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Full-frame cameras: do you really need one?: MT

2019/01/23 19:00〜 KDDIが昨年オープンした、5G・IoT時代のビジネス開発拠点DIGITAL GATEにて、IoTのハンズオン勉強会を行います! (isaax勉強会#24)

Smart Window prototype with rain sensor, emergency light and powered by solar energy!

Join me for "IoT and LPWA: Two Smart City Acronyms That Need Each Other" at 3rd Annual Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition on Jan. 24 in Chicago:

Our webinar is a few short days away! Join us on Jan. 24 for our expert perspective on IoT project management backed up by premier technology platforms. Sign up today!

Data Sharing Directed Hack Series: An algorithm to protect in large numbers of de-identified datasets. In Sydney with EoI by Thu 24 Jan, email

“Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have the potential for a marriage made in data heaven” ~Sarah-Jayne Gratton

Ransomware has been grabbing headlines almost daily for the last year. High-profile businesses such as hospitality, social media, and healthcare have been targeted as victimized organizations. Learn more on how to recognize your risk:

Eyera is customizable for an enterprise's use cases, scales as per its business needs and ensures the lowest TCO for building, operating and updating the applications.

Case study: In just one year, this medical tech manufacturer was able to remote repair 20% of its service issues ensuring 14,000 cancer patients received uninterrupted treatment

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ESP32 . Mais uma placa saindo - Placa para desenvolvimento de protótipos com o módulo ESP32.
Iniciando as trilhas de estanho, após a colocação dos componentes. Em breve vídeo completo.
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New challenger!

I finally decided to make a phdblr to try get some motivation! This is my first studyblr so lets see how long this can last :D

I am freshly graduate from engineering school and majored in embedded systems. I love everything robotics and electronics!

My thesis is about self-driving cars and the different ways they have to communicate with their surrounding. The exact topic is a bit techy but feel free to ask if you are curious!


Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) 5G safety statement, December 3, 2018.

Your Word is my Command: Amazon’s Alexa vs. “Hey, Google”

Ten years ago we wouldn’t have thought that magical furniture straight out of a fairytale like the “mirror” in Snow White, would ever become reality. But thanks to Amazon and Google, voice-activated smart assistants are slowly infiltrating our lives — even the utmost private (insert toilet flushing sound). From bathroom and vanity mirrors to talking lawnmowers, motorcycle helmets, and decorative driftwood, the on-going smart assistant war between Big Tech companies such as Google and Amazon has taken a dazzling turn in recent years.

The biggest tech expo of the year, the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, proved that smart-gadgets are more ubiquitous than ever — and Amazon’s Alexa is still the market leader. Whereas Google expanded the amount of showroom space to a two-story ad hoc building and five-car rollercoaster in the parking lot. Albeit lesser efforts on taking up ground, Amazon showed its canny approach by showcasing hundreds of products reacting to the command “Alexa!” from the company itself and other third-party vendors in the ballroom of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Even though Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby are also part of the competition, they were virtually nowhere to be found this year’s tech event.

“It’s been an incredible pace of change,” acknowledges Robin Murdoch, global managing director of software and platforms at Accenture. “This year, people are just expecting that voice will be integrated into everything. It’s absolutely everything. But if you step back three years, it [voice] was barely here.”

Only days before the kickoff to the CES 2019, Amazon announced over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices sold. In contrast, Google has around 1 billion people connected to its “Hey, Google”-activated assistant through Android and iOS devices and Google Home speakers as well as third-party gadgets — up from 500 million since May. Even though the numbers might speak for Google, based on purchases for the smart-assistant alone, Amazon still has the biggest market share with 67% at the end of 2018. That is more than twice of Google’s market share. Why you might ask? Because nobody really buys their Android-smartphone for the purpose of using the Google Assistant, but rather for the operating system, where most Android-smartphones come with the mandatory capability to talk back.