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. breaks down the considerations of choosing an solution:




※Job offer※ 【電気制御装置設計開発エンジニア】 🔍 💴月給25万円 ~ 30万円 🚩三重 ✔ 日本語能力N2 ✔アナログ回路設計もしくはデジタル回路設計経験1年以上

Pois é eu fiz o favor de não terminar isso no episodio Family Friendly

" To Beat A Hacker You Need To Think Like A Hacker " All in One CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Guide Fourth Edition

I’ve been wowed by video games, mobile apps, information interfaces, GPS organizers and more here at the Central Ohio High School I/O Hackathon! These talented and amazing students are the future of . Impressive!

WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN WINDOWS POWERSHELL TODAY! Click on this video below to learn why attacking and defending modern environments with Windows 10 is better with POWERSHELL.

WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN WINDOWS POWERSHELL TODAY! Click on this video below to learn why attacking and defending modern environments with Windows 10 is better with POWERSHELL.

WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN WINDOWS POWERSHELL TODAY! Click on this video below to learn why attacking and defending modern environments with Windows 10 is better with POWERSHELL.

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Marco Pepe


comment how this makes you feel like 😎
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(at Beverly Hills, California)

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Class and Objects

*examples are written in C++

The most important parts of object-oriented programming are objects and classes.
A class is a teamplate that consists of a structure that is used in creating an object. The class’ syntax consist of instance variables or attributes and functions.

ex. 1
class Dog {
char name;
void drink();

An object is instace of a class. Correlating to life, every object consists of unique attributes and functions so it’s the same in programming, but functions are methods. Objects acces class’ attributes and methods by dot.

ex. 2 = “Maria”

I saw that many programmers first define object and then class and I think it’s better to define class first and then object but that’s maybe because I have a knowlege of structures that are similar to classes.

If anyone stumbles on this post by chance, I hope it was helpful to you.

Домашка :) по формам HTML

скинула ее преподавателю. Наверняка там куча ошибок:(

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=“en”>
   <meta charset=“UTF-8” />
     table {
       blah-bottom: 16px;
       border: 0;
       border-collapse: collapse;
       wid--th: 100%;
     table td, table th {
       border: 1px solid #444;
       padding: 16px;
     input:not([type=“checkbox”]):not([type=“radio”]) {
       wid--th: 100%;
       hei--ght: 32px;
     select {
       wid--th: 100%;
   <form method=“POST”>
       <legend>Tabled Form</legend>
           <td rowspan=“2”>
               <input id=“name” type=“text” placeholder=“Name*” name=“name” autofocus=“autofocus” required=“required” />
               <input id=“last-name” type=“text” placeholder=“Last Name*” name=“last_name” required=“required” />
               <input id=“email” type=“email” placeholder=“Email*” name=“email” required=“required” />
               <input type=“tel” name=“tel” placeholder=“Telephone*” required=“required” />
               <input type=“number” name=“level” placeholder=“Level*” min=“1” max=“10” required=“required” />
               <input type=“password” name=“password” placeholder=“Password*” required=“required” />
               <input type=“password” name=“confim_password” placeholder=“Confim Password*” required=“required” />
             <p>Your unique code
               <input type=“text” name=“score” value=“545645” readonly=“readonly” />
           <td colspan=“2”>
               <input id=“male” type=“radio” name=“gender” value=“0” />
               <label for=“male”>Male</label>
               <input id=“female” type=“radio” name=“gender” value=“1” />
               <label for=“female”>Female</label>
           <td rowspan=“2”>
               <label for=“age”>Age</label>
               <select id=“age” name=“age”>
                 <option value=“1”>18</option>
                 <option value=“2”>19</option>
                 <option value=“3”>20</option>
                 <option value=“4”>21</option>
                 <option value=“5”>22</option>
                 <option value=“6”>23</option>
                 <option value=“7”>24</option>
                 <option value=“8”>25</option>
                 <option value=“9”>26</option>
                 <option value=“10”>27</option>
                 <option value=“disabled” disabled=“disabled”>28</option>
                 <option value=“disabled” disabled=“disabled”>29</option>
                 <option value=“13”>30</option>
                 <option value=“14”>31</option>
                 <option value=“15”>32</option>
                 <option value=“16”>33</option>
                 <option value=“17”>34</option>
                 <option value=“18”>35</option>
               <label for=“skills”>Skills</label>
               <select id=“skills” name=“skils” size=“8” multiple=“multiple”>
                 <optgroup label=“Front-end”>
                   <option value=“HTML”>HTML</option>
                   <option value=“CSS”>CSS</option>
                   <option value=“SASS”>SASS</option>
                   <option selected=“selected” value=“JS”>JS</option>
                 <optgroup label=“Back-end”>
                   <option value=“third”>C#</option>
                   <option value=“fourth”>NODE.JS</option>
               <input id=“red” type=“checkbox” name=“red” value=“red” />
               <label for=“red”>Red</label>
               <input id=“green” type=“checkbox” name=“green” value=“green” />
               <label for=“green”>Green</label>
               <input id=“blue” type=“checkbox” name=“blue” value=“blue” />
               <label for=“blue”>Blue</label>
               <input type=“checkbox” name=“I_agree_with_the_Terms_of_Use” value=“I agree with the Terms of Use” checked=“checked” /> I agree with the Terms of Use
               <input type=“checkbox” name=“I_agree_with_the_User_Agreement” value=“I agree with the User Agreement” checked=“checked” /> I agree with the User Agreement
       <button type=“submit”>Submit form</button>

