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When each member of your security team is focused on one narrow slice of the pie, it's easy for adversaries to enter through the cracks. Here are five ways to stop them. ...

INFORMACIÓN ÚTIL👀 La Unidad de prevención de y prueba rápida del estará hoy en Móstoles (Avda. Constitución Frente a Carrefour) de 10 a 15h. ¡Anímate a preguntar, es por tu salud!👍

According to a new meta-analysis findings, it is better to ask a student to see if they can explain something to themselves, than for a teacher or book to always explain it to them. Read more

Great day but it wasn’t meant to be! To many mistakes and I got punished for it. I came 19th and 5th in Age Cat narrowly missing out on an automatic place in next years world championships. There’s a narrow chance of getting a rolldown place 🤞but let’s see.

Which step have you reached today 1 Won't do IT 2 o can't do IT 3 i want to do it 4 how do i do it? 5 I'll try to do it 6 i can do it 7 i will do ot 8 yes i did it!

Mike Jines his name#proud to kill mom elephant and her baby on him and his friend#this non sport#just useless killing #

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If I had a penny for every time there was a blue skinned red eyed character I liked who was good at their job, I’d have two cents

Not a lot but it’s crazy that there’s two of them

rqg: despite the absolutely Bonkers amount of double entendre, there is very little that could get it marked as Explicit™

tma: despite the whole Cosmic Body Horror laced with Paranoia and Gruesome Death, there’s very little Explicit™ content

stl, in two episodes: an alcoholic gives a baby The Talk except with More Glands.

So. The year is 2019. I’ve been in this hellhole we call website and even sometimes home for uh, 3 or 4 years tops. I’m not that known around; I haven’t honestly tried to for a long time.

I haven’t witnessed many of the disasters in here but I have seen some. I have attempted to leave at least a dozen times but came back eventually.

I’m honestly not sure where was I going with this. What I mean is, this place has like, an essence, you know? That keeps you here. It has a specific format and the Community has a specific taste. We get the same jokes, we talk the same language. I barely see any of the memes in here outside of this realm, and honestly it’s dissappointing– I mean, I Had To Do It To Them is almost unexistant out of this weird land. And it’s not that bad as a meme, even if it evolved into a Where Is Waldo kind of shape.

Anyways. This place may be shit but, for one, it sure is hard to leave sometimes.