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apologies, promises and forgiveness: jack johnson


what am i going to do: jack gilinsky
i’m sorry that this one is really sad

part 2 to come
2 AM

Pairing: Jack Johnson- Y/N
Warnings: None

*beep beep*
You looked down at your watch and saw that it was 2 AM. You were laying on your couch scrolling then your phone, bored out of you mind.

“Jaaaaaaack i’m boredddddd,” you whined to your boyfriend of three years, Jack Johnson. He was laying on the opposite couch, also scrolling through his phone.

“So am I. What should we do?” he said, sitting up and running his hand through his hair.

“I want food,” you pouted, getting up and going over to him. You stuck your hands out and he grabbed them. You pushed against his hands and he pushed back, holding you up. It was something you did often, just a little quirk between the two of you.

“Well then let’s go get some. Go put clothes on,” Jack said, tapping your ass. You looked down at yourself and realized you were just wearing a sports bra and nike pros. You looked up and smiled cheekily at Jack turned around, going to your room. You put on a pair of black joggers and one of Jack’s hoodies. You threw your hair into a messy bun and put on your white high top converse. You walked back out into the living room and saw Jack, now wearing a hoodie and with shoes on. You grabbed you phone off the couch and stuffed it in the pocket.

“Where are we even gonna go at 2 in the morning?” you questioned Jack.

“I know just the place. Cmon lets go,” he said, standing up and grabbing your hand.

It was times like this that made you fall even more in love with Jack. The times when it’s just the two of you, doing cute things like this. The two of you were in Omaha, your hometown. You were close friends with the Jacks, Sammy, and Nate, and with all of you planning to move to LA, Jack decided that he might as well admit his feelings to you at your graduation party. Little did he know, you’d been in love with him since sophomore year. You went on your first date the next day, and he asked you to be his girlfriend a week later. At the end the summer, you all moved out to the City of Angels and into a house. You decided to live with the boys instead of in the dorms, so that you could have a bit of home in the big city. Three years later, you and Jack were still going steady, and you were still living in the “Omaha House” as all of your friends called it. You were in Omaha for Thanksgiving, but Turkey Day wasn’t for a few more days. You had been spending most of your time with your families, so Jack asked you to stay at his house for a night.

You were in his dad’s truck, driving to some unknown place that supposedly had food. You sat in comfortable silence, music playing low on the speakers, and you hands intertwined. You were looking out of the window and seeing places that brought so many memories back. You passed your high school, the playground that you all used to go to at ungodly hours of the night when none of you could sleep. You passed the gas station that you would go to to get snacks for your midnight movie marathons that Gilinsky would have on nights that you guys didn’t go to parties. The 5 of you would gather in his basement with blankets and pillows and enough snacks for a zombie apocalypse. And the last place you saw, was the infamous hole-in-the-wall diner. Sammy’s sister had told him about it, and from that day, it became one of you local hangout spots. You would go there after school and get milkshakes, or go for lunch on the weekends. Sometimes you would text the group early in the morning to see who was awake, and whoever was up would meet up at the diner. Jack pulled into the virtually empty parking lot and turned off the car. You smiled and looked over at him saying,

“Oh my god i missed this place.”

“Yea me too. This place always had the best burgers,” Jack answered as you both got out of the car. You laced your fingers together and walked in, Jack holding the door for you and the two of you walking over to a booth.

“Jack Johnson and Y/N Y/L/N. It has been too long.”

You both looked over at the counter and saw Henrietta. The waitress had been working here for as long as you remember, and your parents all said that she was working there when they were teenagers too.

“Henrietta!” You both said in sync, and looked over at each other and laughed.

“I see you are both still together. You know when you started coming in here, i knew the two of you would end up together. I could just tell, you were meant for each other,” the waitress said.

“i hoped we would some day,” Jack said, grabbing you hand over the table.

“And once you finally got the balls to make a move, it did,” you said smiling.

“Hey now. You could’ve made a move anytime and i wouldn’t have stopped you”

“Yea well you’re the guy. Your supposed to make the first move.”

“Children Children. All that matters is that you’re together at last. Now. Two burgers, two fries, one chocolate milkshake and on vanilla milkshake coming up,” Henrietta said to the both of you turning to go have the order made.

“How can you still remember that??!” you asked her shocked.

“I remember all of your orders. All five of you. Your parents too. The two generations.”

Your mom had told you that when she was in high school, she went to the diner for lunch all the time with her friends. Her friends just happened to be your dad, Jack’s parents, Gilinsky’s parents, Nate’s parents and Sammy’s parents. Henrietta said that your parents group of friends, and your group of friends had always been her favorite customers that came into the diner.

You and Jack quietly talked about anything and everything, and soon enough, your food came. You both started eating, the juicy burgers and salty fries bringing back memories.

“You know, as much as i’m glad we moved out to LA, this was a great place to grow up in,” you told Jack before taking another fry into your mouth.

“I honestly couldn’t agree more. Nights like this makes me miss it. I wish we had the time to come home more often,” Jack replied.

“Well think about it. Last year we only came for three days Thanksgiving. This year we’re here for 9 days.”