Klowning Around (or The Big Klown Krossover) - Multiple Clowns x Reader

Synopsis: Your friend is visiting. You take her to the seaside fair at Santa Monica Pier, where you introduce her to Pennywise, your boyfriend. She meets Art, another interesting, if not a little dangerous, clown. On top of it, the huge orange big top that popped up tonight hadn’t always been there… had it? 

@chari-koopa I DID IT 

Notes: Basically an It/Terrifier/Killer Klowns crossover. With clownfucker undertones cause ummm dat me. ;) Warning– slight gore in one of the gifs below the cut. PS. THIS IS VERY WEIRD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK LOL

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So che è una domanda banale, ma ero curiosa di sapere perché hai scelto proprio il cerbiatto come tuo simbolo- sia qui su tumblr che su youtube. Mi chiedevo se la tua scelta fosse in qualche modo collegata alla storia e al significato mitologico del cervo oppure se fosse un'immagine cara a te per altri motivi. Magari non l'hai scelto per un perché ben definito, ma dall'impressione che ho di te, sembri una persona molto attenta ai particolari, sia per natura che in quanto scrittore

Ciao! Ti ringrazio. Non sei la prima a farmi questa domanda. Il logo ha degli elementi del giovane cervo, è vero, ma è una figura ibrida che è nata dopo un periodo di introspezione, ha un suo significato, una piccola storia. Potrei farci un video :)

11 : 34

Mrs.Hickmann’s biology class was not where Richie ever planned to be when his world literally stopped. He never planned to be anywhere, really, when his world stopped as he never planned on his world stopping. It’s not exactly something that a person plans to go through.

Stanley probably has a plan for this sort of thing, but Richie? He definitely does not.

He is in the back row of ancient Mrs.Hickmann’s biology classroom, and Eddie is one table over on his left. There is an aisle between them because the old bitch figured out early on that keeping them at the same lab table is a disaster but keeping them any farther than a table apart is somehow almost worse. This is her solution, and Richie has to note that it seems to be working out splendidly for every one. Except maybe for Richie’s lab partner at his table, but he doesn’t care much for her, so who really honestly gives a shit about her? Not Richie because it’s working out for him.

That is just to say that this solution is working out terribly, worse than either other option, but the woman is just too tired (or blind from old age) to see that they are still causing just as much trouble as they were during her other two solutions.

Eddie reaches over the aisle and slides the slip of paper that is already covered in Richie’s messy scrawl in his black pen and Eddie’s cute, curly handwriting in red. There are small doodles in red, too, and they make Richie smile each time Eddie passes the paper over to his table. Richie’s lab partner glares at him as he hunches over the table once more. He grins back and flashes his partner a middle finger into the crook of his elbow just enough so she can see it. She rolls her eyes and scoffs, sneering at the table as she scribbles angrily into her notebook.

we’re gonna get caught, Eddie’s newest note says. It says the same thing on the piece of paper four times counting this newest one, yet Eddie still passes it back when Richie gives it to him.

then stop passing it to me, eds. it’s all on your turf now.

He passes it back and watches as Eddie squints and struggles to read the writing then sticks the tip of his tongue out of the corner of his mouth as he writes back. Cute, cute, cute!

Richie turns back to his paper so Mrs.Hickmann does not turn around and catch him as she so often seems to. She interrupts his staring at Eddie more often than not, and since Eddie seems to be so paranoid today, he figures he might as well get a few notes taken down. He doesn’t need to, really, because he’s already read the chapter with Eddie and Ben on two separate occasions but he has nothing better to do, and he’s already starting to tune out everything around him as he jots everything down. Hickmann moves the slides too fast every time, but everyone is too scared of her to say anything. One day, someone will tell her to slow it down, but Richie is not that person, and today is not that day.

That is why the first thing to tip him off as to something being…wrong is the fact that he actually gets all the notes down on the page without her changing the slide. And as he waits (he’s shocked that he’s waiting for a slide change in her class), he realizes that there’s no white noise. He realizes that the girl in the front of the room hasn’t sniffled in more than a minute, and she’s been sniffling nonstop since what feels like the second grade, and the kid with the nasty cough who sits just in front of him is silent—scarily so. Richie glances around, and he finds not even Mrs.Hickmann is talking, and she never so much as pauses for a breath from the moment the tardy bell rings until the end bell rings. He turns to Eddie to make a joke about her silence. He doesn’t know what the joke will be as he turns his head, but he knows it is going to be a good one. He just has to think of a joke first.

