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Iran Lawrence Abstract Fine Art Painting. Your choice of art speaks volumes of your values and who you are. -design -Art Meditate through art for 10 minutes.

Iran Lawrence Abstract Fine Art Painting. What's not to love about an imposing piece of art in a modern kitchen? -design Meditate through art for 10 minutes.

Iran Lawrence Abstract Fine Art Paintings; refreshing the spirit one piece at a time. -design Meditate through art for 10 minutes.

屋内緑化 インテリアディスプレイ アルティマ グリューネ フェンスター[ディスプレイ]。ハンギングアイテムに、アルミ製ポットを新ラインアップ。

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N.O.T. Specialty Coffee

Blueberry Bagel with Pecan & Honey, Flat White

1. Coffee shop with chic modern interior design.

2. Delicious bagel with plenty of cream cheese. 

3. A surprisingly nice combination of pecan, honey & cream cheese.

4. Nutty flat white, skim milk option available.

5. Satisfying and healthy pre-workout meal.

📍 N.O.T. Specialty Coffee (Causeway Bay)

Shop 212, 2/F, Lee Garden One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

Trollhunters theory/headcanon? this is dumb

So i spoke with @captainmylifeisfandoms about this to see if im going crazy or not, but something has bugged me about Eli’s room. I have a theory that he hasn’t been living in arcadia for long.

In episode two of season one we are presented with this image of his room:

We can clearly see in the corner of the room is a taped up box, as well as the room being pretty empty. How ever after the Creepslayerz episode his room now looks like this:

There are quite a few differences:

His bed frame is now lighter.

His room has shutters instead of curtain.

The different posters.

His room being downstairs, then upstairs in the new episodes.

Just to name a few.

Now since the first image was from the very start of the series its very possible that the animators and designers put that scene in before Eli became more of a important character. As well as them not knowing if they would be able to make a second season. Plus its the second episode, who cares what a nerds bedroom looks like ,that only appears for like two seconds, when you have to animate the rest of the episode. (…I do..)

HOWEVER, if we ignore that then I have a headcanon/theory as to why the rooms are different. I feel like Eli only moved to Arcadia recently. Maybe a few months? This would add to the reasons that he’s bullied and has no friends. He’s the new kid, and in every highschool setting show, the new kid is universally hated. Always. 

The box in his room and the lack of decoration is his first room could be an indicator that maybe he was staying in a temporary house before they moved into their new one? Then that would also make sense if it was a temporary house because the first one is seemingly and bungalow and the second one is two stories. 

TL;DR Eli is new to arcadia and he was living in a temporary house and moved to his new house inbetween the second ep of season 1 and “Creepslayerz”