“Yea I guess. Do you ever think about what would’ve happened if we hadn’t moved out to LA?”

“Well, i assume that you and Jack would’ve gone to college. Don’t know where though. I might’ve gone to New York.”

“Sammy and Nate would’ve stayed here and smoked weed,” Jack said, causing the both of you to laugh quietly.

“I wonder if i ever would’ve admitted my feelings for you if we weren’t going to the same place.”

“I hope you would have. But who knows if we would’ve lasted.”

“I’m glad i had the balls to tell you. Even if we were going to LA already.”

“I am too,” you said smiling at your man from across the table. By now you had finished you food, and you were drinking you milkshakes. You always got a chocolate milkshake, and Jack always got a vanilla milkshake. Your legs were stretched out under the booth, and your feet were propped up next to Jack, and he had his hand on your legs.

When you were finished, Jack waved over Henrietta and asked her for the check.

“Oh no. It’s on the house for my babies tonight.

"Aw Henrietta. Thank you,” you told her, standing up to give her a hug. Jack did the same before she heading back into the kitchen. But not without saying,

“Have fun in the big city. Don’t forget about me.”

You smiled and both you and Jack left $10 each on the table, and headed out hand in back to the truck. You got into the car and rode in the same comfortable silence you had on the way there. You nodded off in the car, and by the time you got home, it was past 3 AM. Jack pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine, and got out of the truck and quietly shut the door. He went over to your side and opened your door, picking you up bridal style and kicking the door shut behind you. He was careful not to wake you up, but nonetheless you woke up when he was closing the door to the house.

“Hey baby,” you whispered up to him as he was walking towards his room.

“Hey baby girl. We’re going to bed,” Jack spoke back to you taking you into his room. He sat you on the bed and you took your shoes and sweat pants off, laying there in only Jack’s sweatshirt. You crawled under the covers waited for Jack. He came out of the bathroom without a shirt on and in his sweatpants he was wearing earlier. He got into bed with you, turning off the light and wrapping his arms around you. You buried your face into his chest and fell asleep, the nights events replaying in your head.

imagine requests open🍇

• Jack Johnson
• Jack Gilinsky
• Sam Wilkinson
• Nate/Skate Maloley
• Cameron Dallas
• Mahogany Lox
• Madison Beer
• Aaron Carpenter

• Shawn Mendes

smut, fluff, ‘dating would include’, preferences, whatever you guys want😘 don’t hesitate to hit up our inbox!

Jack Johnson was currently sat down on the couch with an irritated grind on his face. Repeating the evens from few hours ago, the feeling of shame only grew bigger as his cheeks became reddish. There weren’t many things that Jack would find embarrassing. being caught masturbating was definitely one of them.

‘Sticky hand, Nate & Y/N are on their way to ours! How you feelin’ lil bro?’ Gilinsky mocked his friend, as he sat down right next to him. He was entertained by the whole situation. Never in a million years ‘G would of think of his best friend doing his thing while he was in the house, fully awake. Johnson blanked him completely. What was he suppose to say? ‘Jack, sorry you saw me jacking off to pictures of one of our good friend, Y/N! Won’t happen again, budd.’ That would centrally not put JJ in the best position.

‘Oh c'mon, Jacky. Don’t be mad at me -’ 

‘You could of fucking knocked!’ Johnson exploded, interrupting his friend. Blond boy was now filled with a mixture of anger, frustration and uncomfortableness. 'G kept his eyes on his friend, as a small chuckle left his mouth. 

'You mad I didn’t let you cum, bro?’ Gilinsky said right before he bursted out laughing. 'G found it so comical. Mostly because of his best friend’s reaction. Johnson shook his head in annoyance, as his body stood up & headed into his room upstairs. He could still hear Jack laughing, which did not help his situation at all. They were suppose to be best friends and he was just doing him dirty this time. 

'Okay, that was a really bad wording.’ He thought back to himself. Yes, it was a joke, but Jack was not enjoying this one at all. One thing was for sure; there was no way Johnson would let Gilinsky know that this was not the first time he did himself good with a little help from the pictures of their friend, Y/N. 


For couple of hours, Jack and Jack’s house was quiet. There was still too much of tension and embarrassed for Johnson to take and Gilinsky would never just leave off that easily. But hey, that’s what friends do, right? 

'Johnson! Skate’s here.’ Jack heard, taking a deep breath. Laying on the bed, he was scrolling through his phone. He didn’t want to go downstairs & face his friends. However, Jack knew that it would only get worse if he would blank them. Johnson let out a silent sight, slowly making his way to the living room. He combed his hair with a hand, as he entered the salon.

'Ayy, Young J!’ Nate smiled, welcoming Jack with a bro hug. Blond boy smiled a little, whispering silent 'how’s it going’. 

'Finally, bro. You still mad?’ Gilinsky showed himself with a pack of crisps. Johnson rolled his eyes mentally, annoyed with his friend continuing the topic. 'G sat down on the couch next to Skate, still looking at 

'J. 'Yo, is it about jacking off to Y/N’s pics?’ Nate laughed out loud, eying Gilinsky. Johnson’s eyes opened widely as his brain rescanned the comment.

