shrug.

“Or was it because you didn’t like Rachel calling me boyfriend due to you being in love with me?” He rushed to stand in front of me. That was it. Every barrier had been broken down that I had built to keep him and my feelings separated.

“Daniel…I can’t do this right now,” I mumbled, standing to walk past him. He carefully gripped my wrist and turned me to face him.

“Not until you tell me by what Jack meant when he said that you’re in love with me,” Daniel ushered as he crossed his arms at me.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory from there. What do you want me to say? No, I’m not? I’m sorry, but I can’t lie to you Daniel,” I cried out, refusing to look into his eyes.

“Then why didn’t you tell me? That’s a lie there,” He threw his hands up in anger.
“It was a lie I was willing to dwindle in,” I sigh before finally locking eyes with him. His blue eyes bored into me as if I had just killed his whole family.

“Why?” He whispered, his voice on the verge of cracking.

“Because you were happy.”

“Who said I was?” He raised an eyebrow. A outbreak of bewilderment spread across his face. His jaw was slightly opened and his hands were position of saying “what?” 

“I didn’t need confirmation…you showed it,” I admitted. Daniel let out a dry laugh. His face fell back to a stern one as he flailed his arms around in small motions. “Is this a joke?”

“Daniel…this isn’t a joke. Why do you think I stayed to cheer you up when nobody else would? Even though you break my heart directly afterwards every time by crawling back to her. I just don’t know how it’s possible, but even when you break my heart, I still love you with every cracked piece of it,” I exclaimed as tears cascaded down my puffy cheeks. Daniel stood a few feet in front of me with glossy eyes.

“Y/n, I always went back to her because she was my attempt to get over you,’ he paused.

“I remember you telling me one day that if you repeat a word over and over again, it loses its meaning…and that’s complete crap because you don’t know how long I lay awake at night, repeating your name and all it ever does is just grow the power of love I have for you,” Daniel sincerely said, moving to be in fingers length from me, “I never told you how I felt because I was scared. Scared to lose you. And if that ever did happen, I would be losing my best friend, my laugh, my smile, my muse….my purpose.”

“Daniel…every time I see you with Rachel it reminds me to swallow my pride. I never knew how powerful loving someone could be,” I opened up. Daniel smiled as he wiped a few of my tears.

“Imagine how I feel. Being in love someone. It feels like you’re free-falling with no net below to catch you. Just hoping that your person will be able to,” Daniel explained while caressing my cheek in his hand. 

“Will you be there to catch me?” I asked while becoming engrossed in his eyes.

“Over and over again,” he whispered before connecting our lips. 

“I’m in love with you Y/n Y/l/n.”

Jack: I’m going to destroy you!

Corbyn: Let me ask my girlfriend.

Jack: That’s not how this works…

Corbyn: She said no.

Zach: My friendship with Jack is always either “I’ll help you hide the body.” or “Don’t breathe in my direction.” There is no between.


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Androids Can Play Video Games, Too (Android!Jacksepticeye x Reader)

Title: Androids Can Play Video Games, Too

Pairing: Android!Jacksepticeye x Reader

Requested?: Yes

Summary: After having an android for about a week, the reader is still slightly uncomfortable with him. So, to get to know their android better, the reader wants to do something Sean enjoys.

A/N: Yes, this is long overdue, I know. This one is slightly different from the last one, but it still follows a similar premise. I hope y’all enjoy.

Pronouns: They/them

Warning(s): none!

Word count: 760 words

Part 1 

@tiny-yan-anon @randomstuff-idontwannatalkboutit

Originally posted by lum1natrix

You sat at your kitchen table, a spoon full of cereal in one hand and a tablet in the other. Spooning the sugary flakes into your mouth, you briefly glanced up to see Sean, your android, washing dishes from last night. Despite the tedious task, the android’s features remained neutral.

Though Sean had been living with you for at least a week, you still had difficulty getting used to the android’s presence. You felt bad for giving him all the house chores, but Sean didn’t protest. At the time, he even seemed pleased to serve you.

Bringing another spoon of cereal to your open mouth, you stared at Sean. He didn’t seem to notice your prolonged gaze or, if he did, he didn’t make it known to you. However, when you released a soft sigh, one of his vibrant blue eyes glanced over at you, his blue ring turning yellow. 

“Is everything alright, (Y/N)?” Sean asked, drying off his hands with a paper towel. He turned to face you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you replied through a mouth full of cereal.

You found he did that often. Whether all androids did that to their owners or that JSE820′s were more sensitive to emotions, you didn’t know, but you appreciated his concern.

Sean nodded, beginning to turn away.

“Sean,” you started.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” the android responded, immediately turning to face you again.

“What do you like to do for fun?” you asked, setting down your tablet on the table and placing your spoon back into the bowl.

Sean approached the chair across from you and pulled it out from underneath the table. He smoothly sat down and scooted the chair in. Folding his hands in an almost business-like manner, he looked at you with his ocean-blue eyes.

“Anything that you like to do,” Sean replied.

You felt like this was a programmed response. Of course, the androids were programmed to like what you do, but you wanted a real response, not a fabrication.

“No, Sean. What do you like to do?” you asked again. 

This time, it took longer for him to reply. He tilted his head to the side, almost as if he was confused. His blue ring turned a bright yellow.

“I-” Sean started, but cut himself off and remained silent for another moment. 

Most owners that you knew wouldn’t have been this patient with an android, but you wanted to see a glimpse of something human inside of him

“I’ve always wanted to try video games,” he said, finally. His yellow ring returned to its normal blue hue. 

Despite not being thankful for it at the time, your parents had given you an old PlayStation 4 a few years back. You had wanted a newer console, not some twenty-year-old piece of junk. Though, in reality, the console worked just fine.

“I have some games you can try,” you said, standing up from your chair.

You headed into your living room with Sean on your heel. When you arrived at your TV, you got down on your hands and knees and plugged in the PS4 to the TV. 

Sean stood over you, watching you curiously.

You picked out a game from the compartment under your TV and began to boot up the game. Turning to face Sean, you beckoned Sean to sit next to you. The android complied, gently sitting next to you.

You handed him the controller as the Spider-Man title screen appeared.

“This is a single-player game,” Sean stated. “Are you sure you don’t want to play?”

“I’m sure. Now start the start the game already,” you replied, gently nudging him with your elbow.

When the game started, you immediately impressed with Sean. The android had his eyes glued to the screen and expertly took out enemies without missing a beat. Despite never touching a video game before, Sean was an immediate expert. 

You don’t remember when you started to lean against Sean, but you had placed your head on shoulder and continued to watch his game nonetheless. You also don’t remember falling asleep half-way through the game either.

You awoke in your bed, your covers neatly tucked around you. Turning your head, you looked at the clock on your bedside table. 11:30 PM

You sat up in bed and realized there was something else on the bedside table. The box for Spider-Man laid neatly on the table with a sticky note on top of it.

Thanks. - Sean