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RT Need in your ? offers a full suite - for new clients, re-positioning CRM & refresher courses: …

Spade organisation is Very thankful for the dignitaries of the event for becoming the part of organisation. The event was successful completed with the fabulous interactions and best learnings for the students in the event

📢 A nice review paper: Review: Interactions of Active Colloids with Passive Tracers Welcome to read active ; active-passive ; phenomena

The display invites all vistors to design a light for the night sky, a logo for the family or a bus shelter for one's favourite city. Also great >> the Wall with people's favourite objects

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anonymous asked:

Feli has been guided to an opened door of a classroom by a teacher, to which he thanked before knocking it "good afternoon!" He called politely "I am Feliciano Vargas... I came for the math classes." He hold to his backpack and cane waiting for an answer ((@ask-miraculous-italy))

Janez was chatting with the class’ regular teacher, when he heard a quite cheerful greeting from the direction of the classroom entrance. He heard the teacher he was chatting with get up and walk towards where the cheerful greeting came from. He also heard the teacher ask the student who introduced himself as Feliziano, if he wants to meet the student teacher that will be teaching some classes from time to time. If Janez was being honest with himself, he was nervous about that, especially because it was the first class he was teaching.


rosefromdeath  asked:

❛ I’m sure I can handle whatever it is. ❜



“Can you?” the blonde drawled, staring at the brunette. “Its a big deal, Gabriella.” Ali sighed. “Does your family know about this? About your feelings on the matter?” She was grateful that Gabriella had chosen to confide in her but it would be best to tell her family. 

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sweet pea and sugarplum?

↬ sweet pea – “what’s your zodiac?”

i’m a pisces, with virgo rising and sag moon ♡

↬ sugarplum – “what’s the color of your eyes and hair?”

i have brown eyes and short brown hair.

anonymous asked:

If this were a book being written what do you think of scenes where certain noises and visuals trigger flash back for Louis and in that moment Lestat touches Louis wether it's on the arm or runs a hand in his hair a particular way that sends a sudden jolt of terror through Louis he grabs Lestat's wrist without knowing he whispered Lestat's name out loud before letting go of his wrist when realising it's just a flash back . He'd have a good poker face when having those sad flash backs

idk if i understand the question…

if youre asking if i like that kinda thing, then the answer is yes, 10/10. hurt/comfort is my favorite genre of fic. im a sad bitch. i eat that shit up.

otherwise…? im not sure

anonymous asked:

I was watching this movie called the boys of St Vincent. A sad movie about priest's abusing boys etc this particular priest refers to himself as this boys mother which is so sick..but it got me thinking that I imagine something similar in Louis's case but the priest referring to himself as * father * but like Louis paternal father to further manipulate him emotionally etc what you think?. It's a different twist on the idea ^^ in this twist he has a severe desire/ obsession with young Louis

yeah…. i find the whole “mother” thing very disturbing. it kinda makes a terrible situation even worse. like a whole new layer of fucked up just got added to that abuse sandwich…

usually id talk about my approach to the subject here, but i dont want to spoil the story. so, for now ill just say the priest as im writing him relies on that good old fashioned “catholic guilt” to keep his victims quiet. and yeah……..

the actual mentions of abuse in my fic are very brief, so i dont really have any room to delve into the gritty details like that. the story is told from louis’s POV and i wanted to leave it kinda vague, bcuz i cant see him openly talking about it.

like i said before, for me it has more to do with how louis deals with the memory of what happened to him now that he’s a vampire than anything else. and lestat too, of course.

anonymous asked:

It makes me so happy your Lestat is a top cuz I like to Invision Cruise Lestat when I read your stuff. It's so obvious Cruise Lestat is a top!.

im happy you like it lol, but im not gonna lie, i actually consider lestat a switch more than a top. the only thing is, louis to me is a total bottom, and i love that dynamic, so i always tend to write them that way

i DO still plan to write a nicki/lestat fic where lestat bottoms tho………so, yeah

but top!lestat w/ louis? uh huh. love that for us


⁣#repost @asker⁣
⁣Abbiamo fondato WOA con l’idea di spingere i miei lavori un po’ più in là, creando una squadra di matti professionisti, curiosi di sperimentare e fare ricerche che unissero creatività e tecnologia. ⁣
⁣Due anni fa creammo un sistema che permetteva a un qualsiasi oggetto (o corpo rigido) di reagire al tocco e all’urto e, tramite il nostro know out sulle proiezioni, creammo un VIDEOMAPPING INTERATTIVO!⁣
⁣We founded WOA to push my work behond the boundaries.⁣
⁣With our crazy team, we are curious to research and experiment new way to fuse creativity and technology. ⁣
⁣Two years ago we create a system that switch any object in a touch reactive tool. ⁣
⁣We integrate that technology with our projection’s know how to create an INTERACTIVE VIDEOMPAIING!⁣
⁣#videomapping #woacreativecompany #tabletouch #interactive #interaction #touchdesigner #resolume #projectionmapping #experiment #laboratory #woa #davideasker #generative #creativecode #motiongraphics #newmedia #newmediaart (at WÖA)

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.....sssooo I ask you what did you think about houseki on kuni ( land of the lustrous) what your favorite character, is it different to Steven universe, is something wrong and don't worry about the TV anime show they have book and mange, what you think about the series?

