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Table Layout in CSS ==>

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details // on body:
skin applier: — [PUMEC] - OLYA - #7 - APRIL (N)- GENUS SKIN App.
hair: Moon. Hair. // 1979 [size 1] new @anthem
eyes: ag. starry eyes new @the epiphany

collar 1: .::Supernatural::. Stelar Necklace Gold #1 new @collabor88
collar 2: .::Supernatural::. Stelar Necklace Gold #2 new @collabor88
collar 3: .::Supernatural::. Stelar Necklace Gold #3 new @collabor88
nose piercing: .random.Matter. - Vela Nose Chain [R] new @collabor88
top: evani. Scarlet sequin top - fullpack - maitreya new @collabor88
pants: OSMIA - Ashley.Boyfriend.Jeans - Maitreya
bag: miwa’s airship -Red flavor Bag #1 (unrigg)

building and others:
VARONIS - After Dark: Laundromat / BUILD
VARONIS - After Dark: Laundromat / Cart Empty
VARONIS - After Dark: Laundromat / Folding Table
VARONIS - After Dark: Laundromat / Seating

boxes, sign and light:
ionic : A pile of cardboard boxes
ionic : Light Box Sign
ionic : Tokyo Traffic Light


TR1: St. Franics Folley. 

I found the sign in the sword of Damocles sub level from TR1. Second picture is from a column  Erechtheion, Athens. And has the same adornments. 

The Ionic anta capital is very different in that it is very rich in moldings. It remains however essentially brick-shaped. The Ionic anta capitals of the Erechtheion take the shape of very decorated brick-shaped capitals, with designs essentially in the continuity of wall cornices, with some additional horizontal moldings. 

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“In front of us, the ocean stretched for eternity. Around us, reggae mussy floated through the air. In our drying clothes and still-damp hair, we ate junk food and talked.
At some point we finished and went for a long walk in the sand. We picked up shells, laughed, and talked. Before I knew it, the sun was going down and we went back to the van. We lay side by side, stretched out on the blanket. When the sun dropped completely below the horizon, we let the moon illuminate us.”

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details // on body:

(me - right):
skin applier: #rare 1 - tanya - march - genus heads hud
hair: doux - tati hairstyle [m] new @collabor88
eyes: ag. starry eyes new @the epiphany

swimsuit: …mutresse… lena swimsuit - maitreya lara new @collabor88
shorts: blueberry - sunny - shorts only - maitreya

(hara - left):
hair: doux - nansi hairstyle [l]

shirt: blueberry - taylor - tied top new
belt: blueberry - taylor - braided belts new
shorts: blueberry - taylor - shorts fringed new
rings: (yummy) grace rings

lantern and lemonade:
fancy decor: briar lantern (white)
fancy decor: briar lemonade
new @collabor88

ice cream stand, table and sign:
ionic : ice cream stand - rare
ionic : picnic table
ionic : sun (sign)

bag and book:
dust bunny . beach day . breezy book
dust bunny . dreamy outing . essentials bag

book stack, light box, etc:
dust bunny . sweet tooth . funfetti milkshake (wear me) rare
dust bunny . sweet tooth . raspberry milkshake (wear me)
dust bunny . sweet tooth . smores milkshake (wear me)
new @the epiphany

skin applier: lyrium - jar pose 2


Catwa - Catya 
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Tram - I0301 hair

Z O O M - Cat Eye Glasses
Collar: Kibitz - Natasha’s heart collar - onyx
Top: Inkhole - Summer Outfit Top
Shorts: Pixicat - Sassy Shorts - Holographic
Bag: Vincue - Jolie Bag @ The Seasons Story
Shoes: REIGN - Bow Wedge Flip Flops
Ice Cream: Half-deer - Catty Creamery Ice Cream - Unikitty RARE

Background: K&S -  Ice cream shop. Backdrop @ Sanarae
Bike: Ionic - Summer Bike
Ice Cream: Half-deer - Catty Creamery Ice Cream - Sundae UNCOMMON
Beach Bag: Sway’s - Sandia Beach Bag
Towel Tote: Dust bunny - Beach towel tote . floral
Volley Ball: Dust bunny - Volleyball


Lançamento Alyon

PARLUX ALYON punta sulla tecnologia AIR IONIZER TECH che elimina l’elettricità statica dal capello rendendolo morbido, lucido e riducendo i tempi di asciugatura
#parluxalyon #weareparlux #ilovealyon #parlux #ionic #ceramic #phon #hair (em Reinaldo Teles)

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Behold Diablos, the hero vehicle of a science fiction novel I’m writing. I won’t go into details about what the story is yet until it’s in an publishable state, but for now know that this is an anti-gravity racing vehicle powered by Ion Thrusters

IBM turns metal oxides into non-volatile chips through liquid currents


IBM is worried that we’re reaching the end of the road for CMOS technology – that we need new materials beyond silicon to keep the power draw down in chips as their performance goes up. It may keep future circuitry extra-lean through a new technique that puts a metal oxide in silicon’s place and allows for non-volatile processors and memory. By running ionized liquid electrolytes in currents through the oxide, the company can switch that oxide from an insulator to a conductor (and vice versa) that can reliably maintain its state, even when there’s no power. The trick would let a logic gate or switch kick into action only when there’s an event, rather than needing constant jolts of electricity – and without the pressure or temperature changes that had ruled out metal oxides for chips in the past. We’re still far from replacing silicon with more efficient oxides given the early state of IBM’s work, but having a consistent method is an important first step.

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details // on body:
skin applier: pumec - mia
hair: tram i0624 hair(a) new @collabor88
eyes: ag. radiance eyes - rare

earrings: lagyo_anaise earrings new @collabor88
top: osmia - wild west.gacha - crop top - m - peach new @the epiphany
shorts: osmia - wild west.gacha - denim shorts - m -washed light blue new @the epiphany
collar: osmia - wild west.gacha - necklace - gold new @the epiphany
drink: mug / dots - backyard hangout - #13 beer bottle new @the epiphany
nails: alme. mesh stiletto nails - summer love rare 1 - hud new @the epiphany
sandals: ingenue :: dorrit sandals (maitreya) :: fatpack new @collabor88

table and others:
ionic : picnic table
ionic : my summer stuff
ionic : picnic basket
ionic : bamboo deck chair (with stuff)
ionic : surfboards
ionic : outdoor shower
ionic : swim or surf?
ionic : desert camping cart (a) rare
new @equal10

book, cake, bag and others:
dust bunny . beach day . breezy book
dust bunny . dreamy outing . essentials bag
dust bunny . dreamy outing . parasol
dust bunny . strawberry season . cake
dust bunny . strawberry season . bowl of berries

lyrium - bento sits set 1 pose 6 [m] 1

table, mushroom and others:
ionic : wonderland sweet table - rare
ionic : wonderland cookies
ionic : mushrooms muffins!
ionic : eat me, take one! [cookies]
ionic : falling - rare
ionic : door to wonderland
ionic : white rabbit frame
new @equal10

pot, bag and bench:
10. nutmeg. garden getaway coffee pot & cloth
13. nutmeg. garden getaway leather bag
14. nutmeg. garden getaway diary dark
15. nutmeg. garden getaway bentwood chair