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Morning people of the South. My wish is to see everybody's life blossom like these flowers.'stimetobelieve

Well, we got Winners & Losers back but Hourly movements is YET AGAIN frozen in time. Your department are a joke

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Sie haben Lust, bei einem -Spezialisten zu arbeiten? Wir sind auf der Suche nach -Experten in ganz EMEA! Finden Sie heraus, ob ein das Richtige für Sie ist:

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Your brows are sisters, not twins. 🎈


It 2 review (no spoilers)

The movie was really just okay. It had a completely different tone from part one. Was really hoping they would try the book ending since they kept talking about Bill writing terrible endings like it was a weird meta self drag in the end. The movie was way too long. All the jokes were really funny but completely ruined the tension. Overall the movie was really like, dumbed down? I almost fell asleep a few times cuz the plot was just really simple and kept dragging on and on. Terrible horror movie but decent action adventure. I feel like i would’ve enjoyed it a lot if it were a different movie. Def doesn’t feel like a sequel to It

let’s RP bitches

I love a thriving fandom. We all wanna RP Reddie bc we’re all depressed bc of That Scene.


Originally posted by lavendermania

So let’s fuckin RP some Reddie


  • Be literate in the RP. If we’re talking OOC then you’re allowed to forget what a comma is, but if we’re in the RP, be literate. Complete sentences, guys.
  • You can be Richie or Eddie. I can play both equally well.
  • We can do kids or adults or any age in between.
  • No incest.
  • No pedophilia.
  • No OCs
  • No ABO dynamics (so please don’t ask)
  • I’m open to smut, but that cannot be the basis of the RP. It needs to be plot-driven.
  • Please give a full paragraph for each reply. I will match whatever length you give me, meaning that if you give me three short sentences, that is what you will get back. If you send an essay, that is what you will get back. I will match whatever length you give me.
  • If you keep sending short and choppy replies, then I will drop the RP!
  • Don’t be afraid to dive into the darker side of things! IT is a horror story! I am very open to horror RPs!
  • Tell me what triggers you and let me know if I ever cross a line you’re uncomfortable with. Especially with heavier topics, I tend to lean pretty graphic in my descriptions, so let me know ASAP if you want me to not include something.
  • I’m open to all AUs and headcannons!
  • I prefer using Discord as a platform to RP on. If we do stick to Tumblr, then my replies will be slower and less frequent, as I check it less.

I’ll update this list as I see fit. DM me or leave a comment!! :))


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(If you stan Dennis Christopher, then just fucking hit me up already the guy’s a legend.)


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Pennywise and the Dancing Girl

Chapter 8: Anything and Everything


SUMMARY: Emma has been controlled and haunted by the clown of many names for as long as she remembered. However, that begins to change once she meets Henry Bowers, the local asshole.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’d like to apologize once again for the long time hiatus. I’ve been quite busy lately and I haven’t had time to write. However, I’m trying to finish this series as soon as possible, so I can start writing the sequel series! Also, this chapter was meant to be a lot longer, but it ended up being too long, so I decided to split it into two parts!

WARNINGS: Explicit language.






“Let’s get outta here.”

Within those few moments, everything I felt about him changed. I didn’t know why; but all of a sudden, I felt this urge to run away with him. To do anything and everything with him.

Maybe it was because deep down, I felt like we were running out of time. Even though I had no reason to.

It was barely the beginning of July and we had plenty of time left before school started again. However, it still didn’t stop that feeling. This feeling that something was drawing closer and closer to us and when it finally came, we wouldn’t be able to stop it. Maybe it was my paranoia, my bad luck; but no matter what reason I told myself, I always knew that the true reason was because of Gray.

With him around, I could never be happy. I was even lucky to get this far, but now I knew. He was angry and he wouldn’t let me remain this way for much longer. He was ready to end it all. So, the only thing I could do now was take this opportunity with Henry and not let it waste away. I had to. I had to take his hand.

So, I did and I left him with little time to react as I pulled him out the library.

