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At court admitted that for years, there was no other realistic option but Qualcomm when it wanted 4G modems for and .

"Apple is purportedly looking to drop LCD screens from its iPhone lineup, starting with the 2020 iPhone. This year’s iPhone XR successor would be the last flagship LCD model, according to a report from the Wall Street…

A new app for called "" that would use the "" camera data from new and create images by blending multiple with portrait mode shots is expected to reach iOS users this week. Photo: IANS

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Paytm Mall : इन पर मिल रहा है 8 हजार रुपये तक का कैशबैक

Fashion marble wink coque Phone Cover Case For iPhone 7 7plus 6 6S 6plus 3D Sublimation PC matte hard shell mobile phone shell

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Waiting @apple like …..#iphones #lenoxmall #atlanta #eveybodyhere (at Lenox Square)

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#Dubai - Passenger was caught at the airport, he told custom officers that he was helping a friend & was carrying two brand new #iphones to give it to a designated person. He was sentenced to death penalty. Never never “help” anyone to carry any sealed item at all. Even family/friends!!👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇#warning #drugs #prohibited #iphone #careful #dontfallintothetrap (at Kattapana, India)

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Some of y'all: i swear to fucking god if you do/don’t have an iphone I’m gonna beat you up you deserve to die for choosing to live that horrible life i swear-

Me: i have mobile phone. phone work. i make text and call and go on internet. i olay music and take pretty photos. i like phone. phone good. you have phone? phone work? good.


iphones are trash