'You fucking told him?!’ Johnson screamed out loud, looking at Gilinsky with fury. His cheeks red, as he felt a sudden lack of any possible words. 

'Relax, man. You’re not the only one. We’re not mentioning this. Chill.’ Skate chuckled, lighting up a join. Johnson furrowed his eyebrows, as he saw Gilinsky nodding his head. He felt weirdly jealous over Y/N. Yes, she wasn’t his. He knew. But he liked her a lot. And the sexual frustration he experienced because of her was driving him crazy. But to know that others felt the same way? It made him sick. 

 As Jack’s eyes landed on his friends, he saw them already busy with some conversation. Johnson was thankful for Nate’s understanding of the dilemma and Gilinsky’s willingness to leave the past behind. Johnson shook his head & joined the chat, hoping that he will never hear the words Y/N, jacking off & pictures in the same sentence, ever again. 


As the night carried on, the atmosphere in the household was positive. Y/N joined the boys shortly after, and none of them mentioned anything, which made Johnson feel 100% better. Blond boy was sat down on the couch next to Gilinsky, but his eyes were not focused on the film everyone was supposed to watch. 

Jack was distracted by Y/N. The way she was sitting down across to him, completely chilled. There was something about her, that was enough to keep Jack in awe. Y/N was spending so much time with the Omaha Squad lately. Everyone adored her and enjoyed her company. And Jack loved and hated it at the same time. She was his good friend. He deeply cared about her well being.

'J fancied her for a while now. He was thinking that the attraction would just go away one day and everything will be alright. Oh, but he was so wrong.

'I will be back in a few.’ Johnson mumbled, as he got up in an urgent need to leave the room. Everyone nodded their heads, still focused on the film. 'At least there’s no questions.’ He thought back to himself, as every little thing became unexpectedly irritating. 

Jack was getting too wrapped up into his Y/N thoughts to be in the same room with her. Jack climbed up the stairs, walking through the cordial to reach the bathroom. He rushed inside, letting a silent sight up. Johnson looked at his reflection one time, before turning on the tap and letting the cold water cover his face.

'Jack?’ A feminine voice reached Johnson’s ears, making him automatically straight his posture. 

'So, did you wanted to tell me about jacking off to my pictures or?’ A small chuckle left Y/N’s mouth, as she stepped few steps closer to Jack. 

Johnson felt himself going redder each minute. His eyes shut, his mouth speechless, once again. Jack cursed his friends in his mind, thinking of all the ways he will pay them back. 

'No, 'J. No one told me. I promise. I heard you talking when I came over.’ Y/N whispered next to Jack’s ears, answering his mental question, shivers running through his back. She gently grabbed his shoulders, putting a slight pressure to make him turn around and face her. So he did. Embarrassment visible in his eyes, as he looked at her.

'Y/N, it’s not what you think. I-I swear.’ He mumbled quickly, wanting the whole situation to end already. He wished he never even looked at Y/N in this way. That would save him so much stress. 

'This is so hot, Jack.’ Y/N whispered, biting her bottom lip. She felt herself getting warm all over her body on the thought of Johnson getting himself off with because of her. Knowing the effect she had on him, she became so confident and fearless. 

'W-hat.’ Jack looked in her eyes once more with no ability to believe in what he was hearing. His eyebrows furrowed, as a great confusion rolled through his head. 

Y/N pressed her body onto his, putting pressure onto his crotch. Jack let out a moan, positioning his hands on the piece of furniture behind him. He looked up, knowing that it will only take a few seconds for him to get hard, if she won’t stop. The tension in the room built up quickly, leaving no space between the two’s.

'Please, let me get you off. Let me make you feel good.’ Y/N said seductively, placing her fingers on Johnson’s belt. Her eyes were filled with absolute lust, fingers crossing through the length of blond boy’s erection. 

'Fuck.’ Jack cursed silently, looking down at Y/N’s doings. He wanted it. He wanted her hands all over him and his hands all over her. The feeling of their bodies cooperating with each other to make themselves feel good. That’s what Jack desired. Exactly what he thought about almost every day. Y/N left Jack no time for further thinking, as she quickly unbutton his pants. Johnson got harder in a second, watching her fingers leisurely disappearing beneath the jeans material. Heavy breaths joined in as soon as he felt the pleasurable touch on his member. Y/N cursed, feeling the how her whole body drips, needing more. 

'Jack! Y/N! We’re ordering pizza! Hurry up!’ Nate’s scream broke the lustful atmosphere in the room. Y/N looked behind her before her eyes met Jack’s again. Johnson bit the inside part of his cheek, awaiting her reaction. The annoyance in Y/N’s face slowly changed into a smirk as she looked into a deep blue eyes owned by a boy who turned her on to the level of maximum.

'We’re gonna have to move it to some other time, baby boy.’ Y/N playful stated, as her face moved forward, letting herself give Jack a small kiss. He closed his eyes in shock, gingerly teasing her lips. Million of thousands run through his brain, as the weird but pleasurable feeling in his stomach signalised. He didn’t want her touch to leave him, as she pulled away. Y/N winked as she turned around and was gone behind a pair of big, white door leaving Jack in shock. Johnson looked over at his bulge, cracking a little smile as his hand made her way inside his pants. 

