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Mac Malware OSX.Dok is Back, Actively Infecting Victims

My plans for 2019 are becoming more and more concrete. For my own pleasure these will help me further with , and training. This is just the beginning...

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The internet’s newest phase makes the leap from formless to physical, from accessible to omnipresent. Though still young, it already has a name: the Internet of Things.

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Placement Week 2: My subject mentor Tom gave me my teaching timetable today and although it is optional, I am going to start teaching my 9s next week as they finish Romeo and Juliet on Tuesday. I have 3 hours to play with so I am going to use my my lesson plan assignment to let them get to know me and me get to know them better.

Right now I am just observing my 12s , 10s , 9s and 7s to plan ahead for next term. I would definitely recommend seeing your classes before teaching them. My school are super creative in the freedom they give the teachers but also very keen on detailed differentiation and planning for each individual. Because of this I am going to get a head start on getting a feel of my other classes, their needs and the characters, to plan. I love how this school work and although it is more work I am very keen on taking over these classes as my work is considered for each room.

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20mins ago Storming & Now Sunny Again!

#loveUCL #ioe #snow #cold #weather (在 UCL Institute of Education)

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The Shaping Autism Research seminar series aimed to set a new collaborative direction for the future of autism research in the UK, incorporating the perspectives of researchers, practitioners, autistic people and their families on equal terms. Watch our video to find out more and join the conversation @autresearchUK #shapeARUK.