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Hobbies are important. They give us an outlet outside of work and every day commitments. Allow us the time and opportunity to pursue something we enjoy, something that makes us feel good, happy and content.

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A little Gothic style digital art by me in celebration of 'Bat Appreciation Day' they are such fascinating creatures - do you believe in Vampires ?

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Yesterday was 'World Art Day' so to every creative - Keep sharing your soul with the world - you are all amazing xx 💞 digital art by me - credit foxeysquirrels kit

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KinderCare Education Launches New STEM Programs for Families Nationwide Did you know that can be just as key to learning as work? If you're skeptical, listen to our to hear how shape

Start everyday with a smile. Being with someone that shares your and activities, is where it begins. , is where it happens 👏

Spectrum - disorders marked by in the to and and by the presence of or . 1 in 150 children born today have or will eventually have autism.

US Regional Interests at Stake after IRGC Ban: Iranian Expert April 13, 2019 at 08:23AM

The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads . People read what them, and sometimes it’s an ad. ~ Howard Luck Gossage - , , , , -

In my ears it It was the Big Bang just ain't my thang Never even liked I don't run with any gang But the I whang –––––––––––––––––––––– Early Afternoon ! > In 140 Characters or – TITLE: You Know A By His And

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What is it that you really want?

So many unanswered questions. The more I seem to delve into all that interests me, the more dispersed I become. I feel that instead of clarifying my goals I become more and more fragmented and I know myself less and less. How is that possible? The wider the array of interests the vaguer the aim.

What do I want?

Throughout the last decade I have been jumping from one area of interest to another, without any serious sense of commitment and engagement to any of it. I was only interested in focusing on the parts of the things that caught my attention at the time, but once I got through them, I abandoned an entire field altogether. And though that gave me a feeling I was somewhat cosmopolitan in this versatility of my interests, none of them were truly explored. I got 2 degrees, studied 4 courses, yet still, somehow that doesn’t clarify it. And I had felt like there was always time to go back to things of my interest, but now, in the end I feel like I have touched upon so many things with such a varying amounts of engagement that I can’t seem to figure out what it really is that I want to wholeheartedly commit myself to. And one thing I know for sure now - that the time has come to make this decision.

I am reaching 30 next year. As of today, career-wise, I feel like Peter Pan, hopping around from one thing to another, touching upon things without any true depth and retreating once something demands true commitment, simply because I simply don’t KNOW if this is THE thing.  Then I get back to bouncing around, without any measure of passing time, being stuck in a sense of constant promise of never-ending potential, which is constantly postponed to the never happening ‘near’ future. 

But the near future is now. It has already arrived.

I want to enter new decade of my life with a clear goal in mind. Mastering one field to perfection, with conviction and certainty.

What is it that you really want?

