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Un reciente de la Universidad de Maryland, revela que los ataques a los dispositivos con acceso a son prácticamente incesantes, con un incidente cada 39 segundos en promedio y afecta a un tercio de la población.

Sen. is right to challenge companies stealing and selling user , however this is just one part of the battle. Kape is at the forefront of the provision of software solutions for consumers that require protection against the unknown threats of the .

Emmit McHenry the developer of the .com code! Developed the system for domain addresses & issued them. Before Silicon Valley existed A team of African Americans controlled the literally 👨🏾‍💻

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December 11, 1985

The Birth of the Internet   

Sysop: What the hell is wrong with you, you moron? Didn’t you read the

    RULES?! It says “No Aliases”. Can you understand that, or are you saying that your name is REALLY “Psycho Clam”?

   Loser: Hello?

   Sysop: YES!! Can you read?

   Loser: Ya

   Sysop: What did the rules say about aliases?

   Loser: I dunno

   Sysop: Why not?

   Loser: I didnt see nothin on aliases

   Sysop: It says  “NO ALIASES”. Wouldn’t you say that that means that you can’t read?

   Loser: Well I didnt see it ok

   Sysop: Obviously. If you must, call back and log on again. This time try to

          read the rules.

   * Connection terminated *

   =–> Sysop interrupts…

  Sysop: Good day. What did you want to ask me?

   Loser: Wow, are u the sysop?

   Sysop: No, I’m the zit on your face.

   Loser: Iv never talk to sysop be4. This is awesum!

   Sysop: Whatever. What do you want?

   Loser: How do i get more acces to the BBS?

   Sysop: If you contribute, call regularily, and prove yourself worthy of a higher   access level, you’ll get it.

   Loser: So what button do i push?

Sysop: What?!

Loser: How do i get acces?

   Sysop: You don’t.

   Loser: Howcum?

   Sysop: Cause I said so.

   Loser: Ok. But like can i get more time on the BBS?

   Sysop: No.

   Loser: Oh. U r a k00l d00d thow cant i get to do more stuff?

Sysop: No. Listen I have to split. Talk to you later. 


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me: The nature of the internet is that if it occurred to me, it occurred to someone with even more leisure time at least three years ago.

also me: *is surprised to find multiple Chili Cookoff playlists*

Interview with Alexandr_vselensky

This time we had an interview with alexandr_vselensky , an artist and Director of animated cartoons, in this interview Alexander will tell us about what inspires him, about the work on the creation of cartoons, and what the number 247 means in Mongolia.

First standard questions, how old are you and do you have art education? In your

profile indicated that you also have to do with cinema and animation, can you tell me a little about it?

- I’m 34. I graduated from VGIK with a degree in animation and computer graphics. Consist: CCR (Union of Artists of Russia), Ministry of agriculture (Moscow Union of Artists) - Department of unique graphics and there and there; RF IC (Union of Cinematographers of Russia) - directing animation.

Two of my films are on youtube - “the Era of Light"and ” Seed". Animation for me, first of all, is an opportunity to show that the inner world of each individual is equal in importance to the outside world and one cannot exist without the other. In my films, the viewer becomes an accomplice to a fantastic journey happening on the screen. He, along with the characters passes a certain way. But this" way “ the viewer passes not through the experience of history, but through fantastic images and the mystery that lives in these images.

- Just got acquainted with your works on YouTube, and they are actually worth viewing. In your work "the way of Light” very attractive backgrounds and interesting images, without flattery. Especially liked the hand with the door and the eerie spitting head and observant eyes in the trees .

And of course about the number 247. Have you heard about the designation of this number and the story has touched you so much that you decided to create a short film, or the idea came to you in another way?

- Initially, the film “the Era of Light” was supposed to have a different ending - but I did not like it. After a while I met a young artist from Mongolia. We showed each other our sketches and sketches, and one of my drawings was a house on the gate which I at the gate I drew 247 - just because he was there actually. My friend asked if I knew about the meaning of this number in Mongolia, I replied that no. He told me the meaning - and I realized what will be the final of my film.

- Wow, Alexander, you have a really interesting job!A few questions about the course of your work : how much time is spent on one cartoon, and the most favorite part of your work : maybe it is the study of characters or drawing backgrounds?

- “Era of Light” I did three years. “Seed” is also three years. This term is associated with many difficulties at all stages of work - because I do everything myself (except sound). In the “Seed” I was helped with the drawing of the character - but still it is a very large volume… My favorite part of the work is the stage of inventing the image of the world and the characters - sketches, rough storyboard. Working with music and sound, searching for the sound of a fantastic world, unusual sounds (I try to work with the composer on this - it’s important to me). The rest is more performance, so it is lower. Well, when the film is completely ready-the feeling that finally it happened)

- Are you working on something now?

I’m working. I try to have several ideas in parallel, this helps to save a lot of time - one idea is doing while thoughts come, thoughts when one ends I switch to something else. Ideas often come from different areas of art: a series of graphics and storyboard for example, or painting and working on the script, etc. Since February 27, the all-Russian exhibition will be held in the CHA, I take part there. I am preparing for two exhibition projects that will take place in the spring - one realistic and the other fantastic. At the same time I work on the final storyboard of a fantastic cartoon, according to the script of Alexander Timofeevsky.By the General mood of the film should resemble the fantastic works of ray Bradbury.

- What inspires you?

- Graphics and painting. I’m inspired by everything I can think about.

- What inspires you?

- Graphics and painting. I’m inspired by everything I can think about. First of all, it is the most “ordinary” everyday life and its diversity. I am also inspired by a variety of philosophical searches of different thinkers. I feel art is inextricably linked to reflection and lifestyle. I think art is first of all an attempt of a person to reveal a certain secret, concluded deep inside him.

