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What You Need to Know About IPOs in 2020 via

The US market stayed hot w/ 196 pricing and more Megadeals (IPOs >$1 billion) pushing proceeds up 4% to $56.3 billion, highest annual in 5 years >>> via MikeQuindazzi >>> >>> …

Goldman Sachs CEO says no for companies without at least one 'diverse' board member ...

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The US market stayed hot w/ 196 pricing and more Megadeals (IPOs >$1 billion) pushing proceeds up 4% to $56.3 billion, highest annual in 5 years >>> via MikeQuindazzi >>> >>> …

: The US market stayed hot w/ 196 pricing and more Megadeals (IPOs >$1 billion) pushing proceeds up 4% to $56.3 billion, highest annual in 5 years >>> via >>> #…

The US market stayed hot w/ 196 pricing and more Megadeals (IPOs >$1 billion) pushing proceeds up 4% to $56.3 billion, highest annual in 5 years >>> via >>> >>>

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I haven’t really mentioned it this week, but my ankle has been a bit sore. I think I may have pushed my limits a wee bit this weekend. Which is fine, it’s not the end of the world. I just have to back off a bit until it calms down. It seems to be most sore when I get out of bed in the morning and as I walk more, it gets less stiff. I got up this morning and it was the worst it’s been in a while, I would say. So I iced a bit. I think I might try to be more conscientious about doing ankle rehab exercises. As much as I hate it, I may not get to hike or run this weekend. But I’ll definitely be getting cardio and strength in at the gym and maybe some walking miles.

It does kind of suck though because one of the local trail running groups is holding a Christmas run tomorrow that I would have liked to go to. Oh well! Such is life haha. Gotta get this dang ankle healthy.

Peloton’s Drop Reflects Out-of-Shape Market for U.S. IPOs

Peloton Interactive Inc.’s 11% loss Thursday, when the exercise-bike maker started trading, fit into a pattern of weakness for U.S. initial public offerings. The Renaissance IPO Index of companies that have gone public in the last two years fell 14% through Thursday from a record set July 26. Along the way, the indicator’s ratio to the S&P 500 Index dropped below its level in June 2009, when the IPO gauge was first calculated. Investors are “likely to be much more selective” as companies go public, Michael Shaoul, Marketfield Asset Management LLC’s chief executive officer, wrote Thursday in a report.


The queen of injuries is back, y'all. Literally as I was on the final stretch to the parking lot, I twisted my ankle and heard a pop. Definitely sprained, but doesnt appear to be as bad as my previous sprains. It’s been a few hours and it’s not super swollen and bruised so I’ll take that as a good sign. Send your best healing vibes my way! Hopefully it doesnt take too long to heal.

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so i've been going through the blog and...who the heck is ipos?

Klug: “Well, I’ve never actually met him, so I don’t even know what he looks like, or much about him, but this is what I know of him!”


(*this pic is based off a description and may not be accurate)

Klug: “He’s apparently a demon that has the power to see the past, present, and future… and he’s the father of certain alternates of mine. Those Klugs who are his children end up having the same Sight abilities as him, and growing horns, a tail, and wings!”

“He also apparently disguised himself to look less like a demon while he was being my alt’s father… And that just makes me wonder if maybe my father or mother were more than they seem…”

Role Reversal

Chapter Summary: In which Ipos opinion both does not matter and very much matters in equal amounts

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Chapter Nine: Not What I Expected

Lucifer wasn’t made to understand people. It’s not something that used to bother him. He always preferred the company of stars, a colorful palette of unpredictable light, an extension of himself that needed no further examination. Unfortunately, it’s not stardust that kept him company anymore, it’s the girl and if he ever understood her, it’s become a lost art, buried deep inside him, along with the rest of his memories of her.

“You’re kicking me out of the house,” Lucifer said evenly, testing the waters.

He didn’t always get her sense of humor.

As expected, Natalie laughed, but it’s nervous, and she’s fidgeting with her backpack and constantly looking back at the door as if that will keep him at bay. Not a chance, this wasn’t a conversation he was willing to put off. What does he care if she’s a few minutes late? She’d brought this on herself.

