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山梨「甲府CONVICTION」に 可愛い後輩達がいっぱい集合! 立川からもよく来たね〜😭😭 超〜うれしいんですけど店長! 思わず写真撮っちゃいました! 店長トミー

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NCT127 irregular office but with WAYV see the v
part 2.



Irregular verbs – essere

Essere – the Italian verb to be.

Essere is usually used, although sometimes stare ( to stay ) is used instead. Stare is mainly used when talking about your health. Sto bene, I am good. Sono Italiano, I am Italian.

The past ( imperfect ) tense…

  • io – ero [ eh-ro ]. I was.
  • tu – eri [ eh-ree ]. You ( familiar ) were.
  • lui, lei, Lei – era [ eh-rah ]. He / she was. You ( polite ) were.
  • noi – eravamo [ eh-rah-vah-moh ]. We were.
  • voi – eravate [ eh-rah-vah-teh ]. Y’all ( familiar or polite ) were.
  • loro, Loro – erano [ eh-rah-no ]. They / y’all ( polite ) were.

The present tense…

  • io – sono [ soh-no ]. I am.
  • tu – sei [ say ]. You ( familiar ) are.
  • lui, lei, Lei – è [ ay ]. He / she is. You ( polite ) are.
  • noi – siamo [ syah-moh ]. We are.
  • voi – siete [ syeh-teh ]. Y’all’re ( familiar or polite ).
  • loro, Loro – sono. They / y’all ( polite ) are.

The future tense…

  • io – sarò [ sah-roh ]. I will be.
  • tu – sarai [ sah-rye ]. You ( familiar ) will be.
  • lui, lei, Lei – sarà [ sah-rah ]. He / she will be. You ( polite ).
  • noi – saremo [ sah-reh-moh ]. We will be.
  • voi – sarete [ sah-reh-teh ]. Y’all ( familiar or polite ) will be.
  • loro, Loro – saranno [ sah-rah-no ]. They / y’all ( polite ) will be.

I used word reference and an Italian coursebook to check over it, but please correct any mistakes I’ve made!

Vede ! 🇮🇹

Affedersiniz ama İTÜ yapacağın sistemi sikeyim! Açacağın kontenjanı da sikeyim! Doğru düzgün ders seçemedim yemin ederim kafayı yiyeceğim! Bu okul daha doğru düzgün başlamadan beni delirtmeyi başardı. İTÜ düşünenlere tavsiyem irregular olma gibi bir düşünceniz varsa çıldırmaya hazır olun. Siz o kadar program çıkartır kodları yazar her şeyinizi tamamlarsınız. Güzel güzel belirlersiniz fakat kod girilecek sabah izdihamdan dolayı istediğiniz hiç bir dersi alamazsınız. Koskoca üniversitenin sistemine bakar mısınız yahu? Bu nedir yani “siteye ilk giren kazanır yarışması” mı? Çok sinirliyim.


Learn English Irregular Verbs! Part One

Irregular office [crack] text pt1

Johnny: Standing beside Taeyong in the elevator 

Taeyong: Should I tell him that his hair is slightly messy? 

Johnny: not saying a word 

Taeyong: The laces on his left shoe is looser than the one on his right 

Elevator dings but doors haven’t opened 

Taeyong: opens mouth to speak 

Elevator doors open

Johnny: walks out of the elevator 

Taeyong: I guess not.


Johnny, at the bathroom: fucking shit I look like a mess 

Johnny: fuck man Tae I was counting on you for pointing it out since I’m fucking oblivious to this shit

A concept: Irregular office but it’s really just an underground den where they make obscene amounts of cash using totally not illegal methods

Still not really familiar with the boys yet but Taeyong looks like he’d be in charge of spotting and detecting counterfeits

And Johnny would be the cold headed/hearted man who calls the shots

Someone pls send in your NCT guides I’m lost