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Meet Ellen! She is a final year Law & Politics student at , Vice President of and also a with Volunteer SU 👩🏻‍💻 Find out what Ellen got up to over the last few months in her latest post!

Стажер - оставляет очень теплые воспоминания😊 Сюжет вроде и простой, ничего сверхъестественного, но цепляет безумно. Актеры также шикарные😍 Думаю, вы все его уже видели, а если нет, приятного просмотра♥ 9/10⭐ «Опыт всегда в моде»

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DEVELOPMENT in Singapore & USA based organisations needed in Chennai , Kanchipuram ,Vellore , Tami..., apply now at !

New Opportunity in ! Stirling Council is looking for an enthusiastic with an analytical mind to work within their , and Team.

“Experience is the learning of all things”. Gained first hand exposure of working in the real world and acquired endless amount of knowledge. The experience of learning something new was very beneficial. It was a great learning.

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#InternLife in The Beginning of January

Sometimes I feel bad for this blog because I always came here when I need a peace of mind. But that doesn’t mean that I only came to this blog when I need to vent something, I do post other stuff aside from my personal ones. It’s just that there is no one I can turn to instead of myself and this blog. Up until now, I was always paranoid to tell people things and sometimes when I do, I don’t find comfort in telling them at all. It was frustrating but I need to pour it out.

It’s January 2019, if I haven’t said ‘Happy New Year’, then I’m going to say it now.

Originally posted by sherlockholmesandhisinability

I couldn’t write this directly in my Tumblr dashboard (I had typed this in word document before), apparently my internet connection in the place where I am in now sucks. It’s so slow that I don’t think I can do anything with internet. And even if I found someplace where I can connect to the internet, it’s just always not comfortable to do it there. Because the place with the fastest connection happened to be the place where I had my intern. Oh well, that doesn’t stop me from downloading films and so on because the internet is so damn fast and I just had nothing to do most of the time.

Yeah, I’m doing an internship for a month or maybe 4 weeks to be exact I guess. This internship is actually part of my university curriculum but we plan everything by ourselves starting from where we are going to work and so on. Basically the school just need to receive our reports and they will input our score based on the on-site adviser. I dunno how but that’s just how it is. And because of this, all of my close friends and I need to split on our own way. I partnered up with someone I’m not really close with and go on a different path from my friends. Of course, there are quite a number of people doing this internship in here with me and thus I need to establish a connection.

We all have those group of friends where we are much comfortable around, I’m sure of that. In my class, we have that too. I have those group of friends where I really feel comfortable to be around, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t befriended other classmates of mine. Now, it so happened that all of the friends whom interned with me are not from my group of friends. They are from much different group that I usually hang out with. I tried hanging out with them but there are times where I feel tired and sometimes invisible. The only time I’m not really invisible is when I’m doing my intern job.

It was frustrating to be invisible to your friends, it’s just like I shouldn’t be in this group of friends because I don’t belong there. I do wish we could be a better and closer friends after this internship but I highly doubt it. I just think that I will just be friends, ordinary one. Because friendships are built on trust too, and I’m someone who don’t trust anyone easily (but I’m gullible, now that’s kinda hard to explain) and when I gave someone my trust then I will find it easier to confide in things that bothered me. But, I don’t really trust my internship friends because I know they like to talk about people. I mean it’s fine to talk about someone (because I also did that too) but something is off whenever I’m with them. There’s this feeling that they might did the same to me if I am not around and I think there’s something we’re hiding from each other. It’s what made me untrusting of them.

I don’t really have that much problem regarding that. I mean, I tried getting used to being invisible and I just let it slide when at times I feel I’m the weird one or the goof ball, because I am. I am weird and I am just not part of that group, I’m just someone who so happens follow them around and trying to make myself comfortable around them. But I think the reason why I wanted to vent this out is due to an incident where we are heading home. We were just talking as usual in the car and when I asked them a question and they didn’t reply me and treated me as if I hadn’t said that made me feel mad and sad. I actually could think positively that maybe they didn’t hear or didn’t know I said anything but instead my mind wanders and thought that maybe they just didn’t want to answer my question. Maybe I have asked that question a couple of times. They were sick of it and chose to ignore me. Those were some negative thoughts that swirled around my mind. To make it worse, I don’t really trust them, so when they are talking something among themselves, I thought they were talking about me. I didn’t clarify anything until now, but I chose to not bothered myself about it. It’s just going to be 3 weeks more.

