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#deafinitelyhear to raise my voice (Yes, I have a voice) for the d/Deaf/HoH.

Our lives matter, too.

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wouldnt it just be easier to ignore people reblogging memes from you instead of screeching when it actually happens? literally everyone else does. its not like they are reblogging your headcanons and ooc posts.

Look. buddy. pal. I hate the tumblr notifications system we have goin on right now and while I may be bein a bit harsh,

I am





i even link memes ON THE POST I ANSWER THEM ON for that purpose come on now.

It takes you two clicks to get to the meme.


It is not common courtesy to at least be considerate and maybe possibly not argue with me over something that gets kind of annoying after a while? It’s in my rules now, btw.

I have fun and then my mood crashes n then m ptsd is like “it’s free real estate”

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Dabi curses that he's been worn out too fast & he's almost burn his collegue. He didn't get time to check on how Subaru's doing as he's been yanked down & getting yelled by him. Dabi should've expected this. The one person he gave a shit about is rightfully pissed at Dabi for using too much of his flames. Dabi felt he deserves it. He's too much of a failure his whole life, he's used to it. He responds to Subaru that he's in control of his quirk & that there'll be no accidents9 -H

What Dabi didn’t expect is to be toppled by Subaru’s tiny frame. He’s stunned by the words projecting at him. Although he doesn’t expressed his emotions on surface, Dabi feels indescribable emotions swirling inside him. But one thing is clear: Subaru,,,worries for him?? All his brooding thoughts, all his pessimistic outcomes are immediately being shoved aside. All his feelings are so concurrent Dabi just went w/ whatever Subaru says atm. Dabi mentally kicked himself for sounding so bored10 -H  

For the first time, in that moment he feels like he’s no longer the aftermath of his father’s heinous ambitions. At that moment he no longer feels he has to conquer his turbulent quirk on his own. Is this guy willing to give his time of day to help Dabi unconditionally? When his old man tossed him aside the moment he’s considered a lost cause? “Holy shit”, Dabi thought to himself while trying to repress the kindling fire in his heart11 -H        

Sorry for disappearing I had to do something klsdjfk I hope you like it! I do want to discuss more on this because a lot of Dabi’s writing stems from his conflicting feelings toward the todofam. While writing this, it’s been a mixture of me screaming “WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES” -H            


I’m deafinitely hear…are you? Yes, hearing people, that’s an intentional misspell. Before you get your panties in a wad and claim I’m deaf and dumb, it is simply a play on words–and a witty one at that.

But the point of that play on words is to highlight the fact that I’m here, definitely.

Yes, I know how to type on a keyboard. Yes, I know how to read and write. Yes, I know how to open a social media account and create posts. Surprise! Surprise!

I’m here to speak up, use my voice, raise awareness, and be heard. You can make assumptions, dislike me, ridicule me, make fun of me…But that’s not going to change who I am or what I stand for.

I’m here the same as you. My tongue is pink, too. My heart beats, my skin sweats, I get nervous, I feel pain, I laugh at good jokes, and I breathe the same air that you do. You can try your best, which will become failed attempts, to put me down or make me feel lesser than you–to no avail.

I will still be the same as you. I will rise, I will be happy, I will be productive, I will write, I will love, I will create, I will survive.

My ears do not make me who I am. My hearing loss does not define me. I am here and I will thrive. Because that’s what it means to be human.