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is featured in this year's playbook. There is going to be some serious in the at lunchtime. Our focus this season is: , ,

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It was a pleasure meeting with the Board of Directors of the and discussing our mutual commitment to educational development and the critical role that museums play.

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Does it Reminds you of anything

The problem with the levels

The largest problem I’m having with modelling is that while I’m not on scripting or directing I’m having to come up with “inventions” that are related to each floor/level. HOWEVER, the biggest problem with that is that the levels as far as I know only have vague “themes” which honestly, I can barely deal with. Literally, we’re only a few weeks from the open day and I’ve finished the first of 7 ‘inventions’: a phone mounted Zoopraxiscope that represents light and dark.

I hate the fact that I literally had to invent or conceptualise an idea for this game and test it in engine to see if it works or not… wait could I copyright this?

Also, is this the most hipster thing I’ll do? I’ve taken something from the mid 1800s (the Zoopraxiscope - and modernised it to be able to be used on a phone. Damnit, I’ve become what I hated.

Anyways, as I was making this we also got the second object: This mannequin.

Still might not happen, but I do find it quite a bit creepy.

Anyways, I’m calling it for this blog. Later.

23-Year-Old Moroccan Student Invents Natural Fridge Which Preserves Food & Medicine Without Electricity ❤️❤️❤️

Casablanca – Young Moroccan inventor Rawya Lamhar and two of her fellow engineering students have invented a clay fridge capable of conserving foods and medicine without electricity.

This 100% ecological fridge can maintain a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius in dry areas and 12 degrees Celsius in humid areas. To work, the fridge must be kept in an airy area, away from other objects and far from the wall or the ground (it is kept on another pedestal made of clay).

According to H24 Info, Lamhar, a senior year student in environmental engineering, got the idea for the invention after visiting a remote village in the Moroccan region of Khenifra.

There, she learned that people suffering from diabetes had nowhere cool to conserve their insulin. She also noticed that people in other mountain villages were having trouble conserving vegetables due to the lack of electricity. That is where the need for such a product came from.

Lamhar and her two classmates then set out to create Go Energyless, an enterprise aiming to promote their important invention. They have since managed to build a production studio near Marrakech, where they produce clay fridges priced at 220 ($24) and 500 dirhams ($55), taking into account their target demographic.

For people living in remote Moroccan villages without much access to electricity, this invention is an important one.

Can someone please make an ADD/ADHD friendly browser add-on? I have never been diagnosed with either, but I have always had an insane inability to focus, and my being here in the middle of trying to write an essay is just further evidence of how little focus I have. Microsoft Edge’s little clickbait ads whenever you open a new tab or Google’s different logos throw me for a WIDE loop. An adblocker and something that prevents images/videos and selected websites from being viewed without a secondary confirmation (i.e. “Are you sure you want to continue to This item is on your focus assist blocked list.”) when enabled would help me and those with lower focus ability. Without those rabbit holes of distraction to fall down, it’s much easier to make the conscious decision. Thoughts? Suggestions? Etc.??


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