But that’s not really the reason why I get offended in the first place. No, it’s not because of them but it’s about the value in the question I ask. I was asking about when our internship program would end and was hoping that it will end in 1st February. To me, asking that question is very important since I really wanted the internship to end soon. It’s not because I’m lazy or anything. In fact, I think it would be much better to spend more than 4 weeks (but I don’t really like the monotonous life of an intern; looking at the laptop screen every day and not going anywhere during office hours except to the canteen). But the reason I wanted to end soon is because I celebrate Chinese New Year, and CNY is on 5th February. CNY is a one and only important holiday for me since I don’t really celebrate any other festivities and CNY is the time where my family from my mother side gathered together. It’s always the same every year but I missed it last year so I really wanted to celebrate it with my big family. Maybe I was sad that my friends couldn’t relate to me on that since they don’t celebrate CNY, but they celebrate Eid-al Fitr or Idul Fitri too, they should know how it feels to celebrate a big holiday with their entire family.

It’s not much to others, but to me it’s just that important and I respect my friends on that so I wish they would too. Although I am not mad anymore, I still kept my hopes up that my intern would end in February 1st. But, oh, well. Just wish me well, guys.


🌳 Jan 15th: First day of duty o.O

  • I was on duty early morning until afternoon
  • I was immediately assigned by a staff to print results, then I re-checked them using homis and then wrote all the admitted patients in the logbook. There were so many results!
  • So first day of duty: I ward the results already. It’s a good thing because I really need to familiarize myself in the rooms and stations located inside the hospital. So now I can say, i won’t be totally lost anymore.
  • But the bad thing was, we’re not able to eat lunch (I‘m with my co-intern who helped me send the results) because the time of our lunch should be 11-1 o’clock only. And we’re out from 9 to 12:30. I can’t eat out for just 30 mins because of the accident happened to me.
  • Speaking of that accident, I sprained my ankle while walking back to the laboratory. I was looking at the logbook so I didn’t see the sudden depression of the road. It hurts so bad. I endured the pain while doing lab tests in CC for five hours. And to think we’re standing most of the time. It got worst!
  • So before I went home, I ate outside but the thing when I’m tired is, I don’t eat a lot. I ate only three spoon of chao fan rice then I ride a taxi to go home.
  • Oh, and I forgot to pass the waiver which I have to give today. Ugh what a day.
  • I’m glad it’s my off tomorrow.

anonymous asked:

I work at the SDZoo. There is this inner program for workers that acts like an internship to be an animal keeper. The thing is, it lasts like 6 months (as I've been told by a coworker who was going to apply to it). Its like a few hours a week, but I'd also have to work since its unpaid. How do I go to school full time? Do I take a semester break (application is oct-nov time frame)? Can I always just go back to school when its (even tho it's a university)? Do I just coordinate w my school abt it?

That sounds fantastic!! I’m very curious about what your current job is like. 

You’re right that you have options:

  1. You can try to get credit for this as an internship, which could lighten your course load. For example, if an internship is worth 6 credits, you’d only need to take two 3-credit courses to go to school full-time (12 credits is standard for semester systems; trimester system is a bit different). Make sure that the internship counts toward requirements/credits you need to fulfill, such as credits toward your major or degree, or credits toward enrolling as full-time for financial aid purposes. The work you do now might also qualify as an internship.
  2. You can take less classes without getting internship credit and maybe go to school part-time. You can try making up those credits during the summer. Be aware of which courses are available during the summer because the selection can be very limited, and they might not offer what you need.
  3. You can take a semester off if that’s okay with you and fits okay into your plan. Talk with your academic adviser about taking a semester off without dropping out. You do have to notify your university before taking time off! 
  4. You can apply for scholarships to off-set how many hours you need to work.
  5. Can you do this after you graduate? If it’s a well-established program, it’s more likely to still be available. Keep in mind that more options will start popping up post-graduation, and this could be a good resume-booster and experience before then.

You should talk to your supervisor/program coordinator at the zoo. It’s usually better to get your information firsthand rather than relying on a third party (your coworker). Let your supervisor and the program coordinator know how eager you are to participate, provided that you have the time and means to do so.

Especially if you want to be an animal keeper or go to vet school, this opportunity is worth pursuing. I hope everything works out!

