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Join us at our event and hear from LTCOL Keirin Joyce - Unmanned Aerial System () Sub-Manager at . Learn how the defence are using to gather to protect our borders. Register for 23 July at .

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: With the world on a RAZOR'S EDGE in 7 global places, its TIME to admit YOUR President has NO ! You need in a , or the RUSSO-CHINA bloc WILL YOU!

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is a persistent threat. Among the different private and state actors involved in the practice, 's agencies and state-owned or state-linked enterprises are arguably the most aggressive and menacing. From

I Told My Today: Well Isn't It Obvious Now WHY You Speak (6) !! You're Will Be Of Good Only A Few Like You Are In A ⌛ How She Is. #

Nobody is interested in hearing from you. Go back to your own vile existence & leave the & to ppl who know what it is. That youre in office is laughable & . Yer nobody and always will be. So, you know,

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The smart encryption procedures and policies should instruct the cryptosystem operators and end users how to deal with the cryptographic message as well as its key as being suggested and why to follow the best practices and recommendations in such a fashion, so far.

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If you don’t know the answer or can’t work it out then just click the like button and reblog the riddle.


I love this. Is there anything more human-like than being fascinated by a small fluffy creature?

Conspiracy & Query

Is it possible that government uses rappers & hip hop artists to sell drugs? A notion that we’re the defeated so do this.

Is it possible the government wants us to be unhealthy & eat fast food - using commercial television to feed our subconscious?

Tell me how many fast food commercials you’ve seen in a life time… that many? Would that have an affect on you?

Is it possible has become a scheme for us to pay out of pocket? Or even create the illusion of a severe apartheid? Such careful delivery for overpriced thread & leather that takes coins & sweat shops to make.

Intellect & creativity swallowed by waves & notions.

What if people were known for eating lots of vegetables? & reading books? What if we were known for creating our own street wear, embracing our own form of expression.

You made that? Interesting.

Oh that’s Prada, ayy!

Would I rather be the person who can afford to express themselves wherever my creativity takes me or the person who pays for the hype & the illusion to money & power - bound to meet the price tag, keeping my head above water through the waves.

& if energy and frequency is so important what if we didn’t tie so much drugs to our music? Or is that just the mainstream program?

Because as a child I know better. Instinctively.

But being exposed to video clips & propaganda I thought it okay or perhaps even cool.


Just in case you missed this week’s Your Cool Unc’s Podcast….catch up or get familiar. #podcasts #leveonbell #nochill #zerofucksgiven #hiphopculture #ratchet #intelligence (at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

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