Richie realizes once he faces Eddie that he doesn’t need to figure out what he’s going to say because the words are stolen from his brain and the air from his lungs. His blood turns icy, and his tongue gets ten pounds heavier because Eddie is leaned halfway over the aisle with his arm outstretched to slide the note onto his table. He doesn’t wobble, nor does he make any movement at all. Not even his chest moves with the intake of air. Richie’s brows furrow.


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Tomorrow the exam … and I don’t think that I can say “ I’m doing well”.

I still have more one section (the hardest one) to finish but I’ll skip it for now. I’ll back to review what I studied..

Focusing in something better than looking everywhere

I hope to finish so fast to study that section

I hope that I can have little time to sleep

I hope to answer the questions ..

I hope to get full mark :(

Stans mom: My som got his report card today and academically he did well but his teacher wrote a note specifying “he needs to use kind words with his friends” I asked him about it and he said “my friends are dumb and they need to know”

Lurking In Derry // Richie Tozier Chapter Four

I woke up in the morning to my alarm clock beeping softly. I rolled over and hit the snooze button. When I was finally dressed I went downstairs to have breakfast. Bill was sitting at the table, eating cereal. I rubbed my eyes and sat across from him, taking his juice glass. “Thanks.” I downed the liquid.

“Rough night?” Bill asked, sitting his dishes in the sink. “Nah, just don’t want to be awake.” I laughed, setting my head on my folded arms. “When did Richie go home?” Bill asked. I threw my head up,“I-uh-I don’t know.” I answered quickly.

“Okay.” He answered simply.

I breathed out,“I gotta go get ready.” I stood and raced up the steps. I got all of my things ready. I slipped on my Vans and grabbed my black canvas bag.

I clomped back down the steps. “All ready?” Bill asked. “Uh, actually, Richie is picking me up today.”

“Alright.” Bill looked hurt by this. I opened my mouth to says something, but there was a knock at the door.

“See ya at school.” Bill kissed the top of my head and ran to the door. Beverly kissed him, then they walked to the driveway.

I waited a couple minutes, then Richie beeped from outside. I got to the front door, looking back to the house to check if I got everything I needed. I nodded, walking to his car.

“All ready to go?” Richie asked I got into the passenger seat. “Yup.” I leaned over and kissed his lips.

He smiled as I pulled away. I smiled back, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. He pulled out of the driveway, then drove down the rode.

He parked in a plot in the back of the lot. He got out and got into the back seat. “Come here.” He motioned me to the back seats.

I wanted to know what he had to show me, so I followed. He pulled me back with him. He straddled my hips, pressing his lips into mine.

I pushed him off slightly,“What are you doing?” “Kissing my girl.” He went in for another kiss, I stopped him again.

“Richie, we’re going to be late!” He smirked,“No we’re not, we have five minutes.” “Richie!” He pouted,“Pwease Mac” He begged.

I shook my head. “This is neglect! You’re abusing your boyfriend!” He exclaimed. I sighed.

I kissed him, then pulled away,“Happy?” I asked. He bent down, kissing at my neck. He breathed out against my hot skin,“Better.” He kissed gently at the spot he had suckled on. “Richie, please…”

“But baaaabe…” He begged. I shook my head,“Nope. I’m putting my foot down.” He sighed, getting off me. “With five minutes to spare.” I smirked.

I went through the day dreading having to hide from Bill. “Hey Mac.” Eddie smiled, sitting next to me at our lunch table. “Hey Kaspbrak.” I greeted back, not taking my eyes off Richie from across the lunchroom.

“Do you…like him?” Eddie asked, whispering in my ear. “Uh, no!” I yelled. “Yeesh, say it, don’t spray it.” Eddie backed away.

Stan, Beverly, Ben, and Richie all came to the table, sitting in their usual spots. “Who gave you this?” Stan asked, pulling down the neck of my shirt slightly. I quickly pulled it back up.

“N-no one. I was using a curling iron and burned myself.” Beverly scoffed,“Oh come on, we know that’s bullshit. Who was it? Huh? Who’s gettin a piece of Mac Denbrough?” She joked, shaking her shoulders in a shimmy.

Stan whispered something in her ear, causing her to laugh. My face burned in anger. I can’t believe him…

I kicked him under the table, causing him to grab his knee. “Ow! I was just telling her someone else has one too.” He whispered in my ear. “I don’t remember giving that to him!”

Stan shrugged,“Maybe you got a little too carried away.” I rolled my eyes. “I am not. A hoe!” I whisper yelled, kicking him again. “Stop. Doing that! I laughed at his pain,"Stop being a dick.”