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I like the way you think


I just dyed my hair deep green (for my newer followers: this is not unusual, I’ve actually completely lost count about how often I dyed my hair) and we’d just talked about it this morning because yesterday night I dyed it light green hahaaah, so earlier today I was talking to R on WhatsApp and we were talking about this film project I’m doing next week (I’m an actress.. amateur of course tho but I have small projects sometimes) and I said the organisation wanted me to have some sort of unnatural hair color so I’d dyed it green and she ->asked for a photo<- so I sent her one n added “I might go over it tonight because I don’t like it too much” SOOOO I just sent her a picture like “look at what I just did I’m soo green” and. it’s a picture of me WITHOUT make up and that’s really. REALLY something because everyone who knows me here knows I wear quiiiiite a bit of make up on a daily basis kdjdndn and she’d never seen me without make up before so that’s A Thing but as I was typing this post she replied with “love it!” heheh time to go to bed happy x

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North: I don’t understand what’s going on but you are the cutest creature I have ever seen~ (not like you weren’t cute before-)

“ Kweh! Kweh!”  [ You’re just as cute Santi-san ]

Quickly nestles herself between her beloveds legs

Chocobo ma: 1/6

UX considerations for sending ERC20 tokens

Quick thoughts on user flow and interactions captured during the process of designing a crypto trading platform.

  • Send/Recieve tokens that require ETH for the transaction
  • how to inform the user that ETH is required
  • what if no ETH available in wallet
  • dealing with loading ETH to the wallet as part of the send tokens flow
  • show tokens under ETH wallet or separate (coin is listed on Exchange, tokens are not tradable)
  • tokens are not treated as separate wallets (except when explicitly required by the client as part of company decision who owns the exchange)
  • advanced gas settings (allow for settings or automatically adjust fee-based on speed)
  • speed=higher fee?


Varian: *when not inventing* NO IT’S NOT YOU MANIAC

Varian: *when inventing and testing* sleep who neEDS SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN L E A R N

Eugene: Christ there’s two of them.

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🧠 (CarsonXMike of course ^^)

Mike was certain he wouldn’t be winning any boyfriend of the year awards soon, that was for sure. He did his best but he just wasn’t accustomed to the idea of romance and bliss. This whole slow-burn relationship wasn’t his forte, it never had been. In large part to the fact that he’d had one relationship and everything between then and now were nothing more than flings and one-night stands.

From day one Judy had made it clear that their relationship was more of a friendship with some benefits. He felt head over heels for her, yet every romantic gesture he offered was pushed away, cast aside, spoken as unnecessary. So eventually he stopped buying flowers and chocolates and stood to cater to her every whim. And it lasted in peace, so long as he stayed under her thumb. He became dependent on her, and once she left, the damage was. Mike knew nothing about what love carried, or what mutual responsibilities were carried in a relationship. And communication? He never spoke a word about his feelings, about his thoughts, so used to being reprimanded for speaking out of term. He had many bad habits from his first girlfriend. Some of them he was aware of and vaguely wondered if they’d carried over to his and Carson’s.

He occasionally bought her the small gift, flowers and chocolates or the like. And every time, he left them and ran, fearful of the reaction he would get for leaving the offering in case it was negative. And when he came back later, he was pleased when she thanked him for them and rewarded him with kisses, figuring that if left the gift their and left her alone for a bit, she’d be settled from the initial anger and come to appreciate it. That was how it worked, right? If Carson had a qualm, then just like his ex, he listened attentively, offering to help and soothe any way he could. And like his ex, sometimes she offered to talk to him if he was bothered. But he shrugged it off, recalling all the time he opened his mouth and was told his problems weren’t real issues and he was just looking for things to complain about. He didn’t want to hear that again, remembering how it hurt his confidence so much before, so he swallowed his words and shrugged it off, laughed and changed the subject. His weight and the weight of his relationships was his to carry. That’s what he’d been taught.