♫: Aphex Twin - Avril 14th


The Day I Met My Best Friend Face to Face

part II of II

July 27th, 2018

I still consider that day to be the best day of that entire year. So many bad things were happening, and happened, that year. I broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year and a half, my Dad was admitted into the hospital twice due to heart attacks, and my Grammy and her mother, my Grandma K passed away. But this, had to be the best moment of my entire life. I saw a post on Facebook only a few days earlier about him coming down to visit. It was either Def Leppard at B’Ham, or to see him. And I had no doubt in my mind. I raced straight to my Mom and practically BEGGED her to take me for my birthday, which had been just two weeks before. She happily and even excitedly obliged, and even messaged him before to let him know. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got ready early, or at least tried to. This was one of the actual few times that I didn’t have enough time to get ready. I busted tail in the kitchen and house all that week just so I could enable myself to go. I remember leaving around 7 or 7:30 that night with my Mom in our Honda Pilot, heading down to Walmart first to get a bite to eat. We picked up some Lunchables and Mom got a Mtn. Dew, while I got a Milo’s tea. I drank all of tea, and never finished the Lunchable. Then we made our way to the beach, and taking that beautiful, scenic main road to Live Bait, a bar and grill across from all the major condos on the strip. I remember the sound of gravel underneath the tires. I remember already hearing some live music playing in the main building. I remember Mom talking to me. She was worried we wouldn’t get in, and she asked me if I wanted to go to the beach if we couldn’t get in. I declined, admitting then that I’d want to have gone home instead of waited so close for something I’d been waiting on for almost three years. So, I told her that we should try, and we did. We trekked our way down to the club entrance, and waited in line. Eventually, it was our turn. We were asked for our IDs. I gave them mine, and Mom passed them hers. Suddenly, a man told us to wait on for a minute. Something was wrong. All of the sudden, a tall man, who I knew to be a bouncer and a member of The VelCREW was handed our IDs, and the guard talked to the bouncer, saying we weren’t on the list, which I had mentioned we were on. But thankfully, the bouncer claimed to know us, and we got our wristbands, and got in for free of charge, me donning my Xs.. and for those of you who know the bar life, that means NO ALCOHOL. We get in and look around. I’d lived in the same area for about 7 entire years, going on 8, and I hadn’t even been to the place but once before with my friends, Jessica and Maggie Parma for Maggs’ Birthday. However, everything felt brand new to me, and we sat at the table we sat at around that time almost a year ago. I watched basketball on the TV that was mounted onto the wall above the door we had just entered, and looked around. Part of me was excited, yet at the same time, I was so scared. I felt like I were going to explode at any moment then. As the band, The Velcro Pygmies (the whole reason Kriss came to visit was to visit the town with the band I was friends with because he’d never been further than Prattville) were preparing their set, and their opening entertainer, which consisted of the bassit Max War and his wife, Cryssie, I noticed the lead singer, Cam, was walking around me, sometimes talking to a bouncer or to the tech team, just mere feet away, or hanging out in the VIP area behind us up a few stairs, texting someone and watching me below. My Mom would tease me at this point of how I was chicken, telling me to go talk to Cam and thank him for letting us in, but I’m the nervous kinda gal, and laughed, and didn’t even bother budging. Eventually, it grew quiet again, and I was watching the TV again when I was driven from my nervous thoughts by my Mom, who was grinning. I knew automatically something had happened. “Jordan.. don’t freak out..” i looked around. “Why?..” I had my sunglasses off at this point, and the club was lit so dim you couldn’t see a few feet in front of your face. “Who’s the person with Cam?” I looked around and scanned the large room for the singer. “Where?” She chuckled. “By the bar?” I finally found them, and automatically, my brain was firing on all cylinders. It was so dark, that my first initial thought was “Who’s that lady with Cam? She’s awfully pretty..” Whoever it was was in deep conversation with Cam, and I couldn’t tell, but something striked me as familiar about this mysterious stranger. She looked at me. “Don’t freak out, but that’s Kriss DeVille..” Suddenly, everything made sense. I squeaked and tried to focus on the act onstage, Love is War. She chuckled. “Do you wanna go talk to them?” I shook my head. My legs felt like jelly. “No.. not yet..” was all I could say.. all I wanted to do in that moment. I was so unsure of what would happen that it frightened me. She nodded. “Alright.. you sit right here.. I’m gonna go get him..”.. And I did as told. Mom told me later on that this is what happened. She said she stood up and headed up the small ramp to the bar, going over to Cam and Kriss who were seemingly embedded into a deep conversation with one another. She said she approached them as this, “Excuse me, gentlemen..” It took a moment, then Cam finally noticed. He said, “Finally! I wondered when you guys would come over here! I’ve tried to get her to come talk to me since you guys got here! Do you know who this is?” Mom said that she replied with a yes and said “Of course I do!” And Cam repeated himself again, with a little more gusto. She replied to him again with a yes, with which she’d asked if Kriss knew who SHE was. Kriss looked at her. “Wait, your Jordan’s Mom, right? Diana?” Of course, knowing my Mom, she corrected him, at to which he noticed that I wasn’t with her, and that Kriss seemed really disappointed, and thought she hadn’t brought me. “You didn’t bring her, did you?..” Kriss asked. She replied with “Of course!” He asked where I was. Mom then replied by saying and motioning to where I was, asking Kriss if he wanted to go see me. He said yes, and Cam made a comment about it, saying to go rock my world and to be a rockstar, to which Kriss turned around. Mom said that he said that he was a rockstar and all, but I was his best friend. Not sure what happened in those moments that the world seemed to black out. A few seconds later, I heard my name being called. I still can’t tell you who called, male or female, but the voice sounded so familiar. I turned in my chair to find Kriss, towering over my Mom as he stood next of her,both with huge grins on their faces. “Kriss!” I called as I tried to get out of the chair, and actually almost ended up tripping. I remember hearing him laugh and running up to him. Here was my greatest friend of ongoing three years, hugging me tightly. We’d swore up and down that one day, we’d see each other, and that moment, was it. To see him in real life felt unreal. It felt like some kind of a fever dream, but to hug him reassured me, and made me feel safe. I’d finally saw him. He literally almost squeezed me to death, ha! Eventually, I mentioned to him that I had him something. He asked me, “Oh? And what would that be?” It’s tradition for me to give my favourite rockers my art for them, or gifts to show how much I appreciate them. Something heartfelt and with meaning. I once promised him that I’d give him the drawing I did of him, which actually introduced us, and I’d kept my promise. That night, I gave him the art. He was so happy to see everything I’d gifted him, commenting on the drawings, and concerning himself with delving into questions about my life, seeing how I was doing. I was so nervous that I don’t even remember being able to think coherently. Inside the folder I gave him were three or four drawings of him or him and I, a letter, some stickers, a guitar pick holder necklace, and a Ninja Turtles bracelet, of which I have the matching one from the set, same for the necklace. He thanked me for the gifts, telling Mom and I that he was going to his car to put them away safely, so he wouldn’t lose them. I told him okay, and he asked me to wait there at the table and not to wonder off. Mom at this point, told me she was going outside to smoke a cigarette, and I waited 30 excruciating minutes for either him or her to return to the table, which Mom made it first. I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t seen him afterwards, but the Pygmies were about to hit the stage and we didn’t want to miss the close stage privileges, so we found our way to the front before anyone could snatch up the open spot. Mom and I were there for about an hour, jamming out, when she said she was going to get us a soda from the bar to share and I said alright and stood my ground for about another 5-10 minutes. At around 10 minutes later, Mom returned with a huge piece of white cloth, and told me happy birthday. It was a piece of merch, a Velcro Pygmies merch shirt, of which I’ll have to make a post about all my merch later. I was so happy and I thanked her and she gave me the drinkI downed about half of it when she asked me something. She’d asked “Guess who I saw up there?” And I said, “Who?” And she “Well, I was talking to Cryssie about the merch when I saw a familiar face on the other end of the table. It was Kriss, and he was worried that we’d left early and he wants to see you. Would you like to go see him before we leave?” Without a doubt, I replied yes. We then headed out of the crowd and over to the bar. As we approached the merch table, he grinned and stood up, moving one of the extra tables over for us to put our stuff, and I swear I can remember him saying something about “My lady” or something of the sorts, and of course, I smiled and laughed and thanked him for the kind gesture.  He welcomed me for the thanks, and I set my stuff down. I proceeded to ask him how he was enjoying the show and if he traveled safely, being from off in Louisiana and not ever having to travel in this direction on tours. He said he did, but he got lost only once along the way. I told him that it was good that he’d gotten her safely, and then I laid silent for about 20-30 minutes before I told him I was sorry. He looked over at me and asked me “What for?” And I told him that I was sorry for being quiet, I was getting used to him being around and that I was nervous and he said that I was okay and that I didn’t have to be nervous, because we already knew each other and smiled at me. I smiled back and agreed, but fell silent again. We talked on and off, looking at each other’s fabulous shoes, comparing height, and even hair length, ha! Just like two kid friends who hadn’t seen each other in years, ever since the other had moved away to a different city. It made my heart and soul EXTREMELY happy to see him, but what made me happy was getting to see him perform firsthand, and how wonderful that experience made me feel, and seeing him watch the music and delve into the music. We just sat next to each other, not saying a word, but letting our souls do the talking for us. His soul is definitely a kind one, and being around him is definitely a calming experience. My mother told me we had to go, and that it was early and she had work in the morning. I became sad, but I knew I could always keep in touch with him, and that I’d be able to see him again possibly sometime in the future. So I told him we had to go, and the first thing he did, was reach for a hug, arms wide open. I gave him the tightest hug I could ever manage, and he returned the heartfelt gesture. Mom got a picture, and they started talking. I remember arm-wrestling with him for a minute before they finished their conversation, then he pulled away from me in shock. Both Mom and I were freaking out and we all three stood still, before he raised his hands and booped our noses. He’d won our Boop Wars. At least for that one time.. I finally gave him one last hug goodbye, and I couldn’t look bag as we left. That goodbye felt half given. I didn’t wanna leave.. he was such a cool person to be around, and an amazing friend. The poor guy’s been so busy as of late, he’s not been able to really keep in touch with anyone except bandmates and family… I hope he replies soon.. he deserves the friendship we have. 100%. Kriss, if you’re out there, and you’re reading this.. I want you to know that we miss you, that I miss you.. and I wish to see you again and keep in touch with you for as long as we can manage. I couldn’t imagine never have asking you to talk that night after a long day of camp.. after having drawn that picture for you, the reason we’re still friends today. Thank you for appreciating my presence, and I hope to see you again. All of my prayers, wishes, love and luck to you. 