“Emma,” he called out. “Where are we going?” And I stopped. That was a good question. Where were we going? There were not many places to go to in Derry. It was a small town and we could literally scope out the entirety of it in a day. There was the arcade, the park, the theater, one of the dozen restaurants that we had, and the quarry. We had gone to all of them before, but this would be different. Now, it would just be me and him - sharing and experiencing it together. I did say that I wanted to experience anything and everything with him…didn’t I?

So, I simply turned to him and blatantly said, “Everywhere.” I searched his face for any sign of confirmation, but his eyes wouldn’t meet mine. They just focused on his shoes and I didn’t realize why until I felt the clamminess of his hand.

He was nervous, shy, and the closer I looked, I saw that his cheeks were flushed with color. It was then that I realized that I did this to him. I made him feel this way and it wasn’t until his eyes finally met mine that I also realized, he did the same to me.

We had touched plenty of times before, but never like this. At least not often as this. We had only done this two other times. The first time being the day he came to find me at the park after Patrick’s death. We had been standing close to one another, to the point where I felt his breath hitting my cheek and his nose barely grazing my forehead. He had been holding my hand in his as he gently traced the outline of my rug burn. I remember how my cheeks burned and my heart raced as he did so. And the second being just a bit ago in the library, when he ran his fingers down the scars of my neck. My breath had halted and I actually missed his touch when he pulled away. So, the real question was… Why did I feel this way? Why?

There was only one possible answer; but for some reason, it scared me too much to admit it. It would be too hard to. So, I just pulled my hand away from his and pushed the thought into the back of my mind, choosing to ignore it for now.

“How does that sound,” I asked calmly, and I waited until I got it what I was looking for - a small smirk playing at his lips.

“Where do you wanna go first?”And I couldn’t help the smile that made its way onto my own lips.


We both decided to head to the arcade first, already making our way there. We were awfully quiet and I figured it was because we still hadn’t completely made up yet. I know he did admitted to wanting to become a better person, but he also didn’t apologize for being a dick the night of the party… Then again, I also didn’t apologize for punching him in the face. It was now or never, I thought to myself.

I glanced over at him and he looked surprisingly calm. It was very different in comparison to the usual bitch face he wore, and I quickly found myself liking this look a lot more than the other.

“Like what you see,” he questioned bluntly and I immediately turned away, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“No,” I answered. “Why would I?” And he didn’t seem convinced. Hell, I wasn’t even convinced. I knew that was a flat-out lie. Henry was always pretty to look at.

“Oh, cause you weren’t checking me out just right,” he mentioned, raising a brow.

“It’s not that. I just… I just wanted to say sorry for…well, punching you in the face I guess.”


“Don’t what?”

“Say you’re sorry. I deserved it.”

I looked at him in disbelief as he said that. Did he really just say that he deserved it? The Henry I knew would have never allowed anyone to do that to him, even if he knew he was being a dick. He never liked getting hit, even if it was done jokingly. That’s why it surprised me so much.

“Well, I might have overreacted,” I added.



“You’ve never felt bad about anything you’ve done before, so don’t now, okay? I deserved it and you knew I did, that’s why you did it. It’s nothing you should be saying sorry for. Got it?”

I gazed at him for a few moments before nodding, “Yeah.” There was a short pause of silence before he spoke up again.

“That was a pretty hard punch though,” he noted with a slight smirk. “Were you trying to knock me out?”

“No,” I giggled.

“You knocked me straight on my ass.”

“Well, I can do it again. So, don’t test me.”

“You wanna bet?” And at that, the both of us stopped in our tracks and gazed into each other’s eyes.

I thought he was just joking at first, but then I saw the cockiness of his smirk and knew that he was being dead serious. It amused me to say the least.

“And what exactly are we gonna bet,” I asked and he seemed to ponder for a bit before answering.

“Well, you said you wanted to do everything, right? That includes going to the movies then. Loser has to get all the snacks for when we go.”

I hummed softy, “Okay. So, all I have to do is knock you on your ass again to win?”

“Yeah…but in street fighter.” And my face immediately broke into a smile.

“Ohhh, I see what you’re doing,” I cooed. “It’s because you know that I suck at street fighter.”

