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A MAN that cannot be manipulated by sex intimidates a WOMAN because now SHE must really bring something of some value to the table. 🤔

It is very crucial to in a team that is well invested in your collective . You will fail together, but eventually you will together and it will be glorious.

Lovely morning completing another assessment. Love the visual board, love even more that each individual had input into the plan & structure of activities matched shared with permission.

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Had a play with several digikits to make this Seasonal card front ... credit to Lauren C Waterworth and Daisytrail Craftscapes for items used plus my own stash.

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Ali maintained his in running his ministry while running for elections and did not mix cabinet work with his campaign. This reflects the extent of his and his care of the of the people.

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Wish you luck but you're not bringing us down


Interests in italics are 💗 💓 💖
Tag me in posts about these if you want, even if we don’t know each other! (or we can dm abt these ;DD)

Anime/Manga/Shows I like are
Assassination classroom
My Hero Academia
Land of the Lustrous
Tohyo game: one black ballot to you
Tsuredure Children
Gravity Falls
Blue Spring Ride
Miss Komi is bad at communication

Video Games I like are
Fallout 4

Slime Rancher
Sims 3 & 4
Everybody’s gone to the rapture
Battleblock Theatre

Fav characters (am I indecisive? …maybe)
Neito Monoma
Roman Torchwick
Velvet Scarletina
Karma Akabane
Deacon (fo4)
Angela Ziegler
Mabel Pines
Rino Kodama
Rutile (lotl)
Antarcticite (lotl)
Hana Song
Penny Polendina
Rinka Hayami
Rio Nakamura

What does this guy even like?

Be cool to start talking to people about whatever on here. So if you’re ever bored and want to chat, here’s what I like

-Hockey <3


-Physical Activity in general



-Stranger Things



-Crime shows on Investigative Discovery


-Civil Discussions

Hit me up about anything really and I will try to hold a conversation about it. Quite open to talking about most topics so long as they’re civil.

PS:Will NOT talk about anything related to my career. 

Questions that have never been answered

Timing, this vague word, that we all heard before that “this is not the perfect time” we say this to heal our souls after being rejected from your dream job, after finding that the perfect guy that you always wanted to be with has a girlfriend, when you fail to follow your passion and start your own business. so you just said that this is not the perfect time. But I always wonder when will be the perfect time for me? people say late better than never but I say that the certainty of never is much better than that doubtful late, because there is no guarantee on earth that this perfect job will still be that perfect when it comes late or that my dreams to be with this perfect guy fades after a while. what if we lost interest in all these things that we thought would be perfect for our lives.

 do we still be happy if it comes late? or that we will surrender to the fact that it will never come?    

I think it’s bizarre and tragic how society pushes us to say we are what we are because of the job we do. The question “What do you do?” really means what do they pay you for, as if that’s your defining characteristic. Everything else is just a “hobby.” But those are also things you are and do. Just because you don’t make money at it doesn’t mean you’re not doing it. It’s as valid as going to the office, maybe more so.
—  Rose McGowan

💖~My interests~💖

Everyone is different, and every person with asperger’s/autism is different. I’m not a math intellectual, nor do I love science.

Here are my interests:

  • Skyrim (or any other Elderscrolls game). I absolutly love that game! It’s so big and I never get tired of it! I have played it in every single way possible, and I have finished almost all the quests. I have killed Alduin 9 times and I never get tired of it. I could make an entire post just about Skyrim! I got this interest in 2014 when I would watch my favourite youtuber play Skyrim. I was waaaaay too young to play the game, so I just watched let’s plays. In early 2018 I started playing the game a little, but I was too scared to do anything; I couldn’t even complete the Golden Claw quest. When the draugr showed up, I was out of there! Then, I began playing it for real this summer and I was HOOKED.
  • K-pop (especially BTS and Dreamcatcher). Oh, boy do I love them. I can spend hours looking at MVs, finding information, drawing them and looking at videos about them! But, I wouldn’t call myself a sansaeng…I would never do anything like that. I knew about K-pop since 2015, but I thought it was dumb and boring until the very end of 2016, when I would watch a ton of anime. The first songs I listene to knowing it was K-pop, was Rough by Gfriend, FIRE by BTS and Very Nice by Seventeen. Holy shit I was addicted to BTS when I started doing some research on them.
  • Reptiles (komodo dragons and bearded). This is sort of a new interest, so I don’t know as much as I know about the others.
  • Making lists. Holy crap, I love that. It gives everything an order and it feels so pleasing to look at <3
  • Language (English, German and Korean). I actually love the grammar the most. My first language is Norwegian, and I was fluent in English when I started fifth grade. In sixth grade, I started «learning» Japanese. I learned about 300 words and memorized almost 200 kanji. The only thing I struggled with was learning 6800 other kanji and katakana. I sort of gave up, and started learning Korean in seventh grade. I know hangeul fluent and I know about 500 words. I learn grammar rules quickly; it’s the memorizing of words that I suck at (I don’t really suck, it’s just a little boring). When I started eight grade (that’s the one I’m in now), I needed to choose between three languages: French, Spanish and German. So, I choose German. I’m still learning Korean, it’s just that German comes first as that’s something I actually get grades on.

I’m sorry if this was too long, I simply just can’t stop writing/talking about my interests.