'Shit.’ He muttered to himself. Johnson checked if the door are surely closed, as he pulled down his pants to get rid of a problem that Y/N costed himself. 


au; i love u man

Struck By Love ~Jack Johnson


I hate PE it was cruel and unusual torture, the only mildly good thing about PE was that Jack was in my class, yay.

Today we were playing bench ball ( it’s dodge ball but if you get hit you stan on a bench and try to catch a ball to get back in) and me being me I got out out rather early in the game.

I stood on the bench an just talked to the people who were there too but I also couldn’t help but keep glancing at Jack every so often. Soon enough he got put out too. The bench wasn’t that full there was still plenty of room on the other side so I don’t know why he chose to stand next to me but he did…

We stood there for a little bit in silence, until he caught the ball, and when you catch the ball you need to try and hit someone on the opposite team with it to get back in. Jack tried to fling the ball at a person but it missed by like an inch.

“So close, it nearly got him” I said quietly to Jack, he smiled.

“Yeah I know, damn it, more time to talk to you I guess” he said looking at me. I just smiled back at him but inside I was freaking out.

We stood there chatting about normal thing like the math work and stuff, until someone shouted “heads up!” and me being the idiot I was looked to the side and a ball hit me hard right on my nose.

It hurt like a bitch but I didn’t say anything. All I could think was how embarrassing that was right in front of Jack.

“Oh god Y/N I’m so sorry” the boy who must have thrown the ball said

“Don’t worry it’s fine” I assured him but was quietly crying inside. He just smiled and ran back to play the game.

I was still holding my nose when I felt someone touch my hand, it was Jack. I turned around and looked at him his blue eyes piercing into mine.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked looking concerned. I just slowly nodded. He squeezed my hand gently as if urging my to tell the truth.

“Jack, honestly it’s fine, thanks” I slightly laughed. he smiled then done something I wasn’t expecting he softly kissed my nose. I looked at him shocked he just smiled.

Cheating Girlfriend Prank (FAIL)

ME: so I was just REALLY bored and decided to make this after watching a hundred prank videos

“Come on Y/N don’t you wanna get him back from pranking you at least once?” Gilinsky asked and I thought about it.
He wanted me to be in on a new prank against my boyfriend Jack Johnson. I don’t know when the hell their channel start being about pranks but they’ve been pranking people for a while now, especially Johnson.
“Yeah but this might end my relationship and I don’t think 5 years is something I wanna throw down the drain.” I said. The prank was ‘Cheating Girlfriend Prank’ and I was supposed to be the cheating girlfriend.
“Come on I’m pretty sure he’ll understand it’s a prank when we tell him. Please Y/N just this once and it’s not like we’re actually doing anything, we’re just making it look like we did.” Gilinsky said and didn’t answer giving him an unsure look.
“Please!!!” Gilinsky pled doing his puppy dog eyes and I laughed.
“Fine! But I swear if he breaks up with me, you’re finding me a new boyfriend.” I said and he picked me and swung me around.
“Yesss! Thanks Y/N!” He exclaimed.


Gilinsky, Sam and Skate were hiding the cameras and my heart was beating out my chest.
“You ready?” Gilinsky asked and I nodded slowly.
“Here put this on.” Sam said throwing me a white Victoria Secret lingerie gown.
“Ew what the fuck I’m not wearing that!” I exclaimed.
“Why? Is it too small?” Sam asked cluelessly.
“No sam, it’s because it’s sexual and I don’t feel comfortable wearing that next to a half naked Jack Gilinsky. That’s basically cheating.” I said.
“Well you have to wear something convincing. He’s not gonna believe you two did something if your wearing casual clothes.” Skate joined in and I rolled my eyes.
“Fine, whatever.” I said taking the piece of clothing and changing in the bathroom.
“Alright Johnson’s gonna be here any minute so get in bed.” Sam directed.
Gilinsky got in first and I crawled in next to him. He had nothing but his boxers on and I was a little uncomfortable.
“Get closer Y/N, I won’t bite.” He said and scooted closer and he pulled me even closer.
“There, now he’ll believe us.” He said laughing and I was nervous and I think you could tell because Gilinsky patted my head.
“It’s gonna be alright. Just calm down.” I giggled.
We all heard the front door open and I panicked a little. Sam and Skate hid in our bathroom connected to our bedroom.
“Babe I’m home!” I heard Johnson yell from downstairs.
I heard him coming closer to the room.
“Hey baby… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?!” He yelled and Gilinsky and I acted surprised.
“Bro it’s not what it looks like!” He said going up to Johnson. He didn’t take his eyes off of me. He looked like he wanted to kill me and cry afterwards.
“How could you Y/N?! I loved you! I fucking loved you!” He yelled.
“I’m sorry babe.” I said laughing a little bit.
“You think this is fucking funny?!” He yelled rushing closer to me and I was scared.
Gilinsky put his hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
“Don’t you fucking touch me!” He yelled and with that Gilinsky was on the ground with blood running down his nose. Jack was on on top punching him repeatedly. Gilinsky was guarding himself as much as he could.
I jumped off the bed and tried to pull Johnson off of him but he was too strong and angry.
“Jack stop! We were just joking! Leave him alone!” I yelled pulling Johnson but he didn’t budge. Instead I felt myself hit the floor.
“Sam , Skate help! He’s going crazy!!” I yelled in terror realizing this was serious.
Sam and Skate ran in and with a terrible struggle pulled Johnson off Gilinsky.
Tears were running down my face and blood down Gilinsky’s.
“Dude it was a fucking prank they didn’t do anything! Chill!” Skate said struggling to keep Johnson from getting to Gilinsky again.
“What kind of fucking prank is this?!” Jack yelled angrily.
“There’s a camera right there and over there!” Sam yelled pointing to the cameras in the corner of the room.
Jack looked up and realization hit his face and you could literally see the guilt and relief in his eyes.
By this time I was busy cleaning up Gilinskys face with the first aid kit from the bathroom.
“Oh fuck bro I’m so sorry!” Johnson said going over to us.
“It’s alright,” he said holding his jaw that was most likely broken.
“But I’m never pranking you again, you play too much.” He said with a little laugh.
“Y/N I didn’t mean to push you I was just…”
“It’s fine.” I interrupted him.