“It’s not the only thing you suck at,” he teased. “But yeah, it is. So, is it a bet or not?” I bit my lip softly before nodding.

“Alright, Bowers. You’re on.”


“Okay, you should be Ken,” I told him, gesturing to the screen, but he only gave me a look of disbelief.

“Why,” he questioned and I shrugged.

“Well, you kinda look like him. You both have blonde hair and blue eyes. You both wear red all the time and…you both have muscles. Yours aren’t as big, of course, but they’re still pretty nice.”

“You think my muscles are nice,” he smirked and I immediately froze. Did I really say that? Why the fuck would I say that? That’s not something he should know. The cocky bastard would never let me live that down. I had to think of an excuse quick.

“What? No,” I scoffed. “I just meant that other people might think they’re nice. Not me.”

“Uh huh,” he breathed, leaning in closer to me. “You know if I didn’t know any better, Emma, I’d say that you liked me.” His voice was low and smooth, and he was so impossibly close that could I feel his breath. It was enough to send a shiver down my spine, but I couldn’t let it get to me. So, I simply pushed him away and scoffed,

“Don’t flatter yourself. I much rather like Mr. Keene than you.“ He chuckled softly.

“Sure you would,” he remarked, now leaning over the dash of the machine and putting his token in. “I’ll be Ken.” I stared at him for a few moments, before leaning down beside him and pushing my own token into its slot. He glanced over at me and I could tell from the corner of my eye that he was started to stare. So, curiously, I looked back at him. To be honest, I half expected him to look away, but he didn’t. He just held my gaze, before dropping his eyes over the rest of my face and I let him. It wasn’t much longer till his eyes met mine again and he spoke up,

“Two out of three, okay?”

“Okay,” I smirked and his lips mirrored mine in seconds.

“Ready to lose?”

“Are you?” And we both turned back to the screen once we heard the game announcer yell ”Round One!”

I quickly placed my fingers over the buttons of the machine and wrapped my other hand around the joystick, waiting for the announcer to yell again. I have to win, I told myself. I know I suck, but I can’t suck now. Not against Henry. I said I would knock him on his ass, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to disappoint him now. Wait, what?

“Fight!” My eyes shot open and I rapidly began to press the buttons, hearing Henry do the same. My Ryu was able to punch his Ken a few times before he overwhelmed me, blocking every one of my punches and punching me whenever I left an opening. He continued to do this until my health bar was nearly empty and I was only able to get one more punch in until he completely destroyed me.

“Shit,” I groaned. What was I thinking? I’ve never won against him before, so what made me think I could do it now? It was only one loss, but it was enough to remind me that I was terrible at Street Fighter. I should just give him my wallet right now.

I sighed softly and glanced over at him. It looked like he was having the time of his fucking life. All cocky with that damn smirk. What I wouldn’t give to wipe it off his damn face? And then, it hit me. I once beat Richie Tozier and he was practically the king of this game and almost everyone knew it. Yet, I beat him. I did have Eddie to cheer me on; but this time, I had to do it for myself. This time my motivation was to wipe that damned smirk off Henry’s face and beat him at his own game.

“There’s still two rounds left, Bowers. Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet,” I warned, but he only laughed it off.

“There’s only two more rounds left, if you can beat me in the next one,” he informed and while he wasn’t wrong, I didn’t plan on losing again.

“I’ll beat you.”

“You’ll beat me, huh?”

“Shut the fuck up.” And he laughed again, getting back in position beside me. He was closer than before, his arm and hip pressing against mine, but this time I didn’t care. All I cared about was winning these next two rounds and this damn bet.

“Round two!” I took a deep breath and stared intently at the screen. Focus, Emma. Focus.

“Fight!” This time, instead of rapidly bashing my buttons, I waited for him to attack first. I decided that my best bet was to use the same strategy that I used to beat Richie, so that’s exactly what I did. I kept blocking his punches until I saw an opening and once I did, I punched him as many times as he would allow. Then when he finally went to block, I jumped over him and punched him in the back numerous times. I kept alternating between these three techniques until I finally won.