-Joey xoxo


Day Seven Of The 30 Days Of Autism Acceptance Challenge

April 7th: Talk about special interests. What does having special interests mean to you? Talk about past, current, and any unusual special interests you had/have.

Cats are probably the most important thing in my life. I collect a lot of cat things, watch and read everything I can about them. I love and respect cats so much, I can’t control my flapping and sometimes it hurts in my chest.

I am also very interested in words and names- their origins, meanings, and how they evolve. I have a yellow notebook I write my favourite words in! People get irritated when I tell them word origins but I don’t understand why. It makes me very sad.

I have the tendency to hyperfixate on different topics- a game, book, film, character, person, plant, animal, place, etc. - and spend all of my time researching said topic indepth, drawing it, dreaming about it, telling people how wonderful or interesting it is, just to move on to the next fascination in a couple of weeks. However, picking up old special interests is a glorious feeling. Yes, glorious. I recently rediscovered my sticker collection and I feel like I’m full of glitter!

Some people may criticize your special interests because they think they are weird (my friend A—- has special interets in Russia and insects and is often ridiculedfor it), but WEIRD IS WONDERFUL. And knowledge is beautiful.

Sorry this post became so long. 😅

3D Printer Pen Art Magic Machine - Printer Enlighten Painting Draw Kid – LIMBA-TRENDS

3D Printer Pen Art Magic Machine is ideal for those kids who love magic and painting. Size: About 22.5*15.5*12 cmMain Material: PP ✅Brand-new ✅Fun, safety, easy to operate ✅Perfect for parents-children to DIY ✅Cultivate kids’ interests hobbies ✅Enlighten kids about painting In the Package:1 x 3D Magic Machine1 x Pen fo