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Always one step ahead, Development Challenges, South-South Solutions and Southern Innovator unearthed what was really happening in global South science, tech, the , and . Cyber Cities: An Oasis of Prosperity in the South via

Netflix anunció incremento de precios en sus planes de suscripción. Conoce los nuevos montos. Toda la información en:

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Iranian people desire freedom via regime change, the US must join and help them to bypass the regime’s internet censorship

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. Stop regime’s crackdown via filtering Internet, help risen lover by providing fast via satellite so that they can “take the control of their Capital.” for

Mr. Minister Calling for a free and free Internet, available to the Iranian people, which President Tramp had previously referred to.

I would like to have a free and free Internet available to the Iranian people, which had already been mentioned by President Tramp.

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I would like to have a free and free Internet available to the Iranian people, which had already been mentioned by President Tramp.

If you’re in and want to see so many great things about our industry, stop to see ! From a small wire at the top of a tv antenna on a mountain to today’s global networks, that’s what our industry and pioneers DELIVERED then and NOW!

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نه شاه نه شیخ آزادی دمکراسی با مریم رجوی ماخواستار قرار دادن اینترنت بدون فیلتر و رایگان در دسترس مردم ایران که قبلا رئیس جمهور ترامپ هم به آن اشاره کرده بود هستیم این کار در جهت رساندن اخبار دقیق در ایران بسیار ضروری وعاجل است

The Iranian people have demanded regime change in their uprising. The international community, particularly the US, can help them by offering the tech of a free flow of information.

خواستار قرار دادن اینترنت بدون فیلتر و رایگان در دسترس مردم ایران هستم تا بتوانند بدون ترس از دستگیری حرفهایشان را بزنند که قبلا رئیس جمهور ترامپ هم به آن اشاره کرده بود شوید.

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Accionistas piden a Amazon que detenga las ventas de su tecnología de reconocimiento facial al Gobierno de EE.UU
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Accionistas de Amazon solcitarondetener las ventas del software hasta que se evalúe de manera independiente sus consecuencias.
Sosyal medyanın yeni akımı "#10YearsChallenge" sandığınız kadar masum olmayabilir!

Şu sıralar sosyal medyada hayli popüler hale gelen, kişilerin 10 yıl önceki ve günümüzdeki hallerini paylaştığı “#10YearsChallenge” akımının aslında Facebook tarafından pek de masun olmayan özel bir proje için kullanıldığı belirtiliyor.

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It’s weird how we kinda look over unorganized the internet is. Take look at art and fandoms, you could go to all of the main websites that art is posted on and archive the fanart of a character that has some kind of tag or marker that indicated that was the character and you wouldn’t be able to fully archive all the art that has been created of said character cause sometimes art is uploaded without being tagged. Even more so you go on google images and you’d find images you’ve never seen before of the character that have been only posted on one place like a thread of a forum, never tagged, never uploaded to a bigger site. Even deeper there are forums and sites that web crawlers can’t access known as the deep web (not to be confused with the dark web) that have fanart, stories and media most of us will never see. Their could be fandoms you’ve never dreamed would have content for making it and sharing it with each other away from any sense of organization and archive. It makes me wonder how much media and information is lost over the years through forums and old websites shutting down. 

How to spot a God/Goddess/Deity of some sort

1. They look like normal people to unexperienced eyes. Pay attention to details

2. There are 39 gods in our world. Monotheism is the greatest lie of our time

3. They know everything, but are not willing to tell you, unless you’re up for a pact

4. remember that they are a soul. They own a body, but they might change it if they feel threatened, so don’t be too pushy

5. There’s something fascinating about them. They are physically attractive, but tend to have some sort of “flaws”, still undeniably beautiful

5.They look very serious when alone, have some sort of authority in the way they talk and look. Other than that, they can have different personalities when talking to other people and can be very agreeable

6. never lie to them

7. their hair is as soft as cotton candy and smells like stardust

8. they rarely sleep

9. they are immortal

10. you should become their friend, it’s better to have them on your side

11. you can ask them questions about life and death, but don’t force them to answer. Some things are better left unsaid

12. don’t ask question you’re not ready to know the answer to

13. they might say things that appear out of the ordinary for no apparent reason. Pay attention, because they know your future are trying to help you

14. don’t ask them about their father. He’s dead

15. don’t ask them about their mother. They don’t have a good relationship

16. You can ask them about their siblings, but don’t expect them to talk about the other deities

17. the majority of them are tired and disappointed because they are forced to stay on earth since “the accident”

18. never ask them about “the accident”

18. if you see them cry, lick their tears. Godly energy can’t be wasted

19. they either strive for greatness or are completely disinterested in this world

20. they love cinnamon, because it smells like adventure

21. they have very powerful names. Don’t give them nicknames and learn the meaning.

22. they aren’t always right when it comes to ethics.

23. if you think they are losing their light, help them. They deserve love just like anybody else


CMOs’ Evolving Analytics Imperative: A Q&A With Schneider Electric CMO Chris Leong

In an effort to wade through the noise and get clarity around the evolving analytics imperative for CMOs, I’m taking questions to key participants in the advertising and marketing industry, those whose organizations sit at the crossroads of problem and solution.

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