Feeling a sense of achievement overwhelm me, I cheered a bit too loudly as he simply groaned out in frustration. I thought he would have stopped me to be honest, but he didn’t. He actually waited before asking-

“You done?” He sounded solemn and serious, but it didn’t quite reach his face. It was like he was pretending to be annoyed, but his eyes and lips just wouldn’t cooperate.

It almost seemed like he wanted to smile, but didn’t. He just was holding it back. Then, his eyes were filled with something I’ve never seen before. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, but the deeper I looked, the more I thought I saw…adoration?

I gulped softly at the thought before answering him,

“Nope. Cause I know I’m going to win the next round too.” And I did. It was shocking as hell, but I was damn proud. So much so that I cheered again. Even if it was annoying to the other kids there. At least Henry didn’t find it annoying. __________________________________________

“Why are you grabbing so much shit,” he complained.

“You lost the bet, remember? How many times do I have to remind you,” I remarked smugly before placing another candy bar in his arms.

“Yeah, I remember, but I also remember you sucking too.”

“Yeah, I know. Good thing it wasn’t the same as you remembered,” I chuckled as I spotted a basket beside us, picking it up.

“Don’t go feeling all smug now just because you won one game of Street Fighter.”

“I think it’s a bit too late for that,” I smirked, showing him the basket. “After all, I consider beating you quite the accomplishment. Especially since I get a bunch of free snacks with it.”

He scoffed softly as he placed the snacks into the basket, a small smile plastered on his lips.

“It doesn’t take a lot to impress you, huh?”

“No, I guess not,” I shrugged and he took the basket from me.

“That’s alright,” he confessed. “That’s one of the reasons why I like you anyway.” I gazed up at him with wide eyes, but he simply shot me a smirk before walking away completely. However, that didn’t stop my eyes from following him.

Did he actually mean that or…was he just joking? Either way, I couldn’t help the rate that my heart was beating at or the warmth that was currently flooding my chest.  

This felt…unreal. Everything about this felt unreal. How could I be here? How could I be with Henry? How could I be happy? How could I live? Could I stay like this? Forever? I sure hope I could. I wish I could. Please. I want to stay. I want to stay with Vic and Reggie. I want to stay with Eddie. I want… I want to stay with Henry. Always.

I can’t imagine going on in a world without him. Without his temper. Without his cockiness. Without his sweetness and stubbornness. Without his pain. Without that stupid mullet. Without his beautiful cloudy blue eyes. Without his beautiful…everything. I just can’t. I need him and I always will.

A smile unknowingly made its way onto my face as I watched him put a few more candy bars in the basket. He had no idea that had been watching him and still didn’t know until he looked back in my direction. His smile matched mine as he tilted his head slightly.

“Why are you looking at me like that,” he questioned.

“It’s nothing,” I lied. “You can keep looking.”

With that, I turned away and continued searching through the store. I already picked out my snacks, so I might as well look around as Henry picked out his.

I somehow drifted into the clothes section of the store, the bright colors of shirts and pants catching my eyes. While they were appealing, they’ve never been my style. I always wore denim, denim, and more denim over simple shirts and tainted converse. That was my style, but I stopped once I spotted a dress.

It was different compared to most of the dresses I saw girls at school wear. It wasn’t skanky and didn’t leave little to the imagination. It was quite pretty and modest and while it was off the shoulder, it still had thin straps to hold it up. I could actually imagine myself wearing it. I was starting to like it that much.

“I never pegged you to be the dress type,” a voice interrupted behind me, and I immediately recognized it as Henry.

“I’m not,” I agreed.

“Well, it sure looks like you want it.”

“I don’t,” I lied, still staring at it.

“Why don’t you try it on?”

“Huh,” I asked in surprise.

“You should try it on,” he repeated.

“No, I shouldn’t,” I shook my head. “I’ll just look goofy.”

“You can never look goofy,” he uttered, and it wasn’t until I felt my cheeks burned that I saw his light up as well. “At least to me anyway,” he finished shyly, and his comment was enough to reassure me that with him, I was always safe and would never be judged.

