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Mortgage rates just tanked thanks to the Fed – and they could go even lower!

Diminishing prices and increased interest rates Don't miss this & SPOTLIGHT article from Barry A. Chatz and Kevin H. Morse at

Officials at The Federal Reserve updated their economic projections, at the last meeting, trimming the number of increases they foresee in 2019 from two to zero. This is good news for Interest rates!

If you're searching for your new home, read our guide to understand all the different steps involved to successfully survive the house buying process.

The Federal Reserve's patient approach to is no guarantee that it will leave where they are for the rest of the year, the president of the Atlanta... Read more at:

The Federal Reserve's patient approach to is no guarantee that it will leave where they are for the rest of the year, the president of the Atlanta... Read more at:

$234 Billion, the U.S. posted its biggest monthly budget deficit on record last month. Shortfall rises 40% to $544b in first 5 months of fiscal year chart h/t zerohedge

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We will strive to bring you trends, stats and figures around the real estate market locally as well as nationally! Watch this space.

In a new "Reed Between the Lines," CIO Murphy discusses recent developments on the interest rate and trade policy fronts and what may be a catalyst for an extended economic recovery.

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Don’t look now but interest rates just took a pretty intense drop. The average overnight rate on a conforming 30 year fixed mortgage tumbled 10 basis points and now sits at 4.22% which happens to be the lowest levels we have seen in well over a year.

Great news for borrowers but when you peel back the layers of this onion this isn’t good news. Stay tuned…..

Great news on interest rates as we head into the strongest home buying season we will see all year.

Today, buyers can lock in the lowest rates we have seen in 14 weeks and we can only hope they go a bit lower…..

Benefits of maintaining a good relationship with your bank

There’s always something beneficial that comes out of a good working relationship. Just like your neighbourhood dentist who throws in a free toothpaste when he sees your friendly smile, your bank could also choose to be friendlier if you maintain a good rapport.

These friendly gestures might be extended to you in more ways than usual banking services.

If you build a strong relationship with your bank, you could be rewarded with the following benefits.

Additional convenience

When you maintain a long-term relationship with your bank, you are provided with a point-of-contact who manages your financial needs. This representative becomes familiar with your finances and your details, which makes it quicker when processing your work. This is beneficial when it comes to depositing cheques or transferring money. Additionally, since they already know you well, your loan approvals and processes could be faster too, since they don’t have to dig too deep to know your credibility.

Better loan terms and interest rates

Banks usually concentrate on bringing more business from their present customers. This puts you in a good situation, to begin with. If you have an excellent standing with your bank regarding creditworthiness, you could access more benefits when it comes to taking further credit. For instance, since you have a good reputation, you could be offered better interest rates and terms on loans than what is advertised to the public.

Concession in fees

Because you’re looked upon on as a highly-valued customer, banks might be more lenient with you when it comes to certain fees. For instance, they could waive penalties like cheque-bouncing fees or overdraft charges. If you maintain a good relationship with your bank, they could co-operate with you better. You might not only be able to manoeuvre fees, but also negotiate lower fees with them.

Better customer service

Branch managers need to retain their loyal customers as it benefits their office’s profitability too. If you keep giving them more business and work towards building a good relationship with them, there’s a good chance you’ll be treated quite well. It’s not unusual for loyal customers with particularly profitable accounts to be treated with a higher level of customer service by their representative.

Personalised advice                

When you invest in a good relationship with your bank, your bank takes an interest in your dealings too. An experienced bank manager could sometimes be a good financial adviser to you, recommending you profitable avenues to grow your wealth. If you’re struggling with your business, your trusted financial adviser can assist you in developing strategies to survive or recommend suitable loans.

Tolerant conditions

If you’re having trouble repaying a loan, your bank could consider changing your borrowing arrangements to make it easier. You could also discuss your situation further with your adviser and plan to improve your condition with their expert advice.


Clearly, there are quite a few benefits to relationship-based banking. To be able to do so, it is important to be professional in your dealing with the bank and always maintain a healthy two-way conversation.

Interest rates on a conforming 30 year mortgage are up again this week to another new 7 year high. If you are borrowing money, to purchase that perfect home, the last time rates were higher was in April, 2011.

Watch where interest rates go from here as the effects of higher interest rates will touch everyone.


Hello guys this is my video based on how to find the amount of money in a bank account with an interest rate per year!

This video feat. my best fran JASON!!!!! @jasonbhm @artist_jbhm

Please, please, please help me get this video up to 500 likes or views, it’s for an extra credit project. Thank You and I appreciate all of you!!!!

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Have a nice day ya’ll

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