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“and With Any Luck, they’ll Go Totally Bankrupt...”

So, a lot has happened in the past week or two! Let’s get right down to business!

I’ve been breaking a little bit more into options-territory. I had my first, successful options-trade last week. I bought a put against Aphria (APHA), when it suffered a 10% loss, after having taken out a 300 million-dollar loan. It wasn’t a huge gain – only $10 profit on a $20 investment, but STILL, I was elated with myself. I had correctly judged the market, having had the foresight, and the awareness, to take advantage of the situation, and the confidence to do so. It’s a sign that I’m growing, not only in skill, but that I have the balls to take weightier, but more profitable positions. And hell, 50% on ANY trade is phenomenal, let alone in a single day. I hope to continue making more trades along those lines.

And speaking of which, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Now that I understand options, and have made the mistakes I needed to make, in order to make more informed-decisions, I’ve been seeking out, and seeing opportunities far more frequently. I’ve found myself looking for options trades more frequently, in addition to observing circumstances that would support favorable positions to do so.

For instance, a position I’ve been working on has been against RIOT Blockchain (RIOT). This is a Bitcoin-based company, whose been fairly bullish in the past couple weeks. I actually bought stock with them, and had made 10% on the first day. However, I was talking with a friend of mine, and he’d looked up their financials. In 2018, despite how insanely bullish Bitcoin (BTC) was, they had -58 million in earnings, on 7.85 in revenue – and that was just the beginning. I also found out that the company had an adverse audit, was cited for “material weaknesses” in internal, financial reporting, and barely had enough cash on hand to pay the rent for their bitcoin mining facility. This morning, I immediately sold my shares, and took out two put contracts. I could have made profit on the contracts today, but I decided to let them ride thru tomorrow, and see how things go. News hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. I kind of regret not taking profit while I could, to be honest… I should have just taken profit, and then bought another contract (if I wanted one). Kind of feel like a dummy for not doing that, in retrospect, but hey – now I know not to let theta get to best of me.

Apart from that, been doing really good on the education side. Been finding chat rooms on Discord to join, good mailing lists (like one in particular, that sends out all the upcoming Biopharm catalysts, their dates, and even includes the ideal entry/exit points), and have been reading Jim Cramer’s Real Money.

Anyway, I’ll keep this one short for now. I’ll try not to let so much time go by, between submissions, so we can keep the timeline as complete as possible!

Thanks for reading!