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¿QUE ES HTML? aprende que es este lenguaje basico que no puede faltar en ningun proyecto de desarrollo web.

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I had to make this meme/quote. I know It is from last year, but it comes to mind quite often; a brilliant observation from a great mind.

Que servicio tan pésimo, la verdad tengo 2 meses sin señal de e . La visita técnica parece un mito urbano. ¿Alguien me puede recomendar otro proveedor!

With a () you can encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address from spies and hackers.

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Absolute leads to freedom for no one. Compared to -style regulation which is full of problems, 's approach showed its worthiness. (Photo: VCG)

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NEU auf Eudia: Jürgen Gedinat, "Die des " “Mit der Einrichtung des Digitalen in die bisher bekannte, nicht digitale Wirk­lich­keit, ändert sich sowohl diese ganze selber, als auch unser Ver­ständ­nis von ...

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Los tiburones blancos viven aterrorizados por las orcas
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El tiburón blanco abandona su territorio de caza ante la presencia de las orcas (Orcinus Orca), e incluso no regresa hasta pasado un año.

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Any tattoos or piercings?

People get tattoos because they want to decorate, celebrate, & show off their bodies cuz they are proud of said bodies.

I hate my body & want to escape it via plugging directly into The Wired.

Originally posted by the-b0y

(I was going to say “I hate human bodies” but I obviously enjoy the female body – considering I have collected over 13,000 pictures of hotties over the years.)

Favorite words?

Malapropism, edgy, fedora, robophilia, lulz, rage, triggered, degeneracy, chadbro, brah, tepid, banal, muh, agony, hottie, mediocre…

25: Would you date someone off the Internet?

No, i’d only date someone ON the Internet

because if you meet in person That would make it REAL. - Mark Hanna

and “Reality is often disappointing.” - Thanos

Besides, to meet an eGirl IRL is against the natural order. Just masturbate to their selfies and fantasize about being with them. Thats the way it’s meant to be.

Ever see “The Bride of Frankenstein”? Trying to make your Internet waifu real has similarly disastrous results.

69: Can you answer a question without referencing a bunch of shit?

Yeah, but sometimes someone else has already said what you want to say – only better – or in a more entertaining/memorable way.

Internet Regulation Response

I believe that the Canadian government should regulate the content posted online. I think that content monitors should be a private but government-funded organization whose sole purpose is to look at the charter of rights and base their judgments about what can and cannot be shown to the Canadian public off of that. The Canadian government should, in my opinion, create a subsection to monitor the internet and sift through content that is harmful according to the laws we already have. Creating a new branch of civil servants like this is the only way to ensure true justice when monitoring online content.

As it stands right now, our laws about hate speech etc are well thought-out and should be followed on- as well as off-line. People should be held accountable for what they say online the same way they are held accountable for what they say offline. I don’t think that it makes sense for Canada to preach about our lack of tolerance for hate speech, but then continue to allow dangerous and obscene things to be posted online. 

While hate speech is not the only thing that should be monitored online, it is important that it gets removed from media platforms. I think that any content posted that could incite serious harm in a group of people should betaken down - for example, anything that encourages eating disorders or suicide, anything about where to buy a gun, anything about how all members of a blahalized group should not be allowed in the country.

It should not be up to individual media platforms to censor/regulate themselves because then they will always give dangerous/negative content a pass in order to promote their own brand/corporation. In the same way that health inspectors are separate entities, content/internet monitors should be separate from social media corporations.

With new technology, it’s easy to hide behind personas or online masks. That does not forgive content posted which goes against Canada’s pre-existing laws. There is a difference between freedom of speech and inciting danger/violence in the population. 

I think that even if we can only filter out 1% of hateful or dangerous media that monitoring the internet is still worth it. That’s 1% less hate, which may not seem like much, but it will make a difference. AS we talked about in class, even if we can’t remove the content, making it harder to access is important as well. Maybe a pro-gun page takes 10 seconds to load instead of 2. That’s 8 extra seconds for someone to change their mind. That 8 seconds can incite so much positive change that it is worth it, to me. 


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