He could tell he was happy with Carson. Though it pained him to carry so much weight, he figured that as long as she was happy, he should be happy. Their relationship was peaceful after all. She didn’t even throw that much of a fuss when she found out about his job! What a relief! She actually accepted hiswork and that brought him some comfort. That was how relationships worked, right? At least, that’s how he thought they worked. It didn’t matter what happened to him. So long as Carson was happy, everything was alright.

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🧠 i'm sorry i'm trash

There were times when Mike sincerely thought that perhaps the reason he wasn’t happy was because he never allowed himself the opportunity to be. It was something he didn’t ponder all that often until recently, when the thoughts of Eirena began to slowly creep into his brain more and more often. He hadn’t realized they’d begun to take root, until he found himself daydreaming about plans he’d made with her and find half of his work done absentmindedly. And every time, that simple little thought crept into his brain again, reminding him that what went on inside his mind was but a fantasy. What they had was not serious. They were friends. With benefits maybe, if that one might stand was anything to go by. Still he couldn’t help but feel like maybe there was something more to their relaitonship. Something he wanted but knew he couldn’t have.

Or could he?

Could he really not have it? Or was that another lie his brain forcefed him as a reminder of the first and last time he’d tried to have a deep relationship with someone? Commitment terrified him after Judy. Commitment terrified him after the last person he’d expected, the person who promised to never leave him, even with his baggage, walked away and left him behind like he was nothing. She made him feel like he was nothing. And along with all of the other weight he carried, it broke him. And he’d made his observations. Eirena was perfect. She was soft, gentle, beautiful, warm, friendly, kind, understanding, patient. All the things he aspired to be, but when he looked in the mirror, only go to see the hollow reflection of. Something he could never attain. Yet he could also see that she needed someone strong to support her and encourage her. And while he tried his best, Mike hardly thought he was the type to be able to provide joy when he could barely find it for himself. She had enough on her plate, the last thing she needed was to hear him spill his baggage.

And she didn’t even know the truth about what he became when night fell. The real monster in the mirror.

He had to sever the connection he felt with her, small but strong as it might have been. Yet every time he counted to ten and told himself he’d call it off, he came right back to it. He was desperate for someone to trust and he knew Eirena would be the closest he ever got to being open with someone. Perhaps the closest he’d ever get to a normal, happy life. But still, he felt that was simply something he couldn’t have. He was someone he felt that would never be good enough for her. He felt like he would never be able to say the things he’d been through in a way that she or anyone would ever be able to understand. He knew he should leave.

But he keeps holding onto that hope.

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"Move your arm." Without even waiting for an answer or a reaction, Joe moves his srm herself and hides under his serape. It's cold. She's freezing. He is a heater on two legs.

He’s more than happy to oblige without even turning away from the book in his one hand. Once she’s settled, he does look down.

   “Meet that time o’year when they decide only a few places get th’majority of heat and the others get auxillary heat. Which means wool socks… an’ serapes”

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Often, Dmitry wondered about Ace. He wondered what could be done to a human being to make them so shy and quiet and submissive to almost anything. He concluded that it was not something as simple as being a quiet kid, or anxiety. There had to be something more. Something deeper than just distress he’d never grown out of. And often, Dmitry worried about Ace. His health, his well-being, his mental state. He did the best he could, took care of him the best ways he knew how, but at times, he felt like he wasn’t doing enough.

Still he had to smile. Ace seemed to slowly be growing out of his shell, learning to stand on his own and be a fine young man as it was. He was still leaning heavily on him, but he was more than happy to see that, as much as he was leaning, was still growing all the same. He had yet to reach a lot of milestones, like going out completely on his own without fear, or learning to interact freely with the others, but the fact that he was trying was enough to make Dim smile. For he knew he was doing a good job and being a good father to Ace. Blood meant nothing. He still loved the younger man as much as he would any born child of his.