If anyone knows of any paid internships in the Los Angeles area for the summer of 2019 tell a sister! I’ve been struggling the past few months to find something and have applied to literally any and everything. 

I’m looking for anything in the media (communications) field; journalism, public relations(PR), social media, marketing, etc. (I’m a journalism major at school)


Name: Dr. Francesca Jane Beyers
Age: 24
Occupation: Surgical Intern
FC: Eliza Taylor


Francesca Jane Beyers, better known as Frankie, is 24 years old and a newcomer to Seattle. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California with her younger sister, Alex. She was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs, and she spent most of her time during her childhood drawing and doing other forms of art. All through school, she truly believed that she was going to be an artist. Her mother, however, always reminded her that art wouldn’t pay the bills, and that she wanted more for her daughter than she had ever been able to give her. She then decided that going in the direction of being in the medical profession would be something she was interested in.

Everything changed when Frankie was 19. She was at a party when she slept with a guy that she had met a few times, but there was nothing serious between them. Before she knew it, that guy was off at college, wanting nothing to do with her, and she was staring at a pregnancy test with two little lines. She knew then that, though it wouldn’t be easy, she had to do something that would make a great life for her and her daughter. She decided that not only was she going to go into the medical field, but she wanted to go beyond just an assistant and become a doctor. With the support of her sister and her mom, she was able to succeed in school, even after the birth of her daughter, Charlotte Rae Beyers, “Charlie”. Now, Frankie and Charlie are moving to Seattle to begin her intern position at Seattle Grace, and hoping that the adjustment to having no family around is not as hard as they think it will be.


Charlotte Rae Beyers (daughter)



When studying hits you too hard and you treat yourself with some lillet wildberry 
- kidding, I’m having a good day and had a lillet with my boyfriend and decided to continue studying :) I’m currently doing an internship, so I can’t go to the lectures and decided it’s time to prepare for my exams step by step :)
Oh and I started trying to motivate myself by practicing calligraphy and headers :) 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful first day of the new year 2019! <3 


On my Monday motivation shit! Yo @killemkazz put a nigga on the remix! ⛽️⛽️
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1 more night shift, then 2 nights off before I’m back for 5 more nights.

They haven’t been bad, honestly (apart from the first night when we had 9 admissions and 2 simultaneous codes), and I’m getting one of my co-interns into Firefly which she already loves. I’m just tired, and haven’t been able to socialize basically at all because of the flipped schedule, and haven’t cooked or eaten good real healthy food all week because I’m too tired and I never know what meal I’m eating. I did order from Seamless before I went to sleep to be delivered before my shift, and they were very prompt - delivery guy woke me up by knocking on the door right when my alarm went off - so at least I have one solid meal. 

What sucks more is that this is the easiest schedule I’ll have for 3 months - I won’t get 2 days off in a row until at least April again. Next month is CCU where we do q4 28h call, followed immediately by 2 inpatient months where I get 1 day off a week. Just gotta make it through.

Assembly Board Member Aram Gavoor Meets with Summer Interns

By Peter Kechichian

AAANews Blog

July 18, 2014

Last night, the 2014 Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) Terjenian-Thomas interns were treated to a professional development seminar with newly-installed Assembly Board Member Aram Gavoor.

Aram Gavoor is also an alumnus of the Assembly’s internship program from the class of 2003. He joined the Assembly’s Board of Trustees earlier this year.

In a frank and candid discussion, Gavoor emphasized the importance of career development and building the right skill set, as well as detailing his own personal and professional journey.

The seminar resonated significantly with the interns. “It was great meeting with Aram because he was able to give us a lot of insight on different career opportunities as well as inform us on what directions to pursue based on our interests. He was a great speaker with valuable advice” said current intern Sona Movsisyan.

Aram Gavoor is a Senior Counsel at Cause of Action, a Washington, D.C. government accountability, nonpartisan, and non-profit organization that litigates and advocates to expose government waste, fraud, cronyism, and overregulation.  

Prior to this, he spent nearly a decade as an attorney at the United States Department of Justice with extensive experience in high profile trial and appellate litigation. He is also a Professorial Lecturer of Law at The George Washington University Law School where he teaches Administrative Law, Government Lawyering, and Legal Writing for foreign attorneys.

Aram Gavoor is also a frequent speaker at intern and other Assembly events in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He lives in Washington with his wife, Anoush, and a new baby boy Aris Gabriel.