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glaciers eyes scanned the room, he was in the mood to raise a little hell, which for him either meant getting in a fight or corrupting the innocent. as soon as his eyes landed on her he knew, it was going to be a fun night. he grabbed a cup and made his way over, holding one out to her. “i see you don’t have a drink in hand, can i get you anything?” he asked, taking a sip of his drink.


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What I love: Telling my friends I have a brain injury due to circumstances of my birth and them not treating me differently

WHAT I LOVVVVEEEE: My friends willingly saying that I have a problem with my voice because of that, and treating it as not a problem.

(When people say that I sound fine and I don’t have a voice problem when I clearly do- I’m a little more muffled and annoyingly high pitched imo- it makes me think that they’re avoiding it as if trying to deny it like its something really bad and affects me more than it actually does)

  • Cyprus: Adrian’s at that very special point in her life where she only has one thing on her mind.
  • Chrissy: Boys?
  • Adrian: Homicide.
  • Blair: From now on we will be using code names.
  • Blair: You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • Blair: Matthew is “currently doing that”.
  • Blair: Adrian is “it happened once in a dream”.
  • Blair: Cyprus is “if I had to pick another boy”.
  • Blair: And Devon is...
  • Blair: "Eagle Two".
  • Devon: Oh, thank god.

I have fun and then my mood crashes n then m ptsd is like “it’s free real estate”

I don’t want to be seen as sensitive all because of how I was this year

cause no, I’m not a sensitive person, I’m stronger than that but this year has drained me past my limit

so don’t fucking call me sensitive

On leaving a "toxic environment "


In Miyazaki’s manga/ feature film there are great poisonous forests full of toxic spores. Nausicaa traverses those Forests, and from them she brings back saplings of the toxic plants.

She puts those saplings in the healthy ground of her village in secret and discovers the spores they give off were not poisonous

The plants, the spores, were not toxic.

The environment they grew in was. And they became toxic as they cleansed it.

“Why would you want to step back into that toxic relationship”

Because not doing so is accepting that version of myself is the true one. The broken thing uncomfortable in its own skin, a stranger in its own home, a burden on those it loves, paralysed by a terrifying sense that the financial security it needed to not fail her would disappear again.

Because not doing so demeans me. And her. And her too.


I watch you all go on ahead of me
With your dreams and talents
And I sit here in my insulated box
I don’t know how to dream here
In this normal world
Fantasy, books, those dreams
They slip away, mean nothing
Knights and magic don’t tell you
What you do with your life

I’m sorry, but I’ve got to rant. I honestly thought I was done with all this shit, but apparently that isn’t the case after someone made a comment last night. So lets try a different approach, shall we?

Look, it isn’t a mohawk, it’s a very rare, and currently untreatable condition called Reverse Male Pattern Balding. I’m very sensitive about it and I apologize that you find it uncomfortable or offensive to look at.

Not buying that?

Fine. It’s a hairy style. It was around way before me and will continue to be after I’m gone. It doesn’t hurt anyone, and honestly - and more importantly than your feelings - it makes me feel good about who I am. If my hair style is keeping you up at night, I’m sorry to be the one to inform you that this worlds got bigger problems.

That being said, unless you have something nice to say about it - which the overwhelming majority of people do, keep your fucking mouth shut!

P.S. That “sorry” was for you Tumblr people having to read it, not for the narrow minded people I’m offending.