“Daaayyyuuummm!” Sam and Skate said in unison as we watched the video.
“I think we’re gonna have to rename this ‘Jack beats the hell out of Jack.’” I joked.
“Forreals I’ve never seen you so mad in my life.” Gilinsky said holding an ice pack on his head.
“You made it seem like you were having sex with the woman I love, how else was I supposed to act?” Johnson replied defensively.
“Yeah well I’m sorry baby. Gilinsky made me do it.” I said kissing his cheek.
“Aw you could act cute all you want, but I’m still getting you back. All of you.” Johnson replied and everyone groaned.
“See Gilinsky I told you this was a bad idea!” I said in an annoyed voice lightly hitting his shoulder making everyone laugh, especially Johnson.

Overboard // J.J.

Anonymous requested:
A Johnson imagine where he tries to help her with anxiety 

I wish I could say it was easy to be dating a rapper on the rise. Now don’t get me wrong, there are the obvious perks like watching him live his dream with his best friend and being able to see everyone else appreciate his art just as much as I do. Unfortunately, that’s only a tiny fraction of the reality. Of course it’s great that his name has blown up in a way, but what does that mean for me? I’ve had the label ‘Jack Johnson’s girlfriend’ glued onto my entire existence. At first nobody even paid attention to me. I liked it that way. I didn’t need any unwanted attention on top of my already-unwanted anxiety. Now even the paparazzi recognize me whether I’m with or without Jack.

I’m happy for his and Gilinsky’s success. Of course I am. I wouldn’t want to take any of it away. I would, however, like to rewind to when nobody gave a rat’s ass about who I was. I just wanted to be me without worrying about looking presentable for the public and Jack’s image.

Waking up on this particularly difficult day, I couldn’t even brush my teeth in the mirror without wanting to convulse in a ball of insecurity. I hated how I looked today so much that I just barely managed to pull myself out of the room to meet the Jacks downstairs. They were going to do a random meetup today in Santa Monica, and they wanted me to come along. I just did not feel like existing today. As soon as I stepped into view, both of them took notice of my distressed manner.

“Babe, is everything okay?” Johnson rushed to my side, wrapping an arm around my waist as he walked with me towards the kitchen table.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Just had a little spell this morning.” I mumbled in response, shaking my head because I sounded like a baby. Jack never understood my anxiety to a full extent, but he did always try to make sure I was okay, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. This time he knew not to push it, so he nodded.

“Are you all right to come with us? You don’t have to if you’re not ready.” He suggested. For some reason, my mind took it the wrong way. In a sheer act of paranoia, I curved my eyebrows and let up on his arm.

“You don’t want me there?” The voices in my head echoed a plethora of ‘No he doesn’t, no matter what he says’ in response to my own question. Jack was quick to comfort me by holding my hands as he shook his head.

“Of course I want you there. G does too.” He looked back at Gilinsky, who confirmed the statement with a nod. “We always want you around, Y/N. I was just asking in case you wanted to sit this one out.” Although the taunting voices in my head continued their destructive route, I nodded in understanding.

“I– I want to come. I don’t wanna be alone right now.”

After that spiel was settled, we all got dressed and headed off to the Santa Monica Pier. During the ride, the Jacks were busy on their phones, posting on their social media that they were on their way, I’m assuming. I, on the other hand, could feel my anxiety levels rising with each passing mile. My hands were shaky and sweaty, my heart was bumping in my chest, and I felt like I could pass out any minute now. I didn’t know why I felt so nervous, but then again, it’s not unusual for me to freak out over nothing. By the time we got to the beach, I’d practically picked my fingers apart. I could already see the paparazzi flocked together, looking for the Jacks.

