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Glad to share a panel and a Keynote on the World Africa to show all great by cc

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Un día más trabajando en una solución en domótica enfocado en IOT. Muéstranos tu cariño y retweet si esto te motiva.

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Day 306 - Let’s get the heating on.

Sending HTTP GET request in swarmos/loggerdaisy-node

Added support for HTTP requests to pign outsicde world, so here is the example how to do that:

 t_http_request_parameters parameters = {

    t_http_request_parameters *p = malloc(sizeof(t_http_request_parameters));
    memcpy(p, &parameters, sizeof(t_http_request_parameters));

    ESP_LOGI(TAG, "Connecting to %s...", p->server);
    xTaskCreate(task_http_get, "http get ", 2048, p, 10, NULL);

Only thing left is to add support for the external event handler

Setting ESP32 STA mode under ESP-IDF

Here is the working solution for making ESP32 connecting to some Access Point when you develop your ESP-IDF application:

void wifi_init_sta(char *ssid, char *password)

    ESP_ERROR_CHECK(esp_event_loop_init(wifi_event_handler, NULL));
    wifi_init_config_t cfg = WIFI_INIT_CONFIG_DEFAULT();


    ESP_LOGI(TAG, "Initializing WIFI in STA-mode...");

    wifi_config_t wifi_sta_config = {
            .sta = {
                    .ssid = "",
                    .password = ""

    strcpy((char *) wifi_sta_config.sta.ssid, (char *) ssid);
    strcpy((char *) wifi_sta_config.sta.password, (char *) password);

    ESP_ERROR_CHECK(esp_wifi_set_config(ESP_IF_WIFI_STA, &wifi_sta_config));



Keep in mind, that from the moment you establish connection to access point your ESP-NOW channel will be changed to channel that is used by your access point. So if, let’s say, initially you had set channel 0 to run ESP-NOW, from the moment you connect your device to access point, ESP-NOW moves on the new channel and you won’t be receiving any packets from devices that were operating on previously set channel.