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RT : Ionic 4 To Do List free example app. Learn how to start using v4 by creating a simple app with lists, forms and navigation. Now updated to v4 rc1 💪🏽💪🏽 (via Twitter )

Ionic 4 To Do List free example app. Learn how to start using v4 by creating a simple app with lists, forms and navigation. Now updated to v4 rc1 💪🏽💪🏽 (via Twitter )

RT : developer met kennis van en : Voor een zeer snelgroeiend data bedrijf uit , 6 medewerkers groot, kom ik graag in contact met een ervaren, ondernemende software ontwikkelaar die alle software ontwi… )

RT : Are you well versed in and looking to make a career change? ⚒️ Developer who has a strong background in Ionic 💪Strong communicator 📈 Minimum 3 years of cumulative development, , and/or … )

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Home at last

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Featuring Candle and Cauldron’s Potion Lamps. They come in tall, square, and round. They come with many colors and can be hung on the wall or standing. They are also materials enabled. I love them. Perfect addition to any home for witches and muggles alike lol.

✿ Decor/Props ✿
Candle and Cauldron - Potion Lamps
Oubliette Weird People Print (xmas gift)
dust bunny . stay awhile . entryway hanger
dust bunny . wanderlust . blanket ladder
Apple Fall Wooden Trunk
.peaches. Bae’s Journal - Floral
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Soiree Curtains
ionic : Le Cottage - RARE


Western & Southern Life Building by Anna Nielsson
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cake, book, milk and etc:
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - cupcakes [strawberry]
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - lipsy cake [strawberry]
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - cookbook stack
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - spilt milk
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - dough
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - chocolates
.random.matter. - disaster kitchen - broken eggs [blue]

ionic : winter chocolate cake


Temple of Dionysus (Temple IV)

Yria, Naxos, Greece

580-570 BCE

28,5m x 13,5 m

Ionic order (One of the earliest uses)

Around 580-570 BCE, work began on the fourth and largest temple of Yria, the only one of which remains are visible, and the only one to have been restored. It is an archaic hekatompedon (30 m. long) temple of the Ionic style. It is built of local granο-diorite rock, and it has an Adyton (innermost sanctuary for a mystery cult), marble portico (prostasis) with columns forming a monumental entrance, and a marble altar. Τwο tetrastyle marble colonnades divide the building into three aisles. 

The temple is divided into three naves by two rows of four
columns of Ionic order, each of which consists of two or three marble drums. The Adyton is separated from the cella by a second monumental gate. The hearth, found inside the temple, was of marble and was used for libations. 

Kuriko-heart die bandage (FATPACK HUD) @ Busan

Kuriko-heart die blush (FATPACK HUD) @ Busan


Wednesday[+] ~ Doll House Eyelashes @ Notice Me Santapai

Avoixs - 4U Eyes - Oak

HEART-WIFI / RAN SKIN [tone2] @ Busan

Kuriko-kumachu / / Gacha -Nail <Maitreya>


bonbon - vina hair [unrig] GIFT <3 (On Marketplace)

`M.BIRDIE / BonoBona look. top6 Maitreya

.Oppa. - Nightmare Teddy Headband (smaller ears)

[09] {MB} (Mint) - Love Me Collar {Common}

.Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bindi

VCO ~ Tina’s Face stickers  _ Part.1 - Add

=Kio+Taisce= Candy Magic - Hand hold -

NamiiChu ~ lollipop .grape.

Tamagosenbei Bento Kewpie Rings Maitreya hands

Tamagosenbei bandaids 1-5

Sim Decor:

C3_{-Maru Kado-} My Hideout_Desk (light/1Li)

3. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Lip Gloss (berry)

ionic : Old pc

.random.Matter. - Magical Girl - Spellbook [Purple]

.random.Matter. - Magical Girl - Chalice [Gold/Blue]

.random.Matter. - Girl Fight - Grenade [Blue]

AMI:HAI - Pink Lady GACHA -5

AMI:HAI - Pink Lady GACHA -11

AMI:HAI - Pink Lady GACHA -2

AMI:HAI - Pink Lady GACHA -10

AMI:HAI - Pink Lady GACHA -13

:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {3}


Temple of Zeus

Labraunda, Turkey

355-331 BCE

~7 m high, ~14x~18 width-length

Ionic order

The Temple of Zeus is oriented to the east. It had 6 Ionic columns on the front and back, and 8 columns on the flanks. That fact that there were only 8 columns on the long sides is unusual; a normal temple would have had between 11 and 13 columns on the flanks.

The reason seems to be that the temple had an earlier phase, probably dating to the end of the 6th century BC. At that time it had only two columns at the entrance on the eastern front and a square cella, measuring 6.6 m by 6.6 m on the inside. An Ionic capital, large dentils and some ovolo blocks have been identified as probably belonging to the early temple. In the second phase, at the mid-fourth century, when the temple was rebuilt with columns on all sides, the flanks of the temple received only 8 columns.

It is possible that the small square structure (H), which is abutting on the eastern front of the temple’s foundation, was an altar dating from the time of the old temple. If so, it may have been regarded as sacred and inviolable, which made it impossible to extend the new temple further east.


Andron of Maussollos (Andron B)

Labraunda, Turkey

3rd century BCE

10.5 M high, 12 m. wide

Andron, means “men’s room”, which was a Greek word used for dining room. This indicates that the building was to serve for ritual dining after the sacrifice at the altar of the god. Inside, there were couches along the walls for the sacred meal and in the niche at the back statues of Mausollos, his wife Artemisia and Zeus probably stood.

According to the inscription above the entrance, Andron B was erected by Maussollos (377-352 BCE).  The front of the building was all built of marble.

The antae, or side-wall ends, were built of large marble blocks, some of which were used for important official inscriptions in the 3rd century BCE. These blocks, and the richly sculpted capital which crowned the southern anta, are now placed in front of the building, facing south. Between the antae there were two Ionic columns. The base of one of them is still standing in its original position. Many column drums and an Ionic column capital, carrying a lotus-and-palmette pattern on its side, can also be seen in front of the building. 


house: asteroidbox. rainy apartment backdrop new @the arcade

couch, cake, stove and others:
ionic : faux leather couch
ionic : mantecados
ionic : rosquillas de navidad (tcf gift)
ionic : truffles with orange
ionic : christmas tea!
ionic : winter chocolate cake
ionic : vintage ice skates chair
ionic : winter stove
ionic : new years eve trolley
ionic : pinecone garland
ionic : winter clothes trunk (b)
new @the chapter four

tray and mirrors:
dahlia - denmark - cappuccino tray
dahlia - denmark - mirrors
new @the builder’s box

scarlet creative - epiphany - rl armchair faded mc new @the epiphany

bench and post:
trompe loeil - cecilia trunk bench light pg new @fameshed

others: dust bunny . woodland dreams . rosey suitcase
dust bunny . firewood basket
dust bunny . coat rack
apple fall china cabinet
dust bunny . woodland dreams . pillow ottoman
dust bunny . woodland dreams . carved wooden screen