“Babe, you coming?” Johnson’s voice pulled me back to reality, and I almost jumped as his hand touched my knee. On instinct, he knew something was up. Following my gaze out the window, he looked between me and the people outside and managed to make the connection. “Y/N… It’s gonna be okay. I promise.” He took both of my hands, momentarily ceasing their shaking as he rubbed his thumbs over the top of them. “I’m right here with you. So is Jack, if that helps even more.” As difficult as it was, I tore my gaze away from the paps and gave Jack an uneasy look.

“Are you sure?” The voices in my head kept getting louder, and I just needed the assurance. Jack offered a soft smile and nodded, giving my hands a small squeeze.

“I’m sure. We got you, Y/N. You’re gonna be okay.” His soft tone of voice somehow broke through the echoing insecurity in my mind.

“I’m sorry for being doubtful.” I apologized as he led me out of the car.

“Don’t apologize, baby.”

“Sorry.” I mumbled again, wringing my hands together. I felt like a burden on what was supposed to be a fun time today.

“I understand, and it’s completely okay. We’ll give you all the reassurance you need, okay?” We joined Gilinsky behind the car, and they stood on either side of me.

“You’ll be okay, Y/N.” Gilinsky chimed in, flashing that Gilinsky smile. I attempted a weak reciprocation of a smile, but it was quick to vanish as we started walking towards the pier. The paparazzi wasted no time making their way over to us, and within seeing the first couple of flashes, I started to hyperventilate. They were crowding around us, and it felt like they were trying to trap me. Everyone kept yelling and the flashes were blinding, and I felt like I was in a bubble.

“J-Jack–” I choked out, pressing my hands to my chest as I frantically looked around at all the people surrounding us.

“Yo!” He gave a signal to their security before pulling me to the side. Almost instantly, my knees buckled beneath me and I collapsed right there on the boardwalk. Jack crouched beside me with no hesitation. “Babe. Babe– Y/N, look at me.” My eyes began to water as I realized what just happened. It was a mix of embarrassment, humiliation, and pure anxiety. I could barely breath, and to make it harder on my body, I started bawling.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry–” I repeated between sobs, shaking my head as I tried to regain control of myself. My emotions just seemed to get worse the more Jack tried to comfort me.

“Y/N, it’s okay.” He said firmly enough to get to me through my hysteria. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay.” He responded after each one of my apologies. After a couple minutes, he hushed me and brushed my hair back before pulling me into his chest. “It’s not your fault, princess. You’re okay. It’s all gonna be okay.” He didn’t do much talking after that. All his comfort was channeled through soothing actions. He held me and petted my hair whilst Gilinsky rubbed my back. It felt like hours until I finally pulled myself together enough to speak without convulsing. 

“I’m sorry, guys.” I apologized as I pulled away from Johnson. I couldn’t even look at them because the guilt was so heavy on my shoulders. “This was supposed to be fun for you guys, and now I’ve just ruined it for everyone, especially the fans.” I wanted so badly to just disappear into thin air. My presence just wasn’t needed.

“Aw c’mon, Y/N, don’t say that.” Gilinsky piped up. “It can still be fun; nothing’s been ruined. No one can blame you for your disorder. Nobody’s at fault here except for maybe the paps.”

“Yeah. So what we had a little setback? We could still meet the fans then hang out on the pier. All I care about right now is how you’re doing. Are you okay?” There was a long pause before I moved my eyes towards them. The concern on their faces almost caused another meltdown from me. They cared so much.

“I’m– I’m– I think I’m fine.” I chewed on my lip as I began to play with my fingers again. “Thank you guys. I’m so sorry for any trouble I caused, but I can’t thank you enough.” I got up on my knees and pulled them both in for a hug before moving to hug just Johnson. “I love you. I’m sorry.” He gave my back a quick rub then kissed the side of my head.

“It’s okay, I promise. I love you too.”

After a couple more minutes of apologies and reassurance, they helped me onto my feet. I took a deep breath and looked around to see that a group of girls, fans I’m assuming, crowded up over by the entrance of the pier. I gave the cue for the Jacks to start the meetup, and after some convincing, I went off on my own. I needed some space and time to gather myself. Laying low and maneuvering around the fans, I walked onto the pier and through the area with all the games and rides. Once I passed through, I walked about halfway down the pier and sat down at a bench. Although the waves and wind were pretty loud, they couldn’t compare to what I heard in my head.

It was calming nonetheless. Taking deep breaths whilst closing my eyes, I focused on the sound of the waves. I stayed like that, meditating, for what seemed like a long time. When I opened my eyes, it was a significant difference from what I was feeling beforehand. I still felt the aftermath of my anxiety attack, but it was dimming.

I sat on the pier until sunset. At that point I had fallen in love with the sky and never wanted to forget how it looked. I stood up and leaned against the railing as if it would help me get closer to the view. Then all of a sudden I heard a creak in a floorboard and looked over to see Jack.

“Sorry. Did I scare you?” I shook my head and patted the railing before looking back at the sunset. “It’s gorgeous.” He observed as he stood beside me.

“I know.” I pulled him closer and wrapped my arms around his torso, resting my cheek against his chest whilst we watched the sun gradually dip below the horizon. He held a secure embrace around me and nestled his chin on top of my head. “Thank you for today, Jack.” I murmured.

