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A Nigerian man loses eye in his search for spiritual powers to see and win lucky numbers for Baba Ijebu. w. &

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‘How can we communicate & installation from site to office?’ (@ Legsun in Cardiff, Wales)

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Some of y’all have never tried boxing up your issues and it shows.

My Issues with Sexual Education in the USA

-Sex Ed is not mandatory in every state or is a “Abstinence-only” program

-Sex Ed (in most states) is not LGBTQ+ inclusive

-Sex Ed needs to discuss pleasure, healthy relationships, and consent

-Sex Ed is not taught throughout an individual’s development

-Sex Ed needs to touch on all forms of Contraceptives and offer easy access to contraceptives

Is it possible to feel sexually abused without being touched in a sexual manner…? Like…to feel dirty and sullied after being hugged, kissed on the cheek, touched…? Because my heart skips and beats so fast I can feel it whenever he just comes close to me. When he breathes in my space, when he exist near me…There’s this odd, horribly sexual feeling that consumes me whenever he touches me and I feel weak, sick, disgusted, I shudder phisically and I hold in my screams because I feel so dirty. I just don’t know, I can’t take it anymore!

I know a lady who was fired from her job because she said this one costumer got to her out of all the others and she couldn’t hold back anymore. Character flaw. You have chips on your shoulder. Buttons to be pushed. People push em. Skin to get under and nerves to get on. And the whole point is get new skin, get new nerves. Your problem with people reveals you have a problem, not that it’s people, it’s you. Unless you want to just live like God doesn’t exist. Okay, then make everyone else your god.

Request Update!

Recently I received a request. This lovely anon sent me a request which said:

Hey there :) Could you imagine an x reader with adult sirius black where reader is like a friend of the Trio/Fred&George from Hogwarts and stays at grimmauld place too (maybe her parents were murdered/are deatheaters/value pure blood too much etc) and her and Sirius have this attraction and fall for each other ? He might be worried cause of the age gap, but she seems to be very mature or so? Also Mollys/Freds/Dumbledores reaction maybe:) If that was understandable and you like the idea:)

And I have a few queries to address regarding this.

My first concern is that this and another request that I have received, have been sent to other writers on Tumblr either requesting the same idea or an oddly similar one. Because these requests are sent to us anonymously I have no way of knowing if it’s the exact same person but I realise that some writers may be bothered by this so it may be a good idea to switch the request up a bit or give the writer a word of warning that they aren’t the only person writing this.

Personally, I don’t mind writing the same thing as someone else because we all have different styles and I in no way mean to call anyone out on this but I really need people to understand that different writers have different approaches to requests and you should let them decide if they are comfortable writing something when it’s essentially being passed atound the writing community.

Another thing I wanted to say is that I do not feel comfortable writing something that’s going to have an age gap of nearly 20 years so for that reason I’m really sorry to inform the anon who sent this that I will not be writing this request but if you want me to write a similar version of this request or something different then don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m Having a


For the last few posts, I reblogged an image, but when I try to view it on my blog on its own, I get a URL Not Found page. I’m still able to view other pictures besides these select few, I can see it on my dashboard, see it on the side view window, see it listed on on my main page (albeit out of order), and see it on my archive (you can find the correct order there).

I have no idea what could be causing this problem.

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