I still haven’t gotten to it yet c: very sorry! I like to take my time with things, and I have a lot going on in my life. I hope you understand!

From the pictures, the main character looks the prettiest in my opinion, but I haven’t seen a lot.

I’ll probably draw something when I do get around to watching the show! So keep an eye out ;p

@vaiinbrat asked ❛ I guess I’m pretty glad that you’re alone. ❜

“Oh, is that right?” Ali drawled, as the blonde stared at the brunette heretic with a small smile on her face from her desk, leaning back into her leather desk chair. “And what happens if I had company?” 

anonymous asked:

Can Louis be the priest's favourite victim? Is that sick to ask? I shouldn't be asking this cause it's such a blessing you're writing this fic , im truly so thankful

it’s not sick…….. okay maybe it is, but that’s kinda what this fandom is all about, right? sick, twisted bullshit,, lol i dont judge

im not giving the priest much characterization at all tho, so i cant really say yes. im already passed that part in the writing process. youre welcome to headcanon the story that way, but to me its more about louis and how the trauma of abuse altered him as a person. the priest and his feelings on the matter have very little to do with it.

its hard to explain without giving too much away… you’ll just have to wait and see i guess /shrug

thanks so much for the support!

feistydragonus  asked:

“You know what happens when you only hear one side of a story? You’ve only heard one side of the story.” From katherine


“Yes, similar to two sides of a coin.” Ali drawled, sitting back in her leather couch, drink in her hand as she stared at Katherine.  “I do not want to become in between you, Damon, Stefan and your annoying doppelgänger, but seeing as I am being drag into it, again, I have no choice.” Ali sighed, annoyance in her voice.  “What is your side of the story then?”

meri47  asked:

What do you do for a living? What is your favorite season? Favorite food? Favorite animal? Favorite way to relax?


Answering this is gonna be a bit of a mouthful, so bear with me. 

1.) What do you do for a living? 

Just like Jotaro, I’m also a certified Marine Biologist. Unlike him, however, instead of doing fieldwork to have a better understanding of our subject, I’m what you call a Statistician. I sort and analyze given data and I can provide the information to someone else when required to do so. I rarely get to go diving as much as I used to when I was studying, but since I’m not required to go abroad with my job, I could at least get some time to watch over Jolyne when she was young. 

2.) Favorite Season?

I love Spring! I always found rainy days to be a bit satisfying, to be honest. Not that the Sun wasn’t bad, but sometimes it gets really warm here, being in Florida.

3.) Favorite Food?

I like eating sweet food, so pastries and biscuits are my go-to when I need it. I occasionally crave spicy food sometimes, though.

3.) Favorite Animal?

My favorite animals have got to be Stingrays, Ferrets, and Jellyfishes.

 4.) A favorite way of Relaxing? 

Whenever I want to chill, I try to go for a dip in the pool or paint with watercolor outdoors. Lately, I’ve been into photography and Journaling. 

(Thanks for the questions! Hopefully, you guys got to know a little more about her.) 

florefemina  asked:

Try - Wolfgang Grimmer ~

Send me ‘Try’ and a character and I will write how I would play that character | Accepting! ]

((asdfghjhffg Ann you sly dog))

[ @florefemina​ ]


Grimmer- rather, the man known as Grimmer; technically speaking, Wolfgang Grimmer did not exist- grunted and held his cheek. It stung where it had been slapped. What was it? All he’d done was listed off the bad things she’d done. How had his expression been when he’d said it? Was he smiling? If so, that might have been part of why he’d been slapped. He rubbed it, and then turned his head to look at her again. The smile was back, whether he realized it or not. It was what he’d been trained to do, smile.


“Judging by your reaction, I’d say I was right,” the lanky man postulated. “Well?”

anonymous asked:

Ok hear me out I'm sorry if this is really random and makes no sense but who ever Louis's abuser on the fic is can they have a real obsession with him? Maybe I'm just sick and Invision some psycho obsession theme happening to poor Louis cuz that character is amazingly easy to obsess about, blah totally forget i ever wrote this * drifts back into the darkness * 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 continue your blessed skills dear writer


ok no, srsly, no need to apologize, i’m always happy to hear other people’s ideas! but while there are a lot of directions this could go, and i’m interested to explore any/all of them, unfortunately for this AU it wouldn’t really work 

just to break it down: in this story louis’s abuser is a priest who took advantage of him as a child. to that man, louis is just another victim and part of the plot relies on that. while he remembers who louis is, he would’ve lost interest in him as he matured, so…  

i mean, i could try and edit the obsession stuff into the plot, but at this point i’d basically have to rewrite it completely. so, i’m not gonna bother. 

BUT i really do like where you’re going with this. i think it could be all my favorite kinds of “dark” and “fucked up” if i wrote it lol. maybe i’ll explore it in a different AU someday. 

i’d love to hear your ideas in the meantime, if you’ve got more to share!  
thanks for the support/ask~