“It was nothing. I’m always here for you, Y/N.”

“It wasn’t nothing.” I said as I pulled back to look up at him. “I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to pull me back when I get hysteric. It’s a scary experience, anxiety attacks, and somehow you make it okay. So thank you.”

“I’d do anything to make sure you’re okay.” He whispered, leaning down to brush his lips against mine. “You’re the strongest, bravest, most ballsy person I know.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at his choice of words, but I kissed him again nonetheless.

I actually had inspiration/motivation to do this one whoa would ya look at that!!! The request wasn’t very specific, so I hope this fits what you wanted.

That being said, I’d like to take a moment to say that this was just a very general scenario for an anxiety attack. Everybody experiences it differently; however, this is just what I’ve seen from personal experience. 

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I want to write a story

I want to write a story about the boys (by the boys I mean Nash, Cam, Jack J., and Jack G. Etc.,) but I need to know if anyone is willing to read it so yeah. Just message me,and if you want to be in the story, message me!

Jack Gilinsky Imagine


A/N: I’m going to assume your name is Madi by your url.

You sighed as you sat on the couch alone watching re-runs of your favourite show. It was the fifth time this week Jack had left you alone to hang out with his friends instead of you. Normally you wouldn’t mind, but he’s barely hung out with you this week and you were getting frustrated with it.

It was around 10ish at night when Jack finally came home. You refuse to look at him. You waited an extra hour to eat dinner with him and he never showed up so you ate by yourself and left his in the fridge.

“Hey baby,” Jack said

You didn’t answer instead you turned away from him and glued your eyes to the T.V

“Aren’t you going to say anything to me?” He questioned.

“Your dinner is in the fridge.” You say as you get up and start to leave the room.

Before you could Jack grabbed your arm.

“Babe what’s wrong?”

“You want to know what’s wrong Jack? Well let’s see. You came back from tour at the beginning of the month and you haven’t spent any time with me what so ever and you leave again next week!!!” You say angrily at him

“Well sorry if I want to spend time with my friends!” He yelled back

“That’s not the point Jack. The day you came you went to see them. You didn’t even give a kiss. I was fine with it because I knew how much you wanted to see them. Then you did it everyday. I barely see you. You come home when I’m asleep and then you leave as soon as I wake up!” You yell back

“God your so clingy!”

“I’m clingy?! Fine see how clingy I am when I leave.” You say marching up to your room.

“Madi stop!”

“Why should I Jack. You act as though I don’t exist!”

With that you slammed the bedroom door shut and locked it. Yu sat in the corner and cried. About two hours later you went downstairs and saw wasn’t there. Typical him, you thought. You walked into the kitchen and saw Jack. He was holding a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear. His eyes were blood shot.

“Madi I’m really sorry. You were right. I should have spent more time with you. I hate it when we fight.”

You smiled and hugged Jack.
“It’s okay,” you say

“No it’s not. I’ve been a terrible boyfriend. I promise to spend all of time I have left, before I got back on tour, with you.” He said

“Okay,” you say kissing

You felt Jack smile into the kiss. He put the roses and teddy beat down and wrapped his arms around your waist. You wrap your arms around Jacks neck, and he picks you up and places you on the kitchen counter. He spreads your legs apart and stands between them. You can tell where this is going and you completely fine with that.


JJ:“ Hey, guess what!”

Y/N:“ What?”

JJ:“I like you!”

