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S'il vous plaît abuser de votre intelligence. C'est sacrément sexy.


My #healthcare choices are based on my background in #naturalhealth and #healthfood and the #intelligence of the #humanbody a clip from my show #liveunconventionally (at Local TV, Inc.)

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Gym fitness futuristic Human Robot.. @gadget_guru_7

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12 / 2019

It’s fake

The internet is a magic place. It’s full of knowledge, wonders and fun. It’s a blessing. But wait! Where there is light, we can also find the shadows. We have all forms of illegal activities, crimes, theft and so on. And we have the fucking huge topic of  "fake news". Something politicians often refer to nowadays, if news don’t fit there agenda, regardless if they are true or not. But this whole topic is one that concerns, must concern, us all, as information is a weapon in some situations. Recently I have seen a video on Youtube [1], which (and the channel) I can highly recommend. While I am not going to summarize this video, I want to talk about the fact that it made me aware of the problem…agaiu. I am sure, that, deep within ourselfs, we always know how easy it is to fake something on the internet. I just need to find a good picture, add a short line to it and post it to the people who will be triggered by it and voila: There is your fake news. But we can work against it, by following old Immanual Kant: Be brave to use your own mind and think. Always question what you see and if there are any doubts, just check the facts (the video actually shows some more tipps and tricks). So, my dear reader. Be brave and question the internet.


[1]“Why your newsfeed sucks” by “Smartereveryday”, originally published March 17th, 2019;


A kinda chat of my dream.

When two strong-willed ladies empower each other and be proud of each other.

If I were a man, I will definitely choose this kind of lady to be my half.

Since I need someone with equal strength to back up each other during ups and downs.

And simply because my kids deserve to be raised by the best.

Ahh, just can’t get enough of this.

Personality stuff and some such

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Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition
What science can tell us about how other creatures experience the world
By Ross Andersen

Crows are among the most sophisticated avian technologists. They have long been known to shape sticks into hooks, and just last year, members of one crow species were observed constructing tools out of three separate sticklike parts. In Japan, one crow population has figured out how to use traffic to crack open walnuts: The crows drop a nut in front of cars at intersections, and then when the light turns red, they swoop in to scoop up the exposed flesh.

Honeybees also learn from one another. If one picks up a novel nectar-extraction technique, surrounding bees may mimic the behavior, causing it to cascade across the colony, or even through generations.

Fruit flies have only 250,000 neurons, and they too display complex behaviors. In lab experiments, when faced with dim mating prospects, some seek out alcohol, the consciousness-altering substance that’s available to them in nature in broken-open, fermenting fruit.

  • scientist: our research shows that daydreaming is a sign of intelligence as it means that the brain is so smart it cannot rest and has to have something to occupy it.
  • me: yeah that is great and all but how exactly do I forward that energy into anything useful? Like my brain is full of murder and witches but it doesn't exactly help me with that biology test I have in exactly 4 hours.
  • scientist: ...

ability of a test to measure what it is intended to measure

criterion related validity

  • predictive validity, measure of future performance

construct validity

  • extent to which evidence shows that a test measures a particular hypothetical construct (abstract)

content validity

  • degree to which the content of the test is representative of the domain it is supposed to cover