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100 Days of Productivity

Pretty productive day! I could have gotten more done, but I’m finding I work a lot harder under pressure. A lot of my goals recently are pretty loosely defined, deadline-wise, so I find myself procrastinating on them way more.

Woke up: 9:30am
Worked out
Got homeowner’s insurance figured out! Lol, nope! More chaos and terribleness! There will be much yelling on Monday! Kill me!
Set up utilities for the house
Submitted poetry to two journals
In bed: 1:30am

In general, this was a semi-productive week, and I’ll take it (:

100 Days of Productivity

Forgot to post again yesterday, and it wasn’t a hugely productive day, but I got enough done that I think it counts as a day of productivity (:

Woke up: 10:30am (I knowwww)
Took an insanely long homebuyers course to get our mortgage approved
Called a new homeowners insurance agency since our old one messed up our paperwork and refused to freaking fix it
Continued working on a huge blog post
In bed: 12am

Today is already shaping up to be a pretty productive day, but I’ll update you later!

I’m seething.

My insurance sent me a letter in the mail as a response to my complaint about the seemingly fraudulent billing that my psychiatrist has been doing.

Their response in a nutshell, in my own words:
“We are legally obligated to process the claims that providers submit, and providers are legally obligated to accurately report services as they see professionally fit. This is not required to be monitored by us so basically yeah we’re processing everything and can’t go against any of it because that’s what your shitty doctor sent us and we have no control over what codes and dollar amounts she puts through so suCKS FOR YOU.”

What the actual fuck.

Please Help

So, I’ve never done this before. But I’m desperate. 

I have chronic seizures, and have had them since I was 17. Recently, I had a seizure episode so violent I wound up pulling a muscle in my abdominal wall and as a result am in severe pain. It took 3 separate ER visits to get that diagnosis, and now my primary care physician is questioning it. I am currently out of state for school, so my insurance isn’t covering as much as it would back home, including my medicines. I have follow up appointments, ER bills, and my regular neurology and psychiatric appointments that all need paying for. 

Money is really tight, and I can’t ask my parents or family for any more support, they’ve already given to me well beyond what they can afford. 

If you feel generous or so inclined, my paypal is I need my basic medications (Depakote especially), just to function, and anything you could contribute would help. 

If you want more information or proof, please feel free to PM me. I’ll answer any questions and talk to you at length about my condition. 

Thank you so much, any support, reblogs, anything, means the world to me.