Jack Johnson Imagine for magconxo2lxoxo

You groaned as you heard a knock on your door and rolled over, landing face first into your pillow. You had been sick for three days now, and could barely leave your room. You were kept up all night coughing and sneezing and every few minutes your stomach would cramp up and shoot sharp pains through your abdomen. Needless to say, you had to take naps throughout the day to get any rest, and only got up to empty the contents of your stomach into the toilet bowl.
“Don’t come in.” You croaked, but the door opened anyway to reveal your boyfriend Jack standing there, concern in his eyes.
“Hey baby, how are you feeling?” He asked, taking a seat on the side of the bed. You threw an arm over your face, hoping he wouldn’t see how terrible you looked.
“I feel like someone shoved sandpaper and jelly down my throat, shook me up like a martini and then threw me into the ocean to drown. And you know what? That might’ve happened.” You said tiredly, and he chuckled.
“It’s okay baby, you’ll get better.” He assured you, picking up the thermometer from your nightstand and opening it.
“Open.” He said, and you opened your mouth then closed it around the thermometer. He pressed the button so it started taking your temperature and you sat up a little, running your hands through your messy hair.
“You know, you don’t have to baby me like this. I can take care of myself.” You said around the thermometer, but he shook his head.
“You’re my baby, I need to take care of you until you’re all better.” He said simply, taking out the thermometer and checking the degrees.
“What’s it say?” You asked, peeking over at him.
“Better than yesterday. I had 104.5.” You said tiredly, then you coughed violently, leaning forward and Jack braced his arms around you, one hand rubbing your back soothingly.
“Jack I’m gonna die.” You croaked, your throat sore. He laid you back down carefully and you flipped over, snuggling into the duvet. He got up and left the room, kissing your forehead and telling you he’d be back in ten minutes.
He returned with soup and made you eat a little, telling you that you had to eat something.
“Just a little. If your stomach hurts, then you can stop. Alright baby?” He asked, and you nodded, taking a sip.
“Jack,” you mumbled from your bed, “if I get sick, can you please leave the room?”
“What? No, I won’t let you go through this alone, sweetheart.” He said incredulously, moving a stray piece of hair out of your face.
“Babe.. I don’t want you to see me like that. It’s disgusting.”
“So? I’ll have to see it eventually, and you’ll have to see me like that too. Besides, someone has to hold your hair when you get sick.” He said, and you smiled faintly.
“Nap time again?” Jack asked, toeing off his shoes and pulling his jacket off.
“I think so.” You replied, burying yourself in the duvet. Your face was in a pillow when the bed dipped behind you and Jack’s arms found your waist, pulling you to him so your back was flush against his chest.
“Babe, you’re gonna get sick.” You mumbled, feeling tired already.
“I don’t care.” He whispered, hooking his chin over your shoulder and kissing your neck.
“You’ll get all gross and icky, though. I don’t want you sick because of me.”
“If I get sick, we can be sick together,” He said, “now get some sleep. You’re tired, baby.”
“I know I’m tired, but I wanna talk to you.” You said with a yawn, your ears popping. “Ow.”
“What? What hurts? What’s wrong?” Jack asked suddenly, sitting up a little and looking at you.
“My ears popped, that’s all.” You said, laughing a little. He laid back down and tightened his arm around you.
“You good?” He asked and you nodded.
“I’m good. You?” You asked, coughing a little.
“I’m fine, babe. You tired at all?”
“A little. Tell me a story?” You asked childishly, and he laughed.
“Sure.” He said, and broke into a long and very detailed story about a boy named Frank who was shipped overseas in a box and wound up in Bangladesh with nothing but a bundle of bananas and three euros to his name.
You fell asleep just when things were starting to look up for Frank who built a car out of bubble wrap and drove it to Toyko, looking to make a million dollar business. You still felt sick, and you knew Jack was bound to come down with whatever you had, but he made it a little more fun. He made you laugh even when it hurt to, and you wanted to talk to him even though your throat felt like it was on fire. You didn’t mind listening to him though, and with his voice in your ear you let sleep take you, hoping that when you woke up you’d feel better and that Jack would still be there.

Requested by magconxo2lxoxo hope you like it!

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine

Imagine- Anonymous

I was in my last period of the day, study hall thank goodness. I was trying to focus on a book I was reading but kept getting hit with paper balls. I was hit with 5 balls and one paper air plane.

“GILINKSY CAN YOU STOP!” i finally yelled getting annoyed.

“(y/n) please be quiet.” My teacher said.

I nodded then glared at Jack.

“Just read them.” He mouthed back.

I picked up all the paper balls and plan. “Prom you me go with will”  It what it read at first. I stared confused until i realized what it was suppose to say/

“will you go to prom with me.” I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote yes real big with a smiley face. I crumpled it up and threw it at him.

He opened it, and stood up so fast making his chair fall back before yelling ‘YAS!’

the bell rang just as he yelled it so he didnt get in trouble like i did. “Cant wait (Y/n).”

Jack j imagine

Imagine- anonymous


“Nah, dude I can’t hang out today.” I told Gilinsky for the 5th time. “(Y/n) is coming over.”
“What about bros before hoes!!” He said laughing.
“Well she isn’t a hoe JACK!” I said offended.
“I know dude. She’s a keeper. You really like her don’t you?” He asked suddenly serious.
“More than anyone I’ve ever dated. I’d travel to the moon and back for her jack.”
“Woah dude. A bit sappy for me!” He laughed again.
“I know, I’m sorry but you’re the only one I’d tell this too.” I confused.
“Just don’t let her go, if you do I migt make a move cuz she is HAWT.”
“Ya and ill have to beat the crap out of you. Listen I gotta go and get ready. Ill talk to you later k? Bye bro.”

Jack Gilinsky Imagine

Imagine: Jack Gilinsky- Anonymous

Jack just came home from spending the weekend at magcon and could not keep his hands off of me. Since he got to my house he made sure he was touching me in some way.

Right now I was sitting on his lap watching TV. He kept giving my neck little kisses. I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Watcha doing Jack?” I asked quietly.

“Nothingg” He said against my neck. Instead of gentle kisses he was now gently sucking and biting.

“Jaccck. I swear you better not give me a hickey.”

“shh ”. He continued  what he was doing and I didnt fight, I could always cover it up with make up or a scarf.

Finally he stopped with a satisfied smile. I pushed my self off of him and went to the mirror. there was a large, dark bluish purple mark on my neck.

“JACK! This is going to be hard to hide! Oh my god! The boys are going to make fun of me!”

He just shrugged. “They wont make fun of you, and thats ok if you dont hide it. Shows everyone youre mine!”

I glared at him, “I’m not property.”

He pulled me back onto his lap. “I know, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry. ” HE gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I settled into his lap again and continued watching my show, no longer mad.