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A Taliban attack on a military compound in central Afghanistan has killed at least 20 security personnel and injured many more.

add the fact that ⁦⁩ didn’t want ⁦⁩ to address the nation due to security concerns while her and 7 members of Congress were out of the country with 93 members of their immediate FAMILY

Just finished reading my new edition of ! Some very and of course new for my 'To Buy' list. 😍 Anyone else sad like me and mark off particular articles they want to reread?!? 😂

After making our questions last week, it was our job to decide which one to explore. Lots of skills on show! And so our question is..... do worms eat? 🤔

Found something on ! Which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke. Courtesy

A busy start to the week here at MJR Group Solutions. We have had some really interesting projects to design scaffold for today. Lets see what we can do for you! # designer # avontus

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Full PDF of  ''The shrine of Dahmer''

Увлеклась граффити недавно,ну сначала просто смотрела на граффити,потом решила почитать и набравшись вдохновения,решила подумать над своим собственным граффити.Как вам эскиз?Как думаете,хорошо будет смотреться на стенах?

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AIR: I have small hands - I love the night sky - I watch small animals and birds when I pass them by - I drink herbal tea - I wake up to dawn - the smell of dust is comforting - I’m valued for being wise - I prefer books to music - I meditate - I find joy in learning new things from the world around me

FIRE: I don’t have straight hair - I like to wear ripped jeans - I play an organized sport - I love dogs - I am not scared of adventure - I love to talk to strangers - I always try new foods - I enjoy road trips - summer is my favorite season - my radio is always playing

WATER: I wear bracelets on my wrists - I love the bustle of the city - I have more than one set of piercings - I read poetry - I love the sound of a thunderstorm - I want to travel the world - I go to sleep past midnight most days - I love dimly lit dinners and fluorescent signs - I rewatch kids shows out of nostalgia - I see emotions in colors, not words

EARTH: I wear glasses - I enjoy doing the laundry - I’m vegetarian or vegan - I have an excellent sense of time - my humor is very cheerful - I’m a valued advisor to my friends - I believe in true love - I love the chill of the mountain air - I’m always listening to music - I’m highly trusted by the people in my life

AETHER: I go without makeup in my daily life - I make my own artwork - I keep track of my tasks and time - I always know true north - I see beauty in everything - I always smell flowers - I smile at everyone I pass by - I always fear history repeating itself - I have recovered from a mental illness - I can love unconditionally

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Если у вас в доме живёт кот, то риск сердечных заболеваний у вас снижается на сорок процентов, а внезапных ударов - на тридцать.