-What is the main incentive to work for you?

-I never thought I’d be perfect. Actually and never so was. The main incentive for me to work is my thoughts and the opportunity to share them with other people. Somehow, I think I’ve always thought about it. I think that there is much more to creativity than we used to think. When we come to what is hidden in him, we will have a very different, much deeper and fuller life than now.

-Do you have difficult periods in your work, when it does not come under any pretext ,what do you do to get rid of it?

- Creative crises happen of course. When this happens-I understand that we need to take time out. During such periods I think, read and watch a lot.

- Is support important for you?

- Any support is always very important for me-it adds confidence in what I do.

- Does your work cover your expenses?

- While I do not get to make creativity for a living. Therefore, creativity has to be combined with work that brings income, allowing you to eat, pay taxes, etc. Now I have come to a certain balance in this, although of course I would like to be engaged only in creativity and not to be distracted by anything else - I am working on solving this problem.

- What short cartoons and films would you recommend to watch?

-I can recommend a few movies (animation and gaming) that has made me the strongest impression: “wild planet” (animation, rené laloux), “the Seventh seal” (feature, Ingemar)

“The seventh seal” (game, Ingmar Bergman), “Glass harmonica” (animation, Andrew Hrzhanovsky), “Hedgehog in the fog” (animation, Yuri Norstein), dune (game, David Lynch), “Terminator-2” (game, James Cameron), “Akira” (animation, Katsuhiro Otomo), “tales of the fog moon after the rain” (game, Kenji Mizoguchi), “Stalker” (game, Andrew Tarkovsky), “little Buddha” (game, Bernardo Bertolucci),

“Ghost in the shell” (animation, Mamoru Hosea), “Phantasm (1-3)” (game, don Coscarelli), “Space Odyssey 2001” (game, Stanley Kubrick), “Science of the valley of the winds” (animation, Hayao Miyazaki), “the Last man” (animation, series), “alien” (game, Ridley Scott), “trigan” (animation, series), “Mandy” (game, Panos Kosmatos), “avatar, the legend of korra” (animation, krovi),“ Apocalypse today ”(s gaming, Francis Ford Coppola),“ dig ” (animation, Anatoly Petrov) - roughly so.

Editorial: El fin de una era.

Actualmente internet se ha tornado para una gran minoría, un enorme dolor de cabeza, algo tan ofensivo solo equiparable a una blasfemia en una iglesia, o una agresión psicología, tan grave que todo el mundo debería evitarla sin ninguna objeción, cualquier comentario, opinión o algún chascarrillo subido de tono, es sobre interpretado y juzgado tan severamente que crea la ilusión de ser lo más racista jamás escrito por nadie, casi equiparable a matar a alguien a sangre fría.

El nivel de toxicidad en internet es tal, que algunos prefieren callar sus ideas, y no exponerse a un tribunal inquisidor, que solo sesga la libertad de expresión por encontrarla inadecuada, y la culpa de todo esto es nuestra, por ceder a lo políticamente correcto, al tratar de evitar herir a los demás, de ofender a los susceptibles y mirar hacia otro lado cuando pudimos ponerle un alto a tiempo.

Les dimos tanto poder sobre nosotros, que nuestras propias opiniones y creencias quedaron sepultadas bajo sus pies, ahora son ellos los opresores, los ofendidos que en lugar de trabajar por un futuro mejor, prefieren destruir a los demás y juzgarlos a todos, abanderados por una falsa moral y hasta un falso Dios, llamado hipocresía.

Por desgracia todo parece estar en contra nuestra, pero todavía hay esperanza, la esperanza de un internet donde se pueda opinar libremente, un lugar con buen sentido del humor, cuyo objetivo primordial sea una buena discusión, un buen debate donde se muestren las distintas opiniones sin miedo a una reprimenda, aprender de los demás sin prejuicios ni paradigmas absurdos, sin preocuparse por quien es el mejor, y no un totalitarismo ciego encubierto de buena voluntad.

Porque es tan fácil criticar a los demás, sin empezar por uno mismo, escudarse en falsas ideas de rectitud y bondad con tal de tener la razón siempre, son prepotentes y altaneros cual paladín de la justicia, buscando algo que destruir que no hiera su retorcida mente.

Para no terminar siendo un gilipollas sin criterio, y solo quejarme de todo, tengo que ser más objetivo, si el internet esta tan jodido debo dar una solución viable y no solo señalar lo obvio, ya sabemos que estamos jodidos, también sabemos que esto no va a cambiar de la noche a la mañana, que el daño fue tan paulatino y pausado que pasó desapercibido, como un susurro mortal, lento pero eficaz, que amenaza con destruir la forma que vemos el mundo y nos relacionamos con los demás.

Lo políticamente correcto no es en esencia malo, de hecho con todo el odio descontrolado que existe en la red es necesario algún tipo de regulación que ponga un límite a lo que se dice en internet, restricciones de edad en algunos sitios para separar el contenido, y crear nuevas plataformas que cumplan las necesidades especiales de los distintos públicos.

Sin embargo las únicas páginas que tienen restricciones de edad son las de contenidos explícitamente para adultos, ya sea por ser altamente sexuales o por tratar con temas delicados, esto obliga a los demás creadores de contenido a publicar cosas para toda la familia, eliminando la variedad, y limitando la creatividad a insulsos y efímeros contenidos que pretenden agradar al mayor público posible, no obstante tales medidas se han llevado al extremo, en lugar de establecer diferentes alternativas, segregan y separan a los que crean contenido porque puede herir, según esa comunidad, las susceptibilidades de los menores.

A lo mejor es mucho pedir un cambio en el internet actual, pero siempre se puede luchar para que ese día llegue.