So taking his word for it, I turned around to grab the dress, looking it over once more before surveying the store for a fitting room. Already knowing what I was thinking, Henry decided to give me the answer himself. “There’s one in the back,” he stated and I nodded slightly, before gesturing him to follow me as I started to walk over.

There was only one room with a chair by the wall. It was pretty isolated, but I preferred that. I didn’t really want anyone other than Henry seeing me.

So once we got to the fitting room, I knocked on the door twice just to make sure no one was in there and luckily, there wasn’t.

I glanced back at Henry and he was already sitting on the chair with the basket beside him. He must’ve known I was staring because his eyes met mine almost immediately.

“Don’t make fun of me,” I told him and he breathed out a laugh. I knew he wouldn’t. I just felt like saying it.

“Don’t worry,” he uttered, “I won’t.”

“Alright,” I smirked. “I’m trusting you.” And with that, I stepped foot into the room and locked the door behind me.

There was only a mirror in the room along with my own reflection. Most of the scars that I had acquired over this past month had faded, except for the one of course. My hair was a bit longer and my eyes didn’t look sunken for once. I actually looked…alive and happier. And just the thought of that made me smile a bit more.

Within seconds, I had stripped of my clothes and put them off to the side. And with a few more, I had already stepped into the dress and pulled the straps over my shoulders. Now, I could see more qualities that I didn’t before.

The dress actually stopped mid-calf and hugged my waist quite a bit. However, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. I was also never a fan of plain white, but this along with the red, yellow, and pink flowers was quite nice. I actually wouldn’t mind wearing this out anywhere.

“Are you almost done,” Henry asked from the outside and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. He didn’t sound irritated, but he did have the habit of being impatient.

“Yes, I’m coming out now,” I called out, before grabbing the handle of the door. I took a deep breath and tried my best to ignore the nervousness that was washing over me. There’s no reason to feel nervous, I told myself. It’s just Henry, but then again. It’s the fact that it is Henry that makes me nervous.

I sighed quietly before turning the handle of the door and stepping out.


I tore the wrapper of the chocolate bar open and snapped a piece off before sticking it in my mouth. I chewed on it silently as I waited for her to come out… but should it really take that long to put on a dress?

“Are you almost done,” I asked and she responded fairly quickly.

“Yes, I’m coming out now,” she called out and she sounded a bit irritated. Did she not like the dress or was she just getting annoyed by me? Knowing her, it was probably the latter.

I smirked to myself as I snapped another piece off. I was this close to putting it into my mouth until I heard the door click. Now, all my attention shifted to the door.

She came out slowly, then all at once. Even if she did decide to come out all fast or all slow, I wouldn’t have been prepared either way. Because I had no idea that I’d be sitting in the presence of someone so perfect.

When did I deserve something like this? What did I do to deserve something like this? What did I do to deserve someone like her coming into my life?

The simple answer was that I didn’t…and that I probably never would. But I wanted to deserve it. I needed to deserve it. I would make sure that I deserved it. That I deserved her. Cause if I couldn’t have her, then what would be the point of anything? To me, a world without her in it wasn’t a world at all. It just wasn’t. Wherever she is, wherever she goes, that’s where I want to be. Always and forever. Because it’s her that I need and always will need.


I stepped out and his eyes immediately widened. I didn’t expect them to, but they did. I also didn’t expect him to completely ignore the piece of chocolate that he had been holding in his hand and drop it to the floor carelessly.

He stayed like that for a few seconds, just staring in silence. I felt compelled to break him out of it, but before I could, he had already decided to speak up,

“Wow.” It was short and simple, but it made me impossibly happy and sent my heart fluttering. “You look…you look beautiful.”

“Do I,” I asked softly, almost not believing him.

“Yeah,” his cheeks started to redden. “I mean-I mean you look good.” And at that, I crossed my arms in displeasure and decided to get him back for changing his answer so quickly.

“Are you blushing, Bowers?”

“What? No,” he denied, rather unconvincingly.

“You know if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you liked me.”

“You wish,” he scoffed and that stung. I knew it shouldn’t have. I was equally as petty when he told me the same thing earlier, but then again. Did he really like me as much as I…as much as I liked him? I sure hope he did.



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Lover by Taylor swift makes me think of reddie.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the entirety of that new album makes me think of Reddie but Lover especially does.

Like “Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?”


“Can I go where you go?

Can we always be this close forever and ever?”


“All’s well that ends well to end up with you

Swear to be overdramatic and true to my lover

And you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes for me

And at every table, I’ll save you a seat, lover.”

Like the Reddie vibes jump out.


this is a reddie inspired playlist (leave me alone i’m still crying over chapter 2). it’s named “You’re braver than you think!”

Trees - McCafferty

Oxygen - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Lovesong - The Cure

Lipstick Covered Magnet - The Front Bottoms

Business - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Hourglass- Catfish and the Bottlemen

Falling in Love Again - Joyce Manor

Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

Gum - Moose Blood

Miss Yer Kiss - SWMRS

Friday I’m in Love - The Cure

It’s U - Cavetown

Drive - The Cars

Tungs - The Frights

Six Different Ways - The Cure

Ivy- Frank Ocean

Pink + White - Frank Ocean

Africa - Toto

Something - The Beatles

Coffee Talk - Broadside


ill end up adding more to the playlist but i hope you like it so far :)!

Bill couldn’t sleep. Any time he closed his eyes, images of the previous day’s events danced in front of him, Georgie in the sewer, IT killing Dean, spider!Stan, Mike nearly dying, Eddie being impaled…

He rolled over and looked at his phone. Well maybe he also couldn’t sleep because it was the middle of the day and light kept streaming in through the window but he felt drained and just wanted to sleep anyway.

A knock on the door.

“It’s open,” he called, softly.

Mike stepped in, wearing a fresh set of clothes but still looking as exhausted as Bill felt.

“Couldn’t sleep either?” Bill asked, sitting up.

“I thought bathing in actual clean water might help,” Mike said, rubbing his eyes, “But I just can’t sleep.”

Bill shuffled over and raised the covers. Mike kicked off his shoes and jeans and went to join him.

“I’m not usually the little spoon,” Bill said, softly as Mike wrapped his arms around him. He felt rather than heard Mike chuckle and then the feeling of Mike’s cheek resting against the top of his head.

The door opened and Richie stepped in. Without a single word he also kicked off his shoes and moved to Bill’s other side. Mike shuffled over to make more room, tugging Bill with him as Richie clambered in, snuggling up to Bill as well.


“Shut up, Mikey,” Richie said, softly, not raising his head from Bill’s shoulder, “Just because I’m here doesn’t mean I wanna talk about him.”


Another soft knock. Ben and Bev walked in, both looking exhausted.

“There’s room on Rich’s side,” Bill said, without raising his head as Mike shuffled over to the very edge of the bed, still not removing his arms from around him. Richie grumbled as he moved with them.

Bill felt the sinking of the mattress as Ben and Bev lay down.

“Shit, Ben,” Richie complained, suddenly, breaking the silence, “Your feet are freezing.”

“Those are my feet actually,” Bev said, amusement in her voice but still sounding as though she had a bad head cold, “Ben’s on my other side.”

“Then shit Bev, you’ve got massive feet.”

“Shut up, Richie!”

Bill felt Mike and Richie shake slightly beside him as they laughed silently and felt his lips curve into a smile.

Or maybe he couldn’t sleep because he, all of them actually, just needed to be with the other Losers right now. Sure enough, as Richie nuzzled closer into him, his head a solid weight on his shoulder, their legs tangling together and Mike’s fingers traced patterns into Bill’s arm, he felt his eyes drift closed.

I’ve been seeing on twitter and facebook that apparently there’s a deleted scene where Richie kisses Eddie (after he dies) and I wanted to know where did that come from? Did the director said something about the scene? Did Bill Hader mention it in some interview? Was it really shoot or was just scripted? I read on facebook that the scene was deleted because it was too dark(?)

I really want to know the sources because I don’t want to get my hopes up that someday we would be able to see this scene just to find out that it wasn’t even scripted.

Please someone tell me !!