“Not exactly, I just think it’s better if you stay away for a while,” she said without elaborating further.

He grits his teeth, an unfamiliar heat crawling up his face. She’s never straightforward with him.  

“And, what exactly do you hope to accomplish by barring me from the house?” Lucifer asked, biting back the scathing remark at the tip of his tongue.

He’d thought they were past yesterday’s unpleasantness, and she’d been careful since the incident not to order him around needlessly. Apparently, she’d been biding her time to drop this bombshell on him before school.    

“I don’t know. Maybe, since it’s your day off, you should pay Gabe a visit while I’m gone?” Natalie offered weakly, attempting to side step him and make a break for it.

Lucifer shook his head and sighed, easily outpacing her before strategically blocking the doorway. Contract or not, he wasn’t going to let her weasel her way out of explaining things this time.

“Natalie, why can’t you just tell me the truth? Or do you no longer trust me in your home?” he asked, suddenly uncertain.

The fact that the house remained relatively unscathed despite the litany of unwelcomed guests they had suffered was a miracle in itself, one she might not want to risk with Zack lingering in the area.

She stopped in her tracks, shaking her head furiously.

“No, of course not, I do trust you, I do,” she insisted, smiling warmly at him as she approached. And for a second, he almost believed her until he caught her eyeing the locked door behind him.  

“Then, why?” Lucifer asked stiffly, snatching her hand when it hovered to close, weary of her slipping past him, of hearing the soft click of betrayal if he allowed himself to fall for her feigned affection for even a second.

It was all the more painful that instead of resisting, she leaned in, squeezing his hand in reassurance.

“This place isn’t enough for you, Lucifer. It’s not healthy for you to linger here,” Natalie murmured.

“What exactly do you mean by not enough?” Lucifer asked, furrowing his brows, trying to think, but his concentration feels irrevocably shattered.

He’s been ensnared by the garden, and he’s not sure if he’s ever hungered for anything more.

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Beyond Meat’s IPO Leads to a Rare 2000-Style Stock Surge

Beyond Meat Inc.’s first day of trading after its initial public offering brought the kind of stock surge that has been relatively rare since 2000, the year that an Internet-driven bull market ended. The producer of vegan beef and sausage substitutes soared 163 percent in its debut. Beyond Meat is only the eighth U.S. company in the past 18 years to climb at least 125 percent after completing an initial public offering of $100 million or more, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The rest are shown in the chart. There were 29 in 2000 alone.

Current IPO Crop

It is the season of mega tech IPOs including the recent offerings by Pinterest and the upcoming one by Uber. A key question to be answered is how well will these companies perform in the public markets over time? So far Pinterest has traded up nicely in the first few days, but I am asking about long term performance. We are in new territory here because of how much money these companies have been able to raise previously in private markets.

To unpack the question and its implications further: will most of the gains in these investments be among the private investors who invested early or will there still be meaningful returns in the public markets? We will only know the answer to this in a year or so from now (and possibly not even then), but it will matter a lot for both future IPOs and for late stage financings.

Because so much private money has been available for such a long time, the sorting between companies that truly have sustainable long term growth and those that have bought their growth will happen in the public markets. My sense is that when some of these companies inevitably struggle, there will be a broad and indiscriminate sell off among tech stocks as a result with potentially the IPO window closing entirely. Anyone thinking of going public should probably do so sooner rather than later.

2020 will likely be a bumpy year as this sorting starts to take place. Plus there is the added complication of the ongoing tech backlash which has been building momentum for some time now. All of that is to say IPO buyer beware!

Lyft’s Post-IPO Tumble Comes to Resemble Facebook’s Slump

Lyft Inc.’s slide after its initial public offering last month is reminiscent of Facebook Inc.’s stock performance after its 2012 debut. Shares of the ride-hailing company dropped 23.2 percent from their closing price on the first day of trading through Wednesday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Lyft’s loss was in line with Facebook’s 22.6 percent decline in the comparable eight-day period. The social-media company slid another 14.7 percent during the next three days before recovering.