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Interactive e-textile blanket created by Mika Satomi of with a Bela Mini. Read the post here: ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

What does the ability to with no boundaries actually bring, when it comes to human to human, or human to computer ? Here is how staying connected can improve workforce management in three 3 ways.

British: “Tick says the clock, tick, tick. What you have to do, do quick.” Nigerian: “Gbe bodi e! Ji! Ma sun!” What was/is your favorite rhyme? 🙂

Voor onze internationale high-tech opdrachtgever uit zoeken wij een ervaren . Ben jij op de hoogte van de nieuwste technologieën en trends en wil jij de beste oplossing bieden voor de gebruiker?

Voor onze internationale high-tech opdrachtgever uit zoeken wij een ervaren . Ben jij op de hoogte van de nieuwste technologieën en trends en wil jij de beste oplossing bieden voor de gebruiker?

Voor onze internationale high-tech opdrachtgever uit zoeken wij een ervaren . Ben jij op de hoogte van de nieuwste technologieën en trends en wil jij de beste oplossing bieden voor de gebruiker?

est un véritable , elle favorise l’ et l’ avec pour ambition de modifier en profondeur la manière d’obtenir et de commercialiser du à travers son original et . 👉

अक्षय कुमार के साथ बातचीत के दौरान पीएम मोदी संघ की शाखाओं के खेलों से अनुशासन और टीम भावना सीखने को मिलती है

अक्षय कुमार के साथ बातचीत के दौरान पीएम मोदी बोले अब फिल्में नहीं देख पाता हूं, बचपन में दोस्तों के साथ कई फिल्में देखी हैं

Now here is an unexpected insight via : Your heartbeat may help you sync up with other people to cooperate

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“You must keep up with the technology in this generation, Kiryu…..I feel pity for you for being stuck in prison over those ten years”. 

“Look, are you going to show me what this is or not, Rei? Let’s not bring up about my past, alright?”

//Thought I’d draw a neat interaction between the two. 👀👌


The startled surprise that the young Hylian felt could not be mistaken when he jumped suddenly at the voice. Though it had not been deafeningly loud, the unexpected call had just the right volume to pierce his sensitive, elongated ears. The lad turned around then, at first expecting to see someone or some other hidden in the grove he passed through. Though as far as looks were concerned, the forest was empty safe for himself. It wasn’t until Link arched his neck up that he finally noticed the enormous man looming over the tree canopies that only faintly concealed his form.

Again, Link could not hide his surprise at the discovery. His jaw had practically dropped right then and there. Though not out of fear, but simply stunned at what he was seeing. Giants? Here? The only giants that he knew of were the Hinoxes. But this giant had two eyes looking down at him. Two gentle eyes.

That was when he suddenly remembered the words spoken to him earlier and straightened up. In a way speaking, yes he was in a bit of a trouble. These woods were unfamiliar to him and the hero wondered if he had gotten lost. But Link was hesitant than to divulge that fact so readily. At least not without getting a sense of who he was speaking with first.

H-Hello–” His whispery voice began, only to then pause as he realized the other likely couldn’t hear him. Taking in a deep breath, he then rose his hand and waved it in friendly greeting.

“Hello there!! Who are you?!” He called out as loud as he could muster, his voice not used to the higher volume.

The expression which overtook the giant’s face was far closer to that of one who had just gotten a bucket of icy water dumped over his head- wide eyes, lips so thin his beard seemed to fold in on itself, and brows raised so high that creases formed on his forehead- than that of one who had just been greeted and asked who he was. Indeed, now it was his turn to be startled! There was no need to shout!! He’d heard the human perfectly fine the first time. Once he’d processed the meaning of those words, his shoulders relaxed, and his face returned to its normal expression- a slight frown tugging the brows together, and droopy, inquisitive eyes. That didn’t answer his question, not in the slightest. But he ought to be thankful he’d said anything at all, shouldn’t he? As opposed to the many grim alternatives!

“Hello,” Ingvar echoed in a voice strong as an old tree and deep as a lake, yet so soft it may as well have been carried on the light breeze which rustled his hair and patted at his beard- a beard that was once again shifting, downturning into a frown as the one to whom it belonged considered how to answer the question. A scarred hand reached up and ran through that beard as though doing so might give Ingvar the right way to answer. Who are you could be answered in myriad ways. His hand returned to hanging by his side, and he drew a deep breath.

“I am being called Ingvar. I a giant, but… I sure that you can be seeing that,” he answered at last. “… And who are you being? Is- Are you having troubles?” he repeated the initial question once again. 

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Hello!! I just saw you recently reblogged an art piece of mine and I read the tags. I saw you were talking about how you have a character kinda similar to mine. If you don't mind me asking, could I maybe see them? I'm curious! Also thank you for all the compliments!!🖤🖤

Oh sure sure!! and no problem c: I love your art!

My character’s been on a wild ride of universe-relocation and will continue to be on design-roller-coaster hell. lol
His name is Danaus and he’s gonna be an antagonist in a game I want to make.

Here’s what he looked like when I first designed him;

I thought the colors were interestingly swapped :D

This is his recent design change (pls excuse the messy screenshot)

Thank you for asking :3c

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"Oh my..." //Hope you don't mind. ;; //

Gilen squeaked after being pushed into the closet with someone he didn’t know. “Luca! No! Come on! Don’t do this!” He whined as he patted the door.

Luca chuckled, “she’s cute Gilen, you’ll have fun with her. It’s just a kiss, big brother~.” His tone playful but not mean.

Gilen sighed, resting his forehead on the wooden door before taking in a deep breath. He then turned to the stranger and half smiled even though he could only slightly see with it being dark, “do what should we do now?”

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“Breath, Kohi-chan! Breathe.” Hoshi pats Nia’s back, worrying a bit; despite a small chuckle. Humming acknowledgment to the remark of time the two have known one another. A good amount? Wonder what she meant, specifically.

“Seeing each other.” Stated with no other context; Nia would understand easily that they meant in the form of dating. The phone still in hand as Hoshi admires the photo. Smile picking on lips.

Where was it taken. Seemed to be a casual outing at least.

“Before ask- No she’s no longer my Doctor. Not that starved for affection.”