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3rd Shift Trappers Live On UpTown Radio Worldwide!!

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I'm coming from the streets headed to the stage !! Told @directormikeewhite it don't matter who's with us keep the cameras rolling pretty soon they will have no choice but to watch us πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾 gomode

Today in : Strictly 4 My N! is the 2nd studio album by , released by , and on Feb 16, 1993. It is considered his "breakout" album, with the hits "" and "".

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Curtis “50 Cent” James Jackson III was born in Jamaica Queens, NY and singlehandledly revolutionized the rap game. It started with his mixtape campaigns after getting dropped from his deal with Columbia Records. His work caught the attention of Rap Sensation and Genius Lyricist, Eminem. His introduction to hip hop spawned the greatest debut album in hip hop history with a total of 13 million records sold worldwide. It went 6x platinum in 2003 and was a Grammy nominated album. I’m sitting here relecting on the entire legacy of 50 Cent and what it means to me. To me as an aspiring artist, he always was a symbol of hope. He came off as a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t let the “No’s” throw him off until he get what he wants. His sheer level of persistence is amazing. I was late to the party on 50 Cent. I discovered him back in college while in my Photojournalism Class. A classmate, Johnny Sanchez, was bumping his music and sounded DOPE! I asked him, “Who’s that?” His reply was something I have never forgotten and totally held true to this day. Johnny said, “This is Eminem boy. He bout to be the biggest thing in hip hop”. My reply, “Word! Let me hear it!” The Eminem co-sign made it a done deal to me. My Rap Top Five kinda fluctuates with the eras. I like so much music for so many different reasons, I tend to move people around like “Connect Four” LOL! But one thing that has remained consistent about my list until recently… 2Pac Forever holds the #1 spot and Eminem holds #2. Since Eminem was involved, I HAD to give this new music a listen. He directed me to MTV’s website and we watched the video together and I was like “Yo I’m INTO THIS”. I wasn’t expecting 50 Cent to have much sex appeal because Eminem didn’t market sexy, BUT FIF CLEARLY MADE IT WORK TO HIS ADVANTAGE! The song was so catchy! It was the summer before my senior year in college and from what I COULD SEE, EVERY GIRL was singing along wanting to be “shorty”, including me! (I’ll share that story later). It wasn’t until a year down the line I learned there was a MUCH BIGGER BACKSTORY to Fif’s success! 2004 is when I began mingling with more people from the east coast and in rap convos with them, I learned I was SUPER LATE on my discovery of 50 Cent. It was one day, post grad, I was working my video store job overworked, underpaid, depressed and stressed out that I heard from horse’s mouth why he is so successful. “Hate It Or Love It” was the debut track from hip-hop artist The Game but the song Largely featured 50 Cent, in fact he kicks the song off and it CHANGED MY LIFE! The honesty and vulnerability of his lyrics grabbed me. It captured my imagination, my empathy and lead me to stop my pity party at once. At that point, 50 cent had dropped TWO SUCCESSFUL MULTIPLATINUM hiphop albums, a group album with HIS GROUP, GUnit on HIS OWN LABEL, GUnit Records, AND HERE HE WAS ON ANOTHER PROJECT? On top of that he also had a movie of his life that was coming out and there was MEGA BUZZ about it because he was also doing the soundtrack too! It had only been 11/2 years and Johnny Sanchez’s prediction was already coming true! To hear the humble beginning he came from, I was amazed, inspire, ashamed I wasn’t going for my artistic goals, embarassed that I had a better start in life and I seemed lightyears away from my dreams. It was right then and there that 50 Cent invented #TeamNoExcuses cause ever since then, I started chasing my creative/artistic dreams non-stop. I’m happy to say I’m still going! Things have not been perfect but they have definitely been worth it and I have so many memories and so much happiness to show for it! I’m also happy to report that 50 Cent has DETHRONED 2Pac and taken over my #1 spot not only because his essence, energy give me inspiration and motivation but also because when I look at his entire career and who he is a person and how far he has come and continues to go, that is the exact career I would like to have and emulate! In fact, I started this blog in gratitude and plan on promoting it to the high heavens because 50 Cent is my REAL LIFE HERO!! ALL HEROS DESERVE SHRINES, MONUMENTS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT! I started out posting my gratitude and praise and acknowledgement on Instagram but I decided this needs a webspace all of it’s own! Also because that’s the magic of 50 Cent, he inspires other dreamers to follow their dreams and hit the pavement HARD. Since, I’m turning my instagram into a business account, that became an additional reason to make this fan page. To all fellow 50 Cent fans, I say “WELCOME”. This is a page created from pure love and appreciation ot give someone special to me his flowers while he’s here! Thank you for stopping by!


Track of the day // Billie Eilish - Bury A Friend

From the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, out March 29th via Darkroom/Interscope.


“Hold Me Down” The link is in her bio & go follow her ASAP!!!!! @cavity2sweet 👀🔥🎧 #cavity2sweet #music #dopeartist #rawanduncut #hiphop #rnb #soul #hiphopsince1987 #defjam #interscope #rocnation #atlanticrecords #alamorecords #warnermusicgroup #motivation #inspiration

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This is the kind of support Fifth Harmony needed but they’re being done dirty which is fucking unfortunate and sad.

(i know this is a different case bc BLACKPINK’s own CEO of YGE has been very hands on with the negotiations and meetings with the president and CEO of UMG and the CEO of Interscope so the support and safety from mishandling and hidden contract clauses is there but it’s nice to imagine and think about Fifth Harmony having the same enthusiasm and support from their record company and label. we will never know tho what is 5H’s situation would be now if they had that kind of support system.)

*whispers* stan